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help a noob out please!
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Partion size for Windoze
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mylex scs raid controller..good?
Need some help
60gig WD hds model WD600BB
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Dead or Alive?
Re-Installing Windows Numerous Times Hurt Hard Drive???
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(E)IDE Data bus
hard drive coolers
USB burner
Hard Drives and X-ray Scanners
New hard drive and Pavilion 4535 problem. HELP!
RAID 5 write speed?
will i see any difference in speed from ATA 66 to ATA 100 on WD SE 80GB?
do they make ultra 160 scsi controllers for 32 bit pci slots?
Hard Drive problems-can they be fixed?
Burner Recommendations
3 hard drives, which one for OS??
Ahhh so sweet Maxtor SATA 120 Gb
Cheap HDD
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Got a question on burning
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What speed do you burn at??
Setting up RAID on EPoX 8K5A2+
Cable Select or Master/Slave?
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Serial ATA Stuff?
Erasing all info on a HDD w/o booting it up..?
faster hard drives
USB keychain drives satisfactory?
raid problem. help.
SCSI, 1 drive or 2?
Corrupted Partition
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What causes bad sectors in a HDD
SCSI for my 14-node cluster
how full is your HDD(s)
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Seagate Cheetah 18.4GB 68 pins Ultra-320
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DVD R/RW Drive
120GB WD 8MB - Really really loud (too loud?)
Control 3 HD's separately.
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1 drive ntfs 1drive fat32?
My 80 GB is only registering as a 30GB help!!
XP 'consistency' check and defrage problem (Help!)
HDD and PCI bus speed- A database
Seagate Low Level Format
hd not recognized for winxp installation
Strange problem w/ XP & 160gig raid 0
20 gig free!
Hard Drive Problem
Are Floppy drive cables the same as IDE hard drive cables?
How high can the PCI-Bus be...
New Maxtor 80gig_8mb_cache results
need some help.
Pioneer vs Sony
x24 burner will only do x12
Maxtor Hard Drives
DVD Drive(s)
liquid cooling
replacing laptop hard drive?
scsi hard drives
SCSI on PCI Adaptec 160 faster then 7200rpm??
Best DVD drive around?
Primary Master device fails?
Need help with possible scsi problems...
SCSI questions
Partitions and formatting
is it dead?....
Complete Raid N00b
New Avatar Rules - PLEASE READ !!!
Low PC 2002 HDD score?
What happened to WD 8mb 100Gig drive? cause i need warrenty on mine
2 HD's: OS & Data - Optimal Configuration!!!
Harddrive Not Found In BIOS
Support DVD + R/RW
I have always gotten poor hdd performance from my 30 gig Maxto 7200 rpm
Just bought a Pioneer DVR-105 and problems! Help!
What power management setting do you have
Fat32 or NTFS
40 pins and 80 pins IDE cables?
GRR! DVD drive causing my system to reboot.. HELP!!
what is the best harddrive out there?
P4pe Raid Adapter See All Ata Users
How many devices can I have?
laptop drive wont recognize in main rig
Did Microsoft ever fix that SCSI problem with WinXP?
dvd-r-rw advice
RAID Dual-Boot System??????
Maxtor Liquid Motor 2mb buffer 80gb Serial ATA133 (phew) - OC issue
power settings on maxtor
Raid, is it working? How can I tell?
Liteon New Firmware
Well... she finally died. Tack up another 60gxp
What program to use?
New LG 52X cd-writer
SONY CD-RW CRX2101E1 problem.
Raid controller which one?
hdd temps and raid0 questions
Serial Ata , huh?
Keeping same HD on a new MB along with installing a new HD?
Help Please
Hard Drive Died ?
high capacity HDD comparison
Will this work?
Buslink 48x Burner
Promise Fasttrack SX4000
will it make a speed difference if CDRW drive set in slave or master?
New Great !! Plextor tools release ...
Need help...Maxtor 80gig 8mb cache in RAID-0
RAID Hard Disk comparison
Raid Questions Plus some other ones, too.....
RAID 0 detecting ATA33
Free Partition Recovery Software
How many drives can i have?
Maxtor LLF
what to do with a bad HDD with no warranty?
Cant Install OS on SCSI Drive???
Free Gigabytes
DVD Rewriters in PS2
Should you still use CD-ROM even if you have a burner?
Is it possible to just delete some but not all files from a CD-RW?
RAID, 8MB, ATA133, Recovery
Pioneer DVD-RW?
No Parking Zone?????????
Problematic Maxtor 40GB 5400 - shuts off?
Low Level Format
will the HD on secondary ide effect performance?
Yamaha vs. Plextor
Why does SCSI have Different Pin Counts?
Im in need of a quiet Drive
Problem with Drive Image 2002...
hard drive striping?
way to divide a partition?
cant erace data for cdrw
the ultimant lanparty drive
For all you who bought the 75gb wd at best buy (good news) and a q?
RAID 0- Latency and reliability
raid HDD req. question
Cendyne 40x12x48 drivers. firmware???
Would this be a good options or not for S-ATA
highpoint or promise?
which is faster
new CDRW didnt solve the old problem
My Rounded Cables are making my drives slower!!! HELP
regular Maxtor 80G 7200RPM vs. WD 8MB cache 7200RPM
Sound Isolation
Burning home movies to DVD
NFTS or Fat32? (sp?)
5400 and 7200RPM compatibility?
Can my disk be so fragmented that it takes multiple defrags?
Looking for SERIAL ATA HD's???
high pitched maxtor dmax 60+
Strange HDD noises.. but not the usual clicking noise
Upgrade, Which One!
Where can I find a black CDRW and DVD drive?
I need a HD... what one?
Warrent void if removed!
LSI Logic vs Adaptec
CD-R fixes
What is you hdd/raid speed?
a few drive errors
SATA questions
Can the WD Special editions take 40MHz PCI bus
Ultra320 or Ultra160?
A strange whining from my HDD....
Need to format,best way?
Broken WD SE HDD.......?
LiteOn 16x10x40 problems
Question about external hardrives....and thier formats.
hard drive on raid controller
hdd scores too low?
In your opinion...
Which is faster?
Please Help
Raid P4pe
do the maxtor 8 MB Cache drive match up to the WD SE 8 MB Cache drives?
Maxlines Plus II? And U320 Question
80GB WD SE's or 120GB maxtors
Tattoo..worth it? Yamaha F1
data recover??????
FDD speeds?
Drive "twing"
Back up your files... NOW!
A good score for raid0?
Bandwidth sharing on IDE
How far?
RAID>P4PE> what now please
128TB Of Hard Drive Space On The PC!!
RAID problems in XP
160 gb hdd+?
ATA RAID and CPU utilization
HDD crashes
Scsi, but not scsi
highest PCI speed u have seen a HDD at?
Need a new HD that is Overclocking tolerant...
Software Raid ??
Raid Question Please. do I need anything else?
Poor HPT374 Performance w/ IT7 + WD SE Drives
pci speed too high?
Bench mark scores on Maxtor
Is my hard drive all screwed up?
Umm, HD crashes alot, this time I get a message whats it mean?
Transfer contents of main drive to another
WTF? Clunking? Western Digital 100gig 8mb SE
Poloriods cdrw?
Fat 32 to NTFS can this be done
USB Hard drive (H45) for Win XP
How to tell UDMA status??
IBM Harddrives, Still a disaster zone, Or what?
Seagate Barracuda ATA V
Which CD-RW to get???
PCI os 41 Hz - what happend with HDD on IDE?
Maxtor MaXLine Plus II Available!
RAID0 Aint All That Unsafe Unlike People Say It Is!
HD corruption
TRying to set up Raid Zero, with my KD7-Raid and 2, 80 gig Western Digital SE....
Bad Drives?
HELP!! I can't play my favorit game anymore
Why must rewritables be burned slower?
Missing 30gigs
intermittent hard drive failure
dimondmax 8 plus not compatible with p3 600mhz????
Want to reformat/install XP Pro...
ata133 drive on ata100 mobo
Scsi Raid Vs Ide
Slim slot load DVD drive?
WHY the h*** HDD Cache is called CACHE AND NOT BUFFER???!!!
Lite On CDRW
Company some of you shoud check out...
CD-RW as a Primary drive?
Serial ATA and how will it help us?
Windows 95 won't support drives above 32gb, what about 98/ME/2K/XP?
Hard drive problem im having
SCSI raid array for $42
Western Digital SE drives: Are you getting the 60gb/platter version?
Network Drives
Old Micron PC mobo and Pentium 1 cpu. Board wont see the hdd once into dos-prompt
format a hd w/out getting rid of operating system?
How good will my HDD handle Hihg FSBs?
Cd's won't autostart
How to completely wipe clean a Hard Drive??
Benq burner/low sound output
Moving XP os over to a new Raid set up
Problems with Promise ATA133 Controller
Help w/ my floppy drive
windows...missing or corrupted
What's the best way to mirror my hard drive?
problems formatting please HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
USB buners.....HELP?
your highest sandra raid score?
Is the Maxtor 8mb cache drive any faster than the WD 88mb drives ?
what could cause boot sector curroption?
SCSI 44x/24x/44x :)
RMA HDD question
Lite On CDRW
Quick Raid Question
hard drive benchmark lower
what causes HDD corruption at high FSB spee
Hard drive changing
Both my HD's (IBM 60GXP's) Died last night!
a little problem.
Driving Me Crazy
New computer build...how to fdisk n format?!
HD overclocking
CREATE a Partition? XP PRO please vote soon>
8mb cache on a hard drive ?
File System Benchmark seems low...help
2 hdd wud lower oc?
ERASE MAXTOR 60GIG, is it possible?
Scsi :)
Combine BIOS - eh
Can i raid 2 different speed hard drives?
WD 80GB SE not detected?
Serial ATA HD question
My RAID results
Fujitsu 9.1GB 80 pin SCA 10,000 RPM SCSI Hard Drive?
Hard drive crapping out at high fsb?
What do you use: FAT32 or NTFS?
WD 80GB 8MB SE, can it take 40MHz???
Serious problems using two HDs
Help Me Move My Data
LG 40x CD-RW
???Best external harddrive???
RAID Array question...
what would cause 2 hdd deaths?
install new HD error
Can my CDRW overclock?
Shortest CDRW?
WD SE 80Gig Benchmarks
Problem with your new Maxtor?
Buy a ATA-133 controller, is it worth??
SCSI compatibale BIOS for Gigabyte GA-7VAX?
Is NTFS always better than FAT32?
WD120GB and Partition/Format Trouble!!!!!
120GB Partition Recommendations??
Storage Review HDD Reliability Survey
Question about the DRU500A
ZIP 100 drive wont eject disk fully?
Maxtor 320GB?
CD Drives Can Only Read Burnt CDs?
Laptop HDD
What did I do????
Weird stuff with a WD1200 and Windows
how to Change cluster size?
need help recovering data from a failed hard drive
Which DVD-ROM from selection to buy
Slow loading...VIA the culprit?
Serial ATA from Seagate!
new ide hard disk?
quantum noise util?
RAID>> is it that hard to do??
Pci Ide
What's Fujitsu going to do about it?
Should I set up RAID?
DVD, what do I need?
Western Digital Hard Drive
Help me save my Hard Drive data!! :(
Lite-On 52x24x52
Should RAID drives show up in the bios?
flash care reader for 3.5 bay in comptuer
So where's the A05 and Dru500A?
PLS Help! HD stuck in PIO mode!
Ep-dro2p3 and 2 x gxp120
Are all CD-ROMS are ATA-33?
Has anybody had Stability problems/RMA/Bads on WD 120+ SE
Just got my 120GB WD 8MB SE...
Maxtor accustic adjustment program?
Crummy Sandra2003 Hard Drive Results
UDMA 100- y wont it work?
Quantum Hard Drives....still building them??
cd drive not showing up in xp
ARC and HAL... i got an error what is it?
Reccomendation on good raid controller card
new HDD for xmas/uni
RAID-0 & Partitions
scsi dvd burners?
Can I RAID WD100BB and WD100JB ?
Plextor W4012TA New Firmware V1.03
RAIDing with similar but different harddrives???
question about cdrom drive platter speeds
Have You Shot Your Harddrive Today?
RAID 0 performance?
Nero Player
drive not accessible, need help
SCSI is it really worth it??
question on configuring RAID 1
:eek: :eek: Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 8 :eek: :eek:
RAID>Maxtor 2m seek time verses 8
pc keep rebooting
problem wit hdd
WD - 8mb VS 2mb...and where does RAID come in?
Dumb raid setup question
Ata 150
Western Digital RAID 0 Atto bench
Is copying or moving faster?
120GXP and temp
Is there a difference between a regular CD-R and one labeled Audio?
WD 80 gig
people with WD SE drives - scores, access times, noise
Gain Ultra 160/15K over IDE Raid 7,200
IBM 180GXP 180GB vs WD1800BB
13 gig only reads 8gig?
Where can I buy a Barracuda V in UK?
do any of you running RAID use the GUI RAID software?
The HD cable comes with the motherboard is ATA100 or ATA66?
Raid data transfer
What's the most speed a hard drive can take?
Best Hard Drive that operates out of spec?
Swapping Hard Disks
BIOS warning ?
10000rpm ATA?
Need help with my maxtor..
Maxtor or Western-Digital
Western Digital Special Edition, worth buying?
Ultra ATA Card
slot load cdrw ?
dying hard drive?
Will having an ATA 66 affect WD 80 GIG SE performance?
is the WD 80 GIG SE ball bearing or fluid bearing?
inaccessable boot device on RMA'd drive...
Quick help!!
Samsung Drives.....
Hard-disc stripping
Maxtor? Am I just unlucky?
raid 0 and partitoning
Loud hard drive?
IDE cables, which is master, which is slave?
Trying to fix a hard disk crash!
optimizing paging files
Western Digital offers three years warranty......At a price
DVD drive question...
info burned on win98 cannot be read by winxp?
laptop drive in a desktop
Raid Setup in XP
Mirror one drive to another
Best hard drive for FSB overlcocking?
HELP--Burner SLOOOOWS system to a crawl
Need Help bad
Swap file drive question
Will swapping Seagate 40 GB 5400rpm (8.9ms) with a
Mobile Racks
Seagate Drives, First Out With Ata
8K3A+ and Highpoint
What are the possible problems of burning at a higher than rated speed?
BIos Extension Support > Failed.
Double Density Cd-r's
Good reader to par with Plextor 40x12x40
Use RAID controller for normal ide drive? MSI board.
Is it possible to turn off RAID?
BD7-2 RAID and another IDE RAID card
Raid question
Lite-On 8x DVD-ROM
Best 32X burner
Best ata100 for raid 0 ?
Which hard drive is the bang for the buck?
best HDD for high FSB speeds?
RAID 1 question
anyone know if i can overvurn with my freecom 32a?
RAID 0 and RAID 1 setup in the same onboard RAID
Question on CD-RW Drives
Raid 0 Benefits
SCSI confused
Hard Drive shuts itself off.. Could it be my FSB?
CD burner problems
lost partitions!
This isn't fair
General and Authoring DVD-R media????
Pioneer DVR-A04 DVD Burner