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i really hate waking up to these emails...
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9650se-4lmpl installed
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sata2 to sata3 (expansion card).. benchies look weird
Intel 320 SSD Shows up as 8.4 MB???
running two arrays on one RAID card a problem?
RAID10 on mixed SATAII/III ports
Should i get a ssd on this controller?
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bought the agility 3 SSD. is this normal speed?
2TB External HDD Recommendation?
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RevoDrive X2 on Asus CIVE
HDDs of the past
Thinking about RAID0 ing 2 Crucial RealSSD C300
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Vertex 3 120GB a bit slow in tests
New HDs
Post your single SSD benchmarks here
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SATA3 SSD disconnects on P67
can i setup raid using this?
AMD RAIDxpert problem. RAID 10 array.
SSD problem??
New Build HDD Problems
OCZ Vertex 3 120GB Max IOPS *benchies inside*
OCZ just went off the deep end
SATA 6Gb/s Controller for OCZ Agility 3
trying to back my files up
bad stuttering with my SSD
SD Memory recovery
Can I use a USB 3.0/2.0 External HD with a 1.1 port?
SSD, raid or no?
8TB online storage
Samsung F3 1tb random stutters
Raid 6 or 10?
PartedMagic Locked my HDDs
Hard drives in a server environment?
USB Key Issue
Humming/vibration from HD's
M4 Speed Test - Look right?
OCZ vertex Turbo
Need some help flashing DVD drive firmware
OCZ Agility 3 - Raid 0 ATTO
X25M and Intel 320 SSDs - both 160GB - raid?
SSD's okay to encrypt?
Information for SSD choice
Question about Raid0 and Partitioning
Vertex 2 Read/Writes
which ssd for me
optimize windows 7 for ssd
Move to SSD
RAID Card Needed
Now I realize...
SSD or Another Samsung F3 1tb to Raid.
SSD vs Raid0 performance?
Is It Possible?
A challenge 3 TB Drive showing up as a 746GB drive
No Physical Disk!
A few questions about raid10 limitations and such
What I Am Thinking
Slow boot up with External drive?
Multi-tasking -Spreading apps/data across multiple HDDs?
How much should I fill my SSD?
I overclocked my disk to hold more space
SSD Really Worth It?
Intel 510 SSD Drive seems too slow
Sata II drive only used as Sata I
Intel SSD 320 Warranty upgrade
SMART error on reboot, AHCI and Windows 7
Internal HDD I/O device error.
SSD Vertex 2 not as fast as i think it should be.
Sandforce? needed feedback
New to SSDs
Intel Smart Response SSD caching
Secure Erase HD Cloning.
Moving a RAID card to a different machine
REVODRIVE X2 does NOT work with Steam!!!
Wife + SSD = Bad Idea
HALP! Vanishing Seagate on UD4 - any suggestions?
Corsair Force 3 Series SF-2281 Sata III
how to tell if hdd is bad
Is it possible to form a RAID0 with 2 different brands of SSDs?
Short stroke
Safe test for comparing USB vs. SSD vs. traditional drives
OCZ Vertex 3 240GB 300Mb/s ?!
2 x Vertex2's compared to 2 x Intel G2's in Raid0
ocz vertex2 60gb
OCZ Vertex 3 Bench
RAID-0 help!
Storage Options Need Help!
SSD's gotten any better?
Computer not detecting HHD
SSD tweaks?
SSD help please!! OCZ
confused to buy which HDD
SSD is stable or beta(testing)
I think my hard drive is starting to fail
SSD Clunking sound
Question about ocz vertex 2 SSD
Slow HDD Copying/Extraction speeds
3Tb Hitachi 7K3000 drive keeps disappearing
Drive Image 7
Somone plz :(
Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 RAID 0
Western Digital RE4 or Western Digital Black
Replacement SSD
Some Crucial M4 128GB results
raid0 set up with uefi problems
Slow 4K speeds?
Away to make all saved programs go to hard drive?
Does constant reformatting of a hard drive damage it or other componets?
Vertex 3 vs. Intel 510
samsing spinpoint F3 vs F4
REVo r2
Raid 0 Samsung F3 1tb doesn't show up in my computer.
Difference in Hybrid drives?
Maximus IV Extreme Raid
New SSD - Buying Advice
Use Microsoft drivers, Asus drivers, or latest manufacturer drivers?
A Good 2tb HDD
Truecrypt problem - External Hard Drive dead?
Agility 2 Help
Purpose of a dual use to micro usb connector?
My SSD RAID experience/problem
HP SAS Expander
Windows 7 not recognizing ocz Vertex 2
Align SSD then clone partitions?
Time to upgrade, SDD? Raid 10?
How do I turn superfetch back on?
Higher overclock = more disk thrashing. Why?
Software RAID with redundancy with varios drive sizes?
4 HD Drives Slow Wake Up
More OCZ undetected issues...
Adding SATA to existing IDE Hard Drive
[Press Release] Patriot Releases Torqx 2 SSDs
Add 1 drive (3rd) to existing RAID 1 mirror
Thank You
SSD diagnostic?
Will reimaging over a full long format also reimage pre-format disk errors?
Things to do wrong when installing an OS on a SSD
G.Skill Phoenix Evo 115G
RAID and solid state drives quantity
Is this normal?
Birthday gift for a friend.
High Points RocketHybrid Cards Join SSD and HDD Cheap
Building new Gaming rig - SSD yes or no?
Replacing my pos segate NAS
2 new Seagates dead in two days
Help cloning a disk please!!!!!
SSD for benchmarks
Failed RAID Disk (mirror) problem
New WD Caviar Black not recognized in OS
Good Solid inexpensive NAS?
Looking for pci-e raid 5 card that supports 5+ internal sata 3.0 drives
What makes a RAID card work (or fail) on a motherboard?
Is this a good harddrive? Hitachi deskstar 2tb.
Can you raid 2 pairs of drives?
OCZ Revodrive X2 SSD Review
Adding Storage HDD to Raid 0
Why my HDTune results are everywhere.
SSD RAID Question
Weird behavior after formatting old OS partition
how to add backup drive to raid array
Raid 0 drives won't boot now
Two 2TB vs one 3TB
To RAID or not to RAID?
help me please, raid 0 just wont work
Is this SSD any good?
SSD or HDD raid
Data hard drive speed
Old Laptop Drive
reinstall win7 on a vertex 3
Can I successfully change my SYSTEM drive letter from D to C via this method?
what hd external case do i need?
SSD for a friend
SSD recommendations for Toshiba laptop
New HD Error Checking
Picking SSD for boot drive
Non SSD 500gig laptop drive recommendations.
SSD for Windows 7
iMac Hard drive solutions.
Not Impressed with Vertex 3
RAID advice needed
SSD v. SATA & so on
I've got 4 IDE 3.5 drives > 1 home?
Quick HDD question
Intel 510 series vs Gskill or Mushkin Sandforce
DVD Will burn to 99%
5yr Old HP Sys Reckon HDD Might Be Going
OCZ Vertex II Issues
Crucial RealSSD C300 and Solidworks
usb drive wont copy
Problem with Raid 0
WD Green drives failing yet again...
Seagate Barracuda Green ST2000DL003
Lets do some real world SSD comparisons
which SSD to get?
Fibre channel HDD
Raid utility slowing down boot time!
Rampage III nor Windows 7 can accuratly report or find my 2 Hitachi 3TB drives
Denied Permission to ONE folder after new build
Secondary HDD!
Problem with older Asus DVD Rom after new build
FYI: Don't run "Wipe Free Space" on your SSD
Cannot get SSD into AHCI mode
SSD (vertex 3) Sometimes it boot sometime not
Good SSD discussion in Vertex3 review
15k HDD... but I didn't know it was SAS
SSD and Vista
What to do try before pronouncing SSD dead and trying to RMA?
IDE Mode?
Raid 0 formatting
RAID Setup for HD video editing
Strange Sata Connector
SB750 + XP64 : AHCI work, RAID doesn't ?
Babbys first ssd. vertex 3 on sata2.
Need a good IDE to Sata Adapter for around 10$.
SSD Hang after MOBO upgrade
New SSD but which ?
To AHCI or not to AHCI
Segate Barracuda keeps OS from booting
Recommendation of $100-$180 SSD?
G.Skill Moves to 2xnm NAND
SSD Temps?!?!? Adata S599 owners chime in!
Using SSD for ReadyBoost?
2 drives into RAID1 without losing data
Vertex 2-25nm vs. 32nm
Opinions on PCIe SSDs
My WD Black Sata III faster than my OCZ Vertex 2 in CDM. Wtf?
Ghosting current OD to new SSD
Slow Usb 3.0 with P8P67 PRO and Seagate GoFlex 2TB
PCI-E SSD Speed Increase
Anything special for SSD
2TB Caviar Green Boot Drive
SSD Blues
PCI-E ssd and graphics card issue?
using SATA hard drive on IDE
Am I missing something ?
Which would be faster?
2TB Samsung F4 (Mini Review)
Silly question about mechanical hard drive alignment
1TB hdd audible after windows reinstallation
3rd Vertex2 gone bad
Operating System is Missing
Is SSD right for me?
Slot loading drives?
SSD pricing
Thermaltake MAX-2533 Removable HDD (Mini Review)
RAID 1 Problem
Refurb Corsair X256