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* Do not buy: OCz Vertex 2 and Agility 2 - Beware!
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Intel X25-M firmware version 02M3 available
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cassette tapes as an option for cheap secure storage
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Ba!nesy's Vertex 2 60GB speeds.
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Good bootable partition manager software.
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Wait to buy SSD
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HD Mirroring\Cloning\Imaging Question
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HDD Not Showing in Windows after SSD Firmware Update.
Asus DVD-RW Recorder will not burn to DVD-R?
Wiping my Vertex 2.
SSD Upgrade - Will This Work?
USB 2.0 Faster Write flash drive
Am I gonna wear out my X25-M if I use the desktop as a workspace?
Top 3 sata 3 1TB/64mb cache drives for under $100?
Vertex2-Win7 crashed-NTLDR missing/Vertex 2 not visible to MB until PSU cycled
Bad Dump File?
Laptop HDD corrupted no OS found - can the data still be recovered?
SSD question HDD problem
SSD questions
Best place to buy an SSD in New York?
SAMSUNG Spinpoint F3 HD103SJ 1TB
Strip size for raid
Raid 0 on R3E
Samsung spinpoint hard drive problem (urgent help needed)
Corsair Force series 60gb SSD Problem!
Which programs to install on OS SSD?
Strip size for raid0
1TB or 2x500 GB
Recovering Backup Image
Dying, or a glitch "Disk Read Error:128" - Corsair Force 120 (v2) SSD
Seagate DiscWizard and RAID/SCSI
Same avg transfer speed with 3 drive and 4 drives in raid 0??
slotload dvd
new ssd question
SSD and boot up times
Could someone please explain raid to me in terms I can understand?
How to make sure 2TB Western Digital is good for Windows XP + pick the best one
Laptop Data Recovery Suggestions...
Anyone have experience transferring platters from non-working to a working drive
Moving RAID5 array from ICH9R to P67
Trying Out RAID for the First Time
Good backup program
anyone using 500gb wester digital enterprise raid 0?
60gb or 120 gb ssd?
SSD for Database Server
Wow SSD Raid o
Very slow RAID0....???
Yet another new SSD install and additional questions
RAID0 SSD Array Keeps Disappearing
Missing Raid 0
SSD Raid 0 maintenance
newbie SSD questions
Bad sectors?
Migrate OS Drive to DDS automatically, with proper alignment
Games installed on SSD vs HDD
Need at least 6TB of space, possible to have redundancy without buying 6xdrives?
safely remove device
2xSSD A-Data S599 Raid 0 benchmarks
Help with Raid 0
Need help trying to recover pics from holiday!
4 drives raid 0 -500gb seagate momentus xt hybrid st95005620as
HDDs Will NOT Format
Pick me an SSD!
OCZ-Vertex 2 very slow! Please help!
Is there *anything* we can do to predict mechanical hard drive failures?
How to connect my dvd drive
RAID no longer bootable
Hybrid drive for PS3?
What drive would you use in a raid
2 Raid 0 in same controller?
Looking for external HDD recommendations. 1tb and higher
CES SSD news!
Fastest SATA drive
Screeching / grinding noise from hard drive
Missing HDD
AHCI question win 7 64
system service exception caused by raid 5?
Slow Boot with OCZ Vertex 2 Help Me
Installing different Mfg SSD's in one system (RAID?)
60GB Vertex 2
Raid 0 Performance
Windows 7 | Apple OS - Partition?
IDE to Sata
New SSD Results
my SSD degraded
External HD issues
$300 shipped for a vetex 2 180gb. Should I?
How to run a 2nd HDD(SATA) on a older pc w/a IDE HDD?
Another Newbie to SSD, A few questions
Installing SSD
160gb x-25m on the way - can i ghost my system?
Storage HDD, brand matter
multiple SSD (non RAID) question
Install SSD and HDD stops being usable
X25-M in RAID0, slowww?
120gb Gskill Phoenix PRO?
How Do You Update Firmware On A Vertex 2 SSD?
Raid Controller card, which is better?
Revo 50gb worth the $?
3rd SATA drive used as storage not showing
Is my WEI normal?
Can I do this?
NAS Build Recommendations?
To RAID three or two drives?
Question on SSD to PCI or SSD to IDE? Pentium III
ATTO Benchmark Software Making Me Paranoid
New SSD, programs open a little slower than after initial OS install
Slow vertex 2 read speeds
Help... I may have bit off more than I can chew... IBIS HSDL
WD Love <3
Samsung Spinpoint F4 slow spin up
RAID Conceptual Question (TLER)
Going to buy a bluray player for HTPC
Help me choose SSD for OS
Recovering Large Deleted MKV Files
high RPM vs. large cache
What's the big deal with SSD?
Is There Any Freeware To Play Blu-ray Disks On An Optical Drive?
SATA partiton question
HDD advice please
Setting up raid 0 with SSD
SSD Sata II Speed Problem
Raid question
esata is not working
Can I use an IDE to Sata converter on an internal Zip Drive?
SSD: 2.5", 3.5" or PCIe?
Strange HDD error messages. What's causing them?
small drive showing up as huge
HDD issue, likely causes?
Safest Data soloution
Help... both of my HDD's died
SATAIII and SATAII connectors?
Gaming Problems with RAID0
how many drives allowed on matrix?
Are there new ssd's coming soon or buy now?
12v thru drives for 10 seconds = stuffed?
is 4 small SSD in Raid 0 Better then 1 large Vertex II SSD
DVD disc not detected by OS
SSD - Partition Table is Corrupt ?
Anything about "Hybrid" drives?
Is AHCI suppose to "lag" more than IDE on startup?
Two 500GB WD HDD (Raid 0) or 1 WD 1TB
SSD 120GB, which one
Why Does Windows 7 Think A 1TB HDD Is Only 931 Gb?
Boot stalls after partition change
This is ridiculous what is the difference between these 2 SSDs
New to SSD's, have some Q's
Raid 0 Bottleneck
SSD reliability any better yet? Need help deciding..
Will this setup work ?
RAID Issues
HDD Spindown/staggered start with LVM
What SSD for PS3?
IDE hotswap bays + W7 = Problem
120GB Vertex 2 underpreforming?
Cheap hard-drive cages/racks?
need some help with combining hard drives
Bluescreens and hard drive problems.
Help! Is HD or SATA controller dead?
Safe to put lap top hard drives behind a mobo tray?
Can't access hard drive in Rosewill RX-DU300 hub
Is my drive dead?
Tiny High Capacity Storage Device Needed
Kingston USB Flash Drives do not have the same storage space as other brands
Any special configurations needed? Win7+SSD
SSD/Mobo Compatibility & Tips?
sata I and sata II confusion
Resetting SSDs to Factory Defaults in DOS
windows experience rating with SDD's
Replacing laptop hdd
MicroCenter branded SSD - 64GiB
Need help formatting external hdd
Spinning and Clicking
Switching AHCI to RAID
Raid0 noob question..
Caviar Green or duel Spinpoints?
SAMSUNG Spinpoint F4 HD204UI and questions on Recovering Data
RAID 5 reconstruction tips?
Consolidating Drives
Recommended HD/SSD Setup - Halp!!
Hitachi drive failing?
Just joined the SSD club :)
Share Drobo S (eSata) Over Network
SSD OS Drive w/ RAID 10 & RAID 1 Arrays
Ocz Revo Good Choice SSD?
How can I transfer these files from 1 drive to another?
RAID 0 2x SSD or 3x SSD?
Does RAID require special hardware?
(Rip hair out, switch cables, be happy)
Upgraded from dying CaviarSE16 250gig to Blue 640gig :)
errors on IDE after overclock...
SSD Laptop Install Help
2 HD's raid array
New Drive not showing up
Raid0 after win7 install questions
Using SSD technology on main PC...data loss?
RAID 0 Array question
Ext HD Death Help
SSD for my x201 - Advice?
Using SSD to boot without mklink
ssd performance help
Made a mistake with AHCI
Need Recommendation for a backup drive.
Best SSD for Works
Backup software?
Adding 2 New HDD WD Black Caviar 6.0gbs
Which RAID setup?
SSDs and gaming
SSD Raid 0
Which 1TB drive should be used for a RAID on a budget?
Will a NAS bottleneck transfer speeds?
Seagate ST3320620AS Read Question
SATA cables
2 Different Samsung F4 HDD P/N?
Micron Launches New 25nm Flash Memory Chip
How do you get your power source
Enable RAID driver in Windows 7? (from IDE)
SSD install problems
60gb ssd + 320gbx2 hdd raid0 help
HP server P400 errors...
Move Win7 system partition from HDD to SDD - system image not optimal?
Western Digital VelociRaptor -->enclosure setup.
5 different SSD's at $100 to choose from...
[O/C] OCZ Vertex 2 120GB SSD Review
Lightscribe Drives
GA-P35-DS3L - AHCI support for CDROM & HDD only? no SSD?
Find me a HDD!
New Model No. on Intel X25-M at BestBuy
question about putting a 2.5" SSD in harddrive cage
Question about SSD installation with other HDD's
Formatting 2 added HDDs
Software for testing SSD's?
Division of tasking and I/O in a RAID pair
What SSD/HDD setup to use
Need help chooinsg an SSD.
Sata3.0gb/s vs Sata6.0gb/s
harddrive for my laptop
SSD & HDD Hardware Raid on 1 Card
Good investment?
2 Drives Bad?
15K RPM vs SSD
Do Intel SSDs in RAID support trim yet?
HELP I screwed up!!!!
Samsung or Seagate 2TB?
WD 2tb Essentials USB
AHCI Questions And A Few More
Wow... Overpriced?
WD Caviar Black RAID v. Velociraptor
NTLDR Missing w/ Windows7 ?
New Build Questions regarding RAID setup
Single HD to 0 Raid Setup
Partitioned-I messed up, How to?
Do SSD for Raid 0 need to be matched?
4 bay raid 5 enclosure recovery question.
reusing ssd problems
ocz vertex 2 vs agility 2 (60gb)
Windows 7 will not install on Mushkin Callisto DX
sdd raid 0 drivers look to see if ok :)
OCZ IBIS 160gb [Close Up]
Which SSD?
Raid w/ Caviar Green
Blu Ray Burner
Looking for a SSD - Budget $350
Second Agility2 SSD just died
RAID 10 Problem
2 quick question about raid 5
Best Cheap SSD?
RAID 5 or RAID 10?
RAID 5 Problem
External HDD for Mac
need another hdd recommendation
Best SSD under $150?
SSD or Memory Upgrade: Biggest Impact on Virtualization?
Which drive for storage.
Barracuda ES.2 VS WD Caviar RE3
Make partitions for SSD possible?
There are no good SATA 3 SSD's, right?
emi from speakers = failure?
Ubuntu error on secondary hard drive
About to put in a new HDD...
SSD Diagnostics?
Hard Drives LOST (Help!)
New SSD preperation
GSkill Phx Pro 120G SSD from NewEgg
Lite-On iHAS124-04 Issue
Raid 0 with SSDs on Gigabyte board
Installing a new 120G Vertex 2 next week
NEED Data Recovery Services (CleanRoom)