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need some help here with partitions
Recovering Files From Lost Partition?
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seagate Momentus XT who has one?
win 7 wont boot with dvd-rom plugged in
Installing new Hard Drive... I think i'm a moron...
(Veloci)Raptor RAID?
Does any one knows what this is?
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Raid 1 Gone
NTFS or FAT32 for my SSD?
This SSD looks great!....too great...
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Macbook pro with SSD
Intel X25-M G1
Sitting here trying to figure first step...
My Book Essentials - Crashing/Unavailable
Bad Scores for my OCZ Agility 60GB SSD - please guys, I need some help.
How would you performance test and compare two blank label hard drives?
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Which brand of Blu Ray disc is good and where to buy Blu Ray discs ?
Ocz Agility 60gb Bench Results...
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what is a re-cert modle drive?
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Multiple SD cards as 1 drive
Sata1 10000RPM vs Sata2 7200RPM
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PCI-E ssd's VS Sata
need hdd recommendation plz
4x vertex 2 ssd's + adaptec 2405 good combo?
How do you know if TRIM is working? ie. should I use Intel's SSD drivers?
Running a Raid 0 Setup, thinking of SSD.
Rebuild RAID 1 with same hard drive?
HDD 400gb (only see 128G)
Dilemma for large storage solution
ssd for boot or gaming?
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Front page storage content articles - links
1st time installing Win7 on an SSD - What do I need to know?
Benifits of upgrading to a sata hard drive.
external hard drive shared on network is being weird!!!!!!
A Persistent HDD Boot Error
Corsiar X32 HD Tune Benchmark
Corsiar X32 HD Tune Benchmark
Vertex 2 write problems
Unallocated space?
Somehow I am still using....
Drive problem?
SSD Problem
HDD Erasing
SSD: Quick Question
Looking for a 2.5" external drive with a USB 3 interface, any pointers?
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[O/C]Choosing a Solid State Drive
IDE interface switch to SATA?
Hard Drive Help
Intel X25-M 80GB SSD on the way to me!
WDC Green Intilli Park
Intel 80Gb G2 SSD - is v1.5 really the latest firmware?
Setup suggestions for new PC
What's the fastest way to test a 2TB drive for clicks of death?
Intel X25-M G2 (34 nm) 160 GB Solid State Drive
Deskstar 7K1000 HDS721075KLA330 vs going to a Spinpoint F3?
Software raid x dedicated hardware raid using "matrix raid"
OCZ Vertex and WD CB 1TB SATA 3
The ultimate compiled list of fast disk benchmarks.
Vertex Turbo 120gig 2 month performance read out
A-data 80gb SSD (Intel X25-M Solid State Drive)
WD Black 2TB locking up every few seconds
ocz agility 64 low reads?
is vertex 2 "e" the same as vertex 2
2 physical arrays, best sliced config?
RAID Help!
are western digitals total crap?
When should i defragment a drive?
SSD Boot + IDE 300 storage work?
SSD Survives Plunge from Rooftop
SSD Setup
New PC assembled, refusing to load Operating System
OCZ Agility 2 120GB
SAS to SATA connector
Can a HD be faulty even if it passes a diagnostic?
New Samsung drive - lots of ECC errors
CD/DVD/blue ray drive raid?
New SSD for my Laptop
Intel X25M 160G@ x3 Raid Zero AS SSD Results
Raid 5 Software question
New hard drive from wd...newegg only
SSD question
Can't use Recovery partion on HP, it's the large one?
.. I think I made a huge mistake.
Need eSATA II HDD Recommendations for RAID 1
5400 or 7200 rpm?
Good External Hard Drive
How to format an external hard drive that is already formatted udf
WD Caviar Black 640gb Problem
Unusual Back-up Problem for RAID-0
New WD Caviar Green 1TB HDD @ 66% Health?!
Getting close Raid -0 + TRIM ?
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Vertex 2 Speed...Slow!
Problem setting up RAID-5
Seagate 7200.4 experience after 664 hours
OMG I lost everything
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SSD Questions (WD SiliconEdge Blue)
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I just got a SSD!
I am worried about 2TB drives being notoriously unreliable
Intel X25-V 40GB benches
2x120 Agility RAID0 - How do these numbers look.
HDD dying
Stay away from Corsair SSD (Especially the Reactor Series)
SATA 6.0Gb/s HD's?
Noob SSD questions
Storage Ultimate Sticky Thread
PCI card for NAS - will it be a bottle neck?
OCZ Agility SSD price on newegg shell shocker
Transferiring the OS
OCZ preps affordable PCIe solid-state drive
Hard disks corrupting
OSZ Vertex 2 100GB = $70 Price Drop
interesting chat sesion w/ intel tech support
OCZ Agility 2 SSD problem
Puzzled with how fast my SSD fills up.
Reinstalling Win7 on an SSD
Good, Cheap, Quiet, 1TB HDD
Data Recovery Help Needed (please read)
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Laptop hard drive in desktop
First time SSD questions.
Two hard drives or one?
300gb Velociraptor Help?
Hard drive thrashing is REALLY annoying
Very weird RAID issue
U3 Site down?
Sandforce SSD Firmware Version Confusion
Does this SSD graph look normal?
Does this SSD graph look normal?
ok so here is the plan.......
SMART says dead drive... drive works perfectly fine...
Ghosting to an SSD
Raid issues when swapping motherboards.
[O/C]Exploring RAID 0 on the SB750 Chipset
Seagate 7200.12 not being detected
Looking for an SSD guru to maintain a STICKY.
Running RAID 0 and RAID 1 on 2 volumes simultaneously
RAID 10 help
SSD Loose in Tower...
Preferred SSD Benchmark Tools?
RAID 5 vs RAID 1 for a data drive...looking for opinions
Sata Drive not recognized
Best BFTB 100-128GB SATA2 SSD's
Which one of these 2TB drives should I get?
OCZ Technology Introduces 400GB and 480GB Capacities for Vertex 2 and Agility 2
Help me chose between some SSD's!! Please!!
What is on your SSD
Hybrid Hard Disks: Are you ready to buy?
Intel 80GB SSD
SSD Raid 0 first take
problems with storage
RAID 1 from existing drive?
Constant HDD seeking noise, no activity
HDD Revival?
Overclocking & SSds
SSD power consumption reduced by 86 percent, speeds of 9.5GBps achieved by Japan
Windows XP unable to detect optical CD/DVD drive
Some newbie SSD questions.
$400 to spend on SSD. What can i get?
WD 5000AAKS not wanting to work right...
restoring to a new hdd
Budget SSD help!
Samsung Spinpoint F3 OWNERS 1tb/500gb Raid 0 RMA process? reviews?
installing ssd
Data Recovery after RAID 1
Intel Now Mass Producing 25nm NAND Flash Memory Chips
Almost made it...Stumped (again)
Mass backup solutions?
OCZ Vertex 2 50GB
Which SSD??
SandForce showdown...
3TB Hard Drives Coming This Year
Help choosing drives!
Temperatures of hdd's in RAID 0
Non-existant removable storages on my computer
Successfully Flashed My Corsair x64 with Latest Patriot Firmware
Which Caviar Black drive is fastest?
Harddrive issue, help!
Harddrive Windows Experience Index kind of low?
My SSD & Windows 7
problem with sony cd/dvd drive
Samsung f3 humming noise
RAID 0+1
_Reliable_ 2TB drives?
How to use 2 HD's Im new please help!
1/2 Raptor 36GB RAID0 HDDs failing. What to do?
Looking for a good 2TB drive.
New build storage help!!
Most thorough disk benchmarking utility?
Strange USB thumbdrive problems. Corsair Voyager 16GB
hdd's for raid 5
Need help with raid o using a asus crosshair iv formula.
Did my SSD suffer?
Found old hdd sitting out without protection is it still good?
WD Caviar Black 1 TB SATA3 'Tock' Noise
Seagate to release 3TB HDD in 2010
Storage problem
[O/C]iStarUSA Internal 22.5″ SATA Enclosure Review (BPU-2535V2)
Tt BlacX Duet
how to i turn my root system drive into a SSD drive?
Reinstalling OS & my SSD
SATA help
noob raid 1
HDD crashes during a game, then on boot disappears
Is my HDD dead?
solid state drives vs spindle as well as form factor
WD 500gb Raid-0 ?
does this SSD have TRIM support? (pic attatched)
WD Blue 500gb issue
Crucial "realSSD" 256GB SSD
[O/C]USB 3.0 review with the ASUS U3S6 add-in card.
OCZ Vertex 2 SSD review
Building new system, need ssd advice?
sata power connector issue
WD WD20EADS 2TB discountinued?
Problem with Western Digital HDDs
Noob Question Regarding Partitions
How do I know for sure or when my SSD is "TRIM"ming?
Best hdd on the market
I have a question about hard drives
New SandForce-1200 based drives retail!
Storage Suggestions
Destroying Data Before Sending Drive Back for Warrenty
Corsair Force F100 100GB SSD Review
64mb v 32mb
ICH9R Firmware update *before and after
Help wanted with HDDs - Western Digital Vs. Samsung
Arcea Raid controller alternative
Are these Poor scores for 2x 7200RPM HDD in raid 0?
What setup can you recommend in the $400 range? (SSD)
Dell Perc 6/E and MD1000 Poor RAID50 Performance
X25-M 80gb x2 in raid 0 or single sandforce 100gb?
Some pricing for Agility 2 and Vertex 2 drives
What's a standard platter size these days?
need good storage system for my new rig
Thinking about SSD, can I clone my OS partition from HDD?
Cache Size vs RPM - Which is Faster?
Overvolting for Data Recovery
Have access to 6x X25-Ms
WD SSD... ok to buy?
Delayed write failed
Flashing and reinstalling Win 7 to an intel SSD
New SSD for games ect.
Hard disk errors (RAID)
How do I know if...
Smart Array 6i
Pulled HDD from HP computer
Kingston Mini Slim or DataTraveler?
Crucial SSD
3.5 to 5.25 HDD cages?
Need a couple of harddrives-opinions?
9650SE slow???
How to manually TRIM SSD's in a RAID-0?
Seagate HDD issues
2 boot drives and 1 raid 0 Win7/Ubuntu9.10
Thinking about an X25-M
Raid Driver Update?
Need help with ICH10R raid problem
New OS Drive
My 4k-64Thrd are horribly low? (AS SSD bench)
Where is IMAGE.DVD?
firmware questions for intel x-25m G2
OCZ Colossus in Raid 0
S.M.A.R.T. monitoring on or off for SSD's?
OCZ 2 in raid 0 max speed 350?????
Laptop HDD: how much jostling is okay?
RAID 0 performance with 2 seagate 500gb 7200.12
4 Month old X-25 is it wearing out already?
Is the performace there?
Corsair Reactor R60 - Thoughts?
1x 600GB VRaptor or 2x 450GB VRaptors ?
Use Intel or native MS drivers for Intel SSD's?
Did they ship me a USED SSD drive?!?!
Silicon Image PATA controllers
600gb V-rap
Sata 6GBs Expansion Card
Possible software RAID 0
Raid w/ 4+ ssd - Raid Controller?
OCZ Colossus 1TB SSD
How do I burn a large game onto multiple DVD's?
Help "Format NAND" Drive
dban with SSDs
Nice SSD Article if ACHI vs IDE
Win 7 not "trimming" my OCZ Vertex SSD?
New Intel X-25m G2 performing bad.
Another 7200.11 dead
this error fixable?
ASUS U3S6 review
Write-Back Cache Raid - 0
Where can I find this cable for a perc 5i? (SAS-SATA)
Did a lack of preparation cause my SSd drive to fail?
SATA 2 or SATA 3
External OR Internal
Which controller should I put my optical on?
Issue with WD500GB Black ? (SATA II)
read/write speeds
kingston v+
36gb raptor boot drive?
My Ubuntu RAID 0 array benchmark!
New Vertex 2 and Agility 2 Drives
SSD Question
MLC High Performance SSD-CORSAIR Performance Series 128GB PC/NB Dual Platform
New X25-V and HD configuration HELP
SSD watercooling?
How can I set stripe size below M4A79XTD EVO?
Can one run TRIM and GC at the same time on different drives??
For those on the budget fence
Looking for media storage
Wierd HD tune results w/ WD green
Hard drive choice
8gb USB pen drive now says "Please insert disc"
Just lost an SSD drive.....
re partition hard disk help!
Securely wipe a SSD?
CrystalMark Disk Info - No raid support.
[O/C]Vantec NexStar3 Superspeed USB 3.0 Enclosure Review
unraiding a mirrored drive question
Window 7 and SSD
SSD + HDD Setup
which one would you get?
More info on next gen velociraptors
HDD Storage Case
SSDs RAID 0 Degradation
New Intel X25-M
WD1002FAEX review
Can't find Hard Drive...
The all-important external Seagate Freeagent Pro drive is kaput?
Crap! Dropped my WD 1tb external...
Data recovery on a trimmed/GCed SSD.
AHCI what does it do?
Securely erase SSD
4 x 6gb/sec 640 wd blacks RAID 0 Results
SATA RAID to SAS RAID convert/hack
RAID question
New HDD for Raid, Need some help?
**News Intel SSD Value X25-X Storage**
Which SSD adapter do you use?
HDD Question
Windows 7 + Intel SSD... AHCI or IDE?
Saving current Raid after installing new SSD
Western Digital Drive error!
WD 1.5TB Caviar Green averaging 9.5MB/s writes. WTH?!
Budget SSD options
X25-M G2 vs. X25-V G2 (RAID 0)
Western Digital Velociraptor 150gb performance
need a good raid card for RAID 0 and other stuff
quick sata 3 question
SATA Cable Question
Storage Device only connects in USB 1.1 mode
My first SSD - Boot drive help
Compressing flash drive?
Formatting External
ssd pros
Align system partition with free Vista Recovery Disc (120 MB download)
Is RAID 0 safe and stable?
External Case for 2TB drive USB2/USB3 Help please?
Check HD's health?
New Boot Drive Setup Thoughts
OCZ Vertex Turbo OCZSSD2-1VTXT60G Price Drop
Need help with INTEL X25-M G2
Fastest Way to Copy Large Files from Desktop to Laptop?
I can't do 3x RAID0?
10,000 RPM vs. 15,000 RMP
Intel Wants to Present Standalone USB 3.0 Controller
raid 1 problems
2 SSD Raid means 150mb write + 150mb write?
Need help figuring out SMART temperature values
WD1600JS Need a Driver?
SSD blues
TRIM Support for Intel RAID's!!
I just purchased an OCZ Agility SSD - I use Win7, can I use Norton Ghost?
Noob question about RAID-0 benchmarks.
Problem with Western Digital Data Lifeguard Diagnostics
Anything else like this 5 drive enclosure?
Trim Altenative for SSD in any Linux Distros?
OMG help with a 500 GB seagate
Noob help on SSDs
Is this version a Gen 2 Kingston Vnow?
Intel's new driver for RAID TRIM support
Interesting problem, help needed.
Clone HDD to SSD OS drive?
VRaptor Problem?
how much free space to leave on a HD?
Differance between HDD and SDD drive size allocation
Win 7 64Bit SSD install, now have system partition visible, what can I do?
Need help... notebook not seeing external samsung hd
Some Enterprise SSD's
Intel X25-V 40Gb
Looking for a pair of low capacity low cost SSD's...
Raid 0 on Windows 7 laptop
OCZ Vertex Turbo 60GB, is it any good?
Storage questions for you guys.
Next up on new pc build. The HD. Suggestions/comments
I need to bring a ton of storage with me
What HDD setup are you running...
Seagate Free Agent.. possible to add a larger drive?
SATA2 is equal to USB 3.0
Built New Computer but it Won't Recognize the HD
Hard drive AAM sets for silence when not primary disk?
best practice for SSD erase/os reinstall
About to buy SSD
Quick qestion about a HDD
USB 2.0 vs USB 3.0 Review
JMicron JMF612 SSD Processor
Firware updates... is this really expected of users?
X-25M prep for Win 7 install
SSD Owners. Are you seeing any real performance increase?
set me straight with SSD
Fastest Windows 7 boot?
AHCI not working
[O/C]Kingwin Dock Master USB 3.0 Hard Drive Docking Station Review
How to make drives not spin up after sleep?
HD not recognized. HELP!
$150 SSD's
SSD Questions
Problems with my RAID 5
Best file recovery for Win7?
C: mislabeled and can't rename