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restart every time I use CD/DVD?
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ramdisk settings and its usage.
Big difference between 7200 RPM and 5400 RPM?
a short disk freeze w/ wd caviar black but why?
New SSD owner, anything I should know?
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Data Transfering Question.
looking to buy a 1.5tb hd... recommend please
SCSI vs SATA performance
Buffalo external found but can't read
Streaming Blu-Ray Video across my Network..
How much hard drive space do you USE?
Want to RAID 0, do i have the hardware?
RAID on Maximus Formula- buy new controller or use current?
could someone straighten me out
whats the best way to add like a dozen sata ports to a computer?
2 Samsung Spinpoint F3's in Raid0 / Raid1 results
4X WD Raptor WD1500ADFD RAID0 ICH9R/ICH10R Problem
2 questions
Samsung F3 250GB HD253GJ - any info?
SSD Raid 0 vs Sata 3 6 gb/s 10k rpm Raid 0
SATA HDD 1TB or 1.5TB?
Enterprise Class HDD
This doesn't look good.
RAID-0 went from 104M/s to 24 on new board???
Corsair P256
Seagate ST380013AS: burnt diode/capacitor/resistor/other..? please HELP
Hard drive checker
Online Storage?
Switch IDE to AHCI?
SSD 5.25 bay adapter?
Not a dbl post...PCI-X hdd?
SSD on IDE bus?
2xcheeper Raid0 SSD or single Drive?
Duel OS on RAID 0 -- Need advice
2x60GB OCZ Agility - not bad.
Replacing A Raid1 Harddrive How To
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Does Partitioning help or hurt......
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SSD Install for Benching. I have questions.
Patriot PS-100 SSD's - How are they?
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New SSD and Win 7
Raid 1 Setup
W.D 640GB BLACK AALS= 30MB/S !!!!!!!!!!!!
Looking for a home server RAID 5 solution
New (to me) recovery problem
new at raid
USB 3.0 testers needed...
what laptop HD would yall recommend?
Open Box Samsung F2 1.5TB $73
BSOD. New drive reccomendations?
One-pass wipe enough? Maybe not...
WOnt Boot OS
Recommend me 2.5" SATA enclosure
disappointing SSD results?
Can't get External HDD to work...
ssd or more ram?
7200.11 SD15 brick question
Want to step up to 2TB drives
barracuda 7200.12
Noob memory question
Good upgrade from my 7200.10
single vs 2 hds
Burner running too hot?
Intel X-25M RAID & TRIM support, when will it come?
Seagate 7200.11 500GB Speed?
9 GB SCSI Drives... 80 pin
What SSD would you choose?
SSD - RAID or not
Installing HDD's in Raid 0
OK, I decided to try Seagate again
HDD to do with random restarts?
What size SSD to you receommend
Seagate floundering haddock (Barracuda)
The BEST $250 SSD drive available??
RAID 0 Windows 7 Partition Status Failed
Building a low cost NAS
Sata2 on Ata Motherboard?
Ridiculus SSD Raid 0 speeds cant be right??!
Dual Boot Ubuntu, 7 SSD options...
New Western Digital Black coming soon
WD1001FALS is inexplicably slower than my WD6400AAKS
RAID 1 Questions
Intel X-25M RAID0 and TRIM/GC
Help Raid Degraded
Can't access drives
OWC Mercury Enterprise SSD
Crucial RealSSD-C300 SATA-III 6Gbps SSD
My new family member.
Anyone ever used this RAID card?
*Sigh* My 250GB Western Digital AAKS died :(
Something seems wrong... Hard drive transfer rates
Anyone using one of the new A-Data S596 SSDs?
OCZ Vertex question
Cant See Hard Drive in Vista
Need info, How does a Hard drive backplane work?
Samsung announces 30 nm DDR3 DRAM
Raid and else?
Drive still detected as RAID 0
Data Loss during Parition Resize
Intel and Micron Unveil 25nm NAND Flash
How would I create a partion on a existing Exteranl drive without formating driv
HELP! Odd HDD prob with WD & Dell oem xp pro
Let there be RAID part deux!! Corsair P128 SSDs
Intel & Micron Announce 25nm NAND Flash Production
Ok this is crazy, two hdd failures in the last two weeks
SSD vs RAID 0?
New SSD Option with Toshiba Controller: Kingston SNVP325 Series
what does it mean when people say, they going to raid HDD etc
The Seagate Barracuda problem
Breaking raid array
Raid 0 "Error occured (0)"
New OCZ Solid 2 drives pop up on newegg
HDD Failing?
Harddisk trouble....humming in cycles - quiet to loud
40gb Kingston SSD trim fix firmware update
one of my drives going bad?
OCZ Vertex 2 Pro 100GB SSD Review
WD RE3 vs Black
Can't figure thise one out...
Debating what to do for storage...
Wasn't impressed OCZ Vertex and Windows 7, but now...
Dead Laptop HD recovery ?
SSDs Growing Steadily, Will Jump 54% by 2013
400GB of stuff on a now RAW HD? I have to format and erase everything?
Need to do something special to load Win 7 on a SSD?
o/c cpu and SSD question
RAID (Mirrored) vs Acronis Backup
Reading past SMART data?
Not sata not ide...what is it???
New HD for OS
Am I Getting The Speed I should ?
IBM Sets New Record in Magnetic Tape Data Density
Adding drives to a RAID 5 array.
Let there be RAID!!!! Building Raid-0 with a pair of 80GB Intel SSDs
Toshiba T6UG1XBG SSD Controller
Which raid setup is best for gaming?
writing zeros?
Hard Drive dead?
raid 0 between sas and sata
Does More Cache Mean Better Performance?
SuperTrak EX8350 PCIe 4x in PCIe 16x slot
Use 1.5 or 3GBp/s mode?
WDC AC2200F benchmarks - 1992 drive
SandForce SF1500 Enterprise SSD Processor
Marvell 88SS8014-BHP2 Da-Vinci SSD Controller (SSD)
Moving RAID 0 from one motherboard to another
Help getting the most out of my new HDs
my ssd will be here tomorrow hopefully
Warp on steroids!
OCZ Colossus Series, starting to show up!
Can you have a raid setup and non raid setup on the same controller?
where to find 80GB Intel G2?
HDD wont stop reading.
Drive dying or just slowing down?
SSD Virgin Help...
Bro's System Trying to Boot from CD, and Can't Get it to Stop...
Onboard Intel RAID (x48) vs. PROMISE SuperTrak EX8350
Get a single WD640GB or keep my RAID?
Adaptec 2940 still viable today?
New drive build need help please!!
HDD docking station.
Spinning down hard drives when not in use?
Locked Hard drive
SSD on it's way.
SSDs catching up to CPUs?
3 ssds Raid 0 Crystal DiskMark (Supertalent ultradrives me 64gb) Are they slow?
Do SSD drives setup the same way?
Win7 Backup/recovery tool okay with ICH10R or Marvell SATA3?
Building storage server
Win7 RAID??
Is there something special about making SATA drives hot swapable?
The SSD Performance Thread
Thinking of buying 30gb Vertex...
dropped my external HD, but still runs fine. Can it be trusted?
[O/C]Madshrimps.be: Raid 0 Stripe Size Comparison
is there a raid for this?
new kingston 30gb boot drives
RAID 0 Issues - Please Help!
Look for USB Floppy drive that will load windows drivers
OS to ssd and 2 hdd to RAID0
Kingston V series SSD replacing notebook 5,400 rpm feasible?
[O/C]SSDs, TRIM, and Available Disk Space
Patriot warps 128GB SSD?
USB flash drive, SDHC, readyboost, and storage for transporting files
overclocking and storage issues
My Exchange server 2003 crashed
Types of disk I/O
Seagate FreeAgent XTreme 1.5GB eSATA no longer working apparently
WD Blue 320gb drive failing to detect ~75% of the time
Future OCZ ssd's!
OCZ Vertex still the second best?
Formatting a USB Flash Drive Problem
New Raid0, and BSOD's
Is this a Good Blu Ray Drive?
Is this good for a Agility?
Secure erase / resetting ssd?
Intel releases X-25V (with TRIM!)
New SSD, now 2nd harddrive disapears intermittently after standby
SSDs supporting TRIM?
Compress this Drive?
Some Raid Questions
Failure to boot with hdd
Bought two 64gb SSD's
Need major help with HD
Raid advice.
marking bad sectors on HDD / reformatting
what's a good hdd these days?
Striping RAID 0 info!
Which 1TB-2TB Drives for RAID config?
Forgot external HDD power supply at school...can I use another one?
TRIM or GC type software for flash drive?
Why not RAID 1
Raid and faster DVD authoring
Expensive SSD
Nero question
Changed motherboard, how do I get my RAID back?
Another SSD question.
CES 2010: Crucial RealSSD C300 6Gbps SATA SSD Demo
Backup Solution - Avoid Raid?
x2 SPINPOINT F3 500Gb RAID0 Seek Time Too High??
my cd drive is not opening...i think i know why but need help
Help me get this Raid controller to work....
SATA AHCI - ATAPI Incompatible
Unable to sustain good data rate with WD Caviar Blacks in RAID 0?
next gen Vraptors in the works
SSD troubles..
SSD Trim?
6 x 320 gig 7200.10 drives - short stroking results
Win7 with SSD in RAID
Blu-Ray Burner OR Blu-Ray reader / DVD Writer Combo
Win7: Going from disk HD to Intel SSD
Intel RAID 5 array shows as offline, cannot boot OS...
[O/C]Dell Perc 5/i Throughput Benchmarks
What's the deal with 7 and RAID 5
RAID 5 corrupted. PLease help me, Sirs
Why do you lose space when formatting a HDD?
Dual boot
Recover data from unnallocated disk?
Reformatting cuts HDD Lifetime?
Hard Drive dilemma?
Sata2 drive on a Sata1.5 controller.
Need FTP Help With Home Server
quiet SATA dvd burner reccomendations?
1TB WD Caviar Black Raid 0 Question
Double Layer REwritable DVD
how do HD enclosures work?
new SATA drive
Single Raptor 150
Which is a better raid setup?
Help completing setting up my RAID 0
Need MB RAID driver.....?
installing OS
Data Theft
what do you do with your crashed HDD's?
Anyone uses Seagate LP 2 Tb HDDs ?
SSD advised drivers / sata mode combination?
External Drive Causes System Not To Boot
SDHC Actual Capacity Help
Fast drive arrary within reason?
2.5" to 3.5" drive converter - backplane compatible
30GB Vertext not quite as fast as i expected...
Insane burst speed on new Raid 0 setup?
HDD Manufacturers Moving To 4096-Byte Sectors
sata to esata confusion
SSD Roadmap for Q1/2010?
External or Internal?
Raid-1 to Raid-5 = Speed Increase?
Need to break RAID 1 Mirror without loosing data
My SSD experience
Best tool for transferring all files
Drobopro or Qnap or other storage device
ICH controller in P55 boards?
alignment / offset ?
New SSD, low performance ?
Poor 4x150 Raptors Raid-0 Performance?
SSD or Raptors?
Configuration Suggestions please
RAID or similar fault tolerance system
Part of RAID keeps failing. Why?
How much memory should I leave when short stroking?
SSD quetion
How to re&re out 2 Raptor 36GB RAID0s for a single 500GB SATAII on WinHP-32?
Just bought my 1st SSD, 120g OCZ Agility
Advice Please !!!
Backup my NAS (DNS-323)
Hard Drive Messed?
sas cable for Adaptec 5404 ?)
Best Ghosting Software Suggestion for the newbie?
Help me choose/use a image software for hard drives.
I need a driver for SH-S222 DVD writer.
RAID 5 Migrating - Crashed. Recovery assitance needed.
Formatting Problem
RAID 5 (5) WD Green 1Tb models - different platters and cache
What is the best way to store DVD's?
easy way to tell if your SSD is failing
Umm, why so slow???
Samsung Spinpoint F3 HD103SJ 1TB 32MB ?
Western Digital Caviar Black And Seagate Barracuda ST3500418AS Bench
Hard drive limitations ?
Issues with raid 0 on sil3114
SCSI drive won't boot
Recover data
Low HD Tune Scores for Western Digital 640 GB Caviar Black (WD6401AALS)
SATA VS IDE(PATA) DVD/CR-RW drives/burners
Storage ideas, need help!
Which SSD should i get?
Deleted a partition, Now labeled "Free Space"
Installing Win7 on an SSD
Matrix Raid help
Brand new Barracuda 7200.12s tanking performance
Perc 5/i Benchmark Thread
Question about raid 0
Raptor Vs Caviar
Thinking about an SSD again
Main OS HDD Speed + Backup Software?
Need storage advice/solution, please!
RAID 5 - A bargain or a stick of dynamite?
RAID 0 vs Velociraptor
Quicky on Raid
Believe one of my WD 500GB going bad. Time to RMA?
The Ultimate Matrix RAID Thread
My SATA won't boot when it's the only HD installed?
Which Raid is right for me?
How to Short Stroke for RAID
Mini PCIe SSD with Asus desktop?
How to short stroke your drive is now Published!
Adjusting DVD-RW
How do you meaure Drive Cache / RPM speed
360 died. now i got a spare hard drive and i need some help
Installing os on another hard drive.
Raid 0 w/ two diff drive sizes
First SATA 6G SSD Arrives: Marvell controller prototype tested!
unable to use my hd in ahci mode..
Drive suddenly shows us as unformatted ?!
Looking for a NAS solution
Intel SSD. 2x80GB RAID0 vs 1x160GB
Intel X25-M speeds look right?
Stop me from purchasing a SSD.
PC will not recognize ANY type of external storage. PLEASE HELP!
SAS controller Socket 478
X25-M Gen2 TRIM
Is their a reason not to paint your internal hardrive?
Solid State Drive Benefits/Cons
Two 300gig Velociraptors in RAID 0. (short stroking results)
SATA Cables
new HDD new partitions sizes help
AMD SB 750 preformance with SSD
Raid 1 without a format?
Change BIOS Setting from IDE to RAID...
AMD SB750 SATA RAID Controller = slow?
Do they make these for IDE drives? (link in post)
RAID 0 with different types of hard drives?
Intel G1 SSD users rejoice...new firmware restores original performance w/ TRIM!
Matrix Raid worth it?
Raid Array Member Failed
New to RAID and I'm Having Problems...
Asus P5Q Turbo - Combining RAID Array with Non-Raid Drives
enabled AHCI mode in bios, computer is going crazy!
Is it possible to rebuild/recheck smart table?
SAS/SAS RAID discussion
SSD trim what is tat?
Difference in MB/s on RW vs Average Read Access on HDD's?
Ghost v10.0. 2 partition drive, only 1 backed up..Restore??
Need a 1TB External eSATA Drive Recommendation
I've read, searched, but need advice on RAID Setup
Getting a SSD...worth it?
burning and sata/pata adapters
** Need help from every user in this forum. **
2 TB hitachi Deskstar ticking?
Correct steps to install new SSD?
cache and boot speed
Next-generation SD specification comes to light, 300MBps just around the corner
HDD Noises
RAID issues
What's this I'm hearing/reading?
Is this good or bad?
Looking to buy a NAS for my home
Seagate Barracuda LP ST31500541AS 1.5TB
SD card or USB drive?
Which is currently the best SSD drive?
Just got off the phone with the WD RMA Department..
Suggestions for lab server application
born-again newbie question
I'm a noob -- clean 1.36 TB partition shows 0.99 TB free
New firmware for Intel X25-M is out!!
Seagate Freeagent Pro issues...
Noob question
ghosting question
How are the Barracuda's now?
2x80GB Raid 0 Velociraptor Benchmark
Help me find happiness before I deploy again (RAID questions)
74gb raptor vs 7200.10 raid 0
Differences among these 3 Intel X25-M G2's?
Software raid vs hardware raid
Will my current hardware support the Intel X25-M SSD G2?
Torn between 2 drives, your advice needed
Photofast SSD
Difference in GC and TRIM?
INtel x25m 80g raid
Sata hard drive not recognized in Bios
results of logging off for 16 hours...
Partition help
Will a 3rd, 4th, etc drive decrease access time even more in Matrix raid0?
Do I need a new hard drive?
need help setting up raid 0
3x750GB Cav.BLK in RAID 5
DVD Drive doesn't respond
Simple HD question
sata into k8u-x mobo help
Fastest IDE hard drive for under $100?
SATA 6.0 Gb/s
Notebook hdd upgrade
Best SSD for round $100
Faster RAM, new hard drive, or raid with existing drives?
Raid 0 on a budget.. noticable speed increase?
is my hdd dead?
Do these HD Tune 2.55 Benchies seem low to you?
Hard drive setup
Best CD/DVD burning software
A special case of ghosting or cloning
Make an HDD faster?
ACHI mode Question
Couple questions about larger HDD's & Testing
4 X 1TB Seagate 7200.12's in RAID0, with RocketRaid 2640-4
Fusion-ios latest...this is just bad ass
WD 300GB Velociraptor Issue
Write-cache buffer flushing...
Good sub $300 SSD (considering Vertex)
Intel and TRIM?
alright WTH new ssd
SSD Checkdisk
ssd boot drive?
Kingston 40GB V Series Reviews
Slow writes with disabled write caching on the disk
anyone have agood usb internal hub recommendation?
Dell RAID Cards
pretty different results from HDTune and CrystalDiskMark
Fusion-io ioXtreme PCI Express SSD Review
Is this a good idea?
question about acceleration and hard drives
Hairline black mark on edge of DVD after burning
RAID failing second time in a row! Need help!
X-25M(SSD) & Raptors(Raid0)
Help! Raid array failure