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Need some help
Though you'd like this.
Under water again, w/odd question!
Problem with water block.
D-Tek FuZion Accelerator Nozzle Kit?
Impedance of a radiator?
dremel vs pile of shame.
URGENT!! Im moving and need a bit of advise
Watercooling n00b seeking approval
GPU Water Block
Enough cooling?
Varying fan speed based on temperature
Minds and Opinions on Loop
Please look over and offer advice -1st WC build
120x2 -> 120x3 (aka rads rads rads!)
Single DD Heater Core
Number crunching
Need a nice water cooling block for AM2+AM3 processor
what block to get~??
Liquid cooling help?
First time watercooling
Well its time for a new rig :)
Break Fluid
Questions About Small Two GPU Cooling System
New watercooled rig - advice sought
Radiator outside of case
XSPC RS360 good enough?
WC Gallery/worklog stickies
Recommend water cooling parts for Tec Hook up
help a wc noob
How long can a loop be?
Water vs. TRUE
New Toys! err I mean rads!
looking for liquid
Hose Clamps (a cautionary tale)
loop advise pls help
First Timer Water Cooling
how tight do i tighten barbs?
radiator for OCed i7 and x58 mobo
Breaking into the world of watercooling.
A somewhat inaccurate review. Single MCR-320 vs Dual MCR-320
3x120 Radiator or 2 stackable radiators
Added NB to the loop. (56k warning)
Recommend a good watercooling setup ease
All-aluminum loop?
What reservoir is this?
any of you ever used an 80.2 rad?
Wow! (first loop)
Pump (655) Orientation
Worth it?
New tops for Laing D5 pump?
What you think of this?
New To Watercooling! Help
GPU Waterblock. To Seethrough or not to Seethrough
rads. Black ice gtx reults vs others
loop too much for gtx480?
What can a 120.3 handle?
DIY CPU Waterblock (pics inside, 56k warning) and results!
This worth it?
Need a Chipset heatsink for Intel DX58SO
GPU cooling suggestions
I need your opinion please!!!
Looking for a WB that is...
anyone have good pics of
New TIM tests by Vapor at XS, very interesting!
ddc shorted?
Radiator Fan Speed and Fan Positioning Setup
I think i may have gone waaaaay overboard
How are these kits?
GTX 285 Waterblock w/ Zalman Reserator1 ?
Going back to a Triple 120mm Rad
WC Noob jumping in with both feet!
SLI Fittings
fiting a Gt 560 into a Case
weight of a full cover gpu block on the gpu
New Rad / Flush it First?
Literally brown MCP655
Kandalf LCS configuration
Ordering tommorrow....
WCing my P5Q
Questions about using multiple radiators in a watercooling setup
What's Diggrr been up to??
D5 on fan contoller
Maintaining watercooling rig
Recommend a setup:
Last night's project
Splicing Fan Wires
what is the difference in the heatkillers? And GPU cooler.
First Loop Questions.
please post pics of your UV fluid/tubes/anticoil - im stuck on colours to use!
Parts ordered for upgrade build - will be pics when done!!!
Need a little advice one water cooling
old aquarium pump
MCR320 Fit the NZXT Whisper Case?
Bitspower compression fitting help
Hey question about distilled water
Socket question
need longer temp probes
Is lapping a core i7 worth it?
*Current*!!! Best Dual 120 Radiator right now...
Looking to get my feet wet and dunno where to start...
Up Keep?
Boulard83 RIG ( lots of pics )
Two loops or a split one loop
Critique it: HTPC
Has any one ever had a water cooler setup, with the radiator out side the house?
New wc loop first try
I see bad things coming...
not all gtx285 blocks fit all 285's?????
doing it myself WC
gonna install my waterblock, any tips for this?
Is this the right way to build water loop?
Rad arrangement
Possible to put pump on fan controller?
Spliter?? loop? new water block??
Cosmos 1000 Loop Setup
how to mount mcp355 to hdd cage
will a dtek fusion v2 fit on a p5q deluxe?
which cpu block to get?
2questions about the mcp355
Check out this Pump! Does it Pass or Fail?
is this as good as normal distilled water?
blew up mcp350 :(
What kind of thermal grease for memory chips?
are there any gtx275 waterblock around yet?
Do you use Nylon Clamps or Metal/Zinc clips for securing the tubes?
Need help with quiet-but-effective watercooling components
I can't believe this
Coolit Freezone Elite
Is a flow meter really necessary??
First water cooling setup. Any help?
Water cooling for matx?
Thinking on going to WC.
chip set sugestions
Where to next?
To rad or not to rad?
How to add to Water Cooling Loop
Are these temps correct?
Radiator with rad box - spacing??
EK Dual Bay SPIN Reservoir -Acetal
i7 water cooling...ideas?
Bad pump?
Help With Water Cooling Parts
it's all so confusing.....
i7 920 undervolt + 4890 Xfire (Passive)
waterblock for Zotac gtx260 amp2
New system, need suggestions.
Lousy tubing wont bend to fit in my case...
Water cooling the northbridge
water Blocks
What is better cpu water cooling or regular fan with heat sink ?
just for fun and memories
thermal tape and thermal coumpound!
Post pics of your WC loop
New External Water cooling help
Absolutely Furious
will a swiftech apogee drive 350 do gpu too?
Monitoring fluid temp
4870 GPU WB question
Difference in single and parallel GPU cooling?
Ammonium Chloride vs Copper Sulphate
never seen one of these before
best coolant
Small Loop in Antec 900????
Looking for some W/C advice
WC supplier in Canada?
New Pump?
Temp Diffs
Hi first time here but I have a Question on external water cooling?
Position of Rad...
Feser 480
What pump to use
New Computer and LQ Rebuilding Help
Help Purchasing New WC Parts
any suggestions?
Repair broken Water cooling pump?
Koolance PC2-601, anything like it?!
dtek v1 + 2x rad + i7 = too hot?
Pump Radiator housing
Two different Rads
Corsair H-50 Cooler Saving the World From the Zombie Apocalypse
Rad mount on Back of Antec1200
Great starter kits?
4 radiators on my bigwater 760i?
PWM in water cooling
GTZ i7 hold down adapter
GTX 285 Cooling questions
Need advice on a wc setup budget is around 500
Looking For Information On Dual Pump Loop?
Which termal paste
Thermal tape & Waterblock Question
Homemade ASUS P6T Deluxe V2 Chipset waterblock
What GPU block is this?
Custom block - Spawn 1.0?
Swiftech pump leaking WTF?!?!
First W/C Attempt and Multiple Loop Setup
Where are the GTX 280 Waterblocks??
push/pull fans
How to Cool Fluid
Tygon R-3400 Tubing completely collapsed
Advice on a full WC setup - two price ranges
1st water loop pictures
I might as well show my first attempt too
Watercooling temps - My tuniq 120 was better.
New LC Build
More cooling build :)
XSPC Acrylic Reservoir for Laing DDC Reliable?
Cleaning a partionally rusty radiator
fanquestion for rx240 rad
microres rev 1 top barb
Evolution of my water cooling exploits
Any radiators with fan spacing 20mm apart
Should I WC? Please advise.
Recommendations for VGA block
9800GTX vs. 9800GTX+
VGA Cooler
Couple of questions before pulling the trigger on several orders
Pictures of Water Cooled SFF Build
My first W/C setup!!!
Had a leak! Now what?
My propposed first WC setup. Your thoughts...
Beginner Questions
Anubis_386 - WaterCooling Round 2 :-P
h20 220 compact kit...
Need Help on chipset waterblock
Old WC setup. what parts should I replace?
1st time WCing parts picks
Recommendations for VGA block
Mmm... Copper!
Looking for advice.
Problems with EK Res 150 (cylinder)
Laing DDC crackling noise?
Watercooling Setup
First WC kit with ambient problem
Good LED fan for RX360?
Is this res/pump combo any good?
1 Pump enough?
N/S Bridge W/B install help on R2E
Need advice on a WC kit
A quick fan question...
Newb to h20 needs a little guidance
CPU + 4890 CrossFire with a 2x120 Rad?
A little help upgrading my WC setup.
Asus P6T Deluxe NB water block
Should I watercool the i7?
Trying to figure out size constraints. New Wooden Case.
Lowering my water pump voltage...
New To Watercooling: First Build Advice
How big of a pump.
Core i7 CPU Loop
Good Kit for a 1st Time Builder
Better temps??
fans push pull???
Innovatek G-Flow
New System I am Building - Thinking of Water Cooling
1/2 tubing big overkill
Building a new PC. Need some guidence please
DD gtx295 block installation help
pressure exchanger
Will this 120.1 cool my gtx295
would like some inputs
Ideas for water cooling
New build watercooled desktop machine.
Thermaltake Aquarius II
My Proffered CPU Loop...
Good 4870 water block!
Is this ok for 1st loop
Need a nice waterblock for 4870/90
Update on my beginner set up
Son of #$^$#@ 2 dollar part 400 liquid system cooling fail
going the extra mile/degree :D
Custom reservoir! help!
Ist WC rig recommendations please
I7 loop order
Brass or Lucite?
Question on Swiftech Apogee Pump/Block Combo
My loop is done
1st loop need some advice
Twp pumps
Help asap!!!
Feser 1 Blue premix.. Why we use distilled
What kind of tubing to get?
what order should i make my loop in
Approx how much for rig to top TRUE?
Radiator Opinion
Beginner setup
HK 3.0 Waterblocks!!!!
Asking for watercooling advice
Can a Fusion CPU cooler be used to cool down a northbridge on a 1366 board?
Do i need a waterblock for northbridge??
Do i need a waterblock for northbridge??
One Loop or Two?
EK Supreme LT + e8400 = high temps?
Corsair's New kit from Computex
Pics (lots) of my dual loop build!
looking for the right barbs
laing dcc help
Fan shroud DIY? b-u-y? why bother?
Help estimating heat load on a potential loop?
Algae growth has cracked my res and got on every part!
not sure how to attach tubes to pump?!
Pump with 1-1/8" barbs
Help me find this Replacement Part!
Q: adding another block to the system
Planning A Water Loop for Mm New PC - Pics
Best tubing for 1/2" barbs?
Heater Core Orientation
My DIY Liquid Cooling System
Advice on 1st WC Build
Pump question -no computer related
MOSFET Block idea
EK Acetal supreme VGA or Swiftech MCW60
double rad or triple rad for i7?
Rad port placement
Question about water cooling
A question about resovuor's, and pics of em
is it possible to use a 939 block on a am2 mobo
Mach 4
compression fittings and MCW30
cannot fathom what i need
will this tubing work?
need help!!!
Aquagate max radiator mounting
Finished my first loop, lots of pictures
Zalman Reserator XT
need help mounting D-TEK FUZION v1
Getting my feet wet (need help)
Help using 45 degree elbows? Or should I stay away?
EK res on it's side
Mineral Oil HTPC question.
WC maintenance
Do this temps sound right for a 920
Antec Big Boy 200mm - Possible to cool radiators?
Adding 4870 to loop
New Memory Cooling
Want to start WC but need help please
Taking the next step
It's been a while.
Question: What's the best waterblock to-date?
Looking to get a new internal radiator
Input on a W/C Guide for Beginners
Need advice
The Beginning Now Middle
machine coolant
im new to water cooling
MCP350 + Laing DDC Reservoir Top for CPU only loop?
Finaly got my WC working *PICS*
Blocks for 55nm GTX 260?
Help in designing a High end water cooling system
Need help on water setup part selection
i7 WC loop
Thoughts on cooled resevoir
Evaluate my first WC parts list
Oh H2O gods of ocforums!
Use an Air Compressor, Surprise Inside
got the itch...kit advice
GA EX58-UD5 waterblock question?
whats a better block for e1200? Danger Den TDX or Swiftech apogee
Tools from the Fishery.
First Watercooled system build, few questions.
I have a idea, check this out...
WC Cleaning advice
i7 and 2x 4890 xfire wc
Insane one off water block...
Project: Green Home Remodel
Help with ideas for watercooling in a Cosmos
Need some good advise for wc
[Project] Blood Omen
fuzion + 1366 mounting
WC idea, your thoughts.
Starting my first loop...
water cooling newbie
Better cpu block?
Aquastream Xt Ultra pump, Help with
First post, liquid cooling thoughts!
Triple RAD to RES2 remains project
My loop is DONE! - Lotsa pics :)
My Proposed set up
Cooling without Spawn LOL
Thanks to Spawn-Inc
Need some help with a watercooling setup
Best way to clean the loop
Case wont fit new high end HSFs. Looking for water based alternatives.
sediment in the lines
Tubing question
Watercooling when its 40`c outside?
Would you suggest WC
Progress! New (and first) WC build.
Water cooled HTPC
Quick Disconnect Couplings?
Connecting a water cooling cycle to a tap
Huge Water bath instead of radiator
Home A/C Vent to Cool Radiator?
JUST IN... BitsPower eVGA Classified chipset blocks !!!
How best to add gpu cooling to my loop
pls help! with my new WC set up
XS Rad tests, you guys see this?
Save your old gear!
the rpm to lpm equation
Water cooling for my rig? (Antec 900 + Asus P5Q Deluxe)
Do these temps seem high?
Problems with Kandolf LCS cooling
Few Questions
DIY universal radiator bracket
Water Cooling Setup
Cooling a xfx 780i
i7 + GTX285's + TJ-07
Build finally has begun
Q8400 w D-Tek Fuzion v2: Use the Quad Core insert or not?
GTX260 waterblock help needed. What's G1/4 threads?
is this good to water cool my rig?
noob with a leak
Zalman Res2 pump death shocker LOL
Which loop should the NB water block be in? GPU or CPU?
Water Cooling Problem
CoolIT systems
Watercooling Q's & i7 920 OC
New block
Compression Fittings
another xbox 360 thread
45 degree compressions on Apogee GTZ
Swiftech MCW 60 GTX200 series
WC n00b : comment on plan
lolz @ 240.96 CFM
Possible Stains on Swiftech GTZ Block?
Going from a triple to a double
What happened to Cathar?
Technical WC questions
fill tube
Black coolant with red tubing?
Dual loops or 18W pump mod?
Help me pick a block for my Nvidia GeForce Evga GTX 285FTW...
My setup is on the way...
Phenom 2 940 + 4870 x2 in one loop?
My FIRST EVER watercooled machine. Will it work?
Water Or Minneral Oil?? Which One Would You Choose?
Water Cooling Help
New Build, Need Expert Advice from pros
Cheapest way to cool a 4870
The Beginning
Warning: Machine Screws Destroy Radiators
Worm drive clamps ruin tubing?
Who can make custom resivoirs?
Braided steel hose
TT Armor Rebuild ( Passive possible ? )
Why I'm glad XS is back, NEW CPU block test results
Xbox 360
New Water Loop - 56k Warning, Lots o' Photos
Silly Question
Temps in WC 4870x2??
Project Overkill, part deux (pics)
Nano Silver as watercooling fluid
Best 1000rpm fan?
Watercool HT Extern Triple - Any good?
Watercool Q6600 or upgrade to I7?
Koolance Copper radiators
2x 9800gx2 on EK Blocks?
New to WC and on my way to the checkout counter...
Watercooling nehalems? Domino?
D5 pumps
Is water cooling necessary?
What do you think of this???
Where can I get these other then the UK?
XSPC 480 or Feser 480?
Parts recommendation
puttin to gether a water cooling kit is it worth it?
top and bottom rad fans blow into rad?
Water cooling a 260gtx help?
What do yall think is best?
Help building WC for my new system!
custom liquid cooling, need help to choose whats best
Recommend me some quiet 120mm but decent performance fans
project overkill
rookie i7 build, of course have some questions.
Is There a Better Case?
What am I missing???
Little help with i7 965 Water Cooling
Thinnking bout buying this water cooling kit right now!
Watercooling the Xbox 360 - I need a bit of help!
New build loop advice
New to WC - Some guidance needed.
Arooo? 4x140mm Radiator?
My parts list for my core i7 water cooling...suggestions welcome...
Radiator selection for I7-920 + 4870x2 in Antec P193
Shroud question
i7 Mountain Mods Triple Loop ... Pics (Lots)
Need radiator advice
Fittings & Fans
i7 on water
New build, need tips from the pros!
Will MCW-NBMAX fit on Maximus Formula?
Your thoughts
Some basic water cooling questions.