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mount blocks or make completed loop first?
final verdict on Apogee GTX mixed metals?
Starting to build it
watercooling kit
It there any case that can fit a DD Black Ice GTX Xtreme 480 Radiator
MCP655 mounting
New to water cooling - What is the best coolant?
reserator 1 plus
8800gts 512mb asus waterblock
pump/resv. combo
What's better than tygon?
Pumps - Your advice
Rig In Sig !!!! Can this be right
wanting to make a diy watercooling loop
What pump?
Water cooling build for science data analysis - please advise
icebox resevoir woes : (
A good system?
Q6600 + Two G92's, Will a 120.3 handle this overclocked?
will there always be a trade off?
Frist timer (liquid cooling that is)
1 hour leak test = dead pump...
help me quiet my MCP655-B
Liquid Cooling temp questions.
Replacement MCW60 hardware?
improved loop and a tribute to plastics
new to WC, couple questions
Noob to liquid cooling... need advise
Water Pumps! Your thoughts
when do i know water needs cleaning/refilling?
My first wcooling setup (56k warning!)
whats a better block for a C2D P4 and a quad core?
Dual Water block for Asus L1N64-SLI WS
Leaning towards heatercore.... anyone want to give a nudge?
would like some opinions
Hallo all !!!
entering water cooling
About to ditch air...
EK Supreme Acetal CPU Water Block
Stratus' new loop (with some ghetto mods and a lot of pics)
Watercooling in a Coolermaster Centurion 5 case
Block for a 9600GT
Block for 8800GTS 640
MCR320 3x120mm Radiator & Thermochill PA 120.3 Shroud?
first wc setup with some questions
Black tubbing
Water Cooling Hypothetical
New build pics
Some of my projects
How to properly mount the MCW30?
mixed methods for a cooler CPU
Can these Fish Tank products be used with Distilled Water/WC setup?
Should I run a seperate powersupply for my water system?
Finished build.+ Pics
DIY Watercooling Kit IDEAS & HELP!!
Q9xxx + TDX good enough?
What are your opinions on the...
found some coils at work woot
How to bleed your loop in 40 mins or less! (T-Line)
Water cooling NF4 SB question
retarded question, i know
New to water cooling. Quick question.
cool res?
Update for my water loop temp problem
What Is In My Loop?!
new to water cooling need help
what blocks better for a Q6600 or E8500?
Full Watercooling custom setup, help needed! Budget $650
Triple Radiators Shootout?
setting up first custom kit
1st Build.... 2 Loops
Shopping List, with questions
Problem with the DD IONE 8800 GTS(G92) Waterblock.
North Bridge Blocks...
Newb case selection
Cooling advice water or air Q6600
Old Skool OC'er Needs some Advice on first WC setup
removing tubing from plastic barbs
Quad Crazy!! WARNING ALOT of pics
Am i usung too much artic silver 5?? PICS inside
8800GT 512MB and a MAZE 4 works. cheap GPU cooling!!! pics.
lian li 767 water cooled 5600+ and 8800GT!! with pics
Waterblock Question...
is there something wrong with my water cooling??
New hardware, time to upgrade my WC setup
Apogee GTX inlet/outlet question
Specific Recommendations?
Need to add a rad, which is best?
Is this galaxy kit any good
Need recommendations/comments on idea
coolant level flucuating why??
help cant get dang 1/2 lines on MCP655 ARRR!
What happens : Pump dies & I'm not at home
Thinking of coming back to desktops, oc, and watercooling!
Holy crap!! Copper water block wonky
need help fast :(
Cooling my CPU
WC installed + Q
2x DIY Kit, stupid idea?
Need upgrade
just set up the CPU loop, how are my temps?
Cooling Kit
Which NB/SB for the ASUS MAXIMUS FORMULA(non se)
Finished my first build
E6750 G0 Watercooling results?
Cooling with Liquid Mercurey?
My return to watercooling... help
My Budget Q6600 and 8800GT Loop
Do i need a new radiator?
My new rig, not 56k friendly.
Need Res
Ideal clearance for fans on radiator?
new loop- slightly original
Are these good temps?
The system you all help with. And need a little more advice (pics)
Got My Parts, Time to Build
Looking to do some upgrades to my WCing Setup
New CoolMaster Aquagate max
q6600 overpowering loop
Advice on Watercooling please
Cumulative Test Results - AC DI Included
quick push/pull radiator question.
8800GTS 512 + watercooling? mcw60?
WC Really Worth it?
A WC N00b with a few questions...
Custom made WC. Recommendations?
What's the best fans?
Remove MCW50 1/2" Nozzles
on/off relay for 115V?? whats it called?
Time for a new system, looking for help
Getting back into watercooling. Input appreciated.
Gigabyte 3D Aurora case water cooled....my first wc
Loop Planning - MCW30?
New watercooling system
Cold Rig... HOT CPU? Help
help a w/c noob out please
My new Build . And i have some questions
my first loop pics
cpu waterblock
Madshrimps 6 High End CPU blocks tested
Suggestions please
I think I'm finally going water
Radiator comparison question
Run pump off 12v line?
A few questions about cooling chipset/mossfet
Which pump?
Thought's on my parts list please
Anyone Having Trouble Finding a D-Tek Fuzion?
alright! i got it up and bleeding
what brabs?
best balance setup for radiator fans?
Sanyo Denki San Ace
AC pumps and UPSes...
Usb Bevrage cooler Under a resivior?
need good Flow Meter and temp sensor.
New Pics of my loop
Cooling 2 PCs
How to activate a second PSU with the power button ?
watercooling a dothan
Water Cooling HELP! (thnx)
Tubing & Fitting Sizes Sound Off
Is this thing any good?
questions regarding bleeding a loop.
Fittings Sound Off
HOw many ramsinks needed for 8800 gts g80
Need advice first build (Thermaltake Armor case)
My TT Armor build
Help to choose a fitting for the Iwakis RD30
will a Black ICE GT Xtreme 240 handle the heat?
TT Armor front mount radiator HELP!!!
how effective is watercooling??
Custom built case, new to watercooling
Is my case strong enough for this?
Will a maze4 fit an 8800GTS 640????
CPU water block question
Stacker 832 + WC = ???
WC Noob Needs Advice
watercooling funny :)
Reserator XT Questions.
Hey guys i need a lil input here :D
8800GTS MC14 and 21's
How much heat does GPU add to loop?
Large temp difference between cores
any good?
1/4'' restricting flow/performance??
Some Noob questions before I start...
Whatever happened to the "thermosyphon"?
Water evaporating in a "closed loop"?
Pics of testing out new loop
rad cpu/gpu fan connection
Ready to get wet, review list please and a few Q's
Deciding on waterblock
My first splash into water
Unbeleivable core temp, whats wrong?
Make pure alcohol?
tell me what u think about this setup
wet 3870 is this the end?
high MCP temp questions
Leaked onto my graphics card. How bad?
More Radiators the better???
White Scale build-up
Shroud vs No shroud
I don't get it
Disapointed at Swift-tech
What waterblock for a 8800gtx
Whats the block like on Maximus extreme
which loop?
To spread or not to spread..... LOL
WTFH4XX WC Build Up Thread
Who here owns the Aquaero and Multiswitch?
Thermochill PA120.3 Radiator Gasket
help - water/coolant solution & cleaning
Old School Hardware + New School Components
So I bought a TT lcs...
some help
water cooliong graphic card
XFlow radiator
this eny good?
Decisions, decisions, decisions....
First time water cooling, need suggestions
Cleaning a dis-colored Water Block
gpu water block question !!!
TDX Universal Mounting Bracket
Rad on the interior Lain Li A70
UV sterilizer
Just a little um, discussion I got going.
???Are kits bad???
Chilling water? And using tecs in conjunction with WC
Need a tube res for the T-line
Idea for water flow monitoring
My first WC build completed!
Installing waterblock onto mobo.
Question on ATX PS
Questions on a build.
Is this Everything I Need?
Need info for Rad replacment and mcr320QP
Too much pressure?
radiator cooling
MCP655-B mounting
What's new out there (waterblocks)?
Mixing aluminum and copper.
Anyone currently using Tygon Silver?
Which fluids work better
Where'd you get your T junction?
Best 3/8ID tubing?
Dumb #($* alert! Quick help needed.
total immersion, sub-zero - Can I do this?
laser acrylic cutting? Anyone here?
Details! How tight?
Delrin 90 Degree elbows
Enclosure for WC Rig
Noob question about leak testing.
Watercooling a P180
Liquid Cooled Case - Enough Cooling Capacity?
Water Cooling Case with Top Rad
Question about splitting a loop
mcw30 + metal barbs
Coming back to WC
Suggestions and questions for stuff.
Aluminum and Copper in the same loop...
Mounting Thermochill PA120.3
how to unfreeze my computer?
CPU Only Cooling / Avg Water Temps (?s)
Loudest component in water cooling?
Problem w/Flattening on one tubing link. Please Advise!
Anyone try converting a Stock VGA cooler?
Flow Meter
DangerDen TDX for Socket 775?
Who has WC the 780i?
Help me re-design my loop
does it matter where the rad is?
switching to watercooling
Alphacool Flow Indicator Leak
8800GT Watercooling Block?
Big case not enough room.
Newcomer to WC
danger den coupon
Bowed Apogee GT & Lapped C2D?
adding a chipset cooler to my loop- where should it go?
Now how do I cool this monster?
Some expert analysis need. Which pump with my setup
Swiftech 8800 RAm sinks price
Temps seem a little high...please help
what rad is it and eny good?
MCW50 plus 8800GTS 320mb (G80)
Back to watercooling, need tips.
New to water cooling - Need help
Which rad is better.
Work In Progress: "Anubis"
Superquiet WC build - help needed...
Low Profile Water Blocks & Rads?
Insane Kinking
E6300 on water...my WCing thread
New to Water Cooling... Whatcha Think
DTek Uni Sink - 8800GTS
Thinking of transplanting...
whats ok water temps?
RAM H2O Blocks?
So I fried my Mobo....
Help me get a 5c Temp Drop!!!
thermochill barb??
Maintenance-free watercooling...
Zalman Reserator 2
will a car rad rely work?
My watercooling blog
Questions on redoing my loop
Installing Swiftech H20 Mounting CPU Block
My stab at watercooling....
My stab at watercooling....
MCP600 for $50
How bad was your first loop?
Swiftech Stealth VGA Waterblock
Quick Disconnects and flow rate
DD Pump "Thumping"/"Pulsing"
WCing in Lian-Li V2100B
Current System
Water Cooling Maintenance
Watercooling the CM Stacker 690
Sealed system, hose porosity, thermal expansion...
Thin Rad?
Another "will this be good enough" thread
Thinking of a new CPU, who's runnign what?
About to Click Purchase Now
Need Help w/ cleaning WC parts
Thermaltake VA8004 and custom watercooling
hanks really cheap water cooling VS arctic freezer pro 64.
how much water and water wetter do i mix together?
A thermodynamics problem ...
Will my old water kit handle a GFX card
Apogee and Dual Core?
Ati HD2600 waterblock
Cleaning a Radiator?
Bong Water Chiller - Anyone running one?
Fitting WC inside Antec 900
D-Tek Fuzion & Not Impressed
Will I need another Rad?
Bow a D-Tek Fuzion
WC parts with TT Armor Case
New to WC
45 or 90 Degree fittings?
Is this Posible?
What if...
Advice on some watercooling
FireGL Cooling Blocks
Full System Overhaul - Lian-Li A05
3-2-1 Blastoff?
First Time WC system, but not messing around either :)
Question about pump failure.
Flip-Mode - AeroCool Masstige: Poor mans Stacker [56K semi friendly]
How to install apogee on 939 board.
Where to buy 1/4" to 1/2" NPT nylon fitting for Eheim pump?
WC n00b
Pics of my new H2O setup
Water Cooling Help
Bustin' out a Q6600 in a small cube clear acrylic case - assembly pictorial
Ok. Here Goes. Back to WC
D-Tek Fuzion Mounting Orientation
First dip into WC swiftech h20 compact 120 help and advice
How will this do underwater?
WC an Ultra... Advice needed
Koolance and 8800GT Problem
Koolance and 8800GT Problem
Water Cooling Guide... the AUDIO version.
Vio1's Watercooling Experience (Pics)
GPU blk?
bay reservoir = leak
Questions about tubing and possible odd loop configuration
External enclosure
WB For 8800GT?
Tubing Question
Bleeding System?
Please post Zalman Reserator 1 tower inner diameter
Possible Air in Radiator? : Never watercooled before
Swiftech stealth probs! Overheating!
Can this be done?
Enough Room for a Water Block and Tubing on a Dual Slot GPU?
first reservoir
And the testing begins....
Please help..do I need to drain my system to install my VGA block with this system?
Jas's New build - TT Armor, dual Rad
Your opinion - Do I need 2 pumps?
Need suggestions on where to go from a heater core.
New Build questions?
New build time - whatcha all think?
Is this WC any good?
Is this watercooling forum dying?
New watercooling setup!
Tube Cutter Preference Poll
Coolermaster vs Thermaltake
3870 Watercooling - What additional sinks are needed?
Worst case scenario if....
my mag 3 pump is rather loud, any way to quiet it?
Water Cooling my Setup: never done it before
Lapping Questions
Some New Blood On The Testbed :)
Thermochill PA120.3 Barbs?
After About 6 Years of Drooling... Water!!
What pump dumps the least amout of heat?
what case u using for WC?
Wat Water block?
Help me get started learning =)
High GPU Temps
Holy ****, look what I found.
mounting holes?
Case/radiator idea, would it work?
WC Temps high :(
Quad P3 Xeon Slotted
got wrong tubing.
Looking for cheap 120mm fans.
Asetek KT12A-12VS is it any good?
What wcing kit do you reccomend?
post your water cooling/system picks here
can anyone help me build the perfect watercooling setup
Ordered HD3870 will my mcw60 work?
Chevette HC enough for Quad?
Considering keeping my case and cutting it up for new setup
Modifications need for Danner Mag 3
Water Cooling an Athlon 64 x2 5200 am2
swiftech 220 apex h20 kit
MCW50 and new gen cards
Planning my first H2O setup, whatda think?
New block for q6600, but which one?
Moving Cases
Distilled Water
what is the highest flow dc pump you seen
big cheap radiators?
How do you insulate pipes
Water cooled laser engraver help
Fuzion with 1/2 ID 3/4 OD tubing
wich is better
Dual CPU Setup
WC Final List
2nd time around
post w/c uv setup pictures
8800GT + watercooling? mcw60?
1st timer with simple question
External rad on floor (colder air) worth the extra hose length?
Modded DDC top- What do you think?
Water Cooling changes...
CPU water and Chipset on Air
CPU Blocks
Use this as water cooling fluid?
New Danger Den Block
Does anyone use Innovatek?
New to water cooling
Case advice
120mm fan for Blackice GT?
where to buy hardware for mounting?
New Intel Chip
HTPC build...feasible?
MCP355-DDCT-01 Help with pump not starting?
Old Eheim 1250
(8800GT) Aqua-Computer Block
What does a Shroud do for you?
non conductive liquid?
8800Ultra cooling
Anyone ever made a waterblock?
will this setup work??
First time on water...
A liquified Christmas?
wanna start, but not ... afraid of leaks, dunno what to buy.
powermac g5 pump
And the build begins...
over 3 years on budget setup w.via aqua pump.. time to upgrade
Very Ambitious Extreme Cooling loop, promise pictures as i build!
mounting of fans and radiator
Wanting to WC a 8800GTX + Q6600 [Need Help]
Magicool anyone?
noob water cooling questions.
Mouting a 2x120 rad in the front of an Armour ..
cleaning water blocks.
Final List Of Watercooling Parts Ready To Buy
is this a good liquid cooling system
gpu blk worth it?
List of inch/cm head loss of blocks
pump power rating
Leak! New DTek FuZion :(
OCF Podcast: Water cooling experts wanted
Opinions wanted on setup + some n00b Qs
Thermaltake Armour LCS Intergrated Water Cooling .. Yes/No .. with alterations??
MAZE4 Fit the 8800GT series?
Gotta ?
Apogee GT leaked? Or did it?
can i use 6mm tubing with dtek fuzion
my computer seems screwed up after putting in watercooling system
Which tygon tubing?
2x PA160 enough?
Switching fitting sizes(tubing)
homemade reservoirs pictures