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Enough anti-algea fluid for life
Varying Tube Size?
New Swifty VGA RAM WB
Conductivity question?
Reccommend me some parts.
two quick questions
Delhrin Rez by Nikhsub
Koolance PC2-601 refurbishing.
WC Budget Q's
Disassembly for Cleaning
Rad is warm while just leaktesting
The Gigabyte Board That Count (WC Accident Story)
Intel TAT problems
2 pumps and 2 Rads....Yay or Nay?
Swiftech Micro Res - Where to buy?
350 Watts enough?
Fittings for water blocks
Chipset thermal paste choice
spray painting my radiator
Testing WC :)
Can you get non-threaded barbs?
Petra's test results.
Shipping WC'd Rig, remove block?
4 fans on 1 radiator
always lable bottles that u put ur anti freez or old coolent in
You think this will be enough?
Where to buy MCW6002?
Just finished this bad boy
Is a D5 pump supposed to run this badly?
Galvenized fittings on potable water?
My W/C Setup has gone to crap!!
Help! Swiftech MCP650 Problem
Crap, Algae growth spotted in T-line
My new setup.. and what to do about heatpipes.
GPU block, MCW60 or Maze4?
where to get a PCI passthrough bracket?
To Kit or not to Kit
Quad 120mm Dual Pass Heater Core?
ThermoChill PA120.2 and 120.3 Temp Difference
Iwaki Pump Noises
Iwaki Pump Noises
Watercooling loop help... plus unusual cooling system...
gurgling noises !
Which kit for me?
Any suggestions/ideas for my 1st WC setup?
New Case, Water Cooling setup almost all the way
water cooling, summer vs winter
coolsleves for large OD tubes???
7/16"tubing, one question
Upside down T line?
Fit 2 Bonnie h/c's in the top of a these?
Undervolting the waterpump.
Leaktesting with air pressure
Seeking advice on Water cooling...
Higher temps after water cooling
Fluid question..
Fan Config on a Heatercore
Why use a shroud on a rad?
adding a T line
orientation of fans on rad which is best
critique needed
help me finish my WC Setup
Show me your watercooled SFF PCs!
Cases that fit 120x2 Rads
UV Dye + Antifreeze
how safe is water cooling?
Another Triple Rad Stacker
Swiftech Water Cooler upgrade and changes.
Thermaltake Bigwater SE Upgrade
voltage regulator cooler for 7800gt
Custom W/C Case build
watercooling HTPC?
Read All Stickes, Yes,A New Question (s)
Project TwiceB&W completed! (56k beware!)
First time WC Setup
Swiftech kit owners, fan pass throughs
Will I be able to do this?
your thoughts on this system
Heat from radiator
New System Build
Best Radiator Ever!
Oc water temps good
If I Put The T-Line....HERE!!
places to buy wc parts
Basic questions for start-up water cooling
EK 7950 waterblock
which pump
New Setup in Stacker
Rad grill
Res and T line
mounting pressure
Storm rev2 on concaved Conroe
Looking to find water cooling components in San Diego, CA
What is this and where did it come from!?
15 minute fill/bleed with a T-Line
help me with my setup so far...
Bad Axe chipset cooler on a DFI
Rough Draft WC setup (first timer)
Alternate Suggestion for Algeacide Besides Alchohol Free Iodine?
pressure drop..
Are AquaXtreme and Dtek mp-05 the same?
why is this block $140.00?
Cant get waterblock flat on cpu
How much does your ambient temp affect your WC?
External WC Case
Res with 3 holes??
Would higher CFM fans on Rad do much?
What is this part for DIY Reservior
suggutions for a cpu & gpu water block..
Temps increasing
watercooled cases
Different types of liquids i.e. Pepsi, Red Bull?
pump psi requierment......
APOGEE on P5N32-SLI SE Deluxe
Suggestions for new radiator
which Radiator for a cpu & gpu system
Clearance problems with WW LE on P5N32-SLI SE Deluxe
WW + e6300 = 77c?!?!?!
Heat Dissipation
which h20 system is better....?
Sean's Waterchiller Update
Core2Duo and the Silver TDX Block for Intel 775 Processors
Im planning to go WC
High temps with water.
Whats a good reservoir?
gpu water block question
Am I just paranoid? (bleeding)
Pressed for space, dual rads???
Watercooling straw poll
best way to test for leaks?
A little help with my first WC setup!
two pumps which would you choose?
watercooling e6600
Replace or not to Replace, Upgrading Radiator
not enuff clamps with my kit or am i missing something?
More water, higher temps
Y-line instead of a t-line
Mounting Swfitech APOGEE
Why did you choose watercooling...
video card cooling
OC'ing My System: What components (besides CPU) will need more/better cooling?
need a great wc build
DS3 North Bridge heatsink literally burned my hand!
PA120.3 vs. BIX3 at 150CFM
custem watercooler
Short VS Position
Water Cooling Secrets
Best block for a Conore 6800 extreme?
Harakusara's Dream System(or as close as I got)
Custom Wood watercooling caseII-Danger Den-Pics
Quad-SLI WC - Enough heat capacity in this system or no?
Redoing w/c rig
Prime95 shuts off PC?
Antifreeze in my loop : BIP, D5, TDX, 2 Maze 4's, Bay Res
Distilled Water is your Friend/More fun stuff
low cfm fans, or high cfm fans running at a lower voltage?
Restoring a fried Laing D5
Is this pump enough?
Considering water cooling (multi-CPU)
What are your water cooling temps?
Upgrading processor, upgrade waterblock?
DDC-2TPMP mounting (NOT 56K friendly)!
Installing the MCW60, should I leaktest?
Swiftech 6002 Waterblock Question
What a dramtic difference
Upgrading from TT Bigwater 745!
Acetone Watercooling?
what the
Storm + 2 Intel HSFs on one MB!!!
To WC or not?
Silver Biocide
1900xt + Swiftech Storm
Just got my MCW30!
Cracked Block
Metal Health
Beast III Finally Done! *56K Warn*
Please Comment On this Watercooling Setup
nickel plated caps for tlines?
Up and running on water IT ROCKS!!!
hmm need to kno before i attempt to install my first watercooling
Cooling for Woodcrest procs
I want a Swiftech MCP655 Pump
New to Watercooling and have some questions
D5 O ring size
Air Bubbles..
Cascade SS Waterblock question
VRAM temps
CM Stacker Watercooling arrangement
MAZE 4 GPU and Nvidia 7900 GT
MCP350/DDC-12v % Alphacool top
Appagge Waterblock Question
Adding a second fan to RAD
i need of help!
Universal AM2 mounting plate *here*
Starting New Build - Lian-Li PC-V2000
random slow leak (anyway to fix without emptying the system)
Would you trust a water cooling for a week unattended?
VGA Waterblock Recommendation
Stand alone GPU watercooling device
Adding video card to my loop.
How to improve storm water blocks?
Lian LI case with res?
I got a Leak
P5B Deluxe + Swiftech Apogee
Single/ Double pass radiator clarity
AGAIN: WaterCooling just killed something
T-line vs Resivior
T-Line Bleeding: The Never-Ending Bubbles
The only job a Tt water block can handle!
dangerden maze4 intel chipset block and 975?
Cleaning Delrin Waterblocks
multi-cpu w/c'ing, what do you recommend?
fan over block? would it be worth it?
need watercooling
Increasing efficacy of waterblock
6MO+ update to my WC project
Lapping= Sore fingers
How do you guys clean scum off the tubes?
Any radiators that will fit the fans on a Stacker 810?
CPU fan warning
Best Waterblock for $60?
New to water cooling
First time @ H20 and have some questions
Swiftech H2O-80 Micro Kit
Radiator Question
mounting a pa120 in a u2ufo
really cheap alcohol cooling
How to power leak test
Custom made WCS on a MEGA 180?
Swiftech H2O-220
Lan Parties and Watercooling, do they mix?
Maze4 GPU fittings leaking
My Complete Dual-Loop WC System (Project Illuminati)
(watercoolind n00b) Is this looking like a decent setup?
Twin Radiators, better chance of hitting ambient temps?
Rawr! DD Quad SLI (7950)Waterblock In Testing!
Asus P5 mosfet cooler
Advise on order of loop
Will this Nb Block work On a
Specs on common water pumps,
Mounting Temperature Probes
single or dual pass rads? who has data comparing them?
LGA775 waterblock that installes without removing the motherboard.
res vs t-line
mounting a MCRES-MICRO
7/16" vs 1/2" Tubing
Lap my 4800?
DangerDen/Laing D5 Noise Level?
CPU block question
first wc setup thought out...
how do these look as far as pumps go
WARNING: Metal mounting brackets kill 775s
High flow WC sytems VS low flow>?
Most Cooling Potential
Copper and Stainless Steel Galvanic Corrosion?
is this a good setup
How often do you clean out your system...Is it hard?
Black Ice Pro, Xtreme, or GT with this fan
AM2 mounting plate
got some questions
Hydor SELTZ L 45 II Water Pump
help getting started
New water cooling build
I need answers
Mounting a BIX III under a Thermaltake Armor
Custom Maze4 GPU block mounting
yate loons vs panaflow high speed
Corsair Nautilus 500, adding to unit?
What else do I need for water cooling?
External water cooling systems
Radiator Positioning (actual, not position in loop)
DD Mag II Pump Q's
added a gpu block to my loop today.
Massive's latest project
7800GS + RUSHING + Leakage = oops
Water Pump Vibrations and CD Burners
Someone should make a awesome watercooled vendor site
Can I still use my stuff?
2 pc's one watercooling system. thoughts?
Bleeding the system with a bay reservoir
The New Zalman Reserator 2...PS I'm New Here!
Double Heater core?
Mounting BI GTS 240
Opinions on the setup i've chosen
Recommend a good AC Power Water Pump
WaterBlock is all done!Check it
Swiftech MCP655 pump speed
cleaning a swiftech storm and mcp655
Maxjet 1000?
Radiator Grill
Need help with new build.
GPU block under $30? 1/2"ID
Alphacool NexXxoS: XP or Bold?
MCP600 power suply? 15Watts enough?
Drilling out bigger res outlet
northbridge cooling advice for p5nd2 mobo
Quad Heatercore
gigabyte aurora?
New Watercool Project
Krakatoa - GPL DIY Waterblock Design
Water Cooling Help
Thermochill No Fittings :(
ummmm. where's my antifreeze O_o?
Anyone here use Alphacool?
any recommendations on this watercooling setup?
Thermaltake tide water
got some free pumps. gonna try to use them for somthing.
First WC
airflow and my rad
fluidxp extreme vs High performance
Flushing Thermochill Rads?
small advice please for a radiator
Cleaning Tarnished Blocks
805D WC with bad temps?
Watercooling my new Intel Core Duo E6600 PC!
Kinda new to this, just need a little advice
water cooling system pics
I can't believe that I won!!!!
CM Stacker 830
First water cooling setup, how is it?
MCP655 pump vibration
How many free bays with stacker and 120.2?
Leak Test (Everybody answer, because i know you have)
POST Your Watercooling Temperatures
Placement of Radiator in Lian Li PC-65
BSP fittings . . . HELP!!!!!
Removing the 2 pin power molex from the Video Card
DD Maze4 GPU...
more NOOB wc questions
mATX Watercooling
90 degree fittings....bad...
where to get aluminum for shroud?
Idea's on parts, time for discussions
Where to buy a foamie pad for my pump.
Swiftech Storms, No where to be found!?!
Barbs blocking storm rev2 channels?
Cold Basement - Condensation?
new rad idea.
How to mount a BlackIce PRO III 3.120 rad?
How to remove neoprine pads?
Advice on Rad Placement in a Chieftec Dragon
Waterblock for Nvidia 7950
Good additive?
Dowfrost Cheap!
Valk's new minicooling
Is this possible? (glowing white water)
A little kink cause 3C temp raise
to shroud or not to shroud
right pump or wrong pump
Problem with my White Water Block
Antifreeze bad for comp?
What to do first?
Maze 4 comptable with 7900?
need new case for water cooling
good or bad?
Need some help for overlcocking
GPU Blocks
Just another SILVERSTONE TJ03
I hate Water Cooling!!
Trapped air
T line over a Res
Water Cooling gravity - shoulda listened in physics class
PA 120.3 Shroud
Danger Den vs Koolance
Waterwetter + DD TDX jets...not a good combo.
Sunon Waturbo? Intergrated WC Loop on a heatsink? Interesting
First loop finished
WC Order (quick replies please!)
Laing D5 vario or Ap1510
Adding second rad?
HFE-7100 Fluid Anyone?
Need replacement pump for my external setup
hows this set up look
Another Blown Pump!
Why don't people use alcohol instead of antifreeze?
What's the best componets to finish off this setup??
Zalman RESERATOR 1 Plus - Input Required
Watercooling "ready" cases?
ways to bleed
Does swiftech still make the Storm?
What length screws for a BIX?
Dual or Triple 120 Rad for Crossfire and Conroe?
Swiftech H20-220 Apex Ultra tubing
Need a pump/res/CPU block
$100 Water kit.
Pump Prob: Exit, no return
10/8mm moved to 7/16 1/2 inch
Been away a while but but what is the deal
Draining a Water Cooler
DIY Waterblock
The New Setup: Suggestions then Worklog
Current progress (OC+Water)
alot of bubbles in res
Fluid Dynamics Puzzle of the Day (or whatever)
Interesting WB for SLI NB....
Finally... Its done
My ultimate water cooling setup
Help me round up parts
Fluid XP
New to H20 and have idea i dont know if it will work
Blown Pump!
Crazy Flow Switch
ThermoChill PA120.3 HE120.3 dimensions
water cooling advice
Ok let's try again: Who has used the Black Ice GT's?
Aren't fan controllers supposed to reduce fan noise?
am i screwed?
Leak testing.. Without water?
1/2" Fittings... which type are best?
The ULTIMATE $100 Water cooler
How loud is your water cooler?
I need input on my WC setup
is this kit a waste of money?
First leak test
gpu water going to cpu = hot?
Bad Mount on IHS-less X2 - fixed!
cheap reliable water cooling system
Which tube size & pump: DDC Ultra or D5/MCP655?
Temps won't stop climbing
Mounting the BIX III
1/2" to ?/?"
Mounting blocks correctly is important!
Crooked Maze4 GPU
Method For Avoiding Tubing Kink/Collapse
Pump Fittings
Input need on hose routing...
Apogee X 0-ring/gasket ratings?
post your WC temp
7950GX2 water block
Rubber Grommets
1st of 2nd to Last Threads
Tec Aircooled Rad
interesting link
Finally got to watercooled :)
Hotest day in the uk ever WE NEED A
No Backplate!!!
Insanie high temps, read and searched :(
Danger Den MAG II LE Questions!!!
line routeing help
I finally got the AIR out!!!
T-Line Question
Diminishing performance for my water cool rig
Is a short loop that much better???
If you had 2 pumps where do you put the 2nd one?
Need to know size of BIX vs BIP
Cooling the chipset
Someone smashed my BIXIII
First time water cooler....is this selection good?
CPU block question
Tygon Tubing Woes
Which fans for tricore gts?
Anyone using Silentmaxx Watercooled 500W PSU?
Pelt Question
Modded DDC+ and Storm, what can I expect?
My 4$ Home Depot Drain :)
?! The fittings for the Radiator doesn't fit...
MK160 Mounting kit for Thermochill PA160
BM's water worklog.
GPU water blocks
good GPU waterblock
New loop
fan speeds
Soft 90 Degree Bend?
whats the most this pump could run
need to make a 180 turn really tight.
Should I upgrade my pump?
Thinking about adding a second D5?
suggetions on mounting my rad
Any Proof that Kits are worse then...
A new D5 pump?
Do you have a simple leak detection alarm?
What Fans Should I Use?
PA120.2 enough?
help me plan out my setup
120mm x 38mm fans for PA120.3?
how do i get rid of condensation?
Is this ok...
Pushing or Sucking Air
Comp won't start! Water leak?
The Borg have landed.
Quiet fans for BIPII Rad?
Would this pump work?
Tubing Options: 7/16"
Quick Sketch of Loop Design
H20 Filter and storm waterblocks