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Project 'Identity Crisis' - Recycled Watercooled ASUS Laptop HTPC
Will this loop work?
Pump changing pitch on fan controller
Will it be enough?
New cooling system.
Better RAD cooling ideas?
Swiftech H220 LCS All-In-One Water Cooler Review
CPU needs to be cooled better, water is my only option.
Plasticizer free tubing for XSPC Raystorm kit - need advice.
First time
Newb 2nd Part Listing
Cooler Master Seidon 240M All-In-One Water Cooler Review
New PC First Time Water Cooling
Sli Evga gtx 680 Classified water in fractal design R4?
Help finding Aquacomputer Airplex 480 fan shrouds
water cooling loop
Completed Water Cooling
Is the BitsPower D5 mod top G3/8" compatible with my D5 pump?
reservoir mounted upside down
How to make liquid coolant for my pc
Corsair H90 and H110
should i water cool?
baby's first full custom loop
7970 Full Cover Water-Block
MCP 350 death
Swiftech kits
CES 2013: Swiftech H220 Water Cooling - First Look
Loop doesn't seem to be bleeding air properly...
Need help for watercooling 7970
Project ugg mug
i7 3770k Heatsink
DDC Style MCP35x pump orientation.
H50 worth using
Thermochill EC6 Clear UV
Possibly going to WC my rig
Custom water cooling for new build.
Who carries ALL Bitspower fittings?
Long Term Observations: Feser One Liquid Cooling
need help for my water cooling
Water cooling help
Finished first watercooling loop, couple concerns tho
once over for parts list please
First Time Water Cooling
School me on quick disconnects
Best 180mm fans & other questions (watercool MO-RA3)?
Helping a buddy
Keeping up-to-date
Going To Be Special Guest On A PC Modding Podcast - Post Your Questions!
Installing my water cooling config
Amount of cooling liquid to be defined, help!
Considering water cooling
waterblock help
Redoing WC Setup
need advice for water cooling loop order
New H20 Case from CES 2013 (Video)
Watercooling gear from years past. Lets see your stuff
This is what happens when you fail to plan ahead properly and your creative.
baby got new shoes
school project - building a custom loop
Thinking of an Old School Mod in a New Light...
Newb 1st part listing
Corsair H80i OR zalman LQ320
First WC build
Help First Time Water Cooling
Swiftech APOGEE Drive II thoughts?
Watercooling help
Ambient temperature of air (newb questions)
temps ok?
Water cooling in a rackmount case
Swiftech to unveil new H220 all-in-one CPU cooler during CES 2013
Water Cooling Kit ($200)
800D and 120/140mm Bottom Rad
Fan Controller And Heat Probes
Redoing my Cooling Configuration
Motherboard Chipset
Custom loop for cpu and single gpu
Watercooling Noob going for first build
Need help w/ parts and loop for custom desk
Need help on my loop design
New XSPC build
Corsair H70 or H60
Koolance ERM-3K3UC Won't Turn Off
Taking the plunge with my Christmas money...
leak testing and ...
Double check my rig before buying?
H80 push or pull?
Odd fan/processor heat behavior
Is water cooling worth it?
What is a good liquid cooler?
Advice for new set-up/system
800D Build Update "Nastalgia 2.0" (Pictures)
NZXT releases the Kraken in their USA online store
Finally finished my 1st water-cooling loop
Question reg Swtiftech H20-220 Edge HD
Water cooling - 1st time
1.5 LPM or 1.5 GPM?
Antec 902 Case + FX-8120 CPU + Corsair H60
Water Cooler for Cosmos II Setup
Want a liquid cooled vintage CRAY supercomputer?
First Build
finished my loop with one little hickup
Quad radiator in Corsair Obsidian 800D without cutting or modding
So i want to get back into it!
Nuke - PHN label says 4 drops per liter?
Affordable Radiator fans, low noise, and decent performance
Question Nzxt switch owners
Cooling my Mancave setup
EVGA Gtx 570 SC Waterblock
What do you think will look better?
FX 8120 + XSPC raystorm, temp question
Help - Large water cooling project
Cooling guidlines for FX-6300 under extreme FPU load.
Inlet and outlet
Tubing advice
need some advice for a friend of mine
EK-supremecy Acetal (black)
Lets talk longevity
Water Cooling advice for new build
Mayhems X1 UV Green Concentrate info
I7 3770K with Corsair H60 (Installation Help!)
Fluid help
What not to do........viewer discretion is advised
What if... Phobya XTREME Nova 1080 + Delta Fan?
rig goes water
Would this type of stack loop work?
Help wanted with visuals
XSPC D5 Reservoir Cover Leaking
Black Ice GT Stealth 120 in the rear/back of an 800D?
Options for a G34 waterblock?
Need some feedback/info/help on a spec.
Watercooler for HD6970 that is easy to use like corsair's coolers ?
GTX 670 ftw Universal WB vs Full body
Custom Radiator Shroud Navig Style
Crazy ideea
Feedback on Water Cooling Loop!
Waterblock 5850
Computer off -> Pump off
UV cold cathode
Parts ordered, first build commencing soon
Plans: Thermaltake Level 10 WC Setup
Corsair H80 - Fan values make no difference?
What fan controller are you using with you AP-15s?
Water Cooling an MSI GTX670 PE/OC
Scythe Closes Its Doors
Radiator cleanup & looking for information.
does this work? radiator air tunnel?
Rad help for Cosmos 2
Watercooling Newbie needs advice
First WC build, looking for input
first time watercooling running into issues
Ati/Amd 6970 v2 Waterblock
what small rad to add...
Water Cooling Liquid?
Decisions, decisions
Water cooling with cheap cold water drink?
Case for watercooling
Closed loop Cooling
EKWB Water Cooling Kit, Temp?
Need feedback for first water cool build
Water chillers
What's your take on this?
Finished first wc rig, these ok temps or...?
Heating Value for an i7-3770K
Slim radiator choice
Going liquid cooling HAF X - need your advice.
Pump choice for silence, DDC vs D5 vs other
Experiment in Water Cooling....
Bubbles in res and tube
water cooling cpu block
Watercooling High temps?
Swiftech and FrozenCPU Team Up with the MCP655-PWM!
First water cooling setup
520x488x262mm Space what is the best radiator for 2 GPUs and an I7 loop/ Fan que
Is this all I need for liquid cooling? And is it good enough?
Bleeding my Loop
Air Leaking into the Loop???
Advice on Loop and structure
Watercooling Build (Cookie Cutter)
Silverstone FT02 120mm Radiator Brackets. Good or Bad?
System Build TJ07 Specs and ? WATERCOOLING
Cricket noise coming from rads
Please help me select my watercooling parts
GTX 680 Hydro Copper + more rad?.......
My first LCS Mistake's & Regret's.
Water cooling my next build, need advice.
Dissimilar radiators, run them paralell or in series?
large loop help
WC Loop Creation
WC System help?
Cooling for I7 920 and (2) 7970s < Preferably one loop>
Harmonic resonance?
Do closed systems go bad?
What about these temps?
Suggestions needed on loop configuration.
I destroyed two xspc rads
Technical Info on Feser liquid
External Rad Box Plan, comments?
need some suggestions on replacement tubing !!!
feasibility of Water Cooling large banks of computers
First water cooling dabble
First Water Cooling Build, Will It Be Effective?
Danger Den closing its doors
Help me finish my loop (haf 932)
amd 8150 runing at 4.6 pime95 temps high
EK nickel flaking
Help with Water Cooling System
WC case? 2x360mm rads
Verification Please
my great water debate
quick watercooling question
Motorcycle radiator for PC cooling project.
The Mod gtx670 watermod
Fan controller for pump?
wc corsair 600t mod questions.
I just need your advice before im ordering
Stren's 2012 CPU Waterblock Roundup (OCN)
projekt kill a rad [first test complete :)]
GTX 690 SLI watercooling setup? Need assistance please...
Radiators don't fit? Post pics of your solution.
Recommendations for waterblock for a 1155 chip
A little help
Help for a noobie
HeatKiller Rev.3 stripped screws.
swiftech mcp355 question HELP!
First Crack at Watercooling
My little brothers first build so why am I involved in this?
Watercooling the Cosmos 2
Finished my first build! Mo-Ra3, Silverstone Raven v2.
Is this a good water cooling setup?
What would the best cooling solution be for this build
Comment for my first build
Fitting facing wrong direction when tightened
Help with my loop
Need help with WC rig
two pumps seperated by distance
AS Rock Z 77 Oc Formula Cooling
Help my h100 wont fit!
copper tubes
double check parts list?
MCP655 Vario knocking noises?
K920 software
CH V F-z blocks?
Calling Nehalem i7 920 Water Cooling Pro
1080 / 420 Quad Xtreme rad mounting
Help with water Cooling loop
Closed Custom Loop
is it possible to expand on a sealed wc unit
Water Block Before Pump In Loop
distilled water doesn't conduct
Help w/ Phobya Supernova Extreme 1260 hook-up
ideas for a dual loop set up
800d pump ideas
how much do dissimilar metals in a water loop matter?
Compact Water Cooling Help
2-loop Obsidian Series 550D possible/suggestions?
cooling for 2U rackmount
My first Water Cooling High-end Rig
Rampage 3 Extreme EK Waterblock Question
will my set up work for both cpu and gpu
coolant question
Planning my 1st WC Rig
Anyone have issues with ADT-FM03 frequency adapter?
Need help on first water cooling set up
Fans for heatercore mod
Cpu water cooling
One pump or two??
My loop parts are hot, should I be worried?
"T-Clip" Hose organization mount thingy
First Timer
Water Cooling Help 10-11-12
ice block radiator
Will these parts work?
Need help choosing radiator
Just another "need some suggestions" thread
First custom watercooling setup pls help
Universal block for 580
I need suggestions
finding the right waterblock for this puppy
This makes me sad :*(
Are these temps hi for the cooling I have?
PWM control not working on my MCP35X
[build log] wife rolls her eyes
What Radiator (Antec Kuhler 620)
Complete liquid cooling noob in need of help!
Water cooling obsidian 800d
Fan upgrades - which ones?
Where is best place to find retired parts?
Rad difference ....
ordering computer parts to Canada
New build soon, need suggestions on a custom loop.
fan for k920
EVGA GeForce GTX 680 Classified Cooler
antec chill control issues
Has anyone made a gpu water cooling block review?
i7 3770k with H100 normal temps?
watercooling noob
60c CPU temp watercooled full load is this OK or too hot?????
Just upgraded to EK Supremacy Full Copper!
First Ever Water Loop and Gaming PC
Tips on adding a reservoir to Antec Kuhler 920.
Trying to do a custom water cooling (Newbie)
How long do barb o-rings last?
First water loop - will it work
Prodigy Watercooling Nvidia 680 EK waterblock loop
GTX 690 with Koolance Waterblock Contact Issues
Copper or Nickle Plated Copper?
New to water cooling.
Water cooling setup help
Worth getting or waist of time and money?
Thermaltake WATER2.0 Extreme CPU Cooler Review
watercooling build question
fan question?
Coolant dye sucks
Need Help With Water cooling.
New LCS - Please need feedback
LOAD temps too high
Water Cooling a CM 690 ii
Help me choose guys, I need something that will fit my motherboard.
New WC setup.
Advice on water cooling setup
Swiftech MCW-82's in SLI - Best way to connect them relatively cheap?
H20-220 Ultima XT kit, first post, need help
All Options Gone - System Not Running - Help Desired
Final Shopping Cart/ Please Advice.
Finally got my H100
Install XSPC RS140
any mid cases that fit a 360 rad inside?
First water cooling build, any suggestions/advice?
Thermaltake Level 10 GT LCS?
EVGA Geforce GTX 460 water block where to buy one
Help with new cooling Setup.
final checklist, for first watercooling loop.
DIY cooling block problem
Upgrade to h100?
Raystorm D5 RX360 Newbie
question.. could it be better cooling...
Going to start the idea of water cooling my system
Are my temps too high for what I have?
Noob question regarding water cooling on multiple video cards
Will the h100 fit in my CiT Vantage case?
Adding onto an H40 or higher.
Brackets for Swiftech MCW 6000
Not water, but it is liquid cooling
Hows my setup and some tips?
HD 6850 Waterblock Debacle
Corsair H100 Installation Question?
killcoil Vs. fluid additive. or both
New rad flush
Recommendations for new watercooling setup
RP402x2 & MCP355
Radiator question
Primochill Pc Pure Question
Build Log 97% Complete.
A first watercooling...
Tubing is discoloring
Drain line; Dual loop
Opinions on Waterblocks for 690
Which one?
Just released: Maximus V Gene EK Waterblock!
600T white top radiator size???
Almost finished with my Level 10 GT Snow Edition Liquid Cooling build
Thematake Bigwater A80
Heating up the basement
Finally jumping in... HELP!
EKWB 7970 Nickel block cleaning problem.
Pump Debacle
NZXT Switch 810 water project
Crossfire Water connection - One or Two?
water cooling Maximus Z Formula?
Build FX Tamer - Water Cooled Upgrade
New Build
Should I be concerned about this?
Raven 03 WC Project - Build Thread
How are my parts list?
Corsair 500R and Thermaltake 2.0 Extreme Info
Corsair H60
Baby oil used coolant?
How does this look? Could use some feedback.
Am i doing it wrong?
Couple H100 Questions.
First real water loop
Bitspower tank Z-multi DDCpump
Black tubing vs. translucent.
Radiator fans for XSPC 750 Raystorm RS240
Is this pump overkill or not?
liquid cooling system good enough for the build?
OMG a toilet
Watercooling Layout advice and general suggestions needed
leave res top open or closed?
Liquid Cooling fluid??
H80 Cooler, working or no?
Pump noise - air bubbles?
Anti-vibration Gaskets??
New Build Are Temps high?
Prefered Tubing Diameters?
H100 vs Rasa EX240, Noise and Temp
120 rad....
My pump doesn't start?
360mm Rad Vs 240 + 120mm Rad Combo & Reservoir Questions
Corrosion....The Root to all Evil!!!
Is dye really *that* bad?
Raystorm on p8z68-v pro HELP
From lurker to creation. (My Rig)
since when did Intel have water cooling stuff
New non watercooling toys, gotta share.
After 1 month
closed loop cooler with 80mm rad?
What is this in the picture
Swiftech introduces PWM speed controlled version of the Helix 120x25mm fan
New WC System, Need Some Quick Advice
Water level question
Bitspower Tank Z-Multi 250 mount
Bitspower Tank Z-Multi 250
nonconductive liquids spilled on video card
dominator platinum can fit with ek wb?
Serious problem with H60
No overclocking yet - how are my temps
Monsoon Fitting Question(s)
What fittings are these
How much radiator is enough?
Which Rotary adapters to buy
First time with watercooling
360 rad for CPU plus sli 580?
Might water cool my first build...
New ideas for Evaporative Coolers
Is this a good setup?
Poweradjust 2 Ultra Wattage
H80 vs CM Hyper 212 EVO
Gentle Typhoons AP-15 VS Low speed Yate loons on a RS360 Rad
H60 - Push/Pull Config
How many degrees can I lose???
Ice & radiator?
Need help with cooling system design/parts
Tubing + Lighting
Kind of Drowning ...
Need help picking a pump
Cooler battle! Transmission cooler VS Motorcycle radiator
Water block questions and concerns
Corsair All-in-One Water Coolers
installing ek waterblock on gtx680 4gb?
Pump & Rad Advice
Different waterblocks in SLI
Corsair SP120 Performance Edition v GT AP-15s
So, are the components I've chosen compatible and good?
Please help me choose a CPU Cooler! <3
First timer-New build
Quick disconnects
anyone do internal rad on haf-x?
First timer
Can you mix WC radiator with heater core?
2 reservoirs?
Engine Ice coolant for PC water cooling?
hmmmm.. dare I use this as a reservoir?
MCR35B or MCR35X
Bowing out for a couple years
Radiator + fan confirmation
Attention Industry leaders: Water cooling the htpc?
New measurement for water blocks, and rads?
Few Questions about water cooling a lan rig.
Cooling help.......
Koolance RP-401X2 & pumps
Water cooling intake heat from PSU exhaust
Radiator help.
New Build: 1st Time Watercooling. (In respect, no closed loop candy used before)
Build Critique & Questions
[build log] going water.. again ;)
Cooling help CPU and GPU
uh oh, strange white scrunge
waterblock lapping
Total immersion rig - need rad product advice
WC Decisions
advice on new fans.
Watercooling for a dummie.
New Build
H100 help
My first custom H20 (600T)
Which new case for water.
How hot should your water/rads get?
why are there so few 7/16 comp fittings?
Separate loop for GPU advice
heater core fans
XSPC raystorm question
Water Choice
Water cooling parts opinion before purchase
Which hose diameter is better?
Water cooling parts help
Loop Size
140mm rad fan suggestion.
Water Cooling Experience - 1st timer
Colored coolant?
tygon tubing 2375