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distilled or reverse osmosis?
Is this a good Budget Watercooling Setup?
Check out this RAD/RES COMBO!
new(er) watercooling setup almost complete...
Please Help - 7800GT Ramsinks
DD Mag vs DD D5
issue with Koolance HDD blocks, need advise
Need shroud building help...
quick question about metals used in watercooling
Changed my setup (Pics)
resivoir -> resivoir -> loop ?
First watercooling setup
Lost 3-4*C going to 2x120 rad
TITAN Bianca good and inexpensive.
Losing water, but not?
High CFM fan that undervolts well...
Watercooling - 1st timer help needed
Some questions on watercooling
going from 1/2 to 1/4 ID
DDC-12V REV2 DB rating???
4kg passive cooling setup?
CoreGamer's Watercooling
Finally done.
Question about this setup
Maiden Voyage with Custom Setup
my petcock - no pain drain...
5 CPU's, 1 loop.
Found this on performance-pcs
BIXII or BIPII Rad with AOC fans
Radiator Question
Water block acrylic crack?! Or i'm just paranoid?
Would this be a good radiator?
just say no to low flow.
Is Watercooling a Crossfire Video setup recommended?
shrouding and fan config help
new radiators
My first(first successful anyway) WC rig
what is the difference between these 2 black ice radiators?
my acrylic shroud
apogee installation
how do i insert water throught a fill port?
Thinking about going underwater this summer... help...!!
Shroud or no shroud (noise and performance?!?!)
Which one is better: Apogee or Storm?
pump question
Zalman Reserator 1 Plus setup
Radiator question with Swiftech Radbox
i got my Primoflex today
How does this list look?
Folding farm sized (ie multi cpu) cooling
small water loop
Black Ice Rad & Manchester 3800+
Coolant Help
Koolance Water cooling case need help
what do you do when teflon tape won't cut it?
high bios temps
Aqua Extreme 50z vs Laing D5 (non-restrictive loop)
Intresting performance boost
Zerex G-05 really clear?
1 loop or 2?
My First Water-Cooled Computer (some problems, but overall i'm happy)
Pics from my LIan Li mid tower water cooled build!
Foam...bubbles...how do I get rid of them?
HWLabs BlackICE GT
D5/MCP-655 users: significance of pump speed? (SURVEY)
Two Panaflo 120x38mm Ultra High Speed Fans at 5v and 7v???
waterblock for GPU(dangerden)
New Water Cooling Setup: Done Cheap ($79!!), but Performance you ask?
My 1st Custom Water Cooling setup.
Bonne HC & 120MM Fan question...
Help clear some things up
Microcenter can die
Can I cool Sli 7800gt with this setup?
Coolant disposal?
Share my First WC rig
16 water cooling kits reviewed at X-Bit Labs
Question for Abit IC7 (any variation) users, how are my temps?
damn bubbles !
Radiator question, usage.
Some Questions abt my new W/C
My very first W/C ing setup...Its..interesting...
zig's WC Build Log - Pic Heavy =)
Link to stand up water cooler??
question about keep old rad in loop
Cheap Temp Senesor
new DDC Revision out - 18w pump
External Peltier safe water cooling
mcw6000 on a video card?
NV78 tube routing ideas
Before i order need advice *asap pls*
case that fits a thermochill pa120.3...!!?
Am I Crazy? Or.. might this work?
Case migration Lanfire -> Armor -> Some pics
Adam's Operation GrandSlam ~ Watercooling Project[PICS]
Tubing question
Mounting the rad, screws.
3DXtreme round-up: maze4,MP-1,MCW60
Scythe's passive cooler
One Last Choice....
Adjusting fan speed, how fast should temp drop?
Will this drive up my temps??
Swiftech News
question for all apogee owners
Cleaning rad fins?
worth it?
Fferrett's WC Worklog - Ongoing
Adding new rad to system, keep old rad in loop?
MCP655 position question ?
Pictures of "the beast" finally up
Who would buy this?
How well would this radiator setup work?
T-Line question
Help, need inexpensive good cpu block.
Radiator big enough?
need recommend water pump.
Will 3/8 I.D. 1/2 O.D. wall 1/16 fit on 1/2barb setup?
Help me find a new case (special needs)
X1900XT water cooling heat issues
My first setup!!
Finally Finished. My Water setup in my DIY Case
Side panel window reservoir
thinking of buying this waterblock is this good
Can You Feel The Bling Tonight?
Danger Den RBX, Socket 775.
Danger Den Tyee Waterblock X1800/X1900
This OR That
Here is my PC lights off.
WC screws guide
1st water system (help with design)
Water cooling video cards
My First W/C system
Radiator mounting, help.
Danger Den RBX, temps to high.
I'd like to give H20 cooling a shot...
AMD Phase-boy very impressed with 1st water-loop!
rad exhaust inside case?
My water cooled system
Can my radiator cut it?
Help me finalize my setup, couple of questions.
Water Cooled, Micro PC
how do you wire your 120mm rad fans?
All in one cooling kit?
Barb hex bolt size?
DDC-R2 - revision gives 50% more flow
will this tubing fit 1/2" setup?
AMD ZONE- XP90 better than water?
Another Radiator Fan Push or Pull Thread
simple question on the Zalman Reserator Plus
most efficient liquid
what screws are you using for your rad?
EXOS II modding questions
My new WC setup with a dozen pics
Attaching fan with shroud
Watercooling Troubles!!! I got OWNED
is this a good idea?
Water leak question.
Need some HELP
Going back to watercooling after the disaster
Transporting WC system
Klingon style 2 pump WC loop setup, need help!
Thermaltake tidewater
BlackChrome W/C Rig
Need suggestions from you pros
zig's First WC Setup
updating setup
Who here likes shiney things?
My cooling problems
How far to tighten barbs?
This iodine ok to use?
My First Water cooling setup (P180 case)
Fans for my future watercooling setup
Does DangerDen sell a decent kit?
anyone tried those Aerocool 140mm on their rads?
What Fittings should i use
New setup, Need advice
British Watercooling Empire - DIY WCers
Just thinking - Zalman Reserator with TEC - 2-loop cooling?
My Cheap Tooless Pvc Res and External Setup
Need help from UK DIY WC'ers.
Fans for Rad?
What kind of algeacide would be safe on an acrylic resevoir?
Watercooling and maintenance- What do you think?
What Liquid should i use?!
No mounting holes for water cooling?
Picking the right blocks
What should I do? watercool or upgrade?
will this pump fit
Swiftech ramsinks
waterblockfor nf7-s v2
Naked X2 4200 Temps
two pumps or one? help with optimum setup
7800 maze 4 fit a 7900?
Intel is working on their own WC unit?
do I keep my external or cutup my nice new case?
Why did you QUIT water cooling?
Anything particularly bad about Polarflo blocks?
Drop in water level
I'm Ready to WaterCool - Need Your Help
My water cool project
Reassemble = drops in temps!
Anyone with an AquaGate Mini R120?
Cheap Swifty Storm blocks
Coolance Vid-200-L06
Liquid Vento
DTek Customs: If this is a good deal, everyone should get this!
Flow Indicator
Need some help with what to do
Good watercooling system?
socket A wb
Watercooling an Nvidia 7900GT
my 1st water cooling project
Dilemma - WC'n Video Cards
Pat's little project (!=56k)
Swiftech H2O-220 APEX Ultra Liquid Cooling Kit
First Timer ;)
bigger rad?
I stripped the threads on the barbs for my res...
W/C Loop Question
BIP that has 3 120mm fan mounts
torque specs for nylon barbs?
Tubing Length / Radiator placement
Rad making a funny noise
From design to reality-Custom wood case
2 newbie questions
Looking at this pump
Which do you prefer, internal or external?
Idea, has anyone tried this.
Will it Fit?
Eheim 1250 or DD D5?
full tower atx a must for watercooling?
Possible way to save parts from minor spills
would this idea work?
Pump Location: Heat Generation and Noise?
Watercooling: Swiftech vs. Asetek Kits
Help me out guys! Going water cooled!
Water cooling a X1900 XTX
Debating getting into Watercooling BUT..
gimme the scoop on this radiator
how do i clean dusty tubing?
What are the tell-tale signs of bad ihs seating?
Single 5.25 typhoon res for $30 good or should I get something else?
CoolIT Systems Freezone Universal CPU Cooler
Koolance Exos - Algae/Mold Growth Help!
Money is no object... Help me!
Will current blocks work on the Intel Exxx (Conroe)?
researching about water cooling
I did it!
water cooling suggestion for my rig ??
Largest Raidiator
Pump Position Question
Design ideas
Radiator mount
good for a kit?
How does mold grow in a 25% Antifreeze solution?
Alright help me configure a top of the line system; just a few ???
DD Maze4 GPU Low Profile?
what to buy on a budget?
Plumbing Inquisition
Multi Pumps Rads
Using Freon?
Couple of pics
where exactly does the res have to go?
6800 + NV68 Temps
apogee install on NF7?
Do you leave your system on 24/7
Final decision on coolant additive
Completely new to watercooling
Best Case + Water Cooling System for AMD
Water Cooling Question - 2 Loops
Is it a risk and worth the extra $$?
Stock Intel watercooling unit for $50
remember to check your O rings
Sonata wc'ing, gpu added, pic
copper tubing
beginner question before I get started on my first build
New Koolance/Lian-Li Case: 1000W !!
Aquaero LCD & Aquastream Pump?
Eheim 1048 making an awful noise ?
I almost made my own reservoir....
What Good Watercooling Blocks Go to -80C Without Breaking?
Liquid block for Naked cpu Design. NEW
new budget aquirements
Need a littlr radiator and case advice from the pros
TDX or Apogee
The 77 Bonnie heatercore...w/ or w/o AC?
Where to buy
Warped Apogee base?
Radiator Fans
Any opinions on my water cooling setup?
radiator painting
Quest for 4GHz v.TDX and D5 :: 56k warning!
Draining my WC setup
FrozenCPU Water Dye
Thinking of moding 2 cases and making a water setup
Reservoir leaking
minimum CFM rated fans for BIX2
Advise on cooling my system
How do you guys make your template/cutout on the case?
Water pumps at Lowes...Curosity bit me...
Will 3/8" clearflex fit on MCP655 barbs?
hole size for ehiem plug
new type of cooler?
Budget Water Cooling Bits - Adviced Needed!
So we were thinking..
Should I lap my CPU block?
What coolant mixture/additive do you use?
Do Not! buy pc ice!!!!
Homemade Cheap Res
Chevette Core in the TT Armor
Radiator Types
Which block for a naked a64 chip?
$400-$500 coolign system, help
New Silver TDX Block?
What Radiator to choose
New Swiftech Storm leaking...
Water Cooling the Lian-Li PCV2000B
Rainbow Pumps
Most practical tubing size
Upgrading Cpu Block
Anti-Corrosion Spray?
Metalic solution cooling
differences between pumps, DD, Swiftech, Laing
Apogee vs. DD TDX
Aluminum radiator, copper blocks
What CPU And GPU Blocks are these?
Uber cheapo Watercooling Setup-Pointless?
Micro Watercooled Case
Thermochill PA160
Need advice on WC parts for a Lian Li Pc-61
Added performance with added radiator?
7800 Gtx Wc
How long to bleed
Watercooling: chances of springing a leak?
from swiftech to thermochill?
cheapest wb
Experience w/ AquaXtreme MP-05?
Need some assistance: Converting fittings
Finding fittings?
CM Stacker Dual Xeon WC pics...
dangerden tdx brass top
Heater Core Cooling capacity
Pa120.3 Where to find one in stock in the US?
pumping the experts for info....
PC Ice clear???
Watercooling the 7800 GS: a mess!
New to water with Koolance
Time to get back in the game.
water cooling= silent?
Is it ok to use 3/8" and 1/2"?
Heatercore cooling SLI + CPU?
do i go for a chipset block, or an air cooled one?
Looking for first water setup--Advice Please
Water Cooling Setup
Moding a 1986 Chevette Heatercore
Chevette heatercore 1.5 or a 1.6?
Looking at a new pump....
Possible Water cooling system need suggestions
DD TDX water block questions
g4 block
HeaterCore Barb Sealant
Swifttech H20-220-APEX ULTRA + anyone using it
Thought some of you might like to read this
Anyone using 5/8" ID Tubing?
Asetek Fittings
Call Me Crazy
Whats the best coolant?
New upgrades (and suprising temps)
Yes.. I have a few newbie questions
Pump and noise
Got a little leak
what's an ideal cpu temp?
Mounting MCW6002 without IHS
upgrading koolance - best 1/4-3/8" parts
My first watercooling rig!!
chiller tubing
additives etc.
The upgrade was worth it!
Low Profile Maze4's and DFI SLI-DR .. still not fitting
I need some help with watercooling upgrade.
Some last minute questions
loop setup with AMD and SLi
Reserviors are useless.
Where to buy (UK or Ireland)
Flow restrictions from Koolance ATI cooler
Should i Upgrade blocks?
Need an expert opinion
Help. My GPU block doesn't fit.
Swiftech Storm Rev. 2
My external box evolution
EXOS II Ghetto Box Mods with pics
sli with 2 maze4 low profile gpu's
Passive Cooling
Radbox and tubing???
Black Ice GT (Gen Two) ???
BIP3 - BIP2 same price
Where can I get something like this ?
Interested in Water Cooling (With Questions)
MCR220 or BIP2
some opinions needed (link to another thread)
Silent Pump?
Fillport Placement Ideas?
Straight Through Res
Which GPU Block should I get?
Lapping an Apogee?
Would a watercooling kit fit in a Lian Li Pc-61?
New water cooling pics!!
New Waterblock and Radiator
AC pump voltage controller
Lian-Li V1000B + DD setup = CRY FOR HELP
Good Watercooling Temperatures
The Loop is finished!
Ram sink prob
Dual heater core?
Thermaltake Armor + BIX 2 or 3?
Ok here is my PC.
thread size of asetek waterchill pump/reservoir?
Patchwork DIY External WC system
Case & Gear to complement a PA160
Crushed Spiritsville, population me
Water Wetter?
HTPC external wc'ing - have questions & need advice
Cannot bleed water from my loop.
been away on air but coming back to h20..
SLI and Liquid Cooling
I need a replacement body o ring for my storm
Useful Tubing/Pipe Size comparison charts
Asetek Antarctica CPU Cooler, NEED HELP
looking for cooling case, !! help
Advice on waterblock issue
Temps on intel 9XX series on water
worth replacing my apogee for a storm?
Super's WC project, community help and motivation solicited!
Summer in Arizona*Time to upgrade*
Is it possible???
Fluorinert FC 84 - where 2 buy UK?
Fans for MCR220
Same price for Iwakis MD15RLT and MD20RLT?
Would a gpu block help my oc?
Not Seti, Not Folding, But BBC Climate Change
Direct Die Cooling
Best Anti-Freeze to Tint Orange?
Complete Coolant Guide
Please Help To Mod Aquarius III
Just installed my Wc-202
Second Loop for Video card - Q's
mcw6002 vs apogee
BIP/BIX with San Ace's
MCW60 or MAZE4
will these work ok
How does this rig sound?
I need some feedback for a setup.
about to order swiftech kit!
Off the wall WC questions..
best watercooling setup?
Koolance RAM-30-V06 Ram Cooler
for a swiftech apex is this correct order?
Am I doing something horribly wrong...?
A little suggestion.
first watercooled build
pool anti algie ok to use?
Question on liquid cooling.
Silverprop Fusion on X1900xtx?
so i woke up this morning....
Pump to replace eheim 1250
d94's v2100 setup
Question about the MCW55
want a good laugh?
Anyone WC with a Lian-Li PC-G70 yet?
Have questions on upgrading H2O system
First H2O setup, need some advice.
Canadians and watercooling... can people list me some websites?
BIX 2- how to keep it silent
few questions on radiator effenciency
finally, my case is done. **pics**
Which would be better?
Would this setup be ok?
HELP! Can't pick which radiators is best here
Black Ice Extreme III and 120x38mm fans?
Bleeding the system
DIY External System
Swiftech MCW30 internal shots WOW
My Passive Project (mostly passive)
what fan works best on a radiator? out of these two
Watercooling kit decision
New to WC, and a few questions now that I have all the parts....
NV-68 on a Zalman RESERATOR 1
general questions...