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1st Wc post
mounting holes..
DD NV78 owners, important question
Water Cooling for 72 hours and Iím hooked; Wondering about 3 fan rad.
barbs: metal vs. plastic
Thank goodness for mcmaster.com
Thoughts on Tubing
Cheapest socket-A chipset waterblock
first WC system..
Swiftech plastic clamps or Real metal ones?
I know WC kits are bad..but..
My new and improved rig
Any Suggestions for future water cooling?
Proposed Setup
My first water cooling system is now up and running.
Do you clean radiator prior to installationg?
Possible air in the system??
Maze4-GPU vs Silverprop Fusion HL
MCW-6002 and 775 Processor...Doesn't Fit?
Random 10C Jump in Temps, why?
Leak-Cleanup Advice?
Apogee upgrade results
Black marks on waterblock?!
stretchy tubing options
My Very First WC Setup! LOOK!
OMG-Sprung a Leak
Koyo Race Car Radiator Passive SLI Setup
Using household water for cooling - calculation question.
PICs and ? about my of RD-30HCV24
testing a new setup
Is the PA160 ready better than a 120mm RAD?
Rad fan vs gpu water block?
Passive water cooling
Water level
SK8-kit Adapter Plate for 6002 waterblock
DD Fill Port
Water cooling nightmare stories
radiator with the lowest width?
Looking for a chipset W/B for the SLI-DR Expert
Memory Heatsink question
New to watercooling and open to suggestions!
What are your thoughts on this heater core?
What chipset block with H20 220?
Quick Question
Lian Li + Swiftech
Which Heatcore would cool better..??
My First Home Made Waterblock
Received Apogee (First Impressions)
hmm an 'h' adapter?
Any pics of Lian PC-7B and Switf. Apex Ultra
My D5 pump and the magic air bubble.
First time Water-cooling...need help choosing
One last question
Super Lanboy + Swiftech Apex kit = pictures!
Thermaltake BigWater SE on Lian Li PC-70. Is this a good Layout?
Where to buy swiftech from
Which of these pumps is the better?
Water Cooling on a Budget...
pc60 plus and storm
Sounds like my Hydor L30 is about to crap out on me
Super newb water cooling question
URGENT question about Black Ice series!
Aquacomputer 6600GT PCIe waterblock
so my apogee just came in..
BIXII Template link
swiftech is getting me angry
Just got Black Ice Xtreme III
Restricted apogee vs. Storm
Where to buy a t-line (locally)? - hardware store?
1/2 inch barbs
SwiftTech H2O Apex "Ultra" WC Kit - opinions?
First post, first water cooling system, done lots of searches, have questions.
A few more w/c questions
MasterKleer OD for 1/2" ID
compression fittings
lian-li aquarium side panel
Radiator and GPU block for a SFF rig
Lots of questions (searched already)
Where can I buy tubing?
PC7B and 120 RAD
Rad Fan Question?
Coca cola in the wc system!
Watercooling adapters
differences between the old and new Does the older version of the Zalman Reserator?
any slk3000 wcing pics?
push and pull...
whats that
Pictures are here :)
Which block sits flat?
I'm Buying a Storm
MCP600/AquaXtreme50z mounting orientation
Apogee test done at System Cooling
First WC Setup
Ok, how do I flush my system?
updated pics
Radiator Question
Water Change?
dirty water
Gonna part with my cash!! Final checks please!!!
Black Ice Pro II in 5.25"?
5 Months after my WC Build..
Is there a real advantage of water cooling over air?
Maze4 CPU block question
question about cleaning a copper water block
Radiator and Fan Mounting - Stacker
is this kit any good?
REQ: Water cooling solution that never needs to be changed
radiator + fans..
What type of antifreeze/coolant?
Sneak Peek - Beast III
Omg I can't stop
Questions about radiators and where to buy water cooling products.
What thermal paste to use with a w/c setup
Building first watercooled rig, need comments on ideas
Clearence issues on DDNV78 and BFG card?
Ahh, I have a leak!!
Heater Core vs. Radiator
So whats the verdict?
Water Cooling Temps high with Opteron
what do you think?
Self made waterblock... Need help
Got my new fans
Noob question...heater core vs. dual rad??
Laing D5 price
quick ? about t-line
Water Cooling Temps.
Deciding on a new case for water cooling.
Maze 4 GPU Install
Watercooling: Where to Buy?
Danger Den at Micro Center.
string of bubbles..will they go or do i need to change somthing
Final questions before setting up watercooling
Anybody ever thought of cutting the side window of your case...
Water cooling upkeep?
d94's APOGEE! *realworld comparrison to mcw6000* (56K Warning!!)
Water from a De-ionization unit?
D5 question
I officially love water. alot.
easiest way to drain loop
how would these fans be for a heater core?
Would overvolting a mcp655 help flow?
STORM before holidays?
storm and mct-5
So I went away for a week with the PC left on. umm
Question on two radiators
potential setup..
W/C questions from a beginner
Question about setting system up outside a case?
Whether you buy a Storm or Apogee....
Need Safe, worry free, low maint. Water Block Suggestion
going to try watercooling..
Rad questions??
What fans to use?
Pump Question?
first time water setup - advice & opinions
What to use?
Final Diagram Before Building
Getting Into Water Cooling, Help me with my setup :)
Tubing size question
last minute decisions!!
water block
About to pull the trigger
newb watercooling...
Is it ok to put a pump on a rheostat?
Storm vs Apogee real world results:
apogee block upgrade?
quick and simple question, i hope
An idea for evaporative cooling towers
How much higher could you overclock your video card on water?
Looking for a midrange GPU block for a ASus 6600GT
Black Ice XtremeIII Examples? Links?
Watercooling setup advice needed
storm flow rate
Foamy water
Placing radiator on the side of a case?
Swiftech setup, any opinions?
Another, how's my temps thread?
orders placed!
which block is better
Waterblock just wont give in...need help!
Mounting force & spring constants. Did I get this right?
Thoughts and Opinions: X-flow radiators
water cooling a hassel
What is the best liquid/coolant for watercooling systems
n00b with Water Cooling
I need a Tygon tutorial please...
You guys have GOT to see this!
Mag 12 or D5?
question about bleeding and filling a system
PC Case Suggestion
I need an Intel P4 2.6 GHz CPU heatsink/fan.
Vantec StingRay STG-100 - Opinions?
How much higher could you overclock your CPU on water?
My Pc
need help choosing cpu/gpu blocks
non-plastic "Tees"?
Dual Heater Core
Finally get to go water, help with components
Cooling The Reservoir...???
WC finished- performing 24 hr leak-check now. (pics)
Best low noise radiator?
T-Line Help
Water cooling general question
lowering chipset temps?
Mag 3 or Eheim 1048?
lowering ambient temps?
Question about a pump: Mag 36
Im taking my hat off
What is the best way to water cool SLI?
Water cooling general question
where to get a positive displacement pump
Need help making final decisions... I AM READY TO BUY...NOW!
Two Loops?
Liquid Routing Help?
where can I get some decent tubing locally?
Question about Vid Card Block
What blocks for GPU's in SLi
I made an oopsie....
DFI SLI-DR NB cooling?
Pump suggestions for this setup?
Water cooled HD's?
I expected more from the storm
Do I spend $80 on Fan or can I get Water for that?
My New CPU (pics not 56k friendly)
How much heat can a single 120mm rad handle?
question about types of antifreeze
Finally getting around to posting pics.. not 56k friendly
Hydor L40 II- Failing to Start
Will there be condensation with the heatercores outside?
Storm vs. Apogee Performance Comparison?
Just throwing up my future setup for advice.
Danger Den NV-78SLI vs. MAZE4GPU-SLI (Ram cooling perform. worth the $120??)
What entry level watercooling kit for my A64 S939?
Agg temps. Little components running hot.
mcw50 vs maze4
what coolent?
Question about line restrictions.
Arctic Silver 5 question?
Plan on going watercooled soon, HELP!
Getting a bix2 help me pick fans?
modding maze4 to work on gtx
Absolute Zero project is off the ground.::LOOK::. lots of pics
help..another rad or just add fans?
New watercooling rig
question about radiator: Urgent
how long to dry off PC
Hmmm, what do you think these are??
Barbs for a BIP?
anyone know if anyone makes a waterblock for 1800xt?
GPU water cooling setup questions
How do i get all the air out?
what is truly the best pump
Swiftech storm or apogee?
Need some of that gasketing material
Silver Dollar block
whats this?
What is "flow modding" a pump?
New Cooling Setup
Keep my New Storm or Return for Apogee?
would be water cooling setup
what rad?
TDX Mounting kit
just rebuilt my rig and added a maze4 :)
Planning stages of my new system: PUMP.
Any ideas on how to eliminate pump vibration noise?
Here is my completed PC.
Newbie Upgrading from Koolance Exos Needs Advice.
approx compression
Heater core fans
Project 65: W/C Case Mod (Work Log)
Nice Read
Swiftech pump set up question.
Kingwin AWC-1 Arctic Liquid Cooler
Im Thinking Of Christmas
performance diff between pa160 and heatercore?
Radiator fan help?
Push or pull air through the radiator?
Video RAM heatspreaders
Changing mobo w/ water
Silverprop or DangerDen?
Evercool WC-301
water block suggestion?
Swiftech vs. Danger Den
DangerDen WoodCase for Watercooling?
Quick disconnects for Thermochill HE120.3
Screwing plastic barbs into acrylic, should I use white tape? (Mcres-micro)
I am so mad at myself right now...
Help: Storm G4 on a ASRock 939Dual-SATA2
Is there any point to this shroud??
2520 Grams of Fannage (5.55 lbs.)
Abit Users Little water block
Hose Connections.... What to use?
G5 Storm cleaning problem
Any drawbacks to acetal tops?
Best Overclocking Performance Under $100?
if you have maze4 gpu please read
w/c case
Using two RADs that are not linked
Do all acrylic reservoirs crack eventually?
radiator question
How accurate is your temperature probe?
chipset waterblock for DFI lanparty UT?
How do YOU monitor your CPU/GPU temps?
Full rig on a single loop -- Feasible?
CPU/GPU temp monitoring question
what pump is right for me
Watercooling kit - any suggestions?
Which would benefit me more?
WC Kit needed
Best Single Rad?
question about heat
danger den setup, need some help
Water cooling ideas (with constraints)
pump stall
water cooling regulatory system. All i have to say is wow!
Another one of those check my wc rigs threads!
Good waterblock for 7800gtx?
NV6800, Maze4 Acetal Low profile or my old Maze4?
pump and Rad for storm. - Quiet
Pump overheating?
Is This The New G7!?
Few new toys. Hrmmm?
Swiftech Storm - Worth it?
First Water Cooling Setup Purchased. Now What?
Radiator Help
Maximum performance fan configuration for my watercooling loop?
Watercooling....what now?
Buying liquid cooling plz help!!!
Good kit?
Liquid cooling questions?
Need quick reply please...
Different tubing
Cyclone Fusion HL
Best way to clean a silver water block?
Radiator orientation?
SilenX - What's the word everyone? Worth the money? Who has one?
Swiftech Warranties
Something new from Swiftech soon?
suggestions for radiator
what type of collant stuff to use?
tubing and fitting size
Radiator Troubles
looking for a water block to fit older style socketA
Which radiator apex kit or black ice extreme 2
LRWW to Storm G4, wht to expect??
Water Dual getting closer
Need some SERIOUS HELP installing swiftech APEX WC kit
FINALLY got my watercooling installed
Guess who's my new cooling co-moderator?
New Koolance Ram Blocks
120mm rad
Please how is the WaterChill Extreme 12V DC pump?
SFF water cooling gone hard core:
Pump (d4) is making a horrible grinding noise, no water flow
Please help with finding pump for my setup
Upgrading water blocks? Modding?
Aaaam.. Help?
Need quiet fans for my BI Extreme III. HELP!
custom fan shrouds... who makes them?
H20-Apex Swiftech "Extreme Duty"
Water Cooling a PIII 800Mhz Slot 1 Machine
Possible design flaw with Swiftech Storm...
120x3 With No Fans?
PA120.2 25mm Fans Possible?
Need advice on Pump and 2x120mm RAD ....looking for Silence and secondly O/C perform
Still Unsure weather BIX2 or BIX3
where to buy
Anyone watercooling with Antec p180 case?
Need some advice on current system..
Nice addition for GPU WCing
water cooling suggestion
Best Waterblock
Good or bad idea?
dual radiator setup
adding a BIX II to an EXOS-2
Help with watercooling setup
Swiftech MCP655 question
MCT-40 - add water or just that?
NB on Abit Fatal!ty SLI
I have a TDK cpu water block.
WC inside the Dragon
New H20 project
Help Find: fittings
My First watercooling system!
Building a new Highend system and want Silence AND good overclocks
Should I go from single 80MM to double 80MM rad?
New System
Brightest UV dye
Part Review
Look how I found my system today...
7/16ID Masterkleer tubing, use hose clamps?
I took the plunge....lots o pix [not dial-up friendly]
Fan question
Would two BIX II rads be complete overkill?
New watercooling installations
Cooling a n7800GTX and the rest
First set up...
Getting ready to order my APEX kit - Help me make sure I'm getting the right stuff
Swiftech H120 -- How do I eliminate gurgling water sound in reservoir?
Finally looking at finishing my part list:
Which TIM for Storm?
It just arrived!
Swiftech H20-Apex
Best "bang for the buck"
Smartfan powerfull enough for a Black Ice Extreme
a pump that cant pump water?
Water Cooling System RAM
A Few W/C Questions
Swiftech 5 1/4 res keeps leaking
MAG 3 blow
watercooling a XFX GeForce 6800 GT 256MB DDR3
my system, now is broken
GPU Cooling
Radiator in Fridge/Freezer
Is vinyl tubing ok to use on my setup?
6800gt watercooled temps?
Radiator Options
Ideal block for Pelt?
Thermaltake Bigwater Second Edition + Mods
Mounting Socket A to 64 WB?
Is the DD Maze4 Brass Top GPU Block too heavy?
1st watercooling kit...Alphacool vs Swiftech?
PC2 water cooling question
cost effeciency
Socket A to 939 with maze 4
Thinking about WC'ing, Couple of honest questions..
Installing heatercore into a stacker?
temp delta's? maybe new pump time?
just installed BIX2
Cheap algaecide?
run of the mill "how are these temps" post
Deep thinking: Adding GPU waterblock
Aquagate Mini preferred orientation???
Sort of High temps. Why?
WC'ing Asus A8N-SLI Premium
Upgrading water cooling for SFF setup
Is WaterCooling Worth The Trouble
1/2in Tubing, OD 3/4in vs 5/8in, whats better?
water cooling setup
Maze 4 on 7800 GT
First wc attempt, need some advice.
A64 water block
BIX.2 + 2 Fans: Optimal Mounting Position?
Which rad?
finally... pics of my dualie
what do you think to this......
Want to get first watercooling setup.
First WC build testrunning now. I've got a few Qs
Water Cooling Parts Recommendations
Push and pull .. ?
First Water-cooling Setup!! **Pics Inside!**
Any water reservoir you can connect to Eheim 1250
Rbx Intel to -> Amd.. mounting?
Is this okay? (Pics of tube-kink)
If you have Antec P180 and Watercool can you post Pictures
x850xt: Capacitors under heatsink
radiators: series vs parallel
quick question i didn't find in the stickies...
radiators: series vs parallel
21c-25c w\out the Tgrease
Best way to get tubes on?
Is this a decent Kit?
Is Danger Den X Flow better than Regual Danger Den black Ice Radiator
What offers better price/performance, HSF or water cooling?
92mm radiator?
dual-xeons, CMStacker w/H2O (pics)
New water setup about to begin!! (couple of questions first)
Ok just been reading here
Pump Question
Water subsitute
Home made reservoir- Acrylic, Polycarbonate, Clear PVC
shhh machine
Reservoir help needed
My first Watercooling project, doubts
best way to install BIX2?
Fridge cooler water PC
Cool-Matic 7800 Cooler and Swifttech H20-Apex Extreme Duty Series
HL2 Custom H20
A refurb of the Mm, and the new PA rads
Sprocket Redux
Ques. about single pass
okay is this any good?
H20-220ô"EXTREME" SERIES LIQUID COOLING KITS - Discontinued but is it any good?