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what hose do you recomend that wont kink
Water pump
Vacuum Sealing T-line (on inlet)?
evga 6800 Limited and the search for enlightenment
Controlling D4 Pump
20041124 Update w/Pics! (56k beware!)
My External Watercooling Setup w/ Pics
Need urgent advice - failed leak test or not?
Comments on my soon to be setup?
Here is my W/Cing setup
Ehiem vs VIA
Going full on TEC, cpu and gpu need advice
Ok I give up, my MCP650 is too loud, what can I do?
DD RDX WB and Abit IC7-G board
3 way split?
Idea's For My NEW SYStem
Need help finding a heater core to overclock my Barton 2500 mobil
GPU Blocks, your thoughts?
My First WC and Mod
Well been searching through the threads and trying to determine temps to rely on.
best block
RBX vs 6002
Are old wb's even worth the price anymore?
Rev2 of the watercooling adventure.
CPU WB Suggestion
Thinking Of Going Pelt For Gfx, Some Qs
Could someone with a whitewater and ic7 take some pics
Best way/place to attach thermal probe to monitor CPU temperature?
My New Setup!!!!!!!!
the loop
Corasir Hydrocool 200ex Performance?
Coolant problem
Coolant piping question
I Need Some Help!!!
Help building a res?
Here are some pics of my set up....
what addative?
what the heck is wrong with my water?
White Water Waterfall.........
Water cooling - how much $ for a decent setup?
Interested in WC.
PolarFLO Pimps out the D4/MCP650
is dangerden stuff 1/4inch NPT?
To keep the 6002 or not?
Radiator Size Question
radiator question
bleeding my system
Blow Holes
? about mcmaster
Question about leaking possibilities with Danner Mag 3
Has Anyone Tried This RAM Waterblock?
WMD 'Z' type Iwaki for those looking...
So how do 'you' flush your system?
what liquid do you use?
Post Pics of Lian Li. pc75 w/c!
How to mount Danger Den's TDX on LGA775
Swiftech MCP650 or DD 12v?
what vehicle heater core?
Used water cooling system?
noob in need of help!
The better pump
A little upgrade...
Real world fan data
Here is a dumb question (water pump cooling)
Lain Li PC65 - Watercooling completed - Initial Pictures
Quick Q
Danner Mag 7
"best" dual 120mm heatercore?
How tall is the 2-302 HC?
Aquarius III VS DYI kit (great results)
Watercooling my AXP2000+
watercooling: cure for stale indoor air?
wc pics 56k beware
additives!!! Water Wetter
Watercooling at the moment...
PolarFlo TT GPU on a 6800GT?
What is a shroud
need some help
Will WC help oc my CPU more?
Top case rad question
liquids other than water?
Dunno which one
Modding a 2-570 Heater Core (plug the hole)
Need help choosing fans for my core
What case is best?
Thermal Expansion factor?
Please Please Help Me With My Setup!!!!!
Chipset block modding
wOOT, Drilled into my 6800, and now my maze 3 is mounted
Home Depot Special -28.8 warned-
just got my hybrid rig running
Silence an Swiftech MCP650
AMD 64 3200+ Newcastle Low Flow.
WC RIG all done!!!!!!
Looking for THIN (-1.3") Cu heater core.
Bit of an upgrade..
question about leak testing
Pics of a chieftec dragon(or similar) with a dual heatercore please
A question about these 2 pumps
new hardware for blocks
My temps seem low are they true
AC power from PSU without cutting wires?
Interested in noise...
What direction?
Who Says you cant?
pre and post watercooling comparason.
New Watercooling setup w/ Pics
Water cooled after a long wait
Which Chevette heater core?
WC socket 754
lavalys.com good way to check temps?
Water cooling for OC as far as I can take it
What should be my Temp.??
Little problem...
1A-Cooling new block HV4
Which pump?
A good flowmeter?
Where can I buy some good 1/2" tubing?
Power supply question....
Same temps regardless of fan speed?
Switching to WCing only lowered my load temp by 3C?
Maze4 GPU block on 6800 Ultra?
nanofluids hmm...
MCP-650 pump vs the Hydor-L30
Need help, short question!
Mounting waterblocks with tie strips.
AMD 2500+ Comparisons
looking for a part... need help
Unofficial biocide thread
Ok I'm sorry but I gotta ask this...
Just got my new Cyclone Fusion HL...
Noob Water Cooling
got 80 bucks to put together a WC system..any suggestions?
The Blue Stuff: Window Washer Fluid . . .
Bleeding, T-line, Res, Top-Mounted-Rad, oh my!
System leak test: So far succesful at 13 hrs.
Heater Cores...Series? Parallel?
Running an MCP600 at 13.8V
"Heat Stamp of a Watercooled Computer" - A School Art Project That I did
digidoc 5 sensors straight inthe water?
I'm up and running on water....
Small problem
After hours of Reading My set up
mcw50 and 6800 kit question
My good ol' swifty.
Has anyone done/seen a CM Stacker with top mount HC?
Lost the screws to the angel eye res...
Big Difference?
Need New Pump, Will MCP650 Do?
Koolance CHC-A05 on video card?
Cheap heater
Quick DD Double Heater Core Question
1/2" ID to 3/8" ID tubing converter?
How to Disassemble L20 Pump?
Which of these water pumps should I get?
Fans shrouds
Noob question about Iwaki Water Pump
Expand my watercooling setup? **need your 2 cents**
Copper/Tubing Hybrid (Pics)
Pump Ideas for new setup
Green UV Dye - What AntiFreeze/Coolant is Green or Clear?
Ok how does this setup sound?
so i was a cheap [Edited] and..
I need a good case for a new WCing setup
Should I bother?
Open VS closed loop
My first Watercooled system help
Buy a WC setup for current system and use it for a new system later?
Powerhead Pro 3 Pump, anyone used it or heard of it?
How many fans on your Heater core or Radiator?
1200 MAX water pump
a very simple question
Overvolting the MCP600
Water Cooling 101
Galvanic corrosion
3/8 tubing and fittings verses 1/2
All set to water cool and then a leak in my rad ...
Water testing before instalation...
k im mad!
dumb question? but please answer
Waterchill + 775
New water cooling setup.
Dual pumps working together
Fan configuration
Maze4 gpu converted to chipset+peltier
double Via 1300 performance, any idea?
Tell me a story about HighLigher Markers and....
heater cores...question...
Project P'Nyssa 98% complete (pics, 56k warning)
To TEC or not to TEC
Watercooled MicroATX
Where to put it?!?
cpu waterblock
How to remove ramsinks...
Radiator a little bent...still works??
Modifying a DD Maze 3 for a 6800Gt
Copper tarnish affect contact?
Is there alternative to the NV-68 ?
Who needs TEC when WC works this well.
Worked on a couple waterblock today.
WC and condensation
Help: seal the joint of res
Building a shroud
G5 Test Results
watercooling the athlon 64
Secret to Lowering your Temps!
Check your clamps !
tube length vs flow rate
Swiftech Radbox Sufficient for Powerful System?
Socket 939 Motherboards compatible with WBs
fianly pics of the B-Box (pic heavy) comments pls
Some chemistry and radioactive materal= new liquid cooling??
Odd Temps
UV tubing anyone?
Hi, Two Questions!
Watercooling a PSU
WC setup, is my loop right???
Silverstone Temjin SST-TJ05 water cooling
WaterBlock test results help.
Best socket 939 waterblock?
Cracked Poly Top on Cascade: What Now? Repair and Keep? Another block? Air?
King Win Allternative
Radiator push/pull setup, fans should be at same speed?
why heatercores?
new water cooling setup...
I need ideas for a heater core enclosure
Additive necessary for leak testing?
Want to move to WCing...need advice
The continuing saga of my new case - home stretch w/ pics.
Tygon 1/2" from FrozenCPU
Setting up new case input wanted
Hydrx 2!
Anyone with Panworld 40PX-MD20R pump, please help!
Help with condensation
How much extra load does a 12V pump put on a PSU?
What's the best 80mm radiator?
Mounting Silverprop Fusion HL on 6800 Ultra with Clip Kit
BEST 12v pump?
Radiator placement
hdd watercooling
C-Systems CSP750-Yours Failed or Leaked ?
copper tubing size
anything wrong with a fridge?
Couple questions on WC.
noob wanting help on routing wc hoses
3.25" or 5.25"
Do the Asetek VGA waterblocks fit on the 6800Gt's ?
Tubing question.
Will a Black Ice Extreme radiator be able to handle this ?
help needed
I hardly ever ask for help but i need some now
Where to find Clear Tubing 6" ID or greater
First WC rig setup
12cm Fan x 6 Radiators
Bonnie core at bottom ov v1200?
T-Line - what do you use to cap it?
Which of these 2 pumps?
Few pictures of my watercooled PC, about 95% complete
Heater core or radiator?
pump for WC setup
Which Video card can I get to WC?
just setup an dd rbx
A diffrent fan shroud
any way to keep heater core from corroding?
Lotsa noob questions for WC, helpz0r plz.
Looking for MASSIVE heatercore/radiator
Will a one 120mm fan radiator do the trick?
Dangerden HC v '86 chevette HC?
First Rig 100% Done w/pics..finally (56k beware as always)
Fridge Rad I found :)
running out of coolant
Any Watercooled CM Stackers?
Quick questions for Temps.
New member needs soem help :)
Transporting a case with liquid cooling.
1/2" to 3/4" idea
Tt_Bigwater Nice write up.
Low water alarm, pretty cool
3 valve filling manifold.......cavitation...air
My Watercooling/Case Mod Project (pics)
The most important parts
Who uses a mix of distilled water and orange Dex-Cool?
Poly or Al D-tek WW WaterBlock
Codegen S-201-1
Single Radiator or Dual Radiator?
Need help finding a rad
Is this a good Pump?
What's involved in putting 1/2" barbs on a Heater Core?
Does this look like a good radiator ?!
New Case WC Set up! Many Pics
WC suggestions
I'm a traitor!
my wc rig update
HELP maze 4 chipset
Dual HeaterCore in PC-75
Rad vs HC
Thermochill 120.2 vs 120.3
6800 Block?
Watercooling Case Suggestion
What to use to mount ramsinks on 6800gt?
Help me get started water cooling
Eheim 1048 dimensions?
6 systems all with white scum!
Storm G4 Block
wavemaster case and w/c suggestion
a watered cooled case from danger den?
12v pump
Pump ?
7/16" ID 5/8" OD Tubing is awesome
Anything I can upgrade in my W/C setup?
Redid tubing.... pics
BIX2 VS. Thermochill 120.2
water cooling tips for the pros
VGA block opinions???
New Watercooling rig. What do you think?
Any one use this blower
BigRiver & NVidia 6800 GTO overclocking
AquariusIII w/Prescott 560 overclocked
New Rad + Shroud setup (pics)
Got me a Stacker!
P4 WC'ing guys, I need a huge favor
Where are the shrouds?
Anyone ever DIY a W/C system?
Please help me identify this relat switch (pic inside)
Watercooling for my LGA775 system
wrong antifreeze mix
recommend me a water pump
Home Depot tubing?
what radiator?
My External Watercooling and A few Q's
xaser III water cooling
RBX question, tubes creating torque
how good is the eheim 1048
Water Cooled PSU?
How to modify an 86 Chevette heatercore
Weird raise in idle temp all of a sudden
A quick question about RBX
3 pipes in the WB
The best WBs?
Radiator Placement
Misaligned Danger Den TDX
Jack's worklog
1A cooling rig
HELP solid foam!!!!
its down to these choices, opinions please
MIX 1/2 and 3/8 TUBES
What one???
Choseing WB for Amd Opteron processor.
modifly a maze4 gpu to 6800?
nikhsub1 has gone pump crazy again...
what material for my resevoir?
WC First Time Help
MAg 5 500GPH pump?
Update with pics dual core setup
Exos any good?
Resevoir... Does Size Matter??
New Watercooling rig. What do you recommend?
Black ice pro or pro-120 hi-performance radiator? (dtek)
big trouble... need help fast
My first attempt at WB design! Critique it for me!
Koolance fluid question.
Looking for this type of pump.. PIC
Can tubing be "harmed"?
Safe to move W/C'd case around?
How much tubing do you use in your case?
Is tygon clearer than clearflex?
Loud Eheim1250
will this radiator fit in a lian-li pc-68?
Cloudy water wetter. Is this normal?
Acrylic case + dual heatercore?
MCW600x question
Questions about Fedco 2-342
this set up ok?
What would YOU like to see in a watercooling case?
swiftech 676 rad
Need advice for Water Cooling... P4
Any pics of water cooling in a Lian Li PC65.
need no case for my setup
Got my first wc finished
tubing question
My first Water Cooling Setup
w/c setup rev1.1... with pic!
My first WC Results
my proposed setup
looking for a chevette heatercore for my lian-li pc-68
Eheim Compact 600 Pump?
My second WC rig
Global Win - Silent Stream
Am i wrong?
Where to buy barbs? Hardware store?
Waterblock on too tight ? damage?
Simple radiator positioning Q
Storm G4 Review!
Black Ice Pro Barb Size?
black ice single 80mm?
Is this right???
Short Question, Need Quick Answer!
anyone here go from a Via1300 to a LaingD4/MCP650?
Should I buy new fans for my heatercore?
Double check my math please
Shroud question
Help with WC-ing in a lian-li pc-68
Considering WC'ing
new w/c set-up.. final revision, with a pic!
Largest Eheim 1250 Inlet
In pursuit of cheap WCing rigs...
Make sure your pump comes on if the power goes out 0_o
fried rig!!!
6800gt water block?
Water cooling help with multiple GPU's
WC the mb backside
do have good temp`s w/prescott??
Lapping the CPU?
Voodoo Rev.5 pics
How do I plumb a dually with GPU?
Static pressure theory
swiftech 6002
Is 3/8" ID the same as 1/2" OD?
MCP600/Aquaxtreme quiet? Bah!
I'm new: read the stickies but have some more questions. . .
RBX's have a fan mount!!!
leaking water issues
aqua-computer and silverstone case
TDX users look here!
How to leak test
2-302 HC as a fill point?
whats the antifreeze by VW called
waterblock compatability question
CoolPlex Reservoir Question
Yet another question....dual Rads?
If i have a res lower than my rad
Reversing the airflow in a case?
Dismantling the L20
Great deal for someone
question on upgrading in watercooling
How long to bleed T-line? Been over a week!
Watercooled the 64.
A very strange, strange question...
Ideas for use/fans?
Fan CFM, finding that optimal number.
Restricted intake pump
Chipset Block???
Best Pump from Pet Store
Hydor L20 phantom impeller housing leak
VIA 1300 question
Is this a good water pump?
installing chipset block
Storm/G4 and Socket 754?
My first go at WC-ing
My thread in the Stickys. The WW Guide
Intel 875P Chipset WB, recommendation?
My cooling towers(pics), not finished.
Is any heatercore useable?
Water cooling question
Pretty Hose
Help, identify this heatercore for me!
Is this what i want to add to my loop?
WC = Higher case temps?
Got res!
MCB-120 "Radbox" radiator/fan housing => Does it GREATLY degrade performance?
Water coolers and NB/SB Coolers for review
Open to suggestions...my setup.
Where to find 5/8 ID Tygon?
BlueLine water pumps
MCB rad box v.s inside top rad installation
Copper Tubing
Best Block for ATI X800XT PE?
Is the White Water block for intel EXACTLY the same as for the Socket A?
Koolance Liquid Blue...
Looks liek Intel is finally looking into watercooling for home systems.
Adding/Upgrading Radiator
radiator question
Where to buy Deep Blue Dye-lite?
Leaktesting at the moment.....
gave in, full tower here i come
Diff. sizes of hose
New here- Need advice on water cooled radiators
What is this and how to get rid of it?
WOW never seen so much...
3/8 And 1/2 Problem!
Custom made reservoir?
Anything im missing/need to change?
3/8"ID to 1/2 barb
Uh Tygon R-3603 not 5103K17/6 from Mcmaster?
Thermaltake Aquarius II Liquid Cooling System
einie meanie miny mo, Which heater core?
Storm/G5 Silver Piccies (56K warn)
Setup ok?
Here's what I got, whatt order should my equipment go?
Need a Little help fitting 1/2" Clearflex on MCW50
No mounting holes! What to do!?
Were can i get the CSP750?