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DD dual heatercore vs. Black Ice Xtreme 2
Would I see an Improvement
Starting DD D4 pump on a rheobus
FluidXP, does anyone use it?
Cutting holes for the radiator...
Pentosin Vs. Zerex, Help!!!!!
Water cooling for 95$ too good to be true right?
Rez Sucks
Do Not Buy The Waterchill L20 Kit
How is this "kit"?
I need help with water cooling.
DD RBX block installation
Zalman Reserator
Choices on 6800GT blocks?
!nc's radbox and home-made block
Mag 3
Toying with EXOS
Danger Den Kits\Radiator
Exterior Water Cooling Box
PLease help me with Water Addatives
How should my tubing go?(2 CPU Blocks 1 GPU)
Wasn't planning on GPU block, but...
PolarFlo 1/2" Black TT Series CPU Water Block
Resevoir idea
thinking about getting into water cooling
How does this setup sound?
Hmm, i didn't think of this (Hot MOSFETS)
Heater cores
My water cooling questions
Why ohh why??... L35
PTFE Tape ?
DangerDen (Laing) D4 pump review
Thermaltake - WC Modded
Bacteria in water?
Watch me torch my 9800pro! (pics)
Prescott & '77 Pontiac Bonneville HC
Where to buy Clearflex60?
Finished Modifying my Maze 2 waterblock to fit on my A64 system "PICS"
Grills that fit BIX II Dual 120 Radiator?
Project Completed..Well almost
OK need input on new WC setup
heater core??????
My Second Adventure in Watercooling..Pls Help...
help with antifreeze particulate!!
couple questions
I'm getting me some Tygon Tubing
water type
European Style Watercooling.
Modifying a Maze DD waterblock to work with an A64 cpu is this possible ?
Hi, about 1/4 ID tubing.
The beautiful H-Core
Mounting res on top of case?
thermaltake bigwater ? cooling systems ...
Pump Relay: Yes or no.
watts and c/w
How to mount a BIX2 at the top of a Dragon?
pump relays, whats the difference?
Quick corrosion question: Dtec Pro Core & MCW6002
Water Cooling n00b question...
Pump leaking
Coolermaster Aquagate + GPU + NB + HD
GPU water block.what does eveyone use now days?
which waterblock for a decent price
Alienware ALX Watercooling - PICTURES
My Setup: What do you think?
Where to buy Silicone Tubing?
Budget water pump
Watercooling n00b - Have a made any mistakes with my choices?
Im a bit lost. (WC setup already in tact and running)
My MCP-600 just died
Danner Mag2 is leaking...
Hydor L30 too warm??
RBX: post your plate/pump combination.
Removing algae
first time w/cing need help!
DangerDen RBX outlet question
So Has Anyone Tried This Setup?
Water/anti-freeze ratio?
Experience with PrimoFlex?
Series or parallel?
Which end is out?
Building a Reservoir and have question on placement of barbs.
Large copper radiators?
CM Aquagate WC unit- modding ideas
what if i?
This Antifreeze ok?
switched to fedco 2-342 now everything messed up
Will this TC-4 also work with PIVs and Athlon 64s???
New Pump, Broken?
Troubles with my V1100B... need help
How is this kit?
Watercooling the VGA...only the VGA
Why no TRUE 1/2" ID bay reservoirs??
Danger Den Shrouds
where to buy flourinert
First-timer's story and Troubleshooting
alternative to teflon tape?
How to bleed?
How do I tweak my Asetek WaterChill for max performance?
Cooling cpu and mobo
New to watercooling, would like opinions
taking the plunge
everyone's going external!
My custom external watercooling case....
Took my heater core out the case and cpu temps rose
Flow Tester?
New Computer
"Finished" Project
Thermaltake "BigWater" - new kit from thermaltake
Lots of information but I'm still confused...
How do Heatercores Work?
welfare waterbox
The waterbox! it is done! hot stuff! (56k)
New PolarFLO blocks
My water cooling!
Re-Ionising De-Ionised Water
MCP600 or Mag3
Refrigerated Resevoir
Watercooling help
Pics of my finished rig
My first WC computer
HYDOR and ME =)
(Pre)External Box Creation Questions
Water Cooling running hot
whats with my UV dye??
First Time Watercooler... have some questions
What would be the temp differenence between 80 mm radiators and 120 mm?
How to build a custom metal shroud
Where to find the copper cube radiators??
Can I get better?
Hydor L30 vs. Mag 3 vs. Eheim 1250
Case temps vs idle temps
Trouble completely bleeding system...
MCP600 and AquaExtreme pump questions
just built my first shroud....man am i proud of myself
Watercooling Reloaded [56k I feel sorry for you]
Koolance EXOS vs. Cooler Master Aquagate
Global WIN Silent Stream Water cooling kit
How does this look?
Cheapest Tygon Tubing?
My Wcing Setup! (Pics)
Is it ok to.......
One Iwaki MD-15R cheap on another forum
now i see why NBs can be water cooled...
Ive got a few final watercooling questions!
Flow order
Watercooling and V1100 need some help
Mounting Rad outside case.
Advice for first timer
Issues with case and rad
my summer watercooling project (picture heavy)
Lga 775
fill and bleed
What res and where in this design?
best 12v pump?
Help me locate a heatercore
Ready to take the plunge (literally) ... advice wanted.
Thinking about building kit
Searching for 3/8" BSPT 1/2" OD compression fittings
Finally got some pics!!!
Rubbing Alcohol in bong?
Building a res....
Good pump?
Is my ps adequate for this setup?
Pentium 4 Prescott too hot need WC ?
More Heatercore Mod action.
why copper blocks with aluminum tops??
Watercooled setup won't boot
wierd overclock problem
Installed my Iwaki 20RZ, pics
Direct die wc on a P4?
new to watercooling
crap! putty not for plastic?
im tossing out the stock intel cooler
evil grin
Advice wanted on GPU and Northbridge blocks.
New to water cooling - Need help
plumming goop?
input on my external watercooling setup...
where to place Res?
Attn: diggerididggigirrrr rgrrriodsoirfh (vortex)
Can Someone design me a watercooling setup
Dual Cooling Methods
oooooo, purdy.
How big is too big?
Filling and draining..
Mag 3 VS. Swiftech MCP600
Bubbles... Can they be harmful
Got my new chiller but i had also seen this
Xaser III WC Setup
Thermaltake Aquarius II question
Ah yes, I missed watercooling.
Looking for a friend lving in USA
quick mag3 direction question
Some more questions
Help Me Design a Cheap, Effective Watercooling Solution.
Antec SLk37000bqe
Pump interfering with monitor
What do you think of Fluid XP
Questions about overclocking/cooling
What tubing from McMaster-Carr?
giant water block, what to use to fill void?
red and yellow jellies!
do we really want to COOL that processor?
my temps seem high, should i take out the gpu block?
Where to find TC-4?
Want to get into water cooling?
Would the MCP600 Beat the Danner Mag 7???
Noob needs the right pump
My WC Setup
HydorL30 -> MCP600 4-6C temp drop on load
TDX or Maze4
Waterblock for Nvida 6800
Any way to mount a Dtek tc-4 on a P4 without the P4 kit?
european Doublepass heatercore tips?
What would I need to make a custom res so I can submirdge my pump
Rock me Amadeus
Raddy placement.....
When water "cooling" goes wrong
eheim 1048 strong enough?
External Watercooling and College
Any waterblocks out for the 6800ultra?
Think this will work?
Inline flow meters and temp monitors?
Socket T water blocks ?
A Good Radiator?
"Dtek Visible blue UV Dye"
what to clean GUNK out with??
core dimensions
Cheapest pump, highest head pressure?
Froz's Waterbox - Halfway point
2 Pumps in one loop?
80mm fans for a rad
Suggestions for using this CPU block on my GPU
Mobile WC Rig?
Prescott With WC
External box failure
Wiring Iwaki Pump
Water cooling....
wiring 2 pumps w/1 criticool powerplant
how to reverse flow direction
ClearFlex Vs. Tygon 3603
MCW50 problem
Another WC noob "Is this a good Kit" Post, This Time, with Picture!
Building a new computer
help water is gone too quick
Anyone with access to a pressure tesing equipment look here
Best radiator that can fit in a case
2*mcp600 - now i have too much bubbles
Question on how many rads I should use
Too much flow?
pics of a chieftec big tower WC setup?????
Water cooled setup
Thanks for all the help!!
x800 and 6800 waterblocks
Sony have gone "liquid cooled"
air restriction coming into case
A few questions on WW and Z-chip mounting
I think I found why some Hydors rattle after use
radiators, fans and pumps
How do you bleed, leak test with MCP600?
new to forums and w/c
Anyone have a water block design they need made?
New To Water-Cooling: Help?
Great deal for an entry level W/Cing Kit, only 120$
chevette heater cores
GPU Cooling
keeping bubble out the res
Problems WCing, or what not to do!
Custom Watercooling Rig Construction Phase 2 Pictures
help me - problem with my w/c rig setup
Fan Placement?
watercooling setup for $300 canadian
what is an "air trap"?
Major Headache
Why doesn't anyone use copper pipes?
Arenít "Water Coolers" really "Air Coolers" of a different Breed?
12 volt pump for external box ?
Suggest Me Some Small Heater Cores
Hydor L30 Shaft Question
MCP600 Pricing and resellers...
Easily the best pump I've ever seen..
Found A Blower
This should be interesting
My custom external watercool case. LOTS OF PICS
Swiftech MCW40 compatability
1/2" ID and 1/2" OD
Cooling block to cpu question
Building Resevoir
P4 3.2c
External Housing
Advise On Pump For DTek WW
What are the signs? Leak?
MCW6002 at resellers?
Innovatek Kit - Good or Bad?
Just Ordered an Iwaki
which cpu block should I go with?
Adapter to go from ATI to nvidia?
Help With First Water System
Project: GEN_11 Up & Running
The price of tygon has gone up?
Case for my components.
Dteks's 35 dollar 12v Pump
pump recommendation for my setup
Socket A Clip to hold down waterblock..
Is this watercoolign system any good?
How is this for a purchase??
Temps go up but won't come down. Help Please.
Just a few last questions
UV die FADES???
New WaterCooled Rig
rbx top replacements
rad on the side, which in and out
Swiftech H20-8600 kit on newegg for $172
Best distance for HC to Fan?
question about RBX and inlets
Finnally finished!!
Prestone Antifreeze/Coolant?
car intank fuel pump
additives are nasty
Need some help here
mag drive pumps
Polarflo GPU
"noob to WCing" threads make me happy
The Not-Uncarved Block (External Box making - Pics!)
What to use to fill some holes (aka Patching Goo)
Alienware watercooling??????!!!!!
External Setup
1/2" vs 3/8" tubing
UK Watercooling Set-Up OK ?
Water cooling case wish list
First watercooling system
Arctic Silver + Waterblock?? A couple questions...
what's my weakest link?
can dtek pro fit inside antec super lanboy?
lian li pc60
Noob to WC'ing...heres my plan, help is appreciated... :P
anyone know where i can get a copper top for my ww?
res mounting??
need help on where to buy parts
Should I take the easy way out? Swiftech H20-22600A - Socket A
Some new toys on the way..back to H2O I go
Should i get fluid xp?
? about fitment of 2-342 in dragon cases
auto leak repair, crazy stuff!
I need a change
Air conditioners
46 idle and 53 load on watercooling?!
Question for people using watercooling.
The Next project
80 vs 120
UV dye
black ice micro 2 or black ice pro 120?
My $9.69 waterblock
Is this setup restrictive enough for MCP600?
Look at all the shiny copper!
AC power cord question
Watering a Power Supply
quick question about pump
fuel injection cleaner
Best way to drain system
Can I improve my watercooling setup?
Difference between the Hydor L30 and L35?
He120.3 vs. Fedco 2-342 HC
Temps under load
fan question
Coudy water from bacteriostatic?
1 water system for 2 PC's ???
Can't get layout to cooperate(pic)
quick and basic wawa for cpu
Kind of confused about fitting sizes on my setup...
What is a WW
ww noise??
How to mod a Heatercore (Dual 120mm version)
water cooling question
Wall thickness
using a pump relay
water - antifreeze mix
water color fading??
Typical solution to run? (also where to get t line and blue antifreeze?)
Built my reservior today (pics)
oh, what HC and where?!?
Perfect tightness of metal hoseclamps:
Pump to Waterblock = 3/8", then 1/2" rest of the loop.
I Got Ripped Off!!!
testing phase
water loss?
Barbs, Res's, and a pump question
nonstaining additive?
very noobish question...
Mag #3 question
I just flushed and filled my system
the new water cooling system for the G5
suggestions on bleeding a waterbox
Another Custom WaterBlock (Pics)
READ! Make Sticky
My first water-cooled rig
Is Hydrx a biocide?
lapped ww
Please assist me in my first WC installation?
My setup (pics)
Another Cracked Poly Top
How much Crap can you Cram in a case
MCP600 a bit weak? *PICS*
Upside Down Heater Core
How to fill a T-line
how to make an external box?
Next Generation Mainstream Watercooling
Cases useable with D-TEK Pro-Core
Lazy guy wants a kit
Size comparison of an Iwaki to the MCP600
MCW6002 still not available
One of life's lessons
Gigabyte SocketA watercooling
going watercooling and need advice on where to place components..
Poll: Zalman Reserator Temps...Post them in, please.
12Vdc blower to a dimmer - need electrical help!
Anyones MCP600 Rev2 ever die?
What pump should I get? Ehiem?
Effects of long-term inactivity on water cooled systems?
New Mac G5 computer liquid cooled?
Iwaki or Blueline
Help me with the layout
Thermal Chill 120.3 or HW BIX Pro?
I need link to clearflex on mcmaster
temp probes
push-pull fans
Did I buy the wrong block?
Too noisy
MCP600 Help!
my temps a bit high?
medium end watercooling vs high end air cooling
average water kit or decent air
thinking of going watercooling...
WW or MCW6002?
airflow directions with 2 rads?
Finally ordered everything
Check out the new WW's base
High temps on my 9800XT??? Need Help
will it change the color??
Watercooling X800...?
Finished my Water Cooled Rig (pics)
any radiators fit inside multiple 5.25s?
stoppers for a t-line
zip ties vs. metal hose fasteners
where should i start
120V Pumps and UPS
Noob needs recommendations on water cooling kits
BEST pump i will have my hole system wc NB.SB,CPU MEM,GPU, GPU ram and so on
Zalman Reserator highest OC vc Highest Temp
one bix or two
Alienware has finally gone to watercooling.
Torin Blower + Caprice Heatercore?
is silverprop the only copper GPU block?
My 1st Attempt at Watercooling
best 80mm radiator?
Custom reservoir
Danger Den Kits?
What do you think of this pump?
Mag 3 mods
Ok so i'm going to Watercool, what do i get?
Pics of Chevette Heatercore? who has em?
Ramsink or Waterblock?
What tubing is soft
Radiator & Res Placement?
12v 500gph and 10$ all within a few minutes driving distance.
Swiftech MCW5002PT - do I need coldplate?
Peltier water cooling????? What setup???
Need new tubing
It's coming...
This WC newbie needs your comments
Here's what I'm getting tonight(everything)
Updates on my WC setup
loud danner mag 2...
My Replacement Watercooling System
Are there and more copper HCs
GF6800 series watercooling: options ?
New cardboard shorud [PICS!]
MCW6002-A or Maze 4?
Proposed Setup, Need Expert Opinions
dangerden cores
Case temperature issue
Will I need any case fans?