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What kind of setup do you have? coolant/setup/config ect..
Better for rad, aluminum or brass?
What to buy??
External Watercooler: Newb needs advice
Throwin Icecubes in resevior
My WCing rig. V5.0 (56k warn)
Need Opinion on kit
Decent premade kit that will do what I want?
Clearflex stiffness causing video problems?
which rad and pump?
Preparation for cooling!
The art of patience
T line???
TC-4 or Spir@l
Spir@l Tarnished Inside.
what's the least amount of hose used?
Age old ? (Suck or Blow) lol
Best waterblock for the Northbridge?
Water Cooling Idea
Not sure what Ehiem pump I have - way to tell?
Where is the "TRUE" 1/2"ID kit/system?
Peltier /w Dual PSUs?
Head in a closed system?
Where oh where did my whitewater wb go
How much can you cram in a Cheiftec Dragon or similar??
Whats with my temps.
anyone use this pump?
gutting my hydrocool!! lol
Why won't my dbA go down :sniff: :sniff:
Difference w/ Hydor L30 I and L30 II
1 or 2 fans?
some wc ideas i'm toying with.... what do you think?
quiet one 1200...not quiet...old newzz....
top mounted radiator questions
Which way is best for performance?
Two reservoir question!
L35 Hydor
Newbie 2 Water :)
Save $5 on pumps @ www.drfostersmith.com
Northbridge Hooks
Actual best KIT ??? NooB question here
Created a Air-Trap. Few Questions.
Object lesson in flow rate
Jet Impingement Theory
Yeah so umm i spilled water on my IC7
I have asked in cooling But,,
Swiftech Mcw6000
Mounting wb on a slotket
pics of my first rig
Pics for my WC
My external dual loop cooling box!
Nonrestrictive Drain Valve?
radiator mounting
How thick should copper be for making a home-made waterblock?
Smudged water block
Just had a scare
Barb size suggestions
ThermalTake AquariusII WC users!
Anything extra?
The Shadow3 block
anti algae fluid
"The Cube" radiator from Danger Den
"Taking the plunge?" Space problems...
Does anyone use one of these?
Whine chiller for a resavour!
Designing my own block!
newbie questions!
:o 52c on water OMG
Finally have pics of my first WC setup.
WW came, but I've gotta seal the pump
check out this water block
Yet anouther......
Dual Rads
TC-4 vs. .22 Long Rifle (or impact testing a plastic top)
Need a few Mag3 measurements, please.
Ready to Buy!
My radiator flow rate (opinions)
I Have the Cash, Now I Need Opinions.
New Swiftech Block
Watercooling a XaserIII - Modding and parts
Re designed(again)
will this fit my 9800xt?
Newest white water lap job!
I am part of the club now!
Watercool a NB without holes around it
Self-contained water chiller design - with pics
thoughts on kit systems?
how long would it take...
Koolance CPU-300-H06 not flat
Gonna go liquid!
How bad is algae?
To build a waterblock, with pics.
Alright, noob at T-lines
CoolRiver watercooling kit. Any good?
what sequence should the waterblocks and radiator be in
new waterblock not cooling??
Head loss VS flow rate data
Cathar's new block, cascade xs
New Zalman Reserator review
New DangerDen Waterblock
LAN Rig (finally posting pics!)
Any news on Cathar's new block? you know, the silver one?
Just installed Kit help pleasee.....
my new pump, Rio 2100, highly underrated.
Where to get stuff...
trying to make an air trap
JR-120 Heater core?
Water cooling Temps
I want to watercool a few things....
Silent Star Single and Dual HDD Enclosures
Best way to bleed a system
Maze3 Mod for AMD to intel?
Looks nice:
dangerden, swiftech or zalman block
tell me about chillers
TC-4 P4 install questions
what do you guys think.....
Strange temperature bump
can someone tell me what this is pls???
Chiller Integration Concept
Air Flow Question: Please help
80 mm?
Cool new solution for Kink Prevention - swiftech coolsleeves
Thoughts on my lapping job (56k warning)
watercooled for a 7yr old!!
water cooling recomendations
new waterblock for the nv40?
which one is better?
swiftech waterblock order
Mag 3 Power Check
External box suggestions?
Dark Ages
80W TEC heat dissipation
My first water cooling system
MCP600 to CPU,NB,GPU & Thermochill 120.3
Could I use 2 separate radiators?
Heater Core position
New Dry Water? Use in WC?
joined the WC ranks
%*^% Expensive Switches
Eheim 1250 Enough? for CPU,NB,GPU.
Tensile Strength of Tygon Tubing?
What to use to make a shroud for a dual fan core?
Block top material
What do you think of my parts?
What do you think of my parts?
How do you guys mount your rad and shrouds?
my system is up and running! (pics)
My new shroud + Barb questions. [Pics]
New Electronics Friendly Water
copper tubing and swiftech
how much more?
Plumbing Woes
Consequences of mixing different fittings?
Water cooled Asus P4C800 mobo
great deal on pump on ebay.
Methinks it is time to watercool
Poly top or Al top waterblocks
Highlighter Fluid / Dye getting "absorbed"??
Do you have a Poly top or AL top waterblock?
WC setup questions, need help
Flow Design
Screw size for BIX?
Has anyone tried a WC setup on a X-superalien case?
suggestion on external w/c box
shower head for bong
New revision D-Tek WWs
White Water difference between P4/AMD
My own watercooling box pics
flow meter
another noob Q about bay res'
Sunon 120mm, airflow, shrouds
Why not WC a psu?
YAY! My stuff is here
Damn bubbles!
How Does My Parts List Look?
is it ok to put the rad upside down?
Zalman ZM-WB2 1/2" ID?
heatercore datatbase
case fan setup for pc-75
D-Tek NB Waterblock
Case question
updated waterbox pics WIP
To anyone who is new in watercooling and want the most reliable part and services..
Galvanized Steel Locknut in Reservoir?
Popping/Exploding Resivour
Tell me about this one..
Mounting solutions for pump
Reserator fo sale now in USA but no real review out yet
drfostersmith pumps
15 Turns To Tighten White Water?
dangerden Z-chip "key" question (pics)
Anyone use Black(or close to it) coolant/dye?
Biggest WC Case(that don't cost more than $150)?
nooby watercooler
best water-cooling kit for a newbie?
Here is a new pic.
My method.
AMD block to P4?
Metal plate the top of a processor?
Rad Radiator
noob Q .
Which Rad should I get for my new setup? TIA
H2o-X liquid/liquid heatexchanger (56k warning)
How much pressure do you think it would take
How cold is to cold?
Hydor L30 Problem
someone tell me what's wrong with my setup
Via1300 failing
this cant be good
What type of clear plastic and adhesive is ideal to make a reservoir?
submerged or not
Finally finished the new Rig
Considering it again: What KIT should I get?
Best way to patch big holes in heater core?
US Dealers that have the Whitewater in stock?
+ + Solutions to Use
Hose Clamps (about to make some)
Flush your radiator!
oh f*** -- cant mount Dtek WW on an AI7??
My (another!) water cooling system overhaul! (a WIP!)
Very sturdy but non-permanent sealant
Water in the housing of the Via 1300?
homebrew water chiller
Pelt + Liquid question...
no T-line and no res???
crazy idea???? maybe......
Pump suction collapsing tubing
rio 2500 submersible
Is this res good?
Is there no such thing as a QUIET PUMP!?!?!
DD is stupid
Made my own chipset block (56 warn)
can't find copper sheets!
External Case Questions?
best components
DTEK White Water Pre-Orders Are Up
Evercool 201 Kit?
New Idea. Not Mercury.
external water cooling help please
Mag 3 + barb help
Weird temps Up
Project Tsunami Zen Master A Pictoral Journal of a Complete Water Cooling System Mod
waterpump mod idea, can you give ANY pump a significant boost?
what are your temps at 1.95Vcore and ~ 1ghz overclock?
Vantec Stealth 120mm on a Chevette core?
Master List of Heater Cores and Radiators
Heater core Help
Need to tidy up my tubing :-/ (pics)
noob Question(s)
level rises and falls
Diy Waterblock Info.
mcp600 question
Got ride of my 3/8 tubing for 5/8. To big ?
Thinking of watercooling... attn:DieHrd
Just how cheap could a DIY Watercooling setup cost?
Swiftech HydroX and Water Wetter
Where oh where?
Is this pump ok?
check out these shrouds
Coolermaster introduces their Liquid Cooling
How important are shrouds ?
How much or a diff would 1/2 tubing make over say 3/8 in temps ?
This guy's work
Some pump innovation...
Hercules 9800 pro and Maze4
video card cooling
RBX Nozzle
Power supply as heat source= H2O joy
Water blocks
Need something for my VIA 1300, and a question
Wonky hydor L30 - Little help?
how big exactly is a JR-120
bip vs bix; how to stip kinking from nb to gpu?
Is some block pulling allowed?
Refrigeration H2O cooling
Water Pump electromagnetic Interference?
How realible are MCP600 rev2?
Tell your best Water Cooling Tale...
Getting some stuff in th UK
lazy noob thread
JB Weld or Solder New Barbs on HC
I Stumbled Back Into Water Cooling Forums
pump noises
Tubing Choices. What's your Pick?
Can I use Food Colouring?
dual rads?
Just got my chevette heatercore and...
My Project......((PICS!!!))
Stereolithography for water block tops?
Does size really matter?
Quiet Pumps?
Will methanol eat my clearflex?
Water cooling project over the weekend Phase 2 pics
Water cooling project over the weekend Phase 2
New GPU Block...higher temps?
On-Die Temps
What fans do you guys use?
Shrouds and tubings
water cooling dilema, temp probs
Time to take a step towards W/C ???
Good Water Cooling Cases
Autozone Chevette Heater Core
Waterblock question
observations and questions from a noob
Not possible....is it?
A64 Proposed wc setup (for now)
BIX, I'm impressed
Been considering watercooling, but...
Please help ID this chipset block (ID FOUND!) =)
Newb To Water Cooling
Double Fans = No Gain
Will my idea work?
Fabricating a shroud.
Is there a rule of Thumb ?
Rad questions
Planned Prescott H2O setup...
I'd like to know about YOUR temps....
Question about Black Ice Xtreme 2 dual 120mm radiator
water cooling planning stage
Questions on going to H2O and noise....
Pop for cleaning WB?
Zalman Reserator 1
Barb Modd
MCP600 MY Opinion.
where to find RTV silicone sealant
Ok screw this
How long at 100%
Mixed sizes
Just got it in!!!!
what is needed?
Torin vs Cromair
Finally Ordered Last Parts!
A 90 degree bend
Temps too high...
Supreme Pumps
Thermaltake aquarius 3
what heatercore with 1/2ID for IN and OUT?
Lian Li case...will all my gear fit?
Choosing Waterblocks
Water The Mobo Or Not
Rudimentary Question!!
45 degree Threaded to barbed elbow?
Good Choice?
Going to revamp my set up
Heater core?
Rad and Heater core question
3/8" barb to 1/2" ID tube
cracked poly top?
My Watercooling question thread..
couple of questions
Chevetter Heater Core. Which barb is in and which is out?
Results are not half bad.
Blower on HC
Please help - MCW5000 Mounting
Water cooling RULES..
Good guide for external WC assembly?
Best Online vendors for WC Equipment
What do you think of my NEW custom Ramsink and Mofit heatsink??
Which Chipset block for NF7-S?
Supplies to buy! (Review)
New water cooling project "any idea on setup"
New water cooling project "any idea on setup"
pump has 23 feet of head @ 23amps only $50 ?
Heater Core Gurus please take a look?
Getting temps down
why not something other than water in the circuit?
How to setup w/o RES?
help me pick waterblocks
Help with Heatercore Positions *¡Caution! Pictures Included are dangerously messy.*
Will the L-30 be enough?
BIX Placement in Antec P160
help me improve on my system
sway me one way or another...
Suck or blow with rad fan?
Need help finding a fitting
Is this normal? Or is this a sign of watercooling problems?
just got here...read the basic sticky
Koolance Exos Question
DIY vs. Out of the box
A few questions about water cooling
Watercooling Info Databases?
My Pandora WC review
Help me pick a pump (and yes, I have researched)
new Swiftech plastic spring sleeving keeps 1/2 OD vinyl tubing from kinking
One last post before I start purchasing....
Northbridge Waterblock
Xeon 604 water cooling
Anyone have direct experience with the MCP 300 pump?
Joining a top to a block...
Quiet fan choices...
Flow theory
Is there such a thing as a waterpump head tester?
Chevette HC and barbs
Lookie at what I've been up to
Plastic barbs are better in most cases than metal barbs!
Limitless head, Insanely low energy usage & heat Waterpump invention idea
Pretty good NON-Standard Pumps!
WHere to order 1/2" barb x 3/8" male pipe?
Damn screws!
D-Tek WW update (barb type)
swiftech mcp600 and EMI
WC raden 9500 oc to 9700 mem and core WC
What order do i link the hardware?
What type of Heater Core is better? Single Pass or Fedco 2-199 from 1972-1975 Chevy?
Condensation problem yes/no/maybe?
question on using powerhead as inline pump...
Laing D4 vs. Swiftech MCP600
is there a thing as too much head
homemade metal reservoir?
Restriction question
Water cooling starter kit?
Looking for 10x6 heatercore
MCP-600 Pump Sounds?
The dual core, four blower, custom acrylic shroud, hack mod from hell.
Pump making annoying sound
Cleaning the Cascade
What fans on the 2-342
First Machine of Mayhem *pics*
mag3 sumerged
FEDCO 2-342 car models?
Additive that doesn't stain tubes?
Maze 3 leak?
Silver Plated WhiteWater
Cleaning out the loop
Water Cooled Rig (Pics!!!)
What do you think?
Resevoir or T-Line?
Food Coloring?
New to Watercooling - Need Help.
springs for little river white water
can i lower my anti-freeze ratio??
Any ideas for routing this?
What sort of fans do you run on your rads?
Want to watercool four machines, radiator?
Is this any good?
Bigger is better
Case mounted radiator fans.
Weird Temps??
Dumb Question? Correct Order of Assemby for WC
EMI From DangerDen D4 Pump
Water pump interfering with video
"Silver" Eheim 1250...
airplane travel and water cooling
Getting my feet et. (so to speak)
Passive NB cooler turned wb for Quadro 4 750XGL
Water additives/coolants.
Mag 3
proving friend wrong
NB cooler and TEC. Is it worth it?
Home built water cooling
Watercooling COMPLETE (56k)
Perfect "Cap" for T-line
Dual inlet Heater Cores...
Two Pumps
Who has VGA/CS blocks in stock? (1\2")
Pump on dimmer switch = bad?
What pump do you use?
looking for a special rad
Lapping an MCW5000?
PrimoFlex tubing
How to keep my tubing clear?
What is performance difference between BIX and HC?
can i get a pick of a chevette heatercore
Lookie @ my lap job =)
realy good pump relay idea.....
How To?
Swiftech watercolling kit any good?
Zalman Reserator
Radiator advice for lian li pc-60/65
Damn, no mirror finish even with 2000 grit
I don't want to restrict my Eheim 1250 Intake...
multiple output resevior
thermochill radiators
Alternative Mounting Hardware for Gemini Spiral?
All of u cascade owners please read this
Need heater core 10X6X2
Motorcycle Radiator for WC setup
Silent PC, mag3 or 1250, i need help :/
How to chain?
Is case air flow necessary?
Just in:
polarflo waterblock
calculating flow rate
flushing a system with a t-line?
Swiftech MCW5000-PT enough for the 3.4C?