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what would be better 2 radiators or a double radiator
Water Wetter / Anti-Freeze Smell
zip tie a fan to heatercore
D-Tek Chipset WB
Aqua Computer Parts
Maze4 - Whitewater - RBX?
I know Koolance isn't the best there is.......
I painted my "The Double Heater Core" with $3 spray paint
New WC rig complete. PICS!
how to jump a psu
Custom or Kit?
Swiftech MCP600 vs. Danner Mag 3
I'm finally takeing the plunge....help!
Redid my WCing. [Lots of Pics]
2 Rads?
would i get better temps if i used 2 resevoirs
danger den 12volt pump
Final suggestions on setup and questions?
NB Center to Center Hole Distances
Water quality
Energy Saving?
random pump
Pics of Watercooling setup.
Setup Questions
ehiem 1250 fittings
eheim 1250 compared to the hydor l30
Mixing Metals : Copper vs Silver
ok ive made up my mine on what to get
Voodoo's PC Rev. 4
Mod the D-Tek ?
question about the antec super lanboy
WC N00b
is this a good radiator
Is there a better waterblock for nearly the same price
Best way to clean a used radiator?
Best fan setup for Radiator?
Pics of Xaser III Watercooled anyone?
looking for a pump.
Which radiator?
Seeking input on Thermaltake Aquarius III
Home depot clamps and Tubing?
Screw Pump - You know you want it!
glitter for visual flow indicator?
Fan question
I sound proofed my case. It helped
Installing radiator and fan in top of case
Summer Temps
More Renders...
Passive watercooling
how to attach a PVC res?
smallest possible liquid cooling hardware
Question on a Swiftech 8501 Series kit
Cram a whole setup into a Lanboy
2.4 or 2.8 with water cooling
this reservoir...
question to those who use Ehiem 1250
Abit IC7.. hitting the fsb wall around 262fsb...any ideas?
What To Buy
How are people shrouding?
Need case reccommendations
logic cooling northbridge block
A question before I order my setup
Buying advice for a friend
is this case big enough for H2O
heater core or radiator
eheim 1250
blocks and pumps
Tornado/Whirlpool Res?
total noob wit questions
Danner Mag 3
just got my "feet wet" into watercooling
silencing the dangerden pump
A question i dont know how to ask....
n00bish bong cooler+water block questions
Waterblock for Prescott
WCing the 9800xt
NB block wont fit
stupid leaks!!
Dead L20 pump
Leaking MCP600
call me lucky!!
is this pump good
Quick question
is this case good
help find LED temperature display.
UFO Case...
Anyone kno how loud are Iwaki waterpumps?
Shadowblock Revision 8 (7 redux)
Need advice in picking out water cooling components
what should i put in the water?
Shadowblock Revision 7 (b) testpiece made!
Where'd my water go!?
but another noob question from an old man
Does case matter when you WC?
Where can I get a solid copper block?
Is there such thing as too much GPH?
How to make a Z-chip less restrictive
A Thought for calculating the Die temp
What else do I need?
looking to upgrade heatercores
temps higher?
Anybody had any recent experience with Logiccooling?
need help!!!!
Whats better
Why are water cooling kets...
Rinsing a Watercooling system
Priming the system.
STOP dissing the via aqua 1300! (if u own one plz post)
Via Aqua 1300 making niose
Custom water cooled setup questions
Hydor L30 with custom attached reservoir
computer controlled shut-off valve
Case any good?
Project: alpha
Push-Pull Fan Setup
Water Cooling Problem
Leak test
what is needed to watercool
Water Cooling Setup help
watercooled case
So how terrible is a Z-Chip?
New to watercooling, looking for 'bang for my buck' advice.
Possible Watercooling Configuration
Aphanix Iceberg II Review
Tube placement help..
Flushing an iwaki pump
Which motherboard for water
Hose Clamps
hydor L30 not pumping anymore
Swifty & 72Watt Tec Questions
threaded holes?
cpu block discolor
Watercooling n00b
3\8 to 1\2 tubing
northwood dead
Wacky Mouse Trouble?
whats the best cpu block for a amd?
Mounting to a RADIATOR ? Auto Zone...
Can I buy the fusionHL anywhere in the US?
2 pumps....one radiator?
Couple of simple questions
Radiator Part #
thermochill HE80.2
Real fast Maze4 GPU question: Does shim need to be removed?
1 More NOOB question..
pump = screwed up monitor
Slowly leaking/evaporating H20!!
My First/New Rig, Whatcha Think?
Just ordered Water set up
What is the highest you seen a XP3000 and 3200?
Best waterpump
Maze 4 GPU Water Block question
Hydor L30 not pumping...??
A good target GPH?
Best Of The Best
is corrosion a big problem with w/ced rigs
McMaster-Carr synthetic silicone tubing. A mini review.
Thinking of mounting a TC-4 on my NB, comments?
AHH CRAP I am backasswards!
Swiftech 22501A kit, Hydrocool or custom for my mobile 2500?
pump in a resevoir????
how hard is it?
where to buy dtek blocks?
Wacky temps - just board problem?
Need some help with my setup
2 loops... 1 res... comments?
Heater core ?
Danger Den waterblocks
watercooling $$$
my own waterblock design.
Meh Werk Log (First WC Rig)
Another way not to position your Eheim
help me understanding water cooling!!
To watercool or not (Chilli Prof Case)
Colder Quick-connects
Heat generated by videocard?
"T's" or "Y's"?
GPU Block options
Need help on deciding setup
Noob Qs: Attaching heatercore and changing pump inlet
*gasp*....Good god its frickin hot in here. Time to get w/c!
Question for those of you running 24V fans
DTEK Question
My Rig (long time no see :P!)
Does anyone know where to buy this special hose adpter cheap?
This is what the Laing D4 (DangerDen 12V) Pump sounds like
Anyone WC'ing a Prescott Yet?
DTek website down??
How to mate Asetek Waterchill & Swiftech MCW5002-PT
Started on WC
I have creative (encloser) bloc
Transporting WC'ed rig to lan
My WC setup
Where to buy 1/2"ID - 3/8"ID Y fitting?
Looking into blowers
New To H2o
spring coming...blower or Rotron 6" fan??
painted vs non-painted
ASUS 9800XT Waterblock?
Best Complete kit available? Please advise
Koolance - Air Bubble issue how to bleed?
Pondmaster 350?
Eheim 1262
New problems with my fittings.
DD RBX, which nozzle?
External WC question
Do flow resistance in parallel add like parallel resistances?
Where can I get a Dannar Mag3?
what radiator can fit 3 120MM fans?
my block wont fit
Info for dual Cpu water cooling
The advantage of push-pull rad setup ?
Cooligy Micro-Channel techonogy
can you add a second rad to Waterchill ?
rad sizes
Balkamp/NAPA '86 Chevette Heater Core Questions
Front Page Article
How do I stack two rads? 2-342.. Uberblue?
how is the anti-freeze ratio
On water again!
Question about T-line fittings, help a n00b
So who's got the DD's 12v pump then?
A question on making 90-degree turns
Another "help me choose a pump" thread
harddrive water blocks?
Corsair Hydrocool any good?
Leak testing with MCP600
Using a blower in a system?
modding the Exos...?
1 Big rad vs. 2 small rads in parallel
first custom water setup
Noob Setup?
Block and Pump advice
xoxide resy/pump
n00b question alert - milky tube?
The best budget waterblock?
Amazing how much cooler GPU runs.
W/C an AMD to a P4 *PIX*
t tube question???
My Dream Machine Finally Finished *PIX*
good rez idea?? and other q's
Water cooling review sites?
pump noise
BIG pump
12000 gallon resevoir
New Block - SPC Liqufied CPU block - Pics!
Need help with Hydor L30
Danner Mag 3 or MCP600 ???
120mm needed for rad
evo 4.0
anybody use this stuff?
Hum just had another idea as to where to mount my heatercore...
REZ Pics
RAD Shroud
38úC idle, 41úC load. Normal for water?
Maybe daft question about NB
best cooling options
WC from tap water?
Putting barbs on Chevette heatercore..
Opinions on the Swiftech H2O-8501??
How to kill fungi in a W/Cing setup
Whats The Best
Almost ended up crying
Last one.....
about testing a pump
TC-4 Rev2 Lapping Question
My watercooling setup - Few Q's
which heatercore to chose?
Need opinions on parts list
Anodizing worn through
3/8" vs 1/2"
Bad News about Mag Drive Pumps!!
Help need to find a Cascade for my testing?
Lucite vs. Brass
Negative pressure to the max
Help me fill and T-line question
Need help with temps
Got a pelt in my water system now
Watercooled Revised
Worst nightmare come true, but an OK ending
optimal waterbong design
where can i get wetter water
How do I water bong?
sufficient radiator
Where to buy slot waterblocks
Advice on 1st water cooler
Need suggestions on modding Koolance case
Mixing aluminium and copper?
asus a78x dx mb
Disaster - my 9800 Pro got a bath.
Water cooled......Thanks Uber
Eheim 1250 Life span?
Where 2 Buy Hose Clamps?
gallons per hour what do you recoment
botled water machine - pc cooler
All these new parts
chemical additives to stop corrosion
Water Cooling Steup
For the sake of argument
Making my own water blocks?
Is this a good water cooler
1st try at wc(external box)
clear tubing
Attaching a K8 waterblock
going watercooled but..
What is the performance difference between a Chevette and a Caprice heater core?
Yeong Yang YY0420B with watercooling
Water Cooling
IC7-G chipset WC???
Ball Valves
My WC Rig
watercooling newb
poor temps
hows this i will post pix once its done
Would Two JR 120 Fan Shroud Kits fit on a caprice heater core?
Wow, running a search on e-bay brings up a lot of results for heatercores.
Danner MAG3: Use inlet as "barb"?
Power Design
UV dye Question
Hmmm Which Pump Relay to Buy...?
2 rad fans vs 1
does water heat when it goes through the pump?
Best place to get copper for waterblocks
putting the heatercore at top of case bad?
Using just antifreeze?
Good Iwaki Pump?
Is it possible to buy a Caprice core commercially?
Iwaki MD-15R, Iwaki MDM20RLZT or MCP-600??? HELP ME DECIDE PLEASE!!
Dual Heatercore - Will this work?
How difficult?
What do you think of my Homemade reservoir?
Final pictures of setup...
What clock speed are you getting on the 9800pro and 9800XT?
where can i read how to fill+bleed a t-line system?
Large Radiator on top of case
help with sealing a pump...
How well would this work
Sonata Rad upgrade to BIX2?
#1 ranking WC kit
About to order my wc setup. What do ya think?
No difference in temps. What the hell!
Should I get water cooling ?
Caprice Core shroud
More of my hard earned money gone to WCing :)
NB Waterblock Help
WCing a Pelt?
Need help finding quiet 120mm x 38mm fans
how long till you flush a system out?
Cheap Tupperware waterchiller!!!!
Building an external Box
water cooled video card?
cleaning the rad on a koolance
Need some advice
Best water cooling kit??
Cooling GPU
Need some a definite answer ...
Got my cpu on water now
Upgrade my WC.need advice!
wow....my Via is damn hot!
Koolance suggestions
Fan dead zone
Need some help/advice! Me=n00b
Water Colouring?
Water cooling question inside..... I need your thoughts.
tc-4 question
D-tek CPU block on GPU
colorless additive
Is this the proper way to install my D-tek Whitewater?
Clearing up my Tygon tube(s)
too much coolant significiantly increases temps..
Pics of my Water Cooled Rig
Potential water cooler looking for parts recommendations
iwaki pump
danner mag 2...kinda loud
Adding to existing water cooling, Need advice
Koolance Exos Compatible with BTX?
VGA Silencer or GPU waterblock for 9700 pro?
is it me or is it getting....
Newbie: Trying to switch from fans to WC
the king of pumps
New WC rig
New WC all installed... pics inside
Abit NF7-S Socket temp v. Diode
SUP...i did it!
Finished my rig....almost, want more
Silicon tubing
Went back to air cooling
Water box progress (pics)
T line and routing question
Which "Tygon" tubing to use?
Heatercore vs Double heatercore + Mag 7 vs Eheim 1250
Cleanest Watercooled Rig Ever?
new h2o setup
Heater Core vs. Black Ice Radiator
pvc pipe res question...
install help needed
*Pics* of my watercooling setup
Fans for my radiator
The heater core hack mod from hell.
Any Good?
Optimal size of a PVC res...
dangerden double heatercore
MCW40 mounting problem
Lapping a MCW5002
How to remove Mounting Hardware - IC7MAX3
where should i put the t-line in my system? *picture*
Black Ice Micro Dual 80mm Radiator
12V Pump Question - how do you bleed? (MPC600)
Reservoir Outside of Case?
Mini Fridge + Radiator?
will watercooling an IC7-MAX3 Northbridge make a diff?
Omega Dataloggers - chart and record your temps!
Koolance WC case/setup
Waterblock for TO-220
heatercore and shroud question
Northbridge Cooling
Radiator Upgrade
DTEK JR-120 Heater Core
Lian Li Mid Tower (PC61)
Pump Recommendation
Very Big Res Question
Pump Size?
Inconsistent temp readings
Any recomendations?
Pump Size?
Temps have skyrocketed snice putting my W/Cing into my case
Its on its way
2 degrees hotter?
New to water coolking, you like this kit?
socket 478 & 462 370 WC
OCZ Kit?
Parallel or Inline?
Danner3, Laing, MCP-600, Eheim 1250 or Laing pump?
Weight issue?
Shorting out cache with a water block! YIKES!
Dual heatercore fans, but not the way it's usually done
RBX unimpressive
So....insanely powerful pumps?
RBX - Socket hold down clamp
I need some help deciding on how to route my circuit!
A64 White Water mount?
Q about RBX Block and Radiator
what vga waterblock goes best with a white water?
Thermochill 3x120mm rad
My problems
New WC Setup
To Submerge or not to Submerge.
More or Less Tube?
Borked My Impeller
a question about tubin
RBX Mounting tips?
Question about DD4 peltier gpu block
Whoa....opened up my maxi-jet and found....
WC re-do: some help on the pump?
Air in my loop.pls advice (pics included)
pump gonna do it?
Question about Swiftech waterblocks
dual t-lines=nice
Peltier cooled radiator
need a good powerful AND reliable pump
Question about Zerex
9800XT temps?
where to buy
senfu block mod
Water bong cooling
Case temps - 1st of many dumb questions!
Resevoir design
Spir@l or TC4?
T-Line or Res?
good starter set
1" to 1/2" barbs
Massive Algae problem
Thinking of water cooling
How-to for submersible pump.
What do you guys think?
removing lower hard drive bay
Building a new system, dual rads?
New WC set up
Innovatek's HTCS Convection Radiator - $329.99!!!!!
Just completed my WC setup...
please help me out with WC
Solder blobs bad?
whitewater setup question
loud evercool fan
Hydor L30 problem
How do you fill a Res. system?
Need Ideas on How to mount my DIY GPU block
Bay Res.