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Bad News about Mag Drive Pumps!!
Help need to find a Cascade for my testing?
Lucite vs. Brass
Negative pressure to the max
Help me fill and T-line question
Need help with temps
Got a pelt in my water system now
Watercooled Revised
Worst nightmare come true, but an OK ending
optimal waterbong design
where can i get wetter water
How do I water bong?
sufficient radiator
Where to buy slot waterblocks
Advice on 1st water cooler
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Mixing aluminium and copper?
asus a78x dx mb
Disaster - my 9800 Pro got a bath.
Water cooled......Thanks Uber
Eheim 1250 Life span?
Where 2 Buy Hose Clamps?
gallons per hour what do you recoment
botled water machine - pc cooler
All these new parts
chemical additives to stop corrosion
Water Cooling Steup
For the sake of argument
Making my own water blocks?
Is this a good water cooler
1st try at wc(external box)
clear tubing
Attaching a K8 waterblock
going watercooled but..
What is the performance difference between a Chevette and a Caprice heater core?
Yeong Yang YY0420B with watercooling
Water Cooling
IC7-G chipset WC???
Ball Valves
My WC Rig
watercooling newb
poor temps
hows this i will post pix once its done
Would Two JR 120 Fan Shroud Kits fit on a caprice heater core?
Wow, running a search on e-bay brings up a lot of results for heatercores.
Danner MAG3: Use inlet as "barb"?
Power Design
UV dye Question
Hmmm Which Pump Relay to Buy...?
2 rad fans vs 1
does water heat when it goes through the pump?
Best place to get copper for waterblocks
putting the heatercore at top of case bad?
Using just antifreeze?
Good Iwaki Pump?
Is it possible to buy a Caprice core commercially?
Iwaki MD-15R, Iwaki MDM20RLZT or MCP-600??? HELP ME DECIDE PLEASE!!
Dual Heatercore - Will this work?
How difficult?
What do you think of my Homemade reservoir?
Final pictures of setup...
What clock speed are you getting on the 9800pro and 9800XT?
where can i read how to fill+bleed a t-line system?
Large Radiator on top of case
help with sealing a pump...
How well would this work
Sonata Rad upgrade to BIX2?
#1 ranking WC kit
About to order my wc setup. What do ya think?
No difference in temps. What the hell!
Should I get water cooling ?
Caprice Core shroud
More of my hard earned money gone to WCing :)
NB Waterblock Help
WCing a Pelt?
Need help finding quiet 120mm x 38mm fans
how long till you flush a system out?
Cheap Tupperware waterchiller!!!!
Building an external Box
water cooled video card?
cleaning the rad on a koolance
Need some advice
Best water cooling kit??
Cooling GPU
Need some a definite answer ...
Got my cpu on water now
Upgrade my WC.need advice!
wow....my Via is damn hot!
Koolance suggestions
Fan dead zone
Need some help/advice! Me=n00b
Water Colouring?
Water cooling question inside..... I need your thoughts.
tc-4 question
D-tek CPU block on GPU
colorless additive
Is this the proper way to install my D-tek Whitewater?
Clearing up my Tygon tube(s)
too much coolant significiantly increases temps..
Pics of my Water Cooled Rig
Potential water cooler looking for parts recommendations
iwaki pump
danner mag 2...kinda loud
Adding to existing water cooling, Need advice
Koolance Exos Compatible with BTX?
VGA Silencer or GPU waterblock for 9700 pro?
is it me or is it getting....
Newbie: Trying to switch from fans to WC
the king of pumps
New WC rig
New WC all installed... pics inside
Abit NF7-S Socket temp v. Diode
SUP...i did it!
Finished my rig....almost, want more
Silicon tubing
Went back to air cooling
Water box progress (pics)
T line and routing question
Which "Tygon" tubing to use?
Heatercore vs Double heatercore + Mag 7 vs Eheim 1250
Cleanest Watercooled Rig Ever?
new h2o setup
Heater Core vs. Black Ice Radiator
pvc pipe res question...
install help needed
*Pics* of my watercooling setup
Fans for my radiator
The heater core hack mod from hell.
Any Good?
Optimal size of a PVC res...
dangerden double heatercore
MCW40 mounting problem
Lapping a MCW5002
How to remove Mounting Hardware - IC7MAX3
where should i put the t-line in my system? *picture*
Black Ice Micro Dual 80mm Radiator
12V Pump Question - how do you bleed? (MPC600)
Reservoir Outside of Case?
Mini Fridge + Radiator?
will watercooling an IC7-MAX3 Northbridge make a diff?
Omega Dataloggers - chart and record your temps!
Koolance WC case/setup
Waterblock for TO-220
heatercore and shroud question
Northbridge Cooling
Radiator Upgrade
DTEK JR-120 Heater Core
Lian Li Mid Tower (PC61)
Pump Recommendation
Very Big Res Question
Pump Size?
Inconsistent temp readings
Any recomendations?
Pump Size?
Temps have skyrocketed snice putting my W/Cing into my case
Its on its way
2 degrees hotter?
New to water coolking, you like this kit?
socket 478 & 462 370 WC
OCZ Kit?
Parallel or Inline?
Danner3, Laing, MCP-600, Eheim 1250 or Laing pump?
Weight issue?
Shorting out cache with a water block! YIKES!
Dual heatercore fans, but not the way it's usually done
RBX unimpressive
So....insanely powerful pumps?
RBX - Socket hold down clamp
I need some help deciding on how to route my circuit!
A64 White Water mount?
Q about RBX Block and Radiator
what vga waterblock goes best with a white water?
Thermochill 3x120mm rad
My problems
New WC Setup
To Submerge or not to Submerge.
More or Less Tube?
Borked My Impeller
a question about tubin
RBX Mounting tips?
Question about DD4 peltier gpu block
Whoa....opened up my maxi-jet and found....
WC re-do: some help on the pump?
Air in my loop.pls advice (pics included)
pump gonna do it?
Question about Swiftech waterblocks
dual t-lines=nice
Peltier cooled radiator
need a good powerful AND reliable pump
Question about Zerex
9800XT temps?
where to buy
senfu block mod
Water bong cooling
Case temps - 1st of many dumb questions!
Resevoir design
Spir@l or TC4?
T-Line or Res?
good starter set
1" to 1/2" barbs
Massive Algae problem
Thinking of water cooling
How-to for submersible pump.
What do you guys think?
removing lower hard drive bay
Building a new system, dual rads?
New WC set up
Innovatek's HTCS Convection Radiator - $329.99!!!!!
Just completed my WC setup...
please help me out with WC
Solder blobs bad?
whitewater setup question
loud evercool fan
Hydor L30 problem
How do you fill a Res. system?
Need Ideas on How to mount my DIY GPU block
Bay Res.
how should I hook up my 2 rads?
Fan's for WC sys?
To shroud or not
Best of the old d-tek blocks?
Building an External WC Box...
Pics TC4 + MAG3 + Caprice
Can someone with a Chevvy Heatercore, and a Shroud do a quick measurement for me?
Look over my WCing sys be4 i order
*brain fart* pumpless psu cooling?
fried capacitors resulting from overclock, watercooling, or crappy manufacturing?
Maze 4 or dtek?
MCP600...has anyone taken one of these...
Chevette Heater core dimensions
"sorting out" my loop
How do you completely eliminate bubbles?
Cracked polytop whitewater:(
will a white water fit on an IC7-MAX3?
Thermaltake A1681 Aquarius 3 Liquid Cooling Kit
500 GPH AC pump.
Holy )"* 285 to make a copper block!?
Comparison WC'n.. Old Cooling.. New Hardware
everythings in!!!!!
Copper Braided Tubing?
performance difference between chevette HC and BIX?
A64's and WW.
best way to clean water?
n00b question
Koolance Exo Pros and Cons
FluidXP got response
External Water cooling.
system leak on 9700pro
Eheim 1048 or Hydor L30?
Best rad to use
draining with T-line
Pump placement
WinFlex Custom Block.
Waterblock Design - Advice Needed
Best Case for Watercooling?
Nice radeon block
alternative to tygon? interesting nonetheless
tired of green coolant in your tubes,change the color
how would one water cool a dual CPU rig?
heatercore mounting...
What blocks should I buy to test? Need 5
What a week....
Funny things roommates do
More rad surface area or higher CFM?
ThermalTake AquariusII thoughts?
Radeon's and WC. tips on fitting them
Heatercore that can fit dual 120mm fans
looking for that right heatercore?
My new setup-Pics and Temps
Different mounting option for bayres?
Can I run my Mag 3 Upside down?
Anyone Watercooling a Athlon 64?
logic cooling p4 adapter
WC help
korndog's WC setup REV 3!! (21 pic!)
WTF: stickies gone! plz. help a n00b
White Water? Prices?
diode cooler than socket temps with WC?
250 gph
Ok, I'm buying the final piece of my setup... the pump.
New Corsair Hydrocool EX
New to Watercooling, any suggestions?
Cheiftec Case Breather...
Rod not staying in Maze4gpu
waterchill users check this
W/Cing setup is alive!!
Pump pricing
interesting ??
need a way to make my waterblock taller.
Desinging blocks question
How quiet is Iwaki MD20RZ?
Need help with setup pics (enclosed)
i need help
leak testing and I got very small drops from in/outs on pump threads
MCW40 + pelt
Sudden Rise in Water Level
What is the best 2 barbed waterblock?
waterblock needed
New to water cooling, can you need
Fan shroud, any good?
WC setup around $200 -$250
Help with order and cutting tubes
WindshieldWiper fluid or Antifreeze?
Is the maze4 GPU solid copper or copper and aluminum?
Danger Den's new pump
Creizai WC Packages!
Rad question
My first AND LAST forray into water cooling
custom res saddness :(
Is water cooling practical?
Almost done...parts source needed.
Cleaning tubes!
a further update
My Water cooling setup
Water Cooling hoses
Temps for my new Barton 2500+
Asetek Waterchill VGA Block: How many PCI slots?
How is Water-Cooling quieter?
I'm trying to cut down noise from Water Cooling setup
best coolant additive
Are Hydor pumps as good as the eheim?
Where do I find a cap for my T-Line?
Looking for a really good non-pelt waterblock
2 Questions on heatercore mounting
help with pvc reservoir or reference to threads
Watercooling A 2.4a Need Suggestions
Is your tubing kinking?
Best way to prime MCP600
2 Qs: Cascade (SS) Q, and Heater Core Q
Which Pump for this System...
Masterkleer vs. Clearflex 60
Any problem with not running my pump for a while?
is my temp high, or is it just my ambient?
OCZ Water Cooling any good?
HELP designing H20 system...cheaply
Where to spend the money?
Why do radiators behave the way they do?
How many CPUs can a caprice handle?
does tubing size matter?
Swiftech MCW-20 P or R in stock somewhere??
Hose routing/sequence (a little long)
Squirrel cage blower placement inside rad box
Where is all my coolant going!?
Silverprop waterblocks
should I even bother building this???
new rad, how should I cool
Tips for aligning nozzles in cups on cascade?
need info about the cascade
How to measure water temperature?
Does this look right?
Full review of the RBX, WW and Cascade...
Radiator questions
Watercooling HELP!!
Proposed Setup, Plz LOOK...
How-to for a submersible pump.
Which block to replace MCW5000A ?
HeaterCore pics?
My new water setup :)
Cross Flow Blowers
Need Pic's of WB (CPU,HDD,GPU,NB..)
Chipset Block
Should i bother?
MCP600 rev 2? Need Swiftech help...
Mag3 Victim...
pump advice
GPU WB with 90 Orientation
Should I cut my barbs short on my HC? Pic inside
danner mag 3
*My* Flow Comparison between a Thermochill 120.3 and Caprice Heatercore
lol...I got nothing out of my new W/C setup
Help With Ww
Cascade increased my overclock by 90 MHz
Possibly great product for those who want blue water!
water cool the ram on my video card?
Pump upgrade...
Hydor Seltz L30
water chiller on the cheap...anyone know of these?
Natural water cooling...
How do I build a shroud for the 2-342 heater core?
finally its built
Which heater core to buy?
Check out these pumps..
WC the GPU, which is the best approach....
How to benchmark my H2O system? pic
About to build first watercooling system: What block?
Newest WC setup (56K Take Note)
not a problem but strange.
First W/C system, I went external
high temps, whats going on?
Its all Here!! Finally!
looking for a new heater core/radiator
Question 4 eheim 1048 users....
Will a water block fit on GPU?
beginner to water cooling, need suggestion
Question about leak testing
UPS came!
Is there instructions for installing a RBX?
*POST* Pic of your Watercooling Rig
Dual Chevettes in Series - Some Results
Chrysler rad
The most complete compendum of P/Q graphs. (BIG)
Question about rad setup and Number of fans and what type?
It's here, it's here :D
Which pump?
Anyone take their watercooled rigs to lans?
problems mounting dtek whitewater p4
Water additive question
Local source for fittings?
My first watercool...
White Water vs RBX vs Cascade - prelim @ Procooling
Waterchilling and insulation
Interesting PSU for folks who like external setups???
How to Attach barbs to automotive non-modded heater-cores?
Bought this rad for dirst cheap. Will it work good? Pic 56K warring
NEED help (WB design)
tygon tubing question
Just finished my WC setup!
ordered a mag 3..
Ooo looky what i found - pump 'sound pads'
new thermochill rads: 2x80mm & 2x92mm
Blower REvision
Help me choose water additives...
How does this heatercore look?
External rig done(well almost)
1/2" to 5/8" Y connector?
Seeking last bits of advice on a first-time WC
Reservoir or not?
Two DD/D-Tek Pro radiators or one 2-342 rad?
finished custom side panel now I need lights!
to water cool NB or not? pt. 7million
Standford study on arrays for direct die cooling
Need more RADs, Advice anyone?
Will isopropyl affect rubber gaskets or silicone sealant?
waterblocks for 754
Walmart is a pretty cool place...
how corrosive is distilled water?
Pics of my rig after the some changes
Additive/alcohol mixture calculator
Ok, waited long enough, here's my 1st (although modified) watercooling attempt!
WB reseating question
RBX for AMD64, Not Covering Heatspreader...
System heat up
writeup on the Target Rubbermaid container!
what is the dimension of a quiet one 1200 pump?
Hydrology or hydro dynamics question
HUGE radiator mod complete - pics
Is my CPU temp higher than yours
cheap gpu block?
My new setup
Possible design?
Making yet another wb...
Need help pls!
Just Killed my Eheim - New Pump Needed!
Lian Li PC-65 radiator?
killed my flow........
Modding 73 Caprice
im doing something wrong but what???
Penny Block
T-LIne help
Whats a good waterblock?
10F difference in pre/post heatercore air?
Want to get my first wc setup
Molten LAVA HOT Johnston DC pump 29.99
Ehiem 1250 destroyer?
Anyone have experiance with AquaGlobe pumps?
just got danner supreme 700
New to watercooling
danner mag 2!
Cooling setup question
Conversion from BIX to HC
Pump upgrade...
TIP to silence a vibrating pump
Hydor L30
T-Line problem
Bix 2
Radiator to pump inlet?
2 piece brass elbow barb
Can you put the Heater Core upside down?
Water cooling advice
installing black ice micro?
Aquarius III? WTF?
Need advice on bleeding my system.
Bushings to cap T-line?
Danger Den Heater Core or D-Tek Pro?
Cheapo US$38 Water Cooling Kit
hydor l30/whitewater problem