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What im getting, tell me suggestions, thanks!
This rad makes me want a Silverstone case...
Clear Tubing or Colored! What do you think?
Has anyone ever tryed this?
FREEZER extension WHAT!?!!!
i5 3570k + Single 140mm Rad?
First Time Water Cooling
Need help with getting water cooling componets for this case!
Water cooling in a small HTPC
Silver Kill Coil and Corrosion
Need help with bleeding
whats the best fan for Push on a radiator
Liquid cooling for both CPU and GPU on one radiator?
Tearing down my loop - thanks iodine!
Water cooling for Gtx 470
would this lower my temperature
Monsoon fittings
H100 v Water cooling. Results.
The Green Demon, temporary LC build
New Loop Critique
watercooling on raven02
Aquariam pump to save money?
Max Length of pump push..
I Found old radiator and pump
Price of a good water cooling system
Water Cooling. Need Advice
Distilled water + hardware store alternatives
Water cooling without fans?
Radiator as Intake?
Beginner to Watercool
Hailea water chillers
Gonna Water Cool a HAF X Case.. Need some pointers.
Classified EpiDemic -Final Pictures-
GPU memory cooling
Build Log: Aquatic PS3
Rad requirements
small form factor
1, 2 & 3 slot graphics card connectors
drain line?
Does this sound good so far?
waterblocks, waterblocks?
how do you test your watercooler
Average Temps?
Nzxt switch 810 watercooling question
Build Log: Project HazMat
Looking for Video card WB
Water Cooling Solution which to use
Push or Pull for MoRA 3 Pro 140
Build Log (first WC build)
Should go internal case radiators or external?
Mounting Corsair Hydro series cooler on AMD socket 754/939/940?
HAF 912 Plus
Long time no Water..
Pre purchase advice on a new water cooling setup..
How much radiator space would I need...
White Build Up?!?!?!
Corsair 650d water cooling
Need info about constructing first cpu loop
Xigmatek Elysium build: Monster (many photos)
Looking for EK blocks for Asus p8z68 Deluxe gen 3
Partlist Check
Weird fluctuations in temps
Swiftech® introduces new Lok-Seal™ brand of compression fittings
Water cooling decisions
Wait for GPU upgrade?
Zalman water cooling for 3930k i7
anyone know where i can get one of these to AUS?
Need help picking parts
which waterblock should i use for my gtx680?
AquaGraFX GTX 680 Installation
Looking for Apogee GT AM2 plate
Antec 620 on my GTX 680
Plan: Ivy/Kepler build.
Removing air pockets in the loop
Input appreciated
AquaGraFX GTX 680 Waterblock Unboxing and Review
Corsair H100. Exhuast or intake?
new case
Cleaning a radiator
Watercooling Loops
Did I put enough water in my loop?
Water Cooling. What to expect.
Abnormal spikes in temp
Considering the lowly dust filter
Air VS Water
would like a few opinions.
Anyone else thinks that the Raspberry Pi + Gertboard, be a nice pump controller
Cpu block, suggestions and advice most welcome
Getting Ideas
More water cooling questions
Radiator Help
480 sr1
Scared Of Liquid Cooling
need some advise
How to make radiator shrouds, 2 parts.
Watercooling Loop Question--Need Expert Advice!!!
adding a rad to the loop. suggestions?
Cosmos water cooling write-up
Shroud Question
colord coolant a bad idea?
Will I short my motherboard if the cooling block backing plate touches the case?
Cooling Requirements For Prolonged Exposure
MCRES Question
Possible corrosion?
Few questions from a 1st time w/c'er
TIM gap caulking choices
Looking for Recommendations
Beginning liquid cooling
Radiators Help on a Mid Tower
Thinking about taking the plunge
Running two pumps at once?
Getting more efficient cooling....
H100 & Alphacool DC-LT pump possible?
How to keep the stock vga cooler cover with water cooling
1 loop or 2??
WC'n the HAF-X Dream Machine
First Custom Loop
[V.2] Building an External Water Cooling Loop - Need Confirmation on Parts
Cost-effective water flow measurement?
Rebuilding system... Radiator Oxidization a worry?
Proper coolant?
Corsair H80 fan connections help
Do you push or pull with your fans?
new build
Closed Non Maintence loops.
What is the best PWM software to control your pump?
Anybody feel up for a debate?
Watercooling starter Kit???
Quick question regarding delta...
Aqua Computer AirPlex Revolution
Air bubble help
Laing DDC-1T @ 7V, will it work?
Lian li pc-8n
Should i go water cooling?
Need a Rad and Pump Now?!?!
GTX680 waterblocks?
3930k build with over the top radiators (plus pics and numbers)
Watercooling PS3 (first gen)
Watercooling a 7870 question
Building An External Water Cooling Loop- Need Confirmation On Parts
Indigo Xtreme
What dye have you used?
Monsoon compression fitting?
New Case with H100 Higher Temps
Watercooling newbie.
How I clean my waterblock / radiators
"Galvanik" a fully custom build, by me!
Hotter than I like...
Anybody using an NZXT Switch 810?
What is the best Radiator for DF 85 case?
XFX DD Radeon HD7950 Did I blow it?
Watercooled 6990 + 6950
Will my pump be able to handle 2 meters more of tubing?
Looking for "Just Right" 120.1 Rad
I think I have finally achieved basic competence in watercooling
Question on water cooling connections
I Challenge You!
Radiator fan bolt spacing template
Advice on water cooling setup.
Hello, first dive into water
HAF 932 WC
i7 2600k 5Ghz+ w/ GTX 580 3GB OC requirements?
MSI 990fxa-gd80 waterblock question.
swiftech Komodo full waterblock for 7970 release?
How to configure two Loops
Doing build research - looking for some insight
Intel BXRT2011LC
Cheap vs 'good' WC on 480gtx's
Ok! Before I blow up something else...
Do my temps look nornal to you?
Quantity of fluid in your system.
LOL! I blew-out a fan!
Barb Recommendation
Upgrade - 3x 7970 EK Blocks cooled with both 1260 & 360mm Rads. Pics & Data inc
Cheapest CPU waterblocks?
Low $ watercooling ideas?
Black Ice GTX M160 Radiator: Will it be enough?
Water cooling on unusual graphics card
Jet plates
What's in an ASETEK LCLC?
Auto External Oil Cooler for a radiator
Need advise, my first build
New Setup / Need Feedback
Sufficient cooling capacity?
Are there any pre-made dual-fan 80mm water cooling kits out there?
fan set up for the wadiator
Two loops, one reservoir
Asetek vs Corsair?
I7 2700k and H100 hot temps
Any problems here???
GPU Water Block warping
First time watercooling, a few questions?
Always check your O-Rings
Planning a water cooling setup
Wanting to add another rad and a res...... Not sure how?
No clue about water cooling, wondering??
My New Build Pics. Thanks everyone!
First build, everything looks right, but temps bad.
Curious water cooling problem
First build... rushed
Intel BXRTS2011LC High Performance Liquid Cooler
Looking to Build - - Advice Pls
Radiator question
ATi Radeon HD 5870 Waterblock & Passive Heatsink Placement
Silver coils in a loop.
Contemplating cost of water cooling
Adding another res! Where....?
Cosmos 2 Build log - [In Progress] ...continued
First Water Build.
Pump question
Mixed metal question
I don't need a pump. I need a PUMP. Looking for outside the box suggestions.
Are there waterblocks which can accomadate an air cooler on top?
Help me pick my first full tower for watercooling
What are the best reservoir should i buy?
Thoughts on my first WC design for a mid tower case?
Noob looking for another good read
[New Build Almost Complete] First time building a custom loop. All comments welc
WC in Mid Tower Case
Xigmatek Elysium rad/fans question
Temperatures within a loop.
Water Block GTX580 windforce x3
Just got a GTX 460
GTX570 EK FC Block
watercooling my rig are these enough to get stable temps ?
Water Cooling Raft Draft Help
H80 temp question
Placing a 120.2 Rad?
Best waterblock alloy? Car with 360 mm heater core?
Should I upgrade from H100?
Expanding my water cooling setup
Waterblock or new CPU?
Been lurking need a bit of help
First Watercooling setup.
Will 6850 water block fit onto 6870?
oh so thats why my cpu is overheating -_-
Thermaltake Element V Options?
Super Noob Question
955 BE To 4.0 - 4.2 ghz Stable with H100
ANyone tested the MCP35x2 with only one motor running?
HELP!!!!!!!! Watercooling
First WC - 2x 7970
Help! Radiator leak! Do I buy a new one?
Corsair 600T Build
Brainstorming. Where can I install another 360mm radiator? Corsair 800D
Final Check - Pre-Build Log
Cooling GPU and CPU in one loop... advice
Arctic Thermal Adhesive
Custom liquid cooler for LGA 775 question
HIS Turbox 6950 2Gb with EK Universal waterblock issues
First Water Cooling Attempt...
First time water cooling
apogee HD vs xt rev2?
Pump Failure Already
H80 install
Closed Loop versus Custom Loop
MCP35X or MCP655?
Radiator external mount
Help low flow rate error and don't know why :S
Radiator HELP! PLEASE!
Built a water cooler for the FX-8150
The PERFECT cooling solution
help with temp monitoring
Aerocool Shark Fan 120mm - Any good?
Hi guys - New user having a few questions about H20 920
Lian-Li PC-Q08 Build
Number of rads and if possible, how to get below 0
Small question - diminishing returns?
How big of a Rad?
XSPC D5 pump/res combo Noise
Planning for the Future
First water cooled loop build
Is my cooling system dead?
Fan/Rad set up and airflow advice needed.
Would this be possible? + questions
Which coolant/mix would be best (liquid)
Flow sensor or pwm controlled pump?
What rad do I need for my build?
New waterblock needed for Zalman Reserator
You're all gonna hate me for bringing this one up!
AirFlow direction for rads
Well, a little(Or a lot) of advice is needed.
WB's for GTX560's?
in need of a new fan control hub
LED fans for my rad??
tubing routing question
All in One vs Custom
Do I need a radiator?
waterblock after 1.5 years use with distilled and pt nuke
What is the radiator for?
Good Balanced Fans for Corsair H100 Suggestions?
Need help selecting a basic watercooling setup
Best Water block for AM3+?
Can we get a sub forum for fans and rads?
Motherboard Waterblocks
Another first Water Cooled PC Build :P
My First Watercooling Setup.
Is this a metallic problem?
XSPC Confusion
Need help to determine the fitting
Should rotary barbs have less ID than straight barbs?
My First Water Cooled build! 3960x, RIVE, 800D ^^
Temperature sensor on Apogee HD Block?
Aquacomputer Airplex Modularity System Reviews
watercooling asus 6970 help plz
new waterblock or new connectors. looking for some advice
corsair 800d water cooling
Diy watercooling
Some questions :P (rad size, AP-15s and EK Supreme choice)
Going back to H20!
Will my EK Supreme HF Rev 2 fit?
Anti corrosives?
Thanks to everyone that helped!
question(s) about quick disconnects
External Radiator Box
Making the switch (I think)
H100 Good?
Water build...parts...
What block for a GTX470
First Timer - Have high temps
WC Opteron 6174's
Problems with my MCP655 pump and setting up my loop!!!
First time setting up external pump?
How is this, for my first water cooling build
Resevoir question...
Need some ideas...getting my case ready.
Liquid Cooling In Case Setup
Best triple 120mm rad choise?
First Water Cooling Loop
Will these work together?
Pump suggestions?
Surging Water Level
First Watercooling System, Temps High?
h100 mod not pumping?
Suggestions for triple 120mm rad.
(fan) CFM needed for a rad...
Quick question(Rad Configuration)
First Water Cooled Build
Who has water cooled a Asus Rampage IV Mobo?
waterblock problems
Watercooling -Help me build my system!
Kandalf LCS Mod Help?
Water Block question(Mobo)
Questions about H100
Mineral Oil Cooling?
Rampage lll gene full mobo block help
XSPC Reservoir Pump Attachment hight?
Which coolant is the best to use
Advice on choosing water blocks
Almost there..Rad questions
Canadian guy Weighing the options of WC
Pump Selection Advice
Corsair Hydro Series H100 Review
How can I remove severe scale?
Nvidia quatro 400 GPU cooling?
Reserator 2 - Removing old pump (or alternatives)
Trying to Watercool my hafx on a budget
What do you think of this Intel....??
First water cooling build.
Adding Antifreeze in a loop?
My first liquid cooling system
Case recommendations?
Radiator and fan size questions
Considering a Water Cooling build
My very first watercooling build
Looking for specific tubing..
Looking for good 480 or 560 radiator for 1400-1800 RPM fans
Another starter - i7 & 7970 single loop
First dual loop. Will this work? (Pic inside)
First watercooling build
h100 cleaning. safe to use air compressor?
I need help with Tubing for my loop
2 GTX 460, 10C difference under same conditions?!!
What benefits do dual pumps provide?
Are these temps normal? (480 GTX)
Get liquid, or upgrade my CPU?
Secondary video card 10-14c hotter.
Is a kill coil enough?
GPU cooling problem
Replace NB waterblock on Asus striker 2 extreme??
Is this enough raddage for FX8120
Define XL watercooled
First Watercooling Build - 800D - Partial Parts List
Unwanted Heater from WC Setup
Does a Noctua NF-P14 140mm fan push enough air for a HW GTS 240 rad?
120mm Silverstone Penetrator fans
MCP35X doesn't always start right away. Help please. EDIT: Video Added
Did I get ripped off?
First Watercooling Build
EK FC Bridge for Asus GTX580 DC2 (x2)
1090T Liquid cooled Temp questions
H60 w/i7-2600K
water cooling to lower room temp - put heat in next room
CPU block suggestion.
What size tubing should I use?
New XSPC EXO rads coming soon
Water Temperature Sensors and Displays
New to watercooling - couple of queries...
H100 RAD + H70 RAD+ H100 pump & 5.25"RES MOD
heatsink paste
Suggestions/help for an ITX i7 2700k build /w 7970
Will old d-tek tc-4 fit 1155?
Hi. New member here.
Sli connectors
A couple of maintenance Q's ?
New Build: Dr.Gonzo
Feser One, is the residue cleanable?
Water Cooling Temps
best radiator fan out there?
1st time water cooling
7970 watercooling... universal block w/ factory heatspreader???
Modding a Antec Kuhler 920
Obsidian 700D with H100 or H80
Enough Rads?
Just a thank you :-)
Waterblock for AMD FirePro v7900?
Are my water cooling temp alright
Rate my loop before i set up?
This sounds like a bad mount (solved)
Do I need dual VPP655s/Rads?
DX58SO vs DP55KG
Can I just used a silver coil and Distilled water in my loop?
Using a Silver Coil
quick cooling question.
An Idea I Had
I want to run distilled water through my loop can I put Hydrogen Peroxide in it?
:idea: cooler master sniper + Antec200mm rad. + some.
88 degrees celcius i5-2500k on H2O?!?!?!
Any experience with Corsair H series coolers?
DEAD 570 GTX with EK waterblock... No OC...
Custom watercooling loop
What do you know about the XSPC Rasa?
Installed New GT AP-15 Fans on RX360
First WC loop. Need Feedback.
What are some good radiators?
Water Cooling question on full cover block or only core block GPU
140mm rad with 4x G1/4 connections
120x38mm fans for XSPC RX360 (8fpi) radiator?
Need opinions on cooling
Help with reconfiguring old build
Watercooling suggestions
Throwing RAM into the loop
Water cooling help on Swiftech or EK <-- Important
Laws of Nature!
Upgrade h100 stock fans for best cooling
Fluid change advice Zalman reseratot XT
Distilled Water vs Coolant! Pros and Cons.
Cooling block help
Corsair H80 or H100?
Looking for feedback on my proposed watercooling loop for a new system
Corsair H80 temperatures
Few minor mods
H100 Temps
future build research
Water Cooling Tips Advice
Mobo Cooling?
2500k Water Cooling Help
Radiator rating.
How do you clean your components / loop?
Intel P55 or X58?
2 Loop/Radiator Setup
Help removing 3-pin MALE fan connectors.
HAF 932, 2500k (GTX 570HD) Water cooled
Opinion on first custom watercooling
Aquaero5 XT Question
Apogee HD IN Port
Will this Rad fit inside my case???
Can you fix a rad
MCP35X Owners Please Help!!
Pulling the trigger on a new WC loop
tubing bends
How much better?
Cooling 2 hd6990+Core i7-3930K
Asus Maximus extreme IV X79 + Raystorm XSPC
EK P67 sabertooth block on Asrock Z68
Radiator box
Corsair h100 and Antec lanboy
Temperature Monitoring.
800D & FrozenQ Dual Bay Reservoir
mcr220-qp and the 800d..
Any Advantage at 10C vs Ambient
New User...Dilemma
ASUS MARS II water block?
Need help with water cooling parts
stock 2600k with H80 temps
Rack Enclosure Water Cooling
Yet another 690II...
rad or pump upgrade?
Best Fans for cooling a radiator
Water Cooling liquids
HAF X extreme water cooling!
H80/H100 Questions
New Build: Project Black Devil
Help on pump and res choice for custom loop...
designing a custom pump top for the D5 (mcp655) (thats not an arm and a leg)