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water-cooling voltage
Place to Buy Mag 3 in Canada
UpGrade Complete! Many Pictures (Fast connection only)
what radiator do you use?
Is this info right?
24/7 or on and off?!?
Which block/pump combo should I go with?
Coolant flushing
What Case Is This (Pic)
Shadowblock Revision 5 (final) !
Worse temps with watercooling, what gives???
12V pump relay
temperature keeps going up and down
Ideas for my first Watercooled project: Comments / Suggestions?
maze 4 wb oval ring after lapping
Tubes that dont get foggy?
New Set-up (Lots of Pics)
New pump and fan...
Will UV Dye Stain Clearflex 60?
Quiet One 1200 Barbs
bed temps.
Maxijet 1000??
New AMD heat spreaders
new pics of final assembly and custom wip panel
Stupid Air Wont Get Out!
My Wonderful Setp (pics)
Getting a 120mm
what size tube?
this UV dye sux... ?
New P4 WC setup (first timer)
My setup :) PICS INSIDE!!!
No clamps - asking for trouble?
hose barb subs
best GPU block for my 9500np?
here's new rig pics
WaterCooling Setup...
Rig Updates -- PICS :D
Iwaki MD-20RZT
Fan Positions
Placement of T-Line
Help with Koolance case (pic)
Few basic questions
What's a good and cheap way to measure water temp?
Why the small waterblocks?
Nalgene Reservoir
EHIME 1250 is leaking need help!
How to make it portable
Use of Trans coolers as radiators
pictures of my system
gemini spir@l...cracking?
Water cooling case compilation
Poll: Series or Parallel?
why case sideways
RBX Socket Hold down
Flowrate Too High?
push/pull: 2 heatercores 1 fan, new idea?
What to put on a mag 3 with 1/2 NPT female intake?
New Maze-4 AMD Unseating CPU
my POOR rig!!
D-Tek Pro-Core VS. 86 Chevette heatercore
Push or Pull?
Just added a maze4 gpu, PICS!!!
Maxi-Jet 1200 pumps?
Push and Pull...does it really help?
Anyone with a Watercooled Lian Li? Pic Request
Need help choosing a case
120mm Fans
Shadowblock Revision 4 (hopefully final)
Latest Update! (with pics)
How much $$$?
Any old pumps
one blackice micro?
Can a rad just go bad?
Volume of water in your setup
Need ideas for fixing jet impingement on Witewater (uh..u round cather?)
new setup done, thanks for the help
What's the Best VGA and NB blocks? And 80mm radiator?
Suggestions on W/C setup please-Thanx
quiet one 1200 SEALED!
Wondering about my pump...
my 1st w/c setup :)
WC'ing setup guides
First Try?
Watercooling noise?
Will solder hold two peices of copper together?
what to oc?
Setup Complete (pics)
what ya think?
what ya think?
Shadowblock revision 3
3.5"/floppy bay display for temps
Draining Water
Eheim barbs question
Deionised water and Distilled Water which is better?
Lunasio X Force Extreme Radiators
Mixing Hose sizes
Asetek Waterchill Kit fittings
i inverted my rad fan then temp increase from 42 to 49
waterblock care/tips?
heatercores in Canada
L30 too weak?
help with external box & shroud
eheim compact...
White Water flow rate
my plans for gpu block
Is this an isolated incident?
using rubbing alcohol instead of water???
Picking out a water setup
nearly setup.. ish..
New block for the Shadowcooler
water block prob
new at watercooling, $200 to spend what do you think?
waterblock question
I need help on picking from a 3 or 5.
Another Incarnation of WaterCooling (Pix)
Best waterblock for XEONS
@Morphling1 or Anyone using his block
WW on P4 3ghz, 41 idle temp O_o
Add me to the list brothas!
H2O the new frontier (please advise)
Recommend me a waterblock...
Check out my rig now :D
Pump upgrade - I need some advice.
Rio Pumps - Inline use?
n00b, is this all I need?
My w/c setup for under $110.
Wow.. temps.
Koolance Chipset Cooler Q's
got nothing, would appreciate help
110euro water cooling
Advice (Vendor)
Shadowcooler design pics etc, comments appreciated
RIT whitener & brightener users...
Any Small WC design for GPU and NB?
external case...
new AS5 cycles w/ water cooling
Has anyone tryed these?
who has put a dehumidifier on their water cooling setup?
Eight 80mm fans on an 8*8 inch heater core.
4mm-5mm plastic top?
pvc wrong hole fix up?
Corsair Hydro Cool 200 ??
D_Tek? Danger Den?
dual heatercores a good idea?
How much?
Need help finding 2 '86 chevette heater cores.
#1 waterblock reveiled
disassembling a water system
Whats better, Spir@l Waterblock or TC-4 Rev 2
Good NB block for nf7-s 2.0
via aqua silencer mod... FAILED?
Tell me if I made the right selection for my Water setup.
H20 Newb - Best bang for buck waterblock?
w/c pelt
where to find tubing locally?
Few questions about iwaki pump
Dtek S&D Radiators and Blocks pretty good?
Pump/Flowrate Q
shroud tutorial?
Buying a new radiator
Artic Silver 5 Vs Artic Silver 3 in water cooling
GPU and NB Cooling Questions
pump adapter question
Some Interesting reading about glycol
Mag drive wont start!
fish tank water cooling
My setup :)
Holes in my #rotor base :'<
two quick questions
commercial water block gallery?
Swiftech H20-8501B please help on deciding a few things!!
New to watercooling
TC-4 Rev.2 on A64?
ambient - idle - load relationship
Fresh water comes out blueish!!
which WC system suits me best Please help!!
caprice heater core?
How is this for a low price 1st time watercooling kit?
Asetek WaterChill Cooling Kit install
New Setup (Pics)
inhibiting corrosion w/o antifreeze
A Guide on How to Mount A D-Tek White Water with Pics [retired sticky]
Quiet 1200 one not so quiet, can anyone help?
A bunch of questions
O-rings sealing.......
where can i get a D-Tek ProCore in the uk or from u.s that ships to uk.
Rust? Bacterial buildup!
Would it be worth it?
Maxijet 1200 problem
running 120v AC off of your powersupply?
Safe to use dye with a whitewater?
Radiator sizeing?
Out of the ordinary
lapping a ww
I have to ask, not being ignorant just a question
Could I use 92mm instead of 120mm?
check this WB out
Eheim 1250 Outlet?
WC Setup..Anything I should be concerned about?
:opinions wanted:
How are people silencing these evercool 120mm's?
Cascade on Ebay
GEMS Sensors rotary switch, worth it?
Amount of additive in wc-setup?
Help updating system
2 ?'s - System Setup & which pump to use
HD wc
Dremel cut off wheels.
am i going too far? <----
Planned WCing System; Comments?
fan vs blower on a rad (pics)
New pump
Another "comment of my parts list" thread
New RBX and GPU with dual Rads, which pump?
recommended TIM
Milling copper
9800 pro water cooled???
Mag 3 - Tighten barbs with an impact wrench!
Radiator outside?
my maze4's dont fit
(drumroll) "Back by Popular Demand"... or just cause
PLEASE help with A7N8X and WCing
smallest eheim pump?
any have to run multiple pumps?
RBX on p4 on AI7.....
first setup
q tec ks70 water cooling any good ????
how to convert water pump to 12 volts
Time to clear up misconceptions
Fitting Shroud?
water chill system from asetek
New rig with pictures (56K beware)
looking for a pump
Suggestions for pump size on my setup...
What the hell is wrong with my setup?
northbridge waterblock for a gigabyte
Maybe i need a bigger Case?
Advice on what to buy....
iwaki md-15R or 2xswiftech mcp600
Beckett water pump
Pics of current setup
no post after running for 20min with new watercooling
Tube Size, Clamping Methods and Resivour Making, this should be interesting
water cooling with non usual parts
Water cooling and pump failure?
Where to buy Mag3 locally???
Welcome me to the club!!! (pics)
A few questions before I buy.
Go from two 80's to a 120 on HC and get HIGHER? temps?
help findout out what car this is from?
Planning a new home brew watercooling system
New RBX, these temps sound right?
how well would this rad work?
Whick one?
Think a Mag3 will push this?
Danger of condensation?
Tubes Kinking
Newbie Questions and I have read the Stickies
zalman wc block
stretching tube over mag3 input
Can never be too safe.
Help needed here!
Low Tech Relay.. sorta
two pump problem??
Black ice micro in paralell
Love Walmart :)
what kind of pumps do cars use?
Some mounting questions /ideas
Eheim 1262 vs 1060?
Ok my buddy want to go water cool.
Hi-Lighter, and effective Orange Dye?
Chieftec and WC Setup
custom resevior question
UV reactive marbles in water res?!
Dual Radiators?
simple advice for fittin 1/2" tube over 3/4" barb
shroud doubts
Thermaltake Aquarius II is not TOO bad!
Eheim 1250
DD Thread Size
D-tek Jr 120 vs. BIX
Case and Radiator Recommendations?
Radiator/Heater core
Are heatercores worse in parallel?
Merry Christmas and Thanks!
WC failure question
Dual heatercores?
keeping my whitewater looking nice
12v dc pump to fit in 5 1/4" bay
Setup another water cooler :) pics inside
Case Space
Transmition cores?
Liquid Tower
hydro cool system
external water cooling boxh help
radiator leak fix..
holes on d-tek customs northbridge block
Pelts-2 loops-worth it?
first time with water, suggestions (swifttech kits)
My new RBX setup :D [56k warning]
Shim removal, DangerDen block, 9800P.
Flexible Metal Tubes?
Eheim 1060/1260 and inlet size
Watercooling Setupt, how does it look?
Noise-deaden a VIA Aqua 1300
Just for curiosity's sake
whats wrong?
How to get better airflow with W/C...
Dex-Cool and white gunk?
Pump Vibrations
quick connects
regarding draining w/c
1/2 inch tubing
A little Mag drive Flow Curve INFO
Hydor L30 Replacement parts?
First W/C Rig *pics*
WC Setup, whaddya think?
Mag 5 pump
an idea
pretty water additive
Plumbing order
temperaturemonitoring help
New Eheim broke!!??
99.995% Pure Silver RBX (S-RBX)
Dispense with radiator?
3/4 tubing all the way?
will i need a cpu shim for a waterblock
new case, where to put rad?
external water cooling pics (56k warning)
WW Mounting on a NF7-S
cooling uing car rad core
Critique my planned WC setup, please
Accelerator plates!
vacuum reservoir
Water Cooling Dual Xeons
Where to get a reservoir for submersible pump?
my X-mass gift from my wife
I hope i didnt mess up my WW...
? on chev. heater core
Who invented this?
impingement on the white water block
temp issues with pumps
Just Finish my WC setup
Ehiem 1250 Inlet
Can you file your radiator?
Quick help! Hdd rubbing radiator?
Cascade and K8 ?
fuglitastic H2O. . .
highligher as UV dye..
Anyone with Swiftech Quiet Power
Just bought all my stuff....I'm lost :(
How about a Iwaki Md-20R?
sites like usplastic and mcmaster?
About time to get started...what else do I need?
new water = lower overclock
MCW5002 or RBX?
bacteria protectent , not WW?
question about the t-line
Humm eheim 1250
HCore on its side?
relay switch ii
what is the difference between the MCW40 and the MCW50..
Update on MCW5002-A mounting
waterblock top (acryl)
RBX socket hold down on a board that has 4 mounting holes?
what canned air does when sprayed to the water block...
Quick question on my future rig....
pump on 24/7 or not (pre- July 05) [retired sticky]
Bit of a bleeding problem
waterflow splitter/combiner
Danger Den Hold down Bracket /Slit-Edge
Leave the pump on 24/7?
need some help with p4 whitewater mounting
Could someone please aid me in a flowrate discussion at another forum?
Will a ProCore fit at the top of the Coolermaster ATC 110b with a Cdrom installed?
which tubing?
High temps with new setup
Are Eheim pumps submersible?
PERFECT Shroud for the Chevette HCore
MCP300 popped like a melon
Watercooling kit??
Bleed hole on a heatercore?
About #1 water block in the world
T Line vs. Reservoir
Solder Cu Block
Water cooling kit question
Before I screw something up
New to watercooling
question about dtek coolant
Koolance Exos flame me if you must...
maze2 socket A to 478 conerter plate?
ViaAqua 1300 ok for WhiteWater?
120mm rads with 3/8 id tubing
I need some pics and examples of how to add a vga block
Water cooling....30 bucks, would it work?
My First WC system
New to H20. What do you think of this setup?
Reducing inlet restriction...is this idea overkill?
Zerex Super Protector
New heatercore shroud!
Clicking noise from my Danner MAG3
Radiator comparisons 80mm vs 120 mm
LQQK! Blue Antifreeze!
AI7 + Dtek WW = mounting problems
Asus P4C800 and Waterblock, Huh?
Elbows and Increased Inner Diameter (ID)
Using paint as a UV dye?
Placement of Temp Sensor
<eek> temps high on the black things
Aquarius or SubZero4G?
really wacky Iwaki pump
how much lower will i get with better pump?
Just started the leak test
Mounting heatercore at top of case
ram watercooling??
"The Ooze"
How much did you spend
watercooling with something diff than water?
Good online retailers for water cooling?
INSANE speeds with wc and P4
Drilling holes for barbs?
[Help] About Threaded Fitting Size
Woot, had my first leak...(Hdd question)
Home Made Water Chiller, How-To?
Maxi-Jet 1200
Top 5 Cases for WC'ing+OC'ing
Connecting to mag2
UV die question
Custom Kit help
No such thing as de-ionized water...
W/B question
Eheim 1260?
Finally got it done.
Where to get 5/8' hose barbs?
Changing Barbs on DD Maze4
[Pic] danner mag 3 T fitting Mini Resevior
Extreme Water Chiller?
finaly fixed and running again
Tube and Rad cleaner
Cheap Copper cleaner
86 chevette heater core?
Leak Free Danner Mag 3
Cascade and TEC
foaming coolant
why a heater core?
How to clean a heatercore?
Wow the temps.. funny inside.
attaching a reservoir
Heatcore leak
Custom Radiators
Cooling system on Ebay
Mounting radiator ideas
New Type of Radiator Discovered: Transmission Cooler!
Accidentally left my radiator fan off...
My WC, Added a MazeGPU [PICS]
Chevette core enough for dual xeons?
Water Wetter Stains [inquiry]
Recommended Volumetric Airflow through a Caprice Core?
FIRST H20 comlete thanks OC-forums! :D
External WC setup using Acrylic Football Display
1/8 thing.
Best addictive/coolant solution
A nice article about Antifreeze
Sideways L30
um, water lvl is coming up, not falling, while bleeding O_o
Silverprop Cyclone
Eheim or swiftech???
Those with WhiteWaters
Looking for a good resorvoir that fits in 5.25" Bays?
whats the mixture?
cool mod being made,
not as shiny as it used to be
Just a thank you to Cathar
Eheim 1250 Question
Little Giant pumps?
How do you tie the Resorvoir into your system?
What is the best brand or type of tubing to use?
Im a noob to water cooling! whats the best starter kit?
New setup opinions
Mag2 Flow restrictor?.
I would like to get my feet wet so to speak, again....
Recognize this pump?
WB mounting is bending my board..
Which pump for a dually?
mounting NB block
cleaning used heatercore