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looking for a new pump. Suggestions - URGENT
Where to buy copper for DIY WB in UK ?
I'm thinking of adding a GPU block
Here's my try at a external watercooler.
power supply water cooling
Tapping pipe thread
Water Temps SUPER HIGH!
Cooling performance improved over time.
Power plant 2
I think I'm finaly done for now
The Cheap Pumps?
It's ALIVE!!!
hot pumps
Concern about a Ti4600 and tightness of Dangerden block
Cost to completly watercool?
Pics of new W/C rig.
how much different load temps from water?
Anyone using an Abit IC7-G with a NB waterblock? for a the new Swiftech NB block
pump power cord
watch out when u tighten your wb, it cracked my core
Help!! No Post
My First Watercooling Project Is Done!!
watercooling a 9800pro
New watercooled systems picture thread
What is the Absolute most powerful pump?
I need your opinion for this thought:)
Will I be able to use my existing WB on a Athlon 64?
Need pics of W/C rig posted Please.
just gonig for kits
tube staining
Too many different heater cores for chevette which one? Value line or other?
My Water Cooling System.
Via Aqua 1300 Impeller Mod
My project...
Aquarius 2 Block
A first timer's photo scrapbook of building a watercooling system
Question about UV dye from SVC
mounting dangerden GPU on radeon
Help me shop at Home Depot!
Would this vid mem cooler work
Wow that was easy!
teeny tiny bubbles at certain places in closed loop
Purple ice, air bubbles, foam, temps
Thinking about going water cooling on my current rig
n00b to water cooling
Let's see those lap jobs
W/Cing advice. I have Heater core
20 difference between idle and load... Any ideas?
T-Line ?
What are your opinions on this pump?
New rig
clamps? how many?
eheim 1250 problems help :'(
Junction Box
Aquarius 2??
what do you use to cover the top of the t fitting?
Has anyone here kept their water completely or nearly clear?
mounting a cascade with no holes
Easy Water Block Design
Help me before i ELECTRECUTE myself and my PC
External Cooling Question
Which heater core to buy?
are there real 1/2in barbs for swiftech?
ok, LaST question for this 1 system for me, WC
do i have to use an additive if...
Next WC project, need case suggestions
help my first watercooling project is almost done!!
mr. clean?
soldering vs brazing; brass/copper bonding
via aqua reliable?
Where can I get a flow-detector?
cooling a water cooled computer in the winter
Iwaki pump questions
thinking about a water cooling kit
Input on WC Rig
3/4" down to 3/8"
convert 1/2" to 3/8"?
any watercooling videos around?
what the hell is this, great or not?
watercooling logistics....
EHEIM 1048 connectors ??
Where and how to mount Heatercore
Which Block? Swiftech Vrs. Innovatek ?
Clear PVC
Acrylic/Lexan Question
I talked big. Now lets see if I can back it up.
The fruit's of my labour...
Best GPU Block?
mounting hardware for wb's - where do i get it
Where to find danner mag3 ?
what a difference mounting pressure makes
Cascade and bubbles
Swiftech MCP600
Question about drilling through cylindrical glass for a reservoir
Formatting for CNC
Comments on this pump
Any comment on my first watercool setup?
Making your own waterblock.
Mixing pumps in series?
I need BayRes measurements
90 degree that bad?
removing whitewater middle layer?
Where do i get a cascade?
best maxijet pump
watercooling setup for a 1700 t-bred
which is best water block?
1mm mill bit - where do I get one?
How much cooler with a shroud?
just ordered a nemesis...
Any opinions on a Koolance PC2 rig?
Stepping up to a DIY WC system, long winded
Eheim pump interfere with CRT monitor
pump throttling?
please advise on watercooling kits
going to get into watercooling, make my own wb's
Has anyone modded their poly top?
Wanna build your own block? Great drill press mod
normal temps?
Plexiglass top on a waterblock?
my "Dream"
german reviews of waterblocks
Noobi question.. making my own block
Chevette core question.
Can Zerex stain WW polytop?
Help me build.........
painting a heatercore
need help to build decent water setup
Leak Leak Leak BOOOM!!!
Rad / Blowhole air flow
worth it to cool gpu / northbridge?
Will This Block work with Radeon 9600
Water-Cooling temps
Electroplating the Copper base
whitewater - measurements
Pump failure safegaurd question
I need help with my block!
Which Radiator?
Die Offset
Custom Water Blocks?
1/2" and 3/8" please explain.
powerful low noise fans
-AN fittings
Water cooling and me.
NEW ...Cyclone Fusion GPU block
Two Questions...
Cathar, *another* waterblock idea needs insight...
Threaded holes in waterblocks..how?
hydor L20
Resorvoir or T-line? (pre- July 05) [retired sticky]
serious problem
2400+ XP Potential
Distilled water and Zerex coolant enough?
Swiftech Hydrx coolant.additive
Water Cooling on 2500+
Stuffed my procore in today!
Barbs for the Velocity T1
Help !!! residue in my WC System
which radiator?
Best rad for case?
the right hose length
Bigger pump, lower temps?
Am I going in the right direction?
Temps OK?
Condensation on lines!!!
autozone out of stock - still need radiator
my pump is loud!
Suggestions on pumps
brass vs copper?
5/8" OD - 1/2" ID Polypropylene Y fitting or Brass
This looks a bit tasty !
Local place to get Water Additives?
Cad template
Removed IHS from proc for WB
External W/C box designs? HELP! - please :)
nething special for gpu blocks?
Iwaki WMD vs MD
portable watercooling???
n00b to WCing
I want to try.....
using 3/8" tygon tube in 1/2" fitting?
First O/C on water results.......Watch me go!
Reservoir or T-Line?
MCW5000-A Barbs
Going EXternal !
NOVA pump ?
Cold Air Induction
Is this feasible?
"Tornado" in my line
HUGE RAD, Ideas?
pump placement
Phosphorescent Critters in Watercooler
Water Cooling Setup Q's
Will one push/pull heatercore be enough?
Where to get 1/2 to 2x 3/8 Y
need opinions on my watercooling setup
9800 np waterblock?
new rig... few questions
Mag 5 Temperatures
Best Place to put Heater Core?
Pic of the chiller
wc a 9600 pro?
Mid Tower Cas For W/C what's your pick?
how expensive is your kit?
here's a bright reservoir for you Black Light folks
dtek ww comes with steel/alu barbs?
Danner Mag #3 or 5?
prometeia and exos
Help with getting better temps with a Koolance setup
New WW Block arrived - How to mount ?
Chiller back up and fully operational!
Push, Pull or Both?
Two pumps?
Changed coolant mix
Help puting a water system together!
VGA waterblock, Will it fit?
This is a bit silly but.....
Mag3 pump
Push/pull question
hand sanitizer kills germs without water but can it cool cpu's the same way
UV Reactive setups
a/c evaporater core
Socket 423 waterblock
bottom mounting fan/shroud/core???
Mega Tsunami
To mount a heatercore in fron of PSU's
D-Tek or dangerden kit?
Basic Watercooling Q & A
Black Ice xtream
Anyone with an MCW50... Question...
What does everyone use to plug up the T-line?
Spacing on MB mount holes...?
I dropped my via 1300...
Which one?
How tight do you mount your Cascades?
water chiller going bye bye
Dual shroud question
completely new to wc... should i?
New Innovatek WB for 5900 and 9800
Water Pumps??
Slush Machine
question about the dtek heatercores...
submerging radiator?
Got heatercore at the back of case?, I need your photos !!
Tweaking for lower temps
Maze4 or WW or Cascade
Slot covers with 1/2" OD holes for tubing
How to clean copper?
Strange Cascade remount
86 or 87 chevy heatcore?
bad danner mag 3?
are these temps ok?
Water-cooling vs Phase-change
Watercooling vs. Air Cooling.....
Are these temps good?
What are all the componets i need for a water chiller?
rad help
New To water cooling
need help with radiator
Whitewater/1250 vs. innovatek
Need a low buck, low wattage water kit
You got external WC, I need you ideas
how long has your pump been running?
Pic of my H2O rig
water cooling a 5900 ultra
via aqua 1300 failure
watercooling question
just got new W/C up, bit confused... (pics)
emptying a system
Need (pic) to Willys shroud guide??
Fitting my heatercore ???
Question for watercooling experts
Water Block Idea
water cooled PC in beta stages (pics)
Who is selling Maze4 AMD Cheapest
Do I need a more powerful pump.
Do I need a more powerful pump.
Pictures of my rig.
New W/C rig running, question?
Did I do something wrong?
how much of a difference would there be between a BIX and a BI pro?
Warning to those with bay resevoirs.
Mini Whitewater for GPU?
Dumb Idea?
Water Block
DiY Waterblock
Liquid cooling
is this a good water pump
Planning on getting wet
What block to choose?
What coolant do you use?
Chevette Barb Fittings
Will I have problems with air in the system?
WIll cooling the GPU as well reduce CPU temps
disappointed in maximum pc
Water Heating?
zalman waterblock
Does bayres work with an antec case
Will this setup work?
I wanna watercool
Koolance water block-keep for upgrade or not???
Here comes another water cooled PC!!
I think I bought the wrong Zerex product(s)
4 fans on radiator? beneficial?
quick question.
Don't want to use water wetter or anti-freeze.
Is there a NB block for a canterwood board ?
Great New Job
Water coolingkits...
New Kind of Water Block?
Noob to watercooling
ThermoChill waterblocks, released on august 29th
2x120mm Vantec Fans on a Chevetter Core
Voodoo PC WC Kit?
building the block
Silencing the Reservoir?
Chiller Pics, A tribute to Bender (56k Beware!)
Temperature variation: good/bad
the via aqua 1300 is submersable, right?
Newb Resources for Parts
Dual radiators?
copper and brass?
zalman air or koolance H2O??
making waterblocks
What blocks are compatible with Xeon's, and what radiator would you use?
Using a T
Active deionization systems?
Water Cooling....
- - the limits of water has been reached, no further advances possible - -
What's so bad about de-ionized water?
Can't find any 1/2 OD Tygon.
Mouts for a singel fan rad
My new w/c project...work log
Tupperware shroud
mosfet water cooled
danger den vs. innovatek
How does a heatercore work?
New Swiftech MCP600 12V DC pump
Quiet one pump
Case fan direction for radiator
Water cooling question...
as we all know...
Chevette Barbs
bring cold air outside to blow thru HC
Water cooling I want to get
Need advice on design for WC rig
leaving the pump on?
Canterwood/Springdale NB WB kit
3/8" or 1/2" cooling 3 blocks
is this a good kit?
Will this be a bad airflow problem?
is the Black Ice Extreme any good?
is the Black Ice Extreme any good?
is the Black Ice Extreme any good?
Been ou of the Loop
eheim alternatives?
rig opinions?
Mixing Metals
Swiftech QuietPower
SwiftTech 22500-PV. Anyone have it?
My system leaking?...or is it?
3 questions
Please help with new WC system design ?
cheapest, but still reliable water cooling rig
Whats the car model/year for the single pass big radiator?
Fish mod for the reservoir
which one is the best?
Reliability of Hydor L30 pumps?
Before You Ask
Ok which?
dtek northbridge block problems
My system... will it do what i want it to?
water additives neccesary?
Flow direction.
Res needed?
Cascade VS white water
POSEIDON "WCL-03" - Whacha thinking?
what is a cascade
Found a sweet deal on via aqua 1300
Lookin to go to water cooling......
Best radiator?
WW and High temps
Fx water cooling
Single pass radiator
can inlet go above water line in resivoir?
Can i Lap the White Water?
How well would this work?
Will this be enough??
New Swftech pump - MCP600
Watercooled Temp Question
1/2" Vs 3/8"
Idea for mounting a block to an ordinary socket
Will using smaller then suggested barbs on a pump make is run hotter?
I just want it to shotdown!!
IT"S ALIVE< ALIVE !!!! Buahahahahaaa !
Running two resivoirs... possible???
Where to put my T-line?
Water cooled system is finally setup
Y Split As A T Split?
Hypothetical H20 Results?
Zip Ties = Hose Clamps?
Cathar, my waterblock idea needs insight...
Hardware for block mounting
One more wet!!!!
Air heat radiator from a car
White water in Canada
Interesting... a true 1/2" block from Swiftech!
a question about which heatercore to use
problems with leaking and my Dtek waterblock...
4600 Dead!!!! Noo!!!
good or bad?
a 210gph pump for 20 plus shipping... any ideas?
HDD waterblock question
Custom amd block mounting
watercooling newbie seeking help...
Thermotek water chiller questions
water additive
Link to site with Heater Core specifications
The best sub-$50 CPUblock?
My new Waterblock
Gemini cool "High flow" or "Tsunami" model
Water Wetter and foaming
they say it's more work.
Squeezing out every degree!
Eheim 2026 Canister Filter..Good for WC'ing?
T-Line questions
What to do, where should I GO?
chill water or rad?
Two pumps, hard to decide...
Anyone wanna help a Newibe?
Aluminum Radiator and Copper Waterblock. Corrosion ???
what temps should i be getting on the amd 1700+ dlt3c with water cooling???
convince parents it ani't gonna leak
WB AMD mounting
PLEASE help a NOOB post pics (it'll be worth it!)
Block advice
My H20 Pics
Yet Another Creation --GPU
Water Pump on UPS
water cooling graphics card and northbridge only need help.
thoughts on this radiator?
Top Mounting My Rad---Suggestions on securing it?
Homemade waterblock for amd
A few pointers?
Noisey Danner #3
Copper heatercores in the UK
My WC kits
all i got is a drill press...
1/2 vs 3/8 tubing
Do temps normally jump so fast?
Finished my PC !
Watercooling Pics, finally!
European heater core ?
What I did while the Forum was down:D
Another Creation
ViaAqua Pump ok to start with?
5 m Head? 1141 GPH? = 40 pump
Black Ice Pro or Waterchill in Sonata
Advice on installing custom WaterCooling.
humidity questions
Could this work?
Wc'd Lian Li (pics)
H20 at last
cheapest price for an Eheim1250?
2 fans on heatercore vs one
Just installed my new blocks
finally, the rig is up
My First Water-Cooled Computer w/ Pictures
Welcome to the new forums peeps!
I'm back and wc'in
koolance and thermal grease
Gunky Waterblock
how's this fan look?
Use a heat gun instead of boiling water to slip on the tubes!!!
Cool water dispensor as a chiller
fans on the radiator
Mobo submersion cooling
Upgrading my WC system
how do u know when the cpu waterblock is on tite enuff?
wut is watercooling???
Crazy question about water treating
Question for Robotech...
Can I see some Setup pics with WW?
Makin a Water cooler
Help me name this custom waterblock... PIC!
The Gemini cool waterblocks
My first water cooled rig
De-ionized Water