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Heater core, fan, and bleeding recommendations?
Wooden Reservoir
one more time about my water cooling setup b4 i order
more tube the worst?
same temp as air !?!
same temp as air!!!!!!!!!
What block is better?
Query On Water Block Design
Just got WW
Definite guidance on Coolant
Got my WW but not too happy.
Receive my WW but....
this looks like a pretty cool chipset block
Am I asking to much?
Water cooling Setup, external heatercore
Koolance Case fans
Parts for cheap water cooling
CPU WB, NB WB .... my temps...
MCW50 vs DD Radeon Block, lowest restriction?
Radeon 9800 WB
Danner Mag 3 or Eheim 1250?
New 127MM fan... WOW
Power Supply for Watercooling
is there a reliable 12v pump? besides the innovatek eheim?
sunbeam reohbus leds =)
How does the swiftech mcw462 compare?
Xoxide.com Reservior/Pump Combo
Pumps smaller than 3"
Cheapest place to get eheim?
How to safely clean a waterblock
Which heatercore is the duel 120mm one?
Gladware shrouds
Antifreeze causing noise?
Koolance case owners needed
Pump noise?
Chipset blocks on Albatron Boards
Temperture moniters?
Pentium 4 mounting holes?
Going watercooled very soon
need some advice from you 'bongers'
install z-chipset WB on asus P4PE
water pump, which one?
WW mounting bracket, P4
new dd kit
normal temps for watercooled rig?
radiator : fan direction?
TC-4 probs
Not quite a relay question
how to install NB waterblock on MSI NEO2?
Close Circuit System vs Reservoir
new case, radiator, and setup with much improved temps.
Budget watercooling kit.
W/C rig finished!!!!
Pic of my external W/C box...
innovatek tank-o-matic MISTAKE(?)...
My Relay Article
OK i cant stand it anymore ( here is my super resevior)
How often should I change my water?
Pump reverse flow
Waterblock testing...
Bad Temps with Swiftech
Buy Or Build?
Tube question....
Water pump hell
Dtek Ww Arrived!! Wahoo
Anyone using a Eheim C-1000?
Will the Graph-O-Matic fit radeon 9700 pro>?
My Beast...
best place for rad?
What are the downsides?
An idea for making sure your pump is on
which wuold you use on SB
how much water dye?
Gemini CPU WB, differences b/t models
The Rattling Good God.
Where should I T off for my bleed line?
Watercooling kit
Is my maze2 obsolete?
Has anyone w/c a radeon 9600 pro?
which pump to buy for this setup???
GenX 1000 Water Pump
Thinking about water cooling... need help.
Temp differences for 9700pro...
Will Dangerden geforce 3 block fit 9500 pro
Mag pump
mixing metals...
Liquid Cascade...
PC70 users where did you put your rad? anyone use a DTEK rad?
2 Black Ice Micro's performance??
Safe mounting an MCH WB on the MB without mounting holes - how to?
Optimal pump output characteristics.
Rio 2100
DigiDock Sensor in H2O?
Alternative to tubes?
Putting my WC together
[From Egypt]Need help building my watercooling setup
Cathar, what radiator is this?
need advice/furture wc system
New Innovatek Passive Radiator
WC or buy new cpu? :P
Chevy Chevette
Northbridge waterblock design?
Picture of me the other day.
River of cool
two (2) questions about pump and waterblock
Watercooling temps...?
BillA's Thermochill review
Hydro Cool?
Pics of my setup.
Pump w/ least EM emission
koolance exos radiator
WhiteWater + peltier-A good choice?
UK's best overclocking website goes down
what happens is i run the radiator in a seperate loop?
resevoir for Via Aqua
Pump in res=Very high temps
Quiet One 1200
which way is best?
How are these results?
Woot Shin Etsu
Hard to find the Eheim 1250... :(
Where can I get an Iwaki RZ pump?
Best Material to build a chiller res?
best water block
D-Tek TC-4 Rev 2???
ViaAqua 1300
Tried to put a MCW50 on 5900 Ultra
what did you plug ur T-line with?
Kind of off topic...but
Testing my WC
Waterblock design - comments?
UV dye faded
Question about barbs and elbows.
How's this wb?
finding out a good deal on pre-built water cooling case...
I got my watercooling setup, tell me what you think
NB Water Block
Can a w/c setup transfer the max rated heat to a radiator?
Watter Wetter or Zerex for this little boy's w/c rig?
how much better is the maze4 than maze3?
how good is the maze4 against Cathar's cascade?
Wanting to water cool my rig?
So I just got upgraded my Ti200 to a 9700pro...
How to mount a p4 white water?!?...
Is D-Tek WW fit on my MB ??
Cathar, can i lap a cascade?
Lap a D-tek WhiteWater?
wc advice
want a 1/2" ID tubing system, most components 3/8"... bleh
alternative to waterwetter
Let's hear all the EVIL leak stories!!!
Watercooling and Lan parties...
D-Tek White Water Mounting Question
noobie watercooling setup
stylish W/C stuff in US
Waterblock for a GeForce FX 5600 ?
need links on how to make my own waterchiller from minifridge.
Shutoff valves...
Quick release fittings for 1/2 inch ID tubing
Power for my external water cooling system?
What Pump To Get?
Pro blocks....
What's the deal with the WaterChill
Mix coolant with UV die?
Flow rate vs Pressure?
my new waterblock project
How many of the orginal WhiteWaters are there here?
flow setup: silly or sweet?
WC placement
Swiftech waterblocks, how do they compare?
how do you like your copper top maze 4?
Flow Question?
What kind of water do you use for WC?
SilverProp EVOS Review
Koolance Exos Liquid Cooling SYSTEM? opinions
Big Res vs. Small Res
Closed line systems VS. reservoir systems
Interested in a T shape fill line
What heater core to get?
Waht heater core to get?
Relays for pumps?
Hows this for my first setup?
Hydor L20 problem? (with inlet)
Water cooling risk inquiry
Effective multiple block setup - which one?
Someone got any suggestions on a case that already has water cooling in it??/
Danner Mag reliability?
how much better is a push and pull strategy with radiator rather than just a push????
how does this setup sound?
Water Cooling and the "Moving Man" - Part 2
waterblock for 9800 pro?
Good WC kit?
Looking for a fan shroud for a heatcore with aluminum fan
Cascade users - don't use food coloring!
never using a poly top again (pics)
mini fridge turned in to a cooler
Got Water
radiator, whats better, dtek or blackice?
Sensors / Fanbus for Watercoolers?
Advantages of a larger heatercore?
Dual Pumps
ebay ad for complete system
Water cooling temp problem! Please help!
Copper fan shrouds
Video card waterblock question
First WC setup, temps sound right?
New rig (piccies)
Another 'would this work?' thread
Which pump
Want an EZ H2O cooling system-> look here.
WW for Canadians....
Mixing copper and aluminium
Hose size and head pressure.
Mounting Screw Sizes for Danger Den Bayres Reservoir
Dual Xeons cooled by Dtek WhiteWaters?
My First Water Cooling/First Problems
How many H2O computers do YOU have?
Watercooling Test Pics (56k Beware)
tubings terms
Check out this Flow Meter.
^^-swiftech waterblocks-^^
--heater core search--
We just got a CNC at work
Gemini water block from case mods
Arguments against WC
Pepsi This One Is For You!!!!
-[Direct Contact Water cooling]-
critique on watercooling config...
better waterblock configuration
Watercooling retrofit, what to get?
Quick question - Maze4 Lexan thickness?
Fish water theory
? about reservoir and filling the lines
crap in maze4
anyone here have a watercooling setup in an Antec Sonata case?
Pump Failure
Strange happenings with my T-Line
chev heater core
3/8 to 1/2 adapters??
Best store for tubing and barbs
How would this be?
Why are the Gemini Waterblocks so cheap at Case-Mod?
Via Aqua 306 Submersible Pump
Installing a Water Cooling system?
Those with Hydor L series pumps...
Where to buy zerex?
copper and brass
Forget Water Cooling Your CPU, There Is FAR More Important Things To Watercool !!
fridge pics, and some ?'s
Water Cooling the 5900 Ultra Question
Any WC'ing ideas for the P4C800-E NB?
Make Me Go Water
were to buy a cascade block
Evaporative Cooling?
lian-li pc 68 water cooled
DTEK whitewater Aluminum or Poly
Dtek WhiteWater just arrived!
External Water Cooling: No Name Yet
Rad placement in case
Introducing my new water cooled computer
Filling my setup...
Tubing type
New setup *pics
First timer
DTEK whitewater specs...??
tbredXP1700 -- 2790mhz - waterchilled
What waterblock for the 5900U??
Open air Resevior
Maze 4 block hold down
Poll: Who's running without an anti-corrosive agent?
cleaning waterblock
water block installation
Massive air bubble problems
Mission Complete
water block pressure on cpu effect oc?
Y-Adapter or manifold?
CPU or CPU, GPU, and NB?
Dtek 3/8 core to 1/2
DTek heat core question
stretching 3/8'' tubing to fit 1/2'' barb
Water Chilling need help
Pump Wiring
Remounted block, now no boot.
Need Ur Help on Cofiguring my Lines
redce water temp
Cutting Lexon?
SuperCool™ additive from Dtek: Anyone have info on this?
danner mag 7 or mag9.5?
can u guys help me choose water cooling parts?
silver and copper in one rig will it work?
Maze 4 Warning
Finally!!! My watercooling is up!
Dirty waterblock
CPUs cool, motherboard warm?
Cooltechnica Concerns
Help wiring in a Radio chack relay
Any other heater cores/radiators like this?
Which to use? (1/2)" or (3/8)"
Water block thread
Im thinkin and its scary
Is this right?
need a gpu waterblock
Noob ready to take the plunge
Jet face to base plate ques.
Water cooling help? (nooby)
Questions about a external setup
is this watercooling kit good
Need advice for my running watercooling rig
ic7-g NB Block?!
Alternative blue uv water dye
LEAK Recovery
Insulation/ water chilling and condensation
Cascade wb and tec
external enclosure material?
My first WC System *giggle*
Take a look at this pump
Heater Core and other questions
Feels good to be back!
anyone using the maze4 gpu block?
Maxijet dying, help!
Dream Water Cooling System
Homemade Water Blocks?
Video Card Cooling
Flow turbulence and other questions
Water cooling installation
whitewater/cascade/wayvet, which one?
whats wrong with using antifreeze?
Max 2.8C Overclock
Urgent!!! Pump Relay Switch Instructions
The obligatory "finally up and running" thread...
My experiences/tips ror the Via Aqua 1300
intercooler liquid
Anyone got an IC-7 NB block mounting in the works?
ahhhhhhh CRAP
is 45 too high?
Waterchiller by powered peltier
Dyeing Tubes?
Does Clearflex tubing go by any other name?
Best place to put a probe
Waterchill Kit
Does your reservoir gurgle?
A few pointers on my W/C setup.
finally overclocked the beast
WW doesnt work well with Hydor L20?
Pics of my D_Tek White Water
I'm no longer a virgin!!!
Inline setup, Microbubbles, can't bleed them out
Effective bleeding and safe liquid deduction - how to?
cascade where do you buy one?
Where's the right place to clamp?
Maze1c hold down for a maze2
Argh, I'm losing my mind
any advantage to 2 smaller rads over 1 large?
Is the Danner mag 3 loud?
WW block? Explain the hype...
Ok well I got my White water BUT!!!!!!!
ok cool down NOW!
maxijet or via aqua?
D-tek WW- What happened to the nozzle plate?
Well, it's finally up and running..
Video card cooling
best kind of cooling for basement...
Cheap Pump?? is it good??
T line question
What are you using to mount your water block to your CPU?
chilled water question
Water temps are rising quite a bit, but CPU temp isn't, whats the deal?
Cathor-D Tek design
How are you holding your DIY water block?
Apologies to FrozenCPU
OK install time but i need alittle help.
which maze 3 should i get and which pump?
Swiftech Open chas Mod'd -pics
CAD design - ?
my ehiem 1250
Anyone using TC4 on 8RDA+?
NB Cooling / WB Comparison
heatercore mods
Homebrew WC + 1ghz oc club
will this relay work?
Anyone ever used an intercooler instead of a heater core?
alright, I need a radiator of some kind.
Rig pics, 3/4" PVC, 2 Rads. Please look!
radiator with a bong?
Anyone tried the Evercool 5.25" EC-WC-101?
Hydor pumps are reliable, right?
*** Online Heatercore Database ***
waterblock design question
L20 or Via Aqua 1300 for TC4 Rev 2??
1.6C water temp + TbredXP 1700
Flow Pattern
do you need a radiator ?
Chipset waterblock
where can I get a Dtek WW?
noise levels of pumps
shroud construction
if you have $200 and wanted to watercool your system...
Dual-CPU WC Setup?
my water cooling setup
brazil rulez
how can i make sure my wb is seated properly?
Aquafina ?
D-Tek or DangerDen NB waterblock
Fool apump into thinking the computer is on when it is not...need help
How long does it take cooltechnica to ship?
SLK-900U vs. SubZero4G
I want to water cool but.........
How to make a shroud for the RAD
tubes included?
How off does the in-socket thermistor read?
Radiator Gone Bad
Brass and Copper only; Really need to use WW?
Question about temps and C/W
Need bigger pump?
my external box
hydor l30
Maze4 = bad?
where can I get a Via Aqua 1300 @ NYC?
Danner Mag Drive Pumps
Buying and selling forum?
Water cooling tips for newbies
Oops! Reversed my fans!
EMP - water cooling - full system pic
The best watter cooling kit for 3$00 or less
F2 Extreme Radiators for Extreme watercooling
I thought of something.
How do you bleed your system with a Reservoir
Chilled Water Cooling
Water Cooling and the "Moving Man"...
Sand-Blaster Cut WaterBlocks
Chevette hc
Anyone with a Rio Pump?
any1 in america help me out?
What is the diffrence b/n a Pump and a inline pump
Corsair Hydrocool
D-tek Pro-core vs Chevette HC
A very good quality & very cheap copper radiator.
A very good quality & very chear copper radiator.
finally finished my rig
D-Tek vs DangerDen
Two pumps for more flow?
Pics of my waterblock
My first water cooling set-up please check it out.
Three Radiators Which Radiator performance is the best?
AOC EC-WC-101 CPU Water Cooler Cooling Kit
Good pump
D-Tek WW
Advice on installing DangerDen Waterblock on Hercules 9800 Pro
Heater Cores? UK?
Can you turn a heatsink into a Waterblock?
That impeller thing r0x!
Tubing question...
Why keep your pump on?
CPU, GPU, NB waterblock (who has them all?)
What about PolarFlo and Zalman?
Watercooling shops in Toronto
WC and mem
How many waterblocks can an eheim 1048 handle?
Submerged Maxi-Jet still making noise
Best water-colling kit for money.
what do you think of this kit?
good price on danner3
Cascade installed!
LRWW vs SlitEdge - a comparison
Push/Pull, 2xPush, or 2xPull
Post your H2O cooler's stats
Need Advice Eheim 1048 vs 1250
need to know something about the Evercool WC101
is this any good guys?
Watercooling questions...
Innovate water block question
heater core database
Parts to fit in Kingwin w/ 3 windows
budget pump
Best MICRO radiator for $40>
Mage Drive 3
What kind of Machinery do you use?
need some help setting up a water cooled system
Water cooling CPU oddity
Another one brought to the dark side
juct completed a cooling tower, comments, suggestions? Pics inside...
Weird powder on bottom of reservoir
And a watercooling I will go...
What Waterblocks do you use?