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Bit of Advise Pls
Instant shutdown after w/c installation..Need help.
coolant temperature
Ok just got some water cooling stuff and have some ?'s
*WaterTower external cooler finished
Power Supply for the watercooling masses.
Can you WC dual xeons?
pump leakage
Just a warning to Dtek customers out there
Major mounting problem!
idea for rad box - what do u think
Maze4 mounting
Leak Test ?
White "stripe" in my water...
Watercooling on a $150 budget
teflon tape?
Fans in external case
what radiator does everyone use?
Flow Rate Impact in Water Cooling (Summary)
Best clamps?
First WC, would like advise
WW or TEC?
Complete Swiftech Watercooling B
Dtek Radiator Help!!!
Getting overwhelmed with the whole WC thing... HELP!
Problems with Water Cooling (additives)
how do i wire the pump ?
Chenming 601 with WC
that X-Aqua block
Two Pumps + 2 Rads & a lot of trouble
Help with filling and bleeding a t-line
best case for water cooling?
Best water preservative for an open swamp cooled system?
Via Aqua 1300 help
My 1st water cooling setup (maybe)
NEC Watercooled Notebook
So how much Zerex is too much?
Hi, my name is Amino, and I wanna water cool
my next idea...
cutting channels
Unexpected Watercooling side effect...
Is this old news or what? All in one liquid HS
Temp differential: cpu/ambient under 100% load
is this too warm for water cooling?
3.5 in drive bay reservoir
arctic silver 3
second best water block?
Sealing Maxijet 1200
Quick Q about Swiftech MCW50
a use for extra cpu heat sinks
Good Solution for No Holes NB on Asus P4G8X?
Looking for an cheap block that performs like the big boys?
Southbridge WC'ing
What water additives you use?
how does it attach to the mobo
Budget Waterblock Questions...
Barb problem
Will the whitewater be delayed again?
Heater Core
Ok guys, this is where I need your advice.
any chipset blocks for 845/865/875P?
Water chiller w/o insulation?
new cap for bay res?
swiftech waterblock on geforce FX?
Best water cooling system? New user to watercooling.. need help!!
What rad fan do YOU use?
fill/bleed kit necessary?
Form a gasket
What water kit to buy??
How often do you guys change your water?
WaterBox 2.0
external kits woes...help
Dangerden videoblock
Noob's WC Q
P4 2.8c@3850mhz Extreme Passive Watercooled by F2 Extreme
2 questions about this setup.
Erythromycin is NOT water soluable
Eheim Pump Thread Type?
upgrading to 1/2 worth it?
I'm goin copper tubing, i need your ideas!
first impressions of this company
Maze2 3/8" to 1/2? Possible?
Water Cooler Finished (PICS)
Will a Dden GPU block work on my R9800 Pro?
BayRes Barbs
socket hold down.
So how big a difference did nb watercooling make for you?
where can i get water wetter?
D-tek core just arrived
Considering all the variables that effect watercooling performance
1/2" Barbs
Water Cooling Setup (Newbie)
1/2" Id/od
TbredXP 1700 @ waterchilled = High mhz.. and no pelt...
PSU & Water Cooling?
Acrylic Conformal Coating?
cascade waterblock
do you need a radiator with a chiller
actual radiator
Is it possible....
better cooling with series or parallel parts?
waterblock idea...
Some P4 water block pix - EMP
Danner Mag3 flow question.
BH-7 - using a NB waterblock - HELP!
Battery effect ?
Hi there...
Tubing Question
WB - thick or thin base ?
Could a Unablock function as a GPU cooler?
vertically placed pump
Temp delta between ambient and res water.
86 chevette heatercore...
heater core question
extreme case moding?
hydro L30 sideways?
finnished mod, how are these temps???
Copper Stock question
Cooling Stickies, Revisited
What are the dimension of your Black Ice Extreme?
wc setup finalized, rate?
Need Vid Card & Mobo blocks
Where is The Cheapest Maze3
what to cool
Plan for water cooling setup (first time)
First water cooling - ARRIVED! what now..
Any specs on maze4 yet
Huh? My Eheim 1250 dying?
my wc solution?
ok chevette is better but...
thorougly flushing the system?
Guide to a simple water cooling system
ON stock CHevette 87 heatercore question help
da wife gonna kill me
WCing Done. Here's the pic.
How many degrees above abient?
New method of securing a heater core
My New Water Cooling System
Has anyone ever used 1/2" tubing on a 3/8" Gemmini Water Block?
How do you mount your core
Watercooling problem
Waterblock Idea
Rad Choice
Is my temp probe busted?
We Want Our Stickies Back
Air Trap(not quite a reservoir...)
Need more tubes
Need help witn things I did wrong.
Need help fast!
My new temps, Picture and a question.
D-Tek Rad dissapates how many watts?
Pics of water and coolant and pump.
Shroud Question
WW pushed back again...
Life after spillage?
Dye-Lite and Water Wetter?
broken fins on radiator
WC setup done! *pics*
2 radiators in one water cooling system good or bad idea
Help with bleeding, parts checklist, and relay
I have an idea, but will it work?
Dimensions for Northbridge Mounting
LOTSA ?'s before I go H2O
D-Tek White Water delayed AGAIN
water cooling!
Direct die
New resevoir at FrozenCPU.com
Kits vs Homemade: Pros and Cons
Couple questions, first time wc'er
P4C800 Northbridge quandry
Another NewB question
My blah.
How loud is the Koolance EXOS (On Mode 3)
Scratch and dent waterblock good idea?
Might switch to WC, whata think about this kit?
Cooling Water With pelt?
How do you turn on your water setup?
water pump question...
Watercooling comes of age?
pictures of my rig, soon to be updated
Power supply enough?
For those of you who dont want a huge shroud
uber doober goody goodness.
21c and confused
Food coloring as a dye?
My w/c rig progress [pics]...
HeaterCore Fans
Looking for new 12cm fans
Can we have just one sticky?
External watercooling
Should I switch to watercooling?
Water Vs Air which is better?
Fasten waterblocks to motherboard without using holes.
Need a Pump and a Temp Question
For those who water cool their video card?
PRO/COOLING Slashdotted
Waterblocks dimension.
Gonna coke my core... need a lid ?
this design? or back to the drawing board?
Help me build a performance WC setup
Danner Mag #5
hard data on water wetter?
Is two 120mm fans on a heatercore really that much better than one?
Best Water Cooling System?
black ice xtreme 2 mother of a radiator
WC in series?, w/ copper tubing?, passive?
NAVAT (not another via aqua thread)
Eheim 1048
Please critique my future water setup
zalman wb01 block
Swap.evaporative cooling possible with a pressurized system?
some advice please...
WC setup is done =D
Is 37c load decent for water cooled system?
Okay... Too good to be true here.
How can you know if you wb is mounted perfectly flat
Looks like I may be back into the W/C game
Does more tubing length decrease cooling efficiency?
Massive Radiator
IS there a thing as too much water flow in a setup?
MCW5000 amd tec version
NB WB question
OC.com on slashdot
My creation (56k beware)
Where should I split the hose?
Viaqua is noisy again.
Which of these blocks for AMD...
Pump Comparisons and Dual HC Questions
Cooling Heatercore.
Need help big time
what kind of 120mm fans are good these days?
Indirect Peltier Cooling?
the deal with barbs/fittings for pumps?
Water n00b - please help decide
What do you guys think about this water block?
bix2 or core?
socketA higher than core? (wb design q?)
Please critique my H2O plans :D
which runs cooler?
water pump sizes
So when I go watercooling I know it lowers temps but
Best 80mm radiator?
Corsair Hydrocool on sale at NEWEGG NOW!!!!
Heater Core ?
Mounting a heatercore in a Lian-Li PC-70
Homemade Jet Impingement Block Idea
Finally got my rig setup *pic*
Teaser Pics of massive computer project
The first ever waterblock/use of PC watercooling?
Maze4 GPU blocks @ Cooltechnica.com
My last question (for a little while)
as anyone used this product?
Finally Watercooled!!
2 More watercooling questions.
Innovatek watercooling kit
New Rig New temps .. some questions
Will this kit fit my needs?
Some Qs to Canadian WCers (other welcome!)
Where's Waldo?
Best way to seal the screw in barbs on D-Tek heater core.
quick survey for you all with water cooling
tubes, water additives, etc...
first timer, water block and pump choices (evap system)
Waterblock Design.
White Water for P4
IS there a templete for the holes on an AMD Motherboard?
Hydor vs. Eheim
Bending Heatsink Fins to form Waterblock...
whats your air temp coming in and our of your heatercore?
some more n00b questions :)
Innovatek Kit sucks.
For those who 7volted their heatercore fans...
danner magdrive..glue trick or not?
Water Cooling Setup on Ebay
Ever seen a block like this B4?
Need a POWERFUL pump
which waterblock is better
D-Tek White Water pushed to 6/25
New drill - milling a better finish on copper
WB clamp for AbitTH7 style Northbridge?
help on waterblock mounting...
Blue UV water additive
problems with Tygon
Finally! Watercooling here i come! (my setup)
Some more help eh!?
my overkill idea
whats a good retailer for watercooling?
Shroud for BIX?
Lowset EMI
WC Setup from $110 to $150 top
thermial epoxy
Dd Wb
Which Y fitting should I get?
Gluing and the northbridge, or IC7 NB waterblock?
Are these the only Hard Drive water coolers?
Contraction a problem with tubing stretched over fittings?
One fan or two?
Just bought my Chevette Heatercore....??
What am I doing wrong?
how do i 7v mod a panaflow 120mm?
Anyone know anything about this Australian company?
why do they even MAKE Powerhead 1200's!!??
Couple quick questions?
probable rig
ideas for improvement to this block?
No boot? A7n8x
I Need help!!!
Thoughts on this setup?
How is this water kit for a begginer?
Rad / fan setup options
cheapest watercooling config?
Quick wiring question for ya...
please help put an end to the confusion: too much gph?
I need some ideas....
Watercooled first timer...
A waterblock of questionable quality.
Which relay?
Picked up my Chevette core earlier....
LRWW Block Shootout
Which pump?
Cool-cases CCR-02 Rev2 CPU Waterblock
So I just re-did my whole watercooling system.
A Radiator large enough for no fans?
Radiator question
Starting to purchese W cooling stuff!
Monitoring water temp with a temp diode.
Leakage prevention idea.
what do you guys think of this setup?
Battery effect...? Steel?
Form-A-Gasket 2 sealant query.
Idea for a WB
Is this setup realistic?
dd maze 4
Minimum GPH a Pump should be. (n00b)
About to enter watercooling
Pump interference q's
NB waterblock
Oh God, High Temp~
Radiator / Heatercore Question. (n00b)
Pumps and Rads
Please tell me I didn't mess up...
WB Solder problem.
Danner Mag 3 and PSU
chevette heater core system, quiet?
DIY reservoir, need feedbacks!!!!
What fan shroud?
How much UV dye to add to water?
Small watercooling questions?
Best Case for watercoolin, and other questions
My incase setup
My worst fear realized, now how do I fix it?
self contained CPU cooler
Push or Pull (case question)
Where to get these resevoirs?
Pump temp transfer
X-Flow vs. Innova-cool 3.0
Max depth for shroud?
is 3/8" tubing really that much worse than 1/2"
Chipset block and reservoir ( 2 Questions)
Cathar's video block?
Rudy's Water Cooling Guide For Noobs
Can anyone make this water flow sensor?
maze 4 thoughts?
difference between water and cpu temperatures
What to do with my copper?
mcw50 and 1/2" tubing = leaks?
Bay reservoir as effective as others?
Fans Question
Shroud attachment
xp1700+@2700Mhz Extreme Passive Watercooled
North Bridge Thoughts...
Question about tubing and 462-u.
How long can I run w/o additive?
Building an External Water Cooling Case
How exactly does watercooling work??
Where to purchase Parts.
2 BIM or 1 BIX
JB Weld good enough for Plastic and Copper?
one pump or two?
pump minimum for three blocks?
Can I mount NB water block on P4B533-V MB?
LRWW WaterBlock in the UK
Heatsink ---> waterblock transformation idea
UV Dyes
Performance hit with a reservoir?
Watercooling problems
General Water Cooling (n00b Question)
Best Light/Water Color Combination?
85F room temp: water or air cool?
Thoughts on plans for friends rig?
how does water make u o/c more??!!
Where to buy an Eheim pump online
How much would you spend, on test your waterblock?
WB Flow direction question, what am I Missing
Swifttech mcp300 or hydor L30
46litres / minute OTT ????
Help! a little maze3 messup!
UV watercooling [pics]
Notes on the Maxijet 1200
Iceberg vs Aquarius2, both $100 H20 systems.Tips on making a $150 high-end H20 system
homemade water cooling
Lucite tops...Have they improved enough?
Input on Additives?
Koolance fluid?
What tubing to use?
Nub ? : Ok to leave WC setup off for a few day?
what is the coolest running pump!
Water used in Your Block...
Bad WC results
hydor pumps in canada??
P4 temps too high?!?!?
Stretching 1/2" tubing over 3/4" barbs
Eheim 1250 Leaking!
D-tek or danger den heatercore shroud?
Arctic Silver 3 vs. Arctic Alumina?
Low profile 120mm fans?
need waterblock clamp can't find what i'm looking for!
Help With Filling And Bleeding
which of these pumps is best for me?
DD maze4 WC Kit vs. Swiftech 8500A
Res Problem
Have access to CNC milling machine, need help.
Painting the Radiator hurts performance?
No luck with logic cooling, help
Temperature Gadget
good parts for my setup?
pass through for pump starting
swiftech mcp300 or eheim 1048
First time water cooler needs help??
Positive displacement pumps
Dustballs = Bad
Good drill press / milling tools?
System Done what u think?
Lots of cooling questions on new rig
FINALLY watercooled :)
Preliminary pics of my water cooling rig
Making shrouds
What watercool kit for this kit?
Water flow meter - Connection to a fan socket
My new tempature, comments please
gpu waterblock
Quick question on radiator placement.
Will this relay work for my pump?
Hi guys, I was wondering if this has been done before...
suggestions on a new wc setup
german watercooling: powered by HEATTRAP.DE :)
Can someone explain the Via Aqua mod more detail???
Watercooling goodness.. Part Deux
Cheap WCing setup.
Crap... is my rig dead?
Is adding a huge res worth it?
1/2" copper tubing
A little something I put together...(pics)
Waterblock temperature
P4 WB Mounting Phenomenon
Do shrouds need to be angeled?
Hydor pump?
Sealant, what to use?
my 1st watercooling project is going bad
Help before I finalize my order.
Amperage for a relay
New WC rig done, need place to host pix!!!
Optimal CPU temps?
wc system recommendations
My new WC Setup / Air problems.
Clearflex 70
Dodgy pump mod idea...?
FInally have pics of my new Rig... (5 - 60k pics)
my system is now done thank god
Bolts, nuts, and springs
Waterblock Lapping
which assembled kit would you recommend?
MCW5000-PT an Tygon doesnt work??? Getting mad...
two radiators maybe?
LRWW+temp Q
Water is good for plants but not computers right?
Best ATi/GeForce block ?
case fans on heatercore?
How big is the Mustang Heater Core?
eheim 1250 connectors?
How I cut barbs
5/8" barbs
how does everyone make sure their waterblock is flat?
mounting waterblock w/ no holes in MB??
Few questions regarding Via Aqua 1300
How high is too high on a system temp sensor?
My radical dual watercooled case is built
I'm not having much luck mounting this block!
Swiftech 'Fill&Bleed system' Question.
How Tight For D-Tek Blocks?
antifreeze question?
Swiftech H2O-8500B Liquid Cooling Kit
Need tips on putting barbs on heatercore.