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WB clamp for AbitTH7 style Northbridge?
help on waterblock mounting...
Blue UV water additive
problems with Tygon
Finally! Watercooling here i come! (my setup)
Some more help eh!?
my overkill idea
whats a good retailer for watercooling?
Shroud for BIX?
Lowset EMI
WC Setup from $110 to $150 top
thermial epoxy
Dd Wb
Which Y fitting should I get?
Gluing and the northbridge, or IC7 NB waterblock?
Are these the only Hard Drive water coolers?
Contraction a problem with tubing stretched over fittings?
One fan or two?
Just bought my Chevette Heatercore....??
What am I doing wrong?
how do i 7v mod a panaflow 120mm?
Anyone know anything about this Australian company?
why do they even MAKE Powerhead 1200's!!??
Couple quick questions?
probable rig
ideas for improvement to this block?
No boot? A7n8x
I Need help!!!
Thoughts on this setup?
How is this water kit for a begginer?
Rad / fan setup options
cheapest watercooling config?
Quick wiring question for ya...
please help put an end to the confusion: too much gph?
I need some ideas....
Watercooled first timer...
A waterblock of questionable quality.
Which relay?
Picked up my Chevette core earlier....
LRWW Block Shootout
Which pump?
Cool-cases CCR-02 Rev2 CPU Waterblock
So I just re-did my whole watercooling system.
A Radiator large enough for no fans?
Radiator question
Starting to purchese W cooling stuff!
Monitoring water temp with a temp diode.
Leakage prevention idea.
what do you guys think of this setup?
Battery effect...? Steel?
Form-A-Gasket 2 sealant query.
Idea for a WB
Is this setup realistic?
dd maze 4
Minimum GPH a Pump should be. (n00b)
About to enter watercooling
Pump interference q's
NB waterblock
Oh God, High Temp~
Radiator / Heatercore Question. (n00b)
Pumps and Rads
Please tell me I didn't mess up...
WB Solder problem.
Danner Mag 3 and PSU
chevette heater core system, quiet?
DIY reservoir, need feedbacks!!!!
What fan shroud?
How much UV dye to add to water?
Small watercooling questions?
Best Case for watercoolin, and other questions
My incase setup
My worst fear realized, now how do I fix it?
self contained CPU cooler
Push or Pull (case question)
Where to get these resevoirs?
Pump temp transfer
X-Flow vs. Innova-cool 3.0
Max depth for shroud?
is 3/8" tubing really that much worse than 1/2"
Chipset block and reservoir ( 2 Questions)
Cathar's video block?
Rudy's Water Cooling Guide For Noobs
Can anyone make this water flow sensor?
maze 4 thoughts?
difference between water and cpu temperatures
What to do with my copper?
mcw50 and 1/2" tubing = leaks?
Bay reservoir as effective as others?
Fans Question
Shroud attachment
xp1700+@2700Mhz Extreme Passive Watercooled
North Bridge Thoughts...
Question about tubing and 462-u.
How long can I run w/o additive?
Building an External Water Cooling Case
How exactly does watercooling work??
Where to purchase Parts.
2 BIM or 1 BIX
JB Weld good enough for Plastic and Copper?
one pump or two?
pump minimum for three blocks?
Can I mount NB water block on P4B533-V MB?
LRWW WaterBlock in the UK
Heatsink ---> waterblock transformation idea
UV Dyes
Performance hit with a reservoir?
Watercooling problems
General Water Cooling (n00b Question)
Best Light/Water Color Combination?
85F room temp: water or air cool?
Thoughts on plans for friends rig?
how does water make u o/c more??!!
Where to buy an Eheim pump online
How much would you spend, on test your waterblock?
WB Flow direction question, what am I Missing
Swifttech mcp300 or hydor L30
46litres / minute OTT ????
Help! a little maze3 messup!
UV watercooling [pics]
Notes on the Maxijet 1200
Iceberg vs Aquarius2, both $100 H20 systems.Tips on making a $150 high-end H20 system
homemade water cooling
Lucite tops...Have they improved enough?
Input on Additives?
Koolance fluid?
What tubing to use?
Nub ? : Ok to leave WC setup off for a few day?
what is the coolest running pump!
Water used in Your Block...
Bad WC results
hydor pumps in canada??
P4 temps too high?!?!?
Stretching 1/2" tubing over 3/4" barbs
Eheim 1250 Leaking!
D-tek or danger den heatercore shroud?
Arctic Silver 3 vs. Arctic Alumina?
Low profile 120mm fans?
need waterblock clamp can't find what i'm looking for!
Help With Filling And Bleeding
which of these pumps is best for me?
DD maze4 WC Kit vs. Swiftech 8500A
Res Problem
Have access to CNC milling machine, need help.
Painting the Radiator hurts performance?
No luck with logic cooling, help
Temperature Gadget
good parts for my setup?
pass through for pump starting
swiftech mcp300 or eheim 1048
First time water cooler needs help??
Positive displacement pumps
Dustballs = Bad
Good drill press / milling tools?
System Done what u think?
Lots of cooling questions on new rig
FINALLY watercooled :)
Preliminary pics of my water cooling rig
Making shrouds
What watercool kit for this kit?
Water flow meter - Connection to a fan socket
My new tempature, comments please
gpu waterblock
Quick question on radiator placement.
Will this relay work for my pump?
Hi guys, I was wondering if this has been done before...
suggestions on a new wc setup
german watercooling: powered by HEATTRAP.DE :)
Can someone explain the Via Aqua mod more detail???
Watercooling goodness.. Part Deux
Cheap WCing setup.
Crap... is my rig dead?
Is adding a huge res worth it?
1/2" copper tubing
A little something I put together...(pics)
Waterblock temperature
P4 WB Mounting Phenomenon
Do shrouds need to be angeled?
Hydor pump?
Sealant, what to use?
my 1st watercooling project is going bad
Help before I finalize my order.
Amperage for a relay
New WC rig done, need place to host pix!!!
Optimal CPU temps?
wc system recommendations
My new WC Setup / Air problems.
Clearflex 70
Dodgy pump mod idea...?
FInally have pics of my new Rig... (5 - 60k pics)
my system is now done thank god
Bolts, nuts, and springs
Waterblock Lapping
which assembled kit would you recommend?
MCW5000-PT an Tygon doesnt work??? Getting mad...
two radiators maybe?
LRWW+temp Q
Water is good for plants but not computers right?
Best ATi/GeForce block ?
case fans on heatercore?
How big is the Mustang Heater Core?
eheim 1250 connectors?
How I cut barbs
5/8" barbs
how does everyone make sure their waterblock is flat?
mounting waterblock w/ no holes in MB??
Few questions regarding Via Aqua 1300
How high is too high on a system temp sensor?
My radical dual watercooled case is built
I'm not having much luck mounting this block!
Swiftech 'Fill&Bleed system' Question.
How Tight For D-Tek Blocks?
antifreeze question?
Swiftech H2O-8500B Liquid Cooling Kit
Need tips on putting barbs on heatercore.
Why do they crack?
Cascade water-block design
have anyone tried criticool ?
Touched by the hand of GOD (W/C God that is)
Danner impeller-to-shaft gluing? Something concerns me...
Is this a good kit to get?
how do you all solve the power plug issue?
Does anyone use the Danner model 7?
BIX2: Shroud needed?
Swiftech MCP300 Pump Failure
125$ >need a good water setup.
Has anyone tried a dual water pump setup?
Higher temps worth noise?
Hose quick connects
My WC PC w/ 6 Foot Clear PVC Bong and Lighing Effects.
Am I the only Guinea Pig for the Maze 4?
Smooth-On MetalSet A4
My god, you have to see this, it's insane.
Intresting 90* elbows
water cooling for dual athlon system
Info regarding mercury
which one is the most quiet pump??
Good fan for a bong?
Lock the vise
My Clearflex came in!
Danner Mag Drive Question
Some Qs I had that I couldnt find in search
final inspection b4 ordering
antec 1080amg question
My sysopt watercooling article is up!
Is this Swiftech 22500 for $49 any good???
Best Cases for Rad/Pump placement?
Just finished my setup(pics)
pump / rez positioning
anyone knows where to buy 1986 chevy chevvete online?
How to leak test?
1700+ @ what settings will give a real 70W ?
Evaporiative cooling (aka Bong) VS Radiator
$100 Pre-Packaged WaterCooling?
Which Pumps Connect Directly to the PSU?
How Are the Pump And Heatercore Powered
Building system from scratch (CPU, GPU, HDD)
in the market for a new WB
Cathar, what's your thoughts?
watter wetter or zerex, which additive is better?
need mounting hole dimensions quick
water cooled hard drive
Antibiotic Ointment?
any difference in performance between the dtek pro core painted and unpainted?
Danner Mag Drive Model 3, 5, & 7
Hydor pump problems
Thermochill 120.3 radiator review
ONE fan vs. FOUR fans . . . .
Help with viaqua1300 noise please.
What are barbs
distilled water + uv dye +?
Messed up airflow...
Help with choosing a pump for another setup
how can i buy a white water block?
Differnce Between A Radiator And A Heatercore?
Best Radiator For a Homemade System?
Take a look at this Mcmaster order before I finalize
How much problem can EMI be
Thinkin its about time to WC, but i need help.
Is this possible?
cant... get... case side off!
Anyone have a guide or details
amd athon dimensions
Anyone used a saw to make WB fins?
12" Heatercore mounting question
How I isolated my Danner
$100 setup... need advise
argh..quick question.
help, white bubles
computer geeks water cooling kits?
Processor sub-ambient with water.
Just wanted to say thanks
WaterCooled now,Lucky me.
Good Pump For A HomeMade System
Clueless WC'er
Cant fit it inside
waterblock in development
Awesome This 1700 Isnt Evil!!
Yep.. Another Newbie asking about watercooling...
Quick WaterCooling Question
Maze4 for sale at CoolTechnica now
I am finally going to take the plunge
HomeMade Water-Cooling Resources
Price Of Water Cooling
My propose diagrams for 1st watercooling project
Bix VS dtek pro core...
looking into watercooling
what do you get when you cross a water cooler with a heater core?
Newbie to Watercooling
Aquaclear powerhead? pics of Alpha-ghetto Box
Could this system layout cause high temps?
stupid question about evercool fan
antifreeze deposits...on tubes and barbs
New Innovatek Items!
condensation question
amd mounting hole question
GPU block
Dumb Newbie Question on 1/2 versus 1/4 tubing
testing unknown pump power?
What's your water temp?
What happened to Vendor List?
I don't think my BI Pro is doing a good job so...
Building first block
how is this setup???
replacing w/b's top.
11-13" tall heater core?
a T line question
Shroud Question
good watercoolin stores
which fill and bleed kit?
Heater core is BRASS! No Copper on the inside.
Flowrate issue. Please advice
suggested dimensions
Anyone ever bought from Criticool?
Best Waterblock Design for 2x2x1/2 copper
im building an inline water cooling setup.. which "T" line thingy to get?
comp not starting up!!
Small GPU block needed!
Maxijet reservoir
PROFESSIONALLY done waterblock testing. (satisfied?) Cheap!
Hon Hai full tower anyone with set up ? heatercore in it
Koolance EXOS question
Glycol + Corrosion?
something to improve WB performance?
Windshield washer pump?
Will this fit/work? ANyon have a ams mid tower w/eheim 1250?
0 ohm water?
Wow Lucky Me!
-Dream Water Cooled Case with Water Chiller-
Build me a water cooling setup for around $150
which radiator? swiftech MCR80 or the Black Ice Micro?
DTEK WW FOR SALE (advanced sale cooltechchina) W PRICE!
bix2 tested?
Anybody used this before?
Want your water blocks tested?
can i get some pics of water cooled rigs in some mid towers???
Anyone use this 12V pump?
Have a CAD drawing? no copper? no problem!
Anyone ever use the Unablock?
Lian-Li PC-65; keep the front fans or ditch'em?
Maze3 question
Any rumors on the new Danger Den Block?
Hydor L30 Pump
Any ever purchased from this company?
Radiator Questionm plz plz
New Swiftech pump too hot to touch
what is a shroud???
diy Water block, How thin is to thin?
Toggle switch article
Rotron Fan Shroud
whats the smallest chiller I could make?
What else do I need? Thanks!
Water cooling the GeforceFX 5900 Ultra
Watercooling temps...
Bying Barbs and connectors
pix--Colder quick connects(work great)
Surface mount components too close to holes...
Too Late but look at this Ebay ad...
wb preformance importance with chiller
Submerged VS Inline
clear bay res..3/8 or 1/2?
Need help with setup design
(shaking) Maze3 problem
help w/ new water cooling setup
60$ water cooling?
Can someone point me to a n00b's guide to water cooling?
Liquid cooling
Fill and bleed kit for larger tubing
How long does it take to get a Nemosis block?
chevette heatercore in the uk??
-{[Best WaterBlock]}-
I'm working on a block... (pic)
How good is my water-cooling rig?
External Water Cooling Project
what water cooling setup to get with about $150???
will water cooling fit in this case?
Purified or distilled water?
the 3 main points of custom block design
Frustration!! Chipset waterblocks.
WC your northbridge worth the investment?
Can a bucket be the reservoir?
horrible water cooling temps
VW Aluminum Heater Core
my bong news
White Water type block improvement
funny story
In the beginning
Capillary block update
did i just get ripped off?
[pumps and noise]
My (not so) new Antec case finaly watercool
Rebarbing Question
Cheapest place for a heatercore
1/4" thick copper stock, block layouts
small leak holes that you can't see?
direct water/die contact block?
dtek and the LRWW
Uh Oh, Copper Block with an Aluminum res/pump
need advice on getting started
heat core thickness question
Recommended flow layout?
thickness of waterblock
-[what do you get when you cross a zalman heatsink with a water block]-
how do my (temp) #'s stack-up ?
-{ram waterblocks}-
Need input on a choosing a pump
-(rubbing alcohol?)-
Danner Mag3 inlet/outlet
Wondering why nobody has been discussing the SlitEdge block
comments? sugestions? Side inlet...
Start of summer & pelt do not mix well
My first wc rig, good temps!
Hydor L30 or Eheim 1250?
Going back to water, need cooling advice.
Danner Mag Drive 3
Thinking of going Water Cooled
HELP! Watercooled Shuttle won't boot
Looking for extremely large tubing and oversize blocks
Wc Snafu
Purpe ice: Does it prevent corrosion?
MaxiJet 1000 Problems
Why do you barb the chevette heatercore?
Thank You All
Radiator on inlet or outlet of case airflow?
Which to get, TC-4 or Maze3?
"Fanless" Water Cooling
I dont think anyone has a heater core setup like mine
This mornings' WB checkup (pics)
what makes a waterblock good?
Need a water block?
pump power ?
better: warm water-highflow?cold water low flow
Lotsa little bubbles in my bayres
Completely Passive - copper tubing
Got my radiator
My rig (pics)
To push/pull or not
Waterblock Burn?
Peltier on a copper res???
Will this strengthen my pump?
temp weirdness
Are these the same pumps?
suggestion for my watercooling setup guys pls help me do my last minute decision!
Need P4 cheapie W/C Advice
Noisy water pump; not strong enough?
Water cooling virgin need's help.
which order for 3 rads ?
Anyone got water temps near to ambient ?
is 3000gph too much? and about water condensation...
average life time of Eheim pumps
Just received my 87 Chevette Heater Core....
water tubing connections
Best Setup
Evaporative cooler design
innovatek type res for ehiem with 1/2" fittings?
DYI watercooling system finally up and running...
Rad Mounting
Couple Questions
Whats the best duel 120 mm radiator?
Made my first wc part.
res rad and pump AIW
How about this flow setup?
DD ATI Radeon Block
Frustrating temps
Where to get barbs...
Does the "white crud" matter?
To watercool or not... that is the question
Fill line question....