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First timer needs you to critique my setup.
pump gph
Need Help with a water cooling unit
Clip just broke.
Advice for getting a wb
heater core mounting
whats th ebest radiator
Is a resevoir mandatory?
Heatercore Help!!!
Tubing question...
Water Cooling House keeping
Expected temps? Experienced plz help.
How the...Impossible!
P4 waterblocks with standard retention
The best wetting agent
? about clamping
Better for CPU probe to touch back of proc?
How bad can it possibly get?...
good water cooling case + wetting agent question
can any1 in uk give me parts for a good setup?
New pump need to know what you all think
Anodizing The Good & Bad
water cooling sets any good?
Just a Thought...
Do you think my WB design will be any good?
This may not work...
Aluminum Block w/copper barbs Corrosion??
Newbie needs relay help
Help water leaked onto MB
my water is turning green
My first splash into watercool! Disaster!!!
Best 1/2" Tubing to use
Has anyone tried this?
Is elbow a good idea??
wanting a great block
GFX waterblock mounting
Wahoo i just got a new Credit Card :D
My first watercooling Project
Ozarka Water Cooling Machine..
RIP dtek waterblock :(
Thoughts on this Waterblock?
wet waterblock dreams
My new core / shroud / stand... Finished
Any one got a Koolance EXOS
Does such a radiator as this exist?
query: leak testing
Just a thought.
It was bubble-free. Now I got some of them
Criticise(sp?) this
Watercooled PC in CAR!
Enheim 1046/1048 mod
Is this Possible ?
Flat tubing?
Need tiny pump
Where can i find a valve type thing?
What kind of store supplies...?
Swiftech radiator mounting in an Antec case
EHEIM 1250 question.
Anyone know anything about this radiator....
Aluminum Cold vs. Copper Hot
Maxijet Going Crazy!
Want to put an 80mm fan adapter on dtek rad....
I'm sick of my bong - What do you reccomend?
Finished my PC-60 water cooling setup
My home-made watercoolrig up and running
Peltier refrigerator 'silent' as reservoir/radiator?
Noob Alert - Tubing question
Eheim 1046 - 12v special version
Quad Rad Diagram - how will it work ?
W/C Noob needs you to look over his setup ->
Why can't I get on pump that lasts!!!!!
Modded case, 2000+ XP Watercooled with 6' cooling tower!!! (Pic's Included)
My Project
Urg.. 1/4" section
1048 fittings not exactly 1/2": leaks?
here, this is as simple as it gets
Need advice for setup
the new Corsair HydroCool 200
Right now, I'm freaking out
Upgrading my water cooling system
quick connections???
Danner Mag 2?
Good water cooling kit
d-tek p4 adapters
Dangerden Z-Chip NB block on an ABIT
question about my watercool setup in pc 60
What is the diff between a Fan and a Blower
Radiator Location & airflow issues !?
changing from 3/8" to 1/2"
Water levels in the reservoir
anyone with tc4 and nf7-s rev2, please help...
Water cooling kits or DIY?
BlueBlock water
bix2 ?
wow zalman water cooling?
Hoseclamp size
Swiftech H20 Case, water block
Buying thick plastic
Custom Watercooling Kit - Need to know what choices for certain budget!
Heatkiller, DangerDen, Cuplex or which water block?
External watercooling (pics)
is this possible
Radeon 9700 Waterblock
1/2" over 5/8" tube
cold water on the cheap
Good news!!!
How Do I Hook It Up ?
Antec SX630 & watercooling
Dual Maxijet 300gph or single Eheim 1250?
Building a Shroud
I think i wana get wet, what are we looking at for a cost
Eheim's new SUPA 1250...
Shroud troubles.
Where can i purchase Waterweter or Zerex locally
Heatercore Questions
Ok, you guys said build a watercooling setup so...
Alternative to Patriots?
Has anybody tried or even seen this waterblock thingee??
How are my temps. new setup
Ultimate Motherboard Cooling...
waterblock sites
PTFE tape with Innovatek threads?
My P4 adapter for TC-4
My PC tried to drown itself last night!
Little Piggie Block
Cathar is at it again...
question about running 2 lines.
Voltage causing Heat on my System
Watercooling Radeon 9700Pro BUT Not Just Core???
Temp controlled shutdown program?
GF3 Mounting hole dimensions
$200 for water cooling.....
Which one should i sell?
Just finished leak testing, now i need to insulate and am having troubles
Copper Tubing?
Finding some Zerex in Canada
heater core
Tips for a WC begginer
Best way to fix a pump inlet leak.
Still a little hot
which of these kits should i buy? (noob help)
D-tek Visible Blue UV dye not last long? weird
WC in CoolerMaster Case
Waterblock weight
Need a cheap radiator
Finally got my Virge installed and working.
What water aditives do you use?
Ambient vs. CPU temp - what's yours?
hdd cooler
Effect of copper grain/crystal structure on spreading resistance?
white water and nf7-s 2.0
cheapest price
Any Case Suggestions
Danner Mag 5 troubles
question about new watercooling setup
I want ot buy a wc system....Which?
Anyone explain this graph
My watercooling goodness!
new d-tek white water rapids
Radiator Identification
Adding second fan to radiator
silence is devine
1/2" block / 3/8" pump
WOW - huge temp drops with TRIPLE RAD setup
advice on best places/kits to buy in UK, or abroard?
these kits any good price/performance? (newbie in UK)
My New WB
newb @ WC... need sum info
Advice Needed??
Lower out pump = lower or higher temps?
Reseviour or Tee line....
Water Chiller probs, Help needed!
Placement of fans on heatercore
Modding the Innovatek block to 1/2 inch ... UK owners ?
Idea for dual flow rate system....
Swiftech mcw50 a good gpu block?
Strange temps after watercooling
am i screwed
TC-4 and maze thickness
mcw50 block w/ ti200??
Tygon R-3603, S-50-HL or 2275?
Finished my new WB!! (PICS)
My micro fin block
WC questions
Mini Mills and such...
WCing... should I?
W/C Newbie rig pic
Bigger Tubing ?
Hot WC 1800+
Help me please! Cleaning my setup, with a problem.
y fitting
Here is an idea for a WB.....if its not perfected yet..
Quality W/B with socket clamp?
New WC PC Finished
Abit boards Northbridge cooling?
Buying used stuff
Can i PLEASE get some information on dimensions of the WW..?
Almost done watercooled PC-65
Which Pump ?
black ice micro ?
Minimum pump for white water.
anyone know where I can get 0.140 diameter Screws-5 inchs long?
Anyone thought to try these?
Which to buy?
My Waterblock.. ideas...suggestions..PLEASE!
w00t - Bought my 1st W/C rig
New to watercooling and need help with my first project (including a TEC).
Clamping force for a P4 WB
90* turns and pumps (iwaki Q's too)
New waterblock I made...
Need Help
NForce 2 mobo
Maxijet question
Going from Innovatek to Swiftech?
finished my block
What temp counld i get if i get an aquarius2 cooling in?
Bongs-How to Build them??
D-tek TC-4
extreme cooling ready setup <$250
Where to purchase visible Blue UV dye?
DD MAZE 3 Questions
New block Idea
thickness of the avg heater core
what's in a number, Evercool, Pabst
Finishing heatercore question (barbs and shroud)
the newbie has got it done
Finaly got the buggs out of my watercooler
water chiller
UV Dyes eat tubing?
My Cool Water Box
Water...or not
Watercooling and Lanparties/moving your comp
D-Tek radiator
Heater core connections two diffrent sizes
UK Innovatek stockests ?
Problend 40 Below
Placing a MCW50 block on a 9800 Pro
Noob question on tubes/fitting.
DTek heater core ?
Check this out... (pic)
Shroud shape ?
Yet another thread about Parallel or Series
series or parallel ?
Need anti corrosive agent for big tank
MY rig is DONE!!!
okay, this isn't right, 47 on water cooling, what gives?
Peltier sandwich
frined just bought a Koolance 601-bw need help with accesories...
Result of pump failing last week.
filling in shroud holes
maze 3-1
Zerex: water pump lube/protect
benefits of water clooling?
My new system. Opinions?
NEW dual WaterCooling PLANS
Best overclock steppings with water
What is a heaterCore ?
Crazy Idea!
origin of the flow rate confusion
New to forum with fittings question. . .
question about shroud
What A Great Buy (Time To Make A Water Block)
Can a pump kill a video card?
Soft Chrome Tubing?
hows my homemade kit working?
Can anyone help me with a WB disign
best pumps?
Good Water setup.
Rad/Shroud idea and questions
Swiftech MCW5000-A or Maze3SHD
Has anyone tried the HWLab Blaze Waterblock?
Any Solutions to Brocken CPU Socket?
pressure and water seepage
3/8" to 1/2" ?
3/4" to 1/2" reducer coupling
My GeForce may be too hot ! Help...
What watercooling is good for 250?
Multiples wbs?
Koolance problem-- need expert help
Could I do this?
watercooling an nforce2 mobo
How would this do??
Dtek tc-4 polytop
Watercool Chenbro Genie
Best DIY
Remade my water cooling the right way LOL (pics)
My DIY water cooling purchase plan
ZEREX in CANADA???? yes/no????
2 300gph pumps =600gph?
Survey: What's your coolant, and how well is it working?
What fluid is best for heat transfers?
dual pumps
New Asetek Kit...
Experience in buying from DTEK?
Redoing my wc setup and a ?
I saw a great link...
D-Tek Pro Core Radiator or Heater Core from a Car?
heatercore fits in these cases?
I want a Dtek White Water rapids
Need Hold Down Springs ASAP!
Small heater cores
onlinemetals.com bar stock
Dtek White Water Rapids
Are Hydor pumps decent?
water chiller, clarifcation
Maxi-jet 1200 barbs
Installed a Water Temp probe
uh oh.
DIY water cooling?
Thermaltake Aquarius II Water cooling system
External case ideas?
just a thought
Optimum shroud depth
Watercooling Canterwood+P4 FSB800
UK supplier
Plumber's GOOP in the loop
My first shroud is done (pics)
Making my aqaurius work better
Finished first water setup on my media box
Want pictures? I got pictures!
Question about tubing I have
Anyone know how to make a DIY pump relay?
Black Ice Pro - or - Generic Heater Core?
Base plate thickness for Waterblock
Water cooler questions
Rapid evaporation?
chevette heatercore
dtek tygon w/ 3/32" wall
Verge performance question
Quest for even more SILENCE !
UK overclockers
Share some thoughts
my new & first WC + case mod. tks everyone.
Suggest a good WB
Moding a JAC313C in to a waterblock.
80mm radiator
Screw you!!
DIY Curvage
Unique & Different (Post Those Photo's)
Swiftech MCW50 Question
waterwetter alternatives???
Entirely fanless?
My waterblock idea
Look this pump
Tweak my peltier block :)
Help!! Newb at water cooling
So much for that Maxi-Jet
Good thermal transfer?
Does watercooling get old?
Plans for my cooling box
Connecting Hose to D-Tek TC-4
SCRAM cheaper than pressure switch?
Pin block base opportunity
What if its all cold?
Tubing choices...anyone tried?
Heatsink => Peltier Waterblock Conversion
How much water is this?
water cooling more work?
Need advice for waterblock design
home made WC and 2200XP@2111Mhz
Oh tis' a thing of such wonderous beauty!
Idea: Central air conditioner as radiator?
How long till the white stuff grows?
Has anyone used the Evo-S yet?
Home made waterblock
Diaphram pump
What am I looking for @ $100-150?
dtek tc4 wb
What should i buy
Wet and Chilly Chips
what are my waterblock choices.
Maxijet 900 outlet
Iwaki pump
(Repost) Low-cost Chevette heater core fan shroud for those who failed shop class
How do I change the water in my reservoir?
How many watts do you consume to cool your computer?
which BLACK ICE ?
Anywhere to buy Shrouds in the UK ?
My Newly Mounted Thin Fin Block
My Dual-Rad Project
Maze 3
W/C system with oversize radiator
WC system on the way - thankyou OC forums
Coke n vinegar
water additive at autopart store?
Flow switch
looking for a pump
need help on tubing
coolant or water or both?
Just ordered last night! So what do u think?
Watercooling VS SubZero4G
Would i be able to purchase a pump at a pet supply store?
Wide boy
DIY Pin-Fin-Maze
innovatek wc set
lian li pc 60 and a External Box???
mosfet waterblock...
Water Wetter
still have somewhat high temps.
Grundfos pumps
Lapping Maze3
Pump RPM Read out??
MCW40 Question
heatercore, what is it? in a car i mean
recommended heatercores?
Water Rig Gallery
Is this setup good? Suggestions very welcomed
Question to Hoot about heatercore
Can quik connects be used on external w/c rig?
temps UP after shroud
Watercooling: What do I need?
PICS of my almost-finished Rig
building a watercooling system for $100-150
The Myth of temperatures .....
Which pump have you had fail on you?
My new external water cooling setup
Water Block?
REALLY WEIRD problems with my nf7
Water Cooling Costs
OPPS Heatercore
Consider the 64-66 Mustang heater core
Everyone looking into eveporative ("bong") cooling look here
need advice on water cooling system
My water cooling is finally done :) (pics)
Cleaning inside radiator
question about this raidiator
n00b watercooling questions
mixing aluminum and copper?
Mercury instead of water
Cheap NB block
Why is the "battery effect" a problem?
Here's an interesting bong replacement.
where is the WB gallery ??
I am Watercooled
Additive for evaporative cooling tower?
HELP!!! screen shakes with motor on like electro magnetic disturbance?
alcohol in place of antifreeze?
anyone seen a 1/2 od to 5/8 od Y ?
mounting tc-4
CompUSA = Read this.
tc-4 with loose barbs and finger print stains
42c at idle why?
Radiator mist setup
Changing the air direction in an AC fan....
Need input guys pls on this.
meltdown of my 2100!!! :(
Idea: MCX462+ -> MCW462+
Anyone have a link to the thin alu watercooled 250 watt PSU?
how to attach shroud to heatercore
H00T, question for U :-]
project update
places to buy
Errors in the heatercore database
UV light... please explain
having two Rads ?
Pics of my new case!....(56k warn)
ViaAqua 306
My system so far what do you guys think?
how do I make a bong?
Has anyone added a video block to thier W/C system? Interested to see temp differenc
Looking into a WaterCooling System
Noisy Aqua Via 1300
Radiator on 5.25 bay
I found my perfect core
Quik question
Which entry level kit would you choose?
CPU and G4 on separate paths?
My second GF4 bites the dust
jbweld plastic barbs to HC...is it FINE?
what rad would fit here?
Ghetto heaven
t-line and heatercore questions
Disappointed with watercooling
Water block question?
Maze 3 question
tell me about this
Koolance EXOS?
It lives!!!
Thinking of 3 Rads
Well heck....
Nice WORK!
Need help with connection order of my wc parts
Thank you Motherboard Monitor!
Where to get water weter equivalent?
Gainward CoolFX revision 2-Article
tubing size should be all the same size?