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First Impressions - March 893-04 pump
dangerden z-chipset block
New Block Design
Interesting thought though....
Mini white water GPU cooler
My WC system
What size screws/rods do you use?
What happens if your pump dies?
What can I expect?
Setup...bout to buy
Will Highlighter fluid affect system?
whats your opinion of this case.
Decisions Decisions Decisions
how does a radiator work?
Is this a decent kit. .?
thoughts on improving something I've been working on
Heatercore Inlet / Outlet position
real temperatures
designing my own WB
Help with water cooling my G4
Which car has a good heater core for water cooling?
Wanna go water cooling, What to get?
Bigger necessarily better???(fans that is)
Watercooling + MSI K7N2 board
Pretty radiator I found
Slit Edge Waterblock
windshield washer solution....
What kind of difference can i expect going from heatercore to black ice?
What is the craziest thing you added to your water in your rig?
full package retail water cooling system?
Cooling with bubbles!!
what a differences :)
Gah! Murphys Law and water pumps
WB design + pic
Maxijet, Hydor, or something else?
advice on external rig box
Suggestion for Newbie
Black ice pro/extreme users post here
dual radiator... good or not ??
Tempereature Accuracy
am i missing anything?
looking for a fan upgrade for watercooler
anyone use this reservoir?
Best way to get rid of white "gunk" in tubing?
Recipe for a good coolant mixture?
whats this rad like plz?
Cheap watercooling?
Ziplock Bags?
The one that got away
how does my new cooling tower look?
Suggestions Arranging 4 fans on HC?
Questions about waterblocks
Would this be a decent set-up?
best waterblock for overclocking or extreme cooling
need help with heatercore size
Attention Koolance Users.
Computer on, pump off, cpu literally cooked
water coolers check this out
Sen line of pumps worth a look by the experts
Coolant Flow Rate
how much heat will a nb and vid block add?
CPU Heatsink mounting holes removed confirmed by AMD
what's C/W?
Anyone seen these before (not the gyrox!)
best hard drive water cooling
Hydor L30 320GPH or Eheim1250 317GPH as a sub?
AMD motherboards to no longer have holes near CPU
§tone's Cool PC
My first Waterblock
YSTech TMG fans?
Would this work? Experts needed!
Final Flow Rate
Thinking about building a tower.
can i use my 600gph pump? is it crazy??
Reservoir Ideas
My Latest Creation & My Last…..
stupid house fried my pump
suggestion on average priced radiator..
couple a questions about a new setup
What is this inside my waterblock ?
how should i wire this up and what pump should i use?
Is it good to have more CFM into heatercore than out?
What kid of insulation will i need over the CPU and GPU of this system?
New to Watercooling
water blocks
Considering trying again... Ideas wanted
BI Shrouds
What would be the best Tab mounting hardware i could bye for a maze 2
additives (corrosion inhibitors, etc.)
calculate the head of system....
5/8-1/2 reducers
compression fittings
via aqua went pop..
My version of cathar's block :>
ACO Powerheads?
waterblock mounting pressure
WhaTTT! Boiling TEMPS!
How to get on-die temps?
swiftech mcw50 to 1/2"ID
Are convex bases better?
Yay! It booted and all ok! A big thanks
Springs inside the hoses???
Best WB for the buck??
[HELP]Tank-o-matic trying to use 3/8 IN
3/8" tubes restricting 1/2" tubes
Koolance PC-902 & Accessories
Mounting D-Tek TC-4
wwr, find a new home yet??
Quietest 120mm fan available ??
Watercooling in small cases
clorox..and dyes
temp sensor & display link request
Help, Poor temps.
I need advice and help with Dual loop setup !!!!
120v ac/dc converter to power 120mm fan yes/no?
Is it worth iu?
painting waterblock
Will this fit my 9700 Pro?
wanted to ask this
Anyone tried the Danger Den 9700pro WB??
leak testing as you read this
Wtf is in my lines?
Baseplate bowing experiences
700 gph overkill?
Whats a good design for a P4 waterblock?
HAHA, temps raised 10 degrees going to W/C
Where can I get a maxi-jet 1200 with 1/2 ID fittings?
2xBIX only real option
what u think ov this w/c setup?
Quick question!! Cleaning TC-4 tonight!!
Gold and Silver
WHAT IS THIS THING? sure looks cool.
Athlon waterblock with clip?
cooling fluid composition
Water cooling configuration
Need Waterblock Design
Rubber silcon gasket?
Cleaning copper with the penny trick
fittings into case, from external cooler
TC4 question
Sites for 1988 Toyota Camry heatercore
how to mod the 3/4" outlet on a heater core
3/8 adequate or 1/2?
Is this a good/decent case
Whats the best radiator that isnt too outrageously priced?
Im looking for some tubing, are there any differences?
My n00b friend has a crazy idea that i want to know about...
Need your input
Help with water growth
does an inline system flow more than a res system?
Anyone using this additive?
Should i open up my Maze2 to polish it?
My First WC Setup
need some Any idea quiet.
how many options for 9700 pro Block?
Anyone ever try using a fuel pump?
Experts!!! Help!! Best waterblock on market??
Basement cooling - suggestions?
DIY block questions
My 86 Chevette core
how do these temps sound?
Pros and Cons of watercooling
Which pump to get ?
My Watercooling Setup with Pics
Help with Swiftech block and Piping
Dual Pumps for high pressure action?
socket clips
Lian-Li PC60 Watercooling???
Another Homemade WCing System Finished!
Black Ice Xtreme II? or XLR and Scoop?
im thinking of going water cooling
PVC question
Maxijet pump in Canada?
Question on using a power supply with out MB
water cooling noise vs heatsink noise
"pricewatch" for watercooling?
What do you recommend for water cooling?
TC-4 vs. Maze 3?
what order?
The "WhatBlock?" micro waterblock
Via Aqua 1300 $14.99 NEW in box lots of them!
Chevette Push-Pull Watercooled Ahanix dboX!
smallest pump possible for the job
Galvanic corrosion on Sn/Ag solder
First attempt worked pretty good.
Pump failure? nope, pump sabotage
how much air does the heatercore fan need to be?
looking for watercooling sites and stores...
I found info on runninf pumps in serial and parallel
Check out these hose connectors...
Thermaltake A1604 Aquarius II kit good or bad?
Help CPU @ 52*c amd t-bred B
copper kills my taps!
nemesis block
radiator placement
hose size
Neec a recommandtion for a store...
Finished my waterblocks...
here's a sick and twisted fan thought
Gonna Water+TEC cool my Video ram, just for laughs.
My water is GREEN and I didn't use anti-freeze!!!
Ever use SEN pumps for water cooling?
Well this work???
Water-Cooling nOObber
my rig idea
external rig sealing
rads and pumps
external rig pic request
Why did it go up?
need a new radiator
this is the water cooling system i've decided on
how long should i test for leaks?
Maxi-jet 1200 died please help me find it's replacement
Gemini top
Gotta Read This!!
specific heater core?
good d-i-y wb-design for noob?
Your W/C setups and Temps
Need a good small rad/Heatrecore..
Can a rad be mounted outside of the case?
Radiator / Heat Core, pump question
What to expect..?
Iwaki or Little Giant
need a new pump... where to buy?
raise your hand if your pump has died!
Is my block mounted ok? (pics)
Going from AS3 to thermal pad = 7°C drop in temps
my cpublocks...w00t **dial-up ...warning**
how to improve
Experts need help!! Water temp = 30.6 C?!?!?
is this pump useful at all?
Which to Choose ?
radiator, and the whole cfm, 2 fans deal?
picked up my heater cores today!!! :)
How to polish copper?
Solid state relays
copper of maze 3
Poll! How Attractive is ur W/C system?
Evercool water cooler
Cyclone evaporation revisited...
where ya find the radiators for water cooling systems?
Best way to check on die temp?
Inline 700 gph for $30
Help with pump
Question about multiple blocks
NOT very good temps on my 3.06
NOT very god temps on my 3.06
Which Black Ice to go with???
resource for rad...
H2O Cooling: System Flow Config
TT Aquarius II Review
shiny copper question for the DIYers
Pelt VS Watercooling: How much more overclock will I get?
First timer that needs help and guidance
Can someone explain waht a T fitting is and why its better then a res?
cheapest socketA waterblock that uses the 3 tabs
My Future Water Cooling Kit.. is that good?
Water sub-ambient temps
Newbie with water tubing
De-ionised water doesn't screw up your hardware!
Internal rad on intake or exaust?
koolance bad luck?
Can I use these pumps
Danner -- how much net cooling advantage of model 12 vs. 5 and 7?
Uber Watercooled
danner pumps.
Undetermined pump noise, should I be concerned?
Water Wetter actually raised my temp
water bong chilling?
Freakish Luck
Which is worse?
teflon PFA tubing
Water wetter stain tubing?
Are any of the aquastealth kits any good?
Cooling my 9700 Pro
Help with finding fittings in UK
it's LOUD!!!
Emi with Ehem1250
WELL, a setup for the other system. A proposal.
WB's: Aluminum or Copper
Flow(2 loops)
Water cooling Idea
OMG a "why are my temps so high" thread!
i need a clear poly box
fan placement
Reservior vs Fill & Bleed Kit
Heater Core fans
Need some feedback on my system
What's the word on Laguna pumps?
How do YOU fill your setup?
Novelty Question: Vodka as fluid in WC system
PVC res pictures, ghetto goodness
Maximum Heat Dissipation in WC
GPU block
Northbridge WB for Intel 845 Northbridge?
Just bought some Tetrapond tubing. What do you think?
Finally... I am done with my setup... pics...
Hydor L30 vs Danner 2 review
waterblock mounting
Tech help on watercooling theory
pump relays
pump creates more heat than i thought.... mkay!
slot 1 mounting? anyone know how?
Quick help... need advice...
pumps gph @ certain head-how do they calculate it?
cathar ww :(
Thermaltake Aquarius II problem
Design program
5/8 barbs on a white water.
Design for metal shop :D
I broke down and made a shroud
Flatness question
Well, first attempt....
Refurbishing a Rad.
Schematic for PSU kill circuit for when water pressure drops and 1 button on
1 or 2 heatercores???
Cyclone EvolutionS From Silverprop
Maze3, TC-4 or Spir@l??
O.T.I.S. or D-Tek Pro-Core Combo??
question about the eheim 1250?
Built In Koolance
$300 for new wc system
Copper Stock. Where to buy?
Water Cooling setup?
which of these two wb is better
Best Radiator/Heatercore?
Shopping for a pump? Here is a must see site
My ghetto Dodge Viper 3 barb Heatercore
Eheim 1250 vs Hydor L30
Can someone explain why a t fitting is easier or better then a reservoir?
I need some encouragement, guys!
How many people use 3/8" tygon?
power in external rigs
radiator to fan pix
D-Tek's New Chipset Block
Radiator suggestions?
How much GPH flow do I need?
my water cooling setup
Im confused....
koolance retailers ripping you off?
First pictures of the Insane-o-tron
Watercooled Opteron
Is 150GPH enough?
Tranny Cooler
calculate necessary pump flow
sealing the block
via aqua vs. eheim
top dollar for a waterblock
cpu waterblock rankings
water wetter
Watercooling in the Ghetto
RV water pump?
cheap watercooling
opinion on some water cooling systems
Radiator: front or back ????
DYI from Dtekcustoms - a few questions
Zip ties as hose clamps?
Coffee Can cooler......
GRRRR its not good enough
too high voltage on water?
logiccooling mosfet cooling??
Good enough GPH?
My Home Watercooled Setup
My WC Setup
will 90degree elbow disrupt flow..
heater core question
wow cool d-tek chipset/gpu blocks!
More water cooling questions
heater core size
Water cooling NOT HELPING?
(DIY WB) any thoughts ?
Eheim 1250 Gurgling Noise
anyone know anything about this kit?
Am I bettor off with homemade
Single shroud with 1 fan airflow question
BASIC Watercooling Quesions
Heater core help
CPU and a bit of water
fan shroud vs none
finding water temp quickly?
Does this watercool set up sound right?
wa-hoo... check out my waterblock.
self contained waterblock.
what happened to the sticky...
Need help making windtunnel for watercooling system GOOD PICS
water cooling a ti4200 and later a 9700
2 Fans On my Rad?
What do you guys think about this pump?
watercooled psu
tygon tubing
Anyone looking for a great Water cooling case?
Looking to replace my Maxi-Jet 1200 with something quieter. Suggestions please
DIY p.v.c. Res... pics!!!
need some help
set up order
Totaly HANDMADE WBs...almost done...(pics)
My temperature monitoring restart DID NOT work!!
waterblock top Barb threads
man that really sucked
Water block channel dia. advice quick!!!!
WB idea
correct water block construction order
Two questions.
Water Cooling in a College Dorm Room
watercooling maintenance
first set up, want your input
3/16" ID....which water block?
Need Help!!!!
diy water block question
Help Finding Forum With Website Listing For Accessories
Thermaltake AquariusII vs. Ahanix Iceberg Water Cooling
I think it's finally going to happen
Considering WCing, a few questions
First Set-up
Starting Set-up
Under $200 Custom Water Cooling KIT. Advice
Tubing question
DIY Res... hard to get suction going?
Watercooled Setup [Ghetto Pics :D]
'padding' metal clamps necessary?
Ready to watercool what do I need?
There is something to be said for having a large reservoir...
Does this sound right?
water changing color?
I was testing my water pump..
Recommend a Res...?
need feedback on the copper spirals in TC-4
Vcore with H20 cooling?
how long does it take copper to corrode
finally set up my WC, does this temp sounds good to u??
I need a printable design for a WB that is 1:1 scale
Need a tester for some highend Watercooling Products !
JPI XLR 120 w/ Scoop, or 2x D-Tek Pro w/ Shroud??
First watercooling try
Chipset/VGA diminsions?
newbie setup question
Need quick help!
How good is the Maze2, exactly?
attaching rad to case
Can I use this pump??
stupid question
watercooling kits
My waterblock is done!
Water Cooling Or Regular Air Cooling With My CASE????
watercooling case
a couple of watercooling questions.
i got water all over my mobo!
Water cooling for this price??
Best low-flow wb?
Heto pumps, who knows?
My Finished Rig
Waterblock cold?
is it worth it?
How to cut copper stock?
good case for WC
mounting hardware
lcd displays
watercooling noob question
My Waterbox
Radiator keeps on getting full of dust....
good reservior?
Im back! WC question....
"Deviation" Waterblock by Ankalar
2 hrs + no pump = farewell XP1600+ (pics)
WC no wanna work
Is the X-Aqua H20 Extreme case any good?
a few quck, but pressing questions
how do you convince yourself to actually build the watercooling system?
Neat place for stuff
Nozzle for Nemesis?
Cheapest place to buy a Eheim 1250?
my waterblock is almost done:D
Water Cooling ??? Price ???
Water Cooling ??? Price ???
Water block diminsions?
Looking for special P4 block
Just cool looking?
How much heat from a pump?
Ambient Temp vs Water Temp. List yours please
Leaky Bay Res
Upgrade needed Advice, ty!!!
Yay! Finally Finished!!
my setup pic