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GPU Block question
need to replace cap on MCW462-UH! ideas?
Help: Watercooled Dual Barton.
Theories or ideas on improving WW concept
Question about heatercore barbs...
Need links to seksi reservoirs!
Which approach for bleeding/filling an inline w/c system?
Quick Ehiem 1250 Question
Mini Evaporative Cooler
Supercube BTU dissipation
Best Watercooling Kit - Swiftec or Innovatec
Screws for rad and fan?
Hydor L20 pump - Bad apple!
check this b4 I buy it (dtek stuff)
Why my system died: Opinions Sought.
Are ALL UV dyes the same ? ? ?
Alternative to water?
Water Block hook up?
watercool psu
maxijet 1200 opinions
Swiftech MCP300
Thermal Analysis for Waterblocks
WC problem.
Mini fridge + heatercore= ????
Best mod for a Koolance
vinyl and Cold Cathodes
Help a newbie put together a water kit..
Bad Temps on A good Block!
about dual pumps in series...
HELP!!! I think my case is too small
help me decide :)
Ram blocks for 9700 pro
ZIF socket...the elevated part
looking for a cheap pump
Blaze Copper Water Block?????
Finally!! A decent inline water temp probe!!
Dtekxustoms SuperCool - performance?
I'm losing water!
taps for fittings and screws
Starting off ?'s
Swiftie Pump problems?
any of you buy from logic cooling? questions..
Gettting, kit need help though please read about to order.
Water Wetter Stained my tubes :(
Ok, i think im ready now.
Best block?
first time water cooler..
Dremel Tip Advice
Best Radiator from this site for the job?
Blowing in?
Anyone in the Toronto, GTA Area and know of...
maze3 question
Pump comparison?
This VS watercooling??? opinions...
drill press?
What size are the "barbs?" of the chevette heater core pn 399069?
Which direction?
TC-4 poly top question???
Check this
where to get water wetter?
VID Block ?
I need more reasons to watercool.
Gpu Milled
watercoled xeons?
modded Tank O matic to 1/2"
Getting a Kit but need help please!
big case a must ?
Good cheap case for watercooling
Using a Chevette HC..
BIX "type" rad, where can I get one
Thinking out loud - Centrifugal vs. Positive Displacement.
heater core size if you had the room
Solder or Artic thermal apoxy?
Using a 1250 vs 2 1046's...
Ponder this
Painting heater core...
2 pumps joined with a "Y", good?
Heatcore VS radiator's...
How to get Thermaltake Aquarius II system to perform better
royal purple sucks
Glass Res!
my shopping list, tell me what you think
block is too restrictive, what should I do???
DangerDen or Dtekcustoms?
Factory Water Coolers
Next Step
Tank O Matic question
cleaning a water block
Water Block idea (Avatar)
Whitewater W/B Experiences
WB idea
Eheim 1260 res mod - PICS
What to get for wc
Temp increase by adding VGA chipset... What to expect?
weird idea i got :)
Is this design of waterblock any good?
Opinions on this entry level water cooling system......
SWEET! My DYI setup
dimensions for gpu blocks
w/c newb needs advice :)
Quick Question
Opinions on pump
Chevette Heater Core Part#????
External box Water cooling
non-wc user has question
can I put a chipsen cooler on this board
which antifreeze?
Pressure drop sensor
Connector for a Eheim 1250
Well what'cha know, this TC4 DOES work!
is there a trick to mounting with spring mounted water blocks?
Water cooling with a ground loop (no radiator)!
Oh my goodness! Water X really works!!!
Vibration problem
Help With Fittings???
Water cool a PSU??
is this correct?
WaterX - Exposed!
Are Chevettes> all?
Why do YOU water cool you PC???
Buying a heater core assembly vs doing it yourself: pros and cons
My koolance spit on my face!
Very odd temps
Fan on each side of radiator/heatercore
This may sound wierd but...
Options for pump on/off control
water coolant
DodgeVipers mod need help
Made these on a drill press...
Are your pipes kinky? :-)
Cheap Alternative to PWM?
Looking for new pump
Resevoir question
CPU waterblock question
The "Meanwell" TEC PSU...... (BIG pictures)
Way Too High Temps!!please Help!
First Post
south bridge
Typical socket A block dimensions?
DodgeViper inspired Mod
mounting TC-4 w/ socket hold-down, safe??
Daisy Chained Cooling efficency.
Yeong Yang case
Best Additive???
Need help with radiator placement
I need to bend and straighten the tubing i got from Home Depot
Differences b/t "hardware store" tubing and Clearflex/Tygon
BIX size vs chevette size
new water cooled setup
Pelt temp
Opinions on Via Aqua 1300.
Best place to get peltiers?
ideas to lighten my water...Screwed up =(
Is there a final verdict on the MCP300 pump?
how do T-fittings work?
anyone have the Evercool WC101 water cooling kit?
Which is the better pelt psu?
Gpu Block and bits
Anyone know if this rad is any good?
Fan monitor & watercooling?
Does this sound about right?
Mean Well S-320-12 12V, 25A switching power supply?
Watercooling Questions
24/7 WC Operation mandatory?
how muhc does 1g of cooper cost?
temp probes
Danger Den vs Swiftech price/performance
All in one "kits"
How do you calculate pump's contribution of heat?
What tools you need to make your own Water Cooling system....
TC4 rev2
colored radiators
my 2nd revision copperblock
couple of last minute questions for semi/experienced water cooling O/Cers
suck or blow with shroud?
Which to Choose ?
Lucite supplier?
Radiator question.
what temps you get water cooled?
2 radiators?
IT wont fit!!!
Help with temp. relationship
I need help coosing a pump for a cooling cube
Anyone from Glasglow, UK?
chilled water cooling. how does it work?
diy water block made from ak370 hsf
Chevette Heatercore... what year?
Wrong label?
Best adhesive for fiberglass shroud?
Does brass lead to corrosion?
Final revisions before milling...
fyi - european heater core list
Going to do it - Best Water cooling system(s) out - and other info......??
Best fluid for cooling
JBweld / Epoxy strength for WB
Water-X aka Gyrox aka CP101 report - not good
Swiftech Block Question
What would you do?
T-Line position
Temps With Water Cooling
Water/TEC cooler users?
Waterblock for my P4
Swiftec MCW462-UHT and Swiftech MCP300
My new WCed Rig is finally done!
adapting Eheim 1260 to 1/2"
Would my 1048 Be good enuf for the WW block?
watercooling help
Clamp for the EvO
Proud WW owner!
Adding water to a closed system?
quesstion about pump set up
cheap eheim pumps?
What if I move my PSU to the front of the case?
Spring Hose Clamps
Optimal Performance
Beautiful New System
GF4 waterblock
Z chip mounting hardware order
I have ~$150. [I Know, I Know]
pumps in houston area?
better finish with 220 grit then 600?
mounting WB on mobo that don't have holes?? how??
Eheim 1250 Owners
Does it will "battery effect"?
maxi-jet gettin pretty warm
Frontpage Featured External Watercooling rig
Mounting the Evo on an A7V333 pics
Updated Chevy Core
Damn this 1250!
¿Heater core prep?
a nice quiet fan
Time to start another Water Cooled Rig
Do I need it?
GF3/GF4 blocks for 9700 pro
¿Heatercore Placement Ideas?
VA306 Who uses this pump & Temps you get.
Looking for the perfect radiator
Radiator help.
Newb *Help*
Replaced RAD with HC
Just got my bong-case up and running! Overclock time baby!
Radiator placement
copper block info needed
in my place it's hard to find a heatercore but
Maze3 Lucite Top
updated pics of my rig...
bah...i think my p4's IHS is concave
Motherboard mounting hole DIAMETER
Which res should I get....
Is there any particular year for heater coares thats better?
water setup for around $200.
Is vinyl tubing okay and is 1/2" tubing 1/2" inside or out?
Inlet/Outlet of the TC-4?
Black Ice II vs. Heater Core
New Gemini Tsunami Blocks
GF4 Block, Swiftech MCW50 or Logiccoling.com's G4?
Too much?
testing the limits...
Where to put the res in line?????
Will these clamps be enough?
Couple questions on Eheim 1250 and Chieftec Dragon
awesome DIY res
can you add ice cubes to the resevoir?
Best W/B as of right now...
good sites
what to use to keep growth and buildup out?
Clean Machine
Pump Relay Question
WC noob, looking for advice.
Water cooling so quiet the power supply bothers you?
Is there a way to quiet the Eheim 1250?
Improvement from TC-4 and Maze to White Water?
H2o questions
Anyone try the Water-X cooler that 1CoolPC sells?
My first WC project. Pics and thoughts
flow in radiator core one directional?
Cooling under pressure
Hc Bi?
Anyone cool with acetone?
Looking at Swiftech MCW50-T
ordering innovatek amd kit need help
Finally.. Water Cooling
question about eheim 1250 pump
Is 43C ok for WW and a 1600+ at 2.00v?
Drill Press info needed
My new Clear-Plexi
GF4 block fit a GF2?
Air Bubbles?
thoughts on this kit....please.
Water Cooling Setup Problems
Help me with my bobbles
Woot!! i finaly finished my block (pics)
Water Cooling in the UK
maxi-jets curves
So many WB competition! Evo $45!
Temp diff between Eheim 1250 and 1260?
Tank-0-Matic + Swiftech 8500A no good :(
bay res, from d-tek
Watercooling a GeForce FX
Watercooling in a PC7X Lian Li Case
Picture: P4 Dangerden, Heatercore, MaxiJet1200
Watercooling idea
Pump Magnetism damage Hard Drives?
cool cube
WaterCooling a GA-7DX rev 4.0 ?
Is this everything I need?
which kind of jbweld for watercooling??
Chieftec Case Owners, Please post piCs.
Maxijet 1200 noise.
WC set-up.
Watercooling a Radeon 9500/9700
my block is better than Cathar's/Morphling1's
Senfu II Reservoir?
my first failure attempt toward H20
Strange Overclocking Behavior
Too Much tubing???
2nd Home Built Water Rig (90% done)
Watercooling Rig (sort of) finished!
Peltier-based water-chilling experiment
Does Hydor30 make monitor flicker? EMI Shielded?
Demineralised VS distilled water
4000 l/h 35 metre head
Approximate water volume in a "typical" system..
Aluminum/copper Zinc anode PROOF
Has anyone seen THIS pump b4?
Got 200 bucks to spend on h20 stuff
Hose Clamps
aquavia pump???
Innovatek Res. Barb
Need help in choosing a water cooling kit
Help choosing a good watercooler...
best performing WB for reasonable price?
How much voltage is too much w/ h2o?
WC/peltier system maintenance?
plz help chose waterblock
need to find a real small heater core
How much cfm for heatercore?
Space for water cooling
Found this on ebay...
Adding GPU Block
Is this even better than regular heater core?
Question for the Pros
Q/ about flued solutions for WC systems
Are swiftech waterblocks the same color as Chieftech cases?
Gold, Silver, and Aluminum
thermal paste or not?
Where can I purchase 1/2 OD 1/4 NPT barbs locally?
Is this kit any good?
Maxi-jet 1200
Anything really bad gonna happen if I use food coloring in a water cooled system?
Just picked up a kit and need a bit of advise please.
how loud are pumps? and do they get hot?
Just wondering if anyone.....
What else do I need
new pump
Eheim 1250 vs Hydor L30 ???
best way to remove bubbles from the waterline... (please post pics)
Silicone tubing wall thickness
how i dropped 4¢ª today on my watercooling
Wc System! Pictures (at last)
Water block is finally on the way!
Excellent front page article.
Hydror L30 enough?
koolance cpu200 or senfu II WB?
weird block
What size Tygon?
new block what do u think ?
Maximum temperatures for CPU?
How many cfms do I need?
shroud / fan / heater core combo needed
Inadvertent "What if?" Answered (Long)
How did you put watercooling in your chieftech full tower?
2nd Home Built Water RIG!
Removing MCW5000 hose plugs
Which design seems to work best?
An hard drive on the beach?
Tubing won't stay straight
How about this
Got my 1st h20 system done [pics]
Well I'll Be...
Pump suggestion?
Finally Got Some Pictures!!
MY LCD Temperature meter REVIEW.... 56ker beware
10C temp drop - and why
Hoses collapsing
hard drive watercooling ?
why would you want 1/2'' Tubing?
Maxijet 900 vs 1200
Passive Radiators
Pump relay and burned out LED on baybus
Not sure if i should redo my watercooling.
Watercooled, cannot overclock 1%
best block for $50
Tubing Size
Holy Potato! EVO is the Bomb!!
Do you guys use silicone on your tubing where it connects with the barbs?
Need Better water cooling info
Help with water chilled setup
Thermaltake Aquarius II
Watercoolin RDRAM
water cooling on the cheap
Anyone got their Swiftech 8500
install waterblock wrong?
My Easier (I believe) Cathar Clone
Your block kicks ass, Cathar
please help! quick
No guts, No glory... help me figure out my problem...
PUMP Speed Control?
maxi900 kicks serious assy
Some noob questions on waterflow
Can you water-cool in a PC65 Case...
Never again
WOW this Looks so Freekin Cool !
WB: Atomic Vortex?!?
upgrading from a eheim 1048 to a 1250
I have taken the plunge! [pics]
can anyone tell me if this rad is any good
Better Radiator? or CPU block?
How do these temps look?
Contemplating Watercooling
Need some help on dimensions....
Water Cooled Super Computers (Cray)
how much cfm is enough?
popcan block corrode?
need asap
Emptying a Water Cooling system
MaZe 3 thread size?
Water Cooling System
Where to find Nylon Hose Clamps locally?
Starting the pump with the computer
how a radiator works
Eheim 1048 or 1250
differant coolents..warm or cool
Modded maze 3 and more
How Much And What To Buy?
Is anyone using the Swiftech pump relay switch?
need power relay info for pump
If I turned the chevette HC on its side would it produce better results?
Heatercore question.
water cooling science fair....
An easy way to make a shroud?
How to change out water in a WC system?
suggestions on chipset WB 1/2"
Eheim 1048. Good deal or ?
Barb Questions
Question for y'all
Pipe sizes
Ahhh ......water
Watercooling Strategy
enhiem water pump
Innovatek reservoirs
Lan and Watercooling
Can I use a peltier with a Innovatek Set-2???
Build My WC Setup
copy cat of Ehiem?
Eheim 1048 - did you have to change the barbs?
Water Pump Suggestions
Heatercore Shroud
DangerDen Geforce4 WB, any thoughts?
Eliminate the Radiator
(TechTV) water cooling benchmarks? are they right?
Who has a LRWW or an EVO
A couple of heater core questions
has anyone ever made a copper reservoir?
Insane flowrate system
Distilled LondonDry Gin
wind shield wiper fluid
good article on how water cooling works...
Freezing problem
What is a Shroud and how can I get one for my radiator?
ethnol and methol
Methol Ethol Keytone
Mounting Any Water Block (Four Hole Method)
Thermaltake Xaser II A5000A
Swiftech RAD676 radiator
Really new to WC... Can anyone help me pick out some cheaper stuff?
Mounting TC-4
Are the plastic washers that go on the wb really important?
Ideas for Heatercore Placement
SuperCool from Dtek
Spir@l Block
Heater core goes where
North bridge cooling
Water wetter
Lytron MicroChannel Block
Which Kit this any good idea??
Woot My Wc Setup Came
I need help in RIGGING WC
Magnetic drive pumps bad for hard drives?