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Looking at Swiftech MCW50-T
ordering innovatek amd kit need help
Finally.. Water Cooling
question about eheim 1250 pump
Is 43C ok for WW and a 1600+ at 2.00v?
Drill Press info needed
My new Clear-Plexi
GF4 block fit a GF2?
Air Bubbles?
thoughts on this kit....please.
Water Cooling Setup Problems
Help me with my bobbles
Woot!! i finaly finished my block (pics)
Water Cooling in the UK
maxi-jets curves
So many WB competition! Evo $45!
Temp diff between Eheim 1250 and 1260?
Tank-0-Matic + Swiftech 8500A no good :(
bay res, from d-tek
Watercooling a GeForce FX
Watercooling in a PC7X Lian Li Case
Picture: P4 Dangerden, Heatercore, MaxiJet1200
Watercooling idea
Pump Magnetism damage Hard Drives?
cool cube
WaterCooling a GA-7DX rev 4.0 ?
Is this everything I need?
which kind of jbweld for watercooling??
Chieftec Case Owners, Please post piCs.
Maxijet 1200 noise.
WC set-up.
Watercooling a Radeon 9500/9700
my block is better than Cathar's/Morphling1's
Senfu II Reservoir?
my first failure attempt toward H20
Strange Overclocking Behavior
Too Much tubing???
2nd Home Built Water Rig (90% done)
Watercooling Rig (sort of) finished!
Peltier-based water-chilling experiment
Does Hydor30 make monitor flicker? EMI Shielded?
Demineralised VS distilled water
4000 l/h 35 metre head
Approximate water volume in a "typical" system..
Aluminum/copper Zinc anode PROOF
Has anyone seen THIS pump b4?
Got 200 bucks to spend on h20 stuff
Hose Clamps
aquavia pump???
Innovatek Res. Barb
Need help in choosing a water cooling kit
Help choosing a good watercooler...
best performing WB for reasonable price?
How much voltage is too much w/ h2o?
WC/peltier system maintenance?
plz help chose waterblock
need to find a real small heater core
How much cfm for heatercore?
Space for water cooling
Found this on ebay...
Adding GPU Block
Is this even better than regular heater core?
Question for the Pros
Q/ about flued solutions for WC systems
Are swiftech waterblocks the same color as Chieftech cases?
Gold, Silver, and Aluminum
thermal paste or not?
Where can I purchase 1/2 OD 1/4 NPT barbs locally?
Is this kit any good?
Maxi-jet 1200
Anything really bad gonna happen if I use food coloring in a water cooled system?
Just picked up a kit and need a bit of advise please.
how loud are pumps? and do they get hot?
Just wondering if anyone.....
What else do I need
new pump
Eheim 1250 vs Hydor L30 ???
best way to remove bubbles from the waterline... (please post pics)
Silicone tubing wall thickness
how i dropped 4вк today on my watercooling
Wc System! Pictures (at last)
Water block is finally on the way!
Excellent front page article.
Hydror L30 enough?
koolance cpu200 or senfu II WB?
weird block
What size Tygon?
new block what do u think ?
Maximum temperatures for CPU?
How many cfms do I need?
shroud / fan / heater core combo needed
Inadvertent "What if?" Answered (Long)
How did you put watercooling in your chieftech full tower?
2nd Home Built Water RIG!
Removing MCW5000 hose plugs
Which design seems to work best?
An hard drive on the beach?
Tubing won't stay straight
How about this
Got my 1st h20 system done [pics]
Well I'll Be...
Pump suggestion?
Finally Got Some Pictures!!
MY LCD Temperature meter REVIEW.... 56ker beware
10C temp drop - and why
Hoses collapsing
hard drive watercooling ?
why would you want 1/2'' Tubing?
Maxijet 900 vs 1200
Passive Radiators
Pump relay and burned out LED on baybus
Not sure if i should redo my watercooling.
Watercooled, cannot overclock 1%
best block for $50
Tubing Size
Holy Potato! EVO is the Bomb!!
Do you guys use silicone on your tubing where it connects with the barbs?
Need Better water cooling info
Help with water chilled setup
Thermaltake Aquarius II
Watercoolin RDRAM
water cooling on the cheap
Anyone got their Swiftech 8500
install waterblock wrong?
My Easier (I believe) Cathar Clone
Your block kicks ass, Cathar
please help! quick
No guts, No glory... help me figure out my problem...
PUMP Speed Control?
maxi900 kicks serious assy
Some noob questions on waterflow
Can you water-cool in a PC65 Case...
Never again
WOW this Looks so Freekin Cool !
WB: Atomic Vortex?!?
upgrading from a eheim 1048 to a 1250
I have taken the plunge! [pics]
can anyone tell me if this rad is any good
Better Radiator? or CPU block?
How do these temps look?
Contemplating Watercooling
Need some help on dimensions....
Water Cooled Super Computers (Cray)
how much cfm is enough?
popcan block corrode?
need asap
Emptying a Water Cooling system
MaZe 3 thread size?
Water Cooling System
Where to find Nylon Hose Clamps locally?
Starting the pump with the computer
how a radiator works
Eheim 1048 or 1250
differant coolents..warm or cool
Modded maze 3 and more
How Much And What To Buy?
Is anyone using the Swiftech pump relay switch?
need power relay info for pump
If I turned the chevette HC on its side would it produce better results?
Heatercore question.
water cooling science fair....
An easy way to make a shroud?
How to change out water in a WC system?
suggestions on chipset WB 1/2"
Eheim 1048. Good deal or ?
Barb Questions
Question for y'all
Pipe sizes
Ahhh ......water
Watercooling Strategy
enhiem water pump
Innovatek reservoirs
Lan and Watercooling
Can I use a peltier with a Innovatek Set-2???
Build My WC Setup
copy cat of Ehiem?
Eheim 1048 - did you have to change the barbs?
Water Pump Suggestions
Heatercore Shroud
DangerDen Geforce4 WB, any thoughts?
Eliminate the Radiator
(TechTV) water cooling benchmarks? are they right?
Who has a LRWW or an EVO
A couple of heater core questions
has anyone ever made a copper reservoir?
Insane flowrate system
Distilled LondonDry Gin
wind shield wiper fluid
good article on how water cooling works...
Freezing problem
What is a Shroud and how can I get one for my radiator?
ethnol and methol
Methol Ethol Keytone
Mounting Any Water Block (Four Hole Method)
Thermaltake Xaser II A5000A
Swiftech RAD676 radiator
Really new to WC... Can anyone help me pick out some cheaper stuff?
Mounting TC-4
Are the plastic washers that go on the wb really important?
Ideas for Heatercore Placement
SuperCool from Dtek
Spir@l Block
Heater core goes where
North bridge cooling
Water wetter
Lytron MicroChannel Block
Which Kit this any good idea??
Woot My Wc Setup Came
I need help in RIGGING WC
Magnetic drive pumps bad for hard drives?
Ahanix Iceberg Liquid Cooling system?
Problems with Via-Aqua 1300
What temps should I hope to see with this setup
I have a waterblock dilema
Need some feedback on a new watercooled setup
H20-22500PV or H20-8500X-PV or Exos?
best/easiest way to put a copper top on a homemade WB...
A few "newbie" questions
Water cooling a 9700pro with Innovatek
1250 thread size
EMI confirmation?
Heatercore and thangs....
Which waterblock?
external Watercooling briefcase
temps with watercooling setup
You HAVE to see this!!!
High Temp Saftey Equip
Why alumium for heatercore fins? +
Newbie parts assistance
When people say use 1/2" tubing, do they mean OD or ID?
1/2'' Water Cooling Kit Recommendation
Large Heater Matrix
water block for EXOS....
Dual Case watercooling Computer
How does water wetter prevent corrosion?
My new WB has a scratch, what to do?
Making a few changes.. comments?
using a normal hand drill to make copper waterblocks?
Whats wrong with this.
Innovatek threads . . .
Pics of my rig. Finally completed
Going to go with liquid cooling. Help me to make sure that I know what I am doing.
Does the Koolance CPU-200G compare to TC-4 or the new swiftech?
waterblock casting...why not?
Woot ! just got my H/C !
Ehiem 1250 Leak inside.
Choosing the right radiator?
tc-4 mounting
Water manifolds
disappointed in my new innovatek...
I added a little Anti freeze and my water looks white...
1/2 vs 5/8 Tubing
To those needing Electroplating or Anodizing supplies
Danner or Rio water Pump?
Pic of me Test/Bleeding
Anyone Have Bay Res from Dtek?
keeping water clean?
Pumps and Powerheads?
Innovatek set 2 installed backwards... need help.
How Do I put 1/2 Tube In Ehiem 1250?
cleaning please help!
Anyway To test Leak without WaterBlock?
AMD's core temp methods
Need pump advice
Smaller pump, better temps.
Bleeding and filling
Water Cooling Help!
Swiftech MCW50 nVidia mounting kit.. pls!!
New Innovatec Res
WW or TC-4?
My water cooling system leaked :(
Please help me im newbie (Ellada)
Mount Eheim 1046 upside-down
What am I gonna do with the little I got
Anyone have a Thermaltake Aquarius II watercooling??
Best Flow Rate Design and Things that Hinder?
1048 users
Help finding new blocks for CPU+ GPU + NB
Hydor L30 320GPH?
"Fools rush in..."
WaterWetter ratio?
Connecting barbs
GF4 waterblock
My first ever watercooling system is up!
High temp ?
Need help Quick!! Eheim 1048 or 1050...ordering now
anyone useing a d-tek heater core/radiator?
A case of God hates me...
Magnetic pump, isn't that bad?
Kicking around an idea
Direct Die Cooling
My Watercooling[PICS!!!!!]
Fan and Rad: Do I even need
Want to start watercooling!!!
Eheim 1260/1060
My Setup
PC-60 Pics
Does a CPU shim worth it?
My Proposed Kit
HELL BENT on using a peltier
Diving in...newbie questions
Adapter For MaxiJet
Just Ordered My HC
2 ways of doing things?
Eheim1048 vs CMD12V . . .
Best Waterblock for me?
Innovatek set 2... am I gonna be happy with this?
Water Cooling Supplies.. In Canada
What are some good GF4 waterblocks?
How's this setup sound?
TC-4 or DB-2??
just made me a duct
Innovatek reserviors
Cutting plexi...
Watercooling Setup
what rad to put in top 5-1/4 bay?
swifty tec upgrade
Oops, I confused my intake and outtake
Just water cooling my 9700
Water Wetter Poll: Please Look @ + answer.
Cooling your "back side".
DC water pump w/molex connector . . .
is the blackice pro crap?
I got pics of my rig from a LAN party!!
Air bubbles in tubing help?
Critique my purchace
DIY design help/suggestions please
homemade ZERO fan system
Finally got pics
any suggestions?
My new water setup (pics)
Danner Pumps.....
Dual radiators galore
Radiator inlet/outlet
OMG I can't believe it. Everybody is copying Cathar!!!
5 Gallon Res
What to get for 500$?
Middle of the road H2O cooling
Calm-SV:what liquid do they use?
Via Aqua mod results (kinda)
Part II: Low-cost Innova-type reservoir for those who failed shop class (With Pics!)
would be ok to submerge the radiator??
Quick pump help
Big Vs. Small Heater Core
Modified Commercial Waterblock Thread
Input on Dual Pump setup needed
cardboard shroud pic
Quick and dirty Fan Shroud
Best 9700-compatable block?
Water Wetter, Purple Ice, and Dex-Cool
AMD system suggested watercooling kit?
my reservoir
What's better, Gemini High FLow or Spir@l?
Distilled water+Water wetter= FOAM
Nylon fitting question
Great watercooling case!
shroud guide
What ratio to use for distilled water:water wetter?
Clear water?
SOme questions on barbs.....
Took system apart today to do Superglue mod to via aqua
Any new blocks?
OCING help
The Point of NO Return!
Is my Eheim 1046 pump good enough ?
Need good recommendation for resevoir
WhiteWater or Evo?
Size needed for waterblock.....
A concept: 2 heater-core in parallel
Good temps for new WC rig?
Iwaki Pumps
Cooling the water
Adding barbs on heatercore
Fan-less computer won't boot
Never going back to AIR!
BillA's WhiteWater Report
Built a Duct to cool my heatercore from outside!
need heatercore
Tygon is the best! price?
help with swiftech pump relay kit switch
high temps?
TC4 sexy? Damn right it is!
whats the diff from maze3 and maze31
Custom Plastic Reservoir
Question on chipset blocks.....
Connect pump to molex
Anyone making Water Block for GForce FX?
Vcore Effect on total MHz
TC-4 Comparison?
Question about tubing....
Bong Res Help
Endless search for particular case!
Best Commercial P4 Waterblock
My Retro Xtreme Overclocking Project - 26MB video
Help me decide.
y adapters
Little Giant Pumps
WW kicks ***: BillA test results.
Need Some Help!
Head loss
Mine WW # 103
What type of tubing do you use?
hoses and stuff
Maze 3 Problem
Best water block for Northbridge...
Building a watercooling, need advice
fanles heatercore?
Need a good cheap case for watercooling
Ran into this on ebay, neat hun?
1200, 900, or 600?
some questions
PC60 Radiators
Drilling copper.
Dangerden Geforce3 Block on Radeon 9700?
gph on the pump
Good Mounting is everything!
newbie questions, water cooling of course
Quality of this pump....
First Watercooled system
First Attempt at W/C
submerge pump or not?
Does this work?
Two new articles by BillA on frontpage!
in-line system with HDD cooling (pics)
Resivoir and radiator questions
Velocity Titanium Water Pumps
best way to clean your lines out?? what to use??
New cooling ideas....
Is 650GPH to much
adequite setup?
Has anyone used an invenrter for the pump?
Problems with Eheim pump
WC happy!! :)
quietest Danner of Maxi Jet?
got a new pump;)
Is this right??
PC 60 Heatercore mounting
How long have your pumps lasted?
WhiteWater on P4 with removed spreader?
Watercooling question
I need HELP
Pump placement
TC4 or Spir@l?
Ready for water cooling.
alcohol instead of water to cool cpu
Water cooling for quiet PC
What up with Dtekcustom?
Homemade waterblock question
Is it worth it?
Hmm, I see reservoir-mod in the future of some Lian Li case owner :D
how much $ 2 get started?
Pumps, Waterblocks and NOISE!
Got a Digi cam, so here are some pics!
Just got my swifty :P
watercooling setup
Just got a Maxi 1200
In-Line Temp Probes
CDrom bay water reservoir
Post Your WC System Pics Here!!
Fianlly got my plan down...
About a dual h-c passive design
Finally made up my mind!
n00b Q's: which top for TC-4, how to get barbs on?
Waterblock design discussion
What's a good H2O case???
White water installed
Anyone have clear pic of inside TC-4
Water Bong
What about ThremalTake water cooling?
12-7volts(rad fan)
n00b making a few tehtative plans...what do you think?
Fan placement problem...
how to lap a WB???
Block weight
I'm ready to make the switch...
Games freezing up - overheating card??
Water cooling setup price?
Can I mix the ICE machine with Swiftech??
Impingement Spiral
damn bubbles
Anyone know whatever became of these shrouds?
questions on building a block
Tried a search, but still looking
how is your inline loop set up?
Radical Duallie Liquid Cooled Case Design