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Finished my first water cooling loop...
EK FC Bridge
Smallest case that can fit 120.3 radiator with modding
Banchetto 101 build
Need some advice
Haf 932 advance 120.3 radiators options
spilled water droplets on MB help...
Is that normal? Rad oxidation
How much Rad for CF 6870
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single slot, full-cover & universal water blocks for the 560Ti
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no video after second card inserted
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First time Doing a Rebuild
Mission Impossible?
Temp of loop anywhere inside of loop...and more..
Question about Tygon R3603 (clear) tube
Rad Fans
120.4 Square radiator....
Antec 920 beating top air cooler?
Annual Tear Down Questions
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Anyone WCed a RV01
Two Questions Please (First WC Build)
Best Fan
Sufficient Radiator?
Case based Evaporation cooling (aka bing's bong cooling)
140mm Fan recommendations for SR1 560
Silver vs PT Nuke
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DD-CPX Pro hmming/buzzing
Proposed WC Build
2nd Rad recomendations for 548W and 5deg DT desired
Water block for am3
Beginner to WC needs some pre-buy advice
Pump and Res combo? any good?
3/8 vs 1/2
New build is complete
New to WC. Advice on proposed build.
Case Cooling Questions, In Win Dragon Rider
Returning to WC Advice
This should be fun!
Can i squeeze 2 Rads in an Obsidian 650D?
Need help with cooling problem on new system
Corsair H60 in bottom-mount-psu case, installation.
Water cooling safety
Ek H30 Supreme review
Complete list of parts, advice before buying.
adding gpu still wanna be silent
Using closed cpu water cooling systems?
Question about using a Fountain Pump
Quiet 480 Radiator and Fan combination
EVGA SR-2 Loop Questions
Need advice on GPU Cooling
Noisy Pump
Case Recommendations : HAF-X and Watercooling?
water cooling
All-in-one CPU Coolers - Just quieter or better than air?
Project: Waiting for Aquaero 5 :)
Swiftech XT don't fit now what
Best CPU block for LGA1156
Choice of fancontroller.
@ Conumdrum
WC connections
Can't find shop selling additive in canada
1st try at water cooling
nickel plated blocks.....
Watercooling scheme
CPU Water Block 1155
Trouble bleeding loop
Motorbike Radiator
1 Pump, 2 Radiators, 1 CPU block question
Pump / Reservoir Question
New build, new builder. Need some tips.
Help With a layout Please
Water cooling newcomer
Radiator scaling?
Which Tubing, & Fittings/Joins etc?
Swiftech MCP35X and MCP35X Reservoir (Rev. 2)
Advice for Airflow Change
H20 , now 6-7 degrees warmer with new loop?
2600K wc
Overclock without Burnout
4890 water block on a 6950
Flow configuration.. opinions?
I don't think it's algea ?..
Extreme Water cooling Loop help!
(Newb) Silverstone TJ07 pre-planning build
Mixed Metals
My Gimp "Hamster"...
rad size
water cooling for a SC-750a
Possible cooling issue, help please?
Cleaning a Block - Need New Gaskets?
Does anyone know how to use the 3/8" conversion kit for the MCP-655?
Changes Throughout The Laing DDC / Swiftech MCP Pumps (Informational)
watercooling question
Max tube length?
4 Year Water Cooling Tear Down!
My first watercooling loop, supplies coming tomorrow
Starting a new water rig (n00b I am)
New watercooling from ThermalTake and CoolerMaster
4 water blocks or just 1 for CPU
Going water cooled
Tubing Suggestions
Overclock.net Group Buy Legit?
Thinking of Getting the GTX 590
DIY Swiftech MCP355 / Laing DDC3.2 Pump Repair Guide - Walkthrough
New Build Log - 800D
HD5870 dead, need new GPU+waterblock
Looking for the cheapest watercooling for my 6970
First Build Complete! Suggestions?
Is my Swiftech MCP-355 Pump dead?
New PC, water cooling questions
MO-Ra radiators
PrimoChill Pure Performance Coolant mixing with water?
Rad filter screens?
Which is correct?
Do I even need to change my fan?
Help finding 120.3 grill for switech rad
2011 Annual rebuild and update... Finally!
Avoid CoolIT?
Cooling in the Cosmo S case.
Using tap water...
Strange temps
Undervolted Fans and Noise ??
Swiftech MCP35X vs MCP355 / Laing DDC2 (DIYINHK Modded) - Flow Rate Test
Delta T, 55nm GTX260s, and me
Overall Performance
A few complex questions for my exsisting loop
24months constant running and nothing to clean
Radiator advice.
Grrrrrr.... can't find it - CPU heat output.
FFF&FM Rev2.0
EK-Supreme HF High Flow -
Extreme watercooling build suggestions help plz
does ambient temperature matter if cpu temperature is fine
Fan Controller Setup
H50 H60 H70
advice needed
H70 pipes, at top or bottom?
How often do you add biocide?
Looking for feedback :)
H50, H60, H70 or Other - Need Quiet
Installed H70
Radiator, airflow sizing.
Sounding Board : My Rad / Fan Configuration
Replacing rad, possibly fans
Google's creating a water (seawater, actually) cooled datacenter
Newb Questions
CPU loop buying in 10 days!
Project Xsesive Build Log...
MCW-5000 still viable?
Ice Dragon
NGTS250 Waterblock
DangerDen maze 4 gpu cooler compatibility
Ek gaskets
need a bit of help in water selection
Looking for a Certain Barb or Fitting
Hard time finding some things...
New i7-2600K wc build
3x140mm fans auto controlled from mobo?
The softest tubing?
Loop Set-Up
Good fitting?
How to clean your CPU waterblock from Oxidation
Project Xsesive
Mixing Nickel plated copper with aluminum?
guess whaaT!!!!! MoaR AlGaE!!!
i5 temps
Computer update time
Mixing metals in a loop.
Corsair H70 vs Antec Kuhler 920
RX240 and gpu and cpu
Water cooling loop and Thank you
Lamptron FC5V2 Help
Corsair H70 CPU Cooler Advice needed
Swiftech APOGEE-XT Extreme vs. Rev2
Advice on loop!
MCW82 & Temp Probe ?
Will compression fittings fit my Swiftech GTZ Block?
Optimal Flow for a loop?
Getting back to WCing
Planning to use Silver as Biocide..
Thermaltake Symphony Discontinued?
Zalman fanless water cooling tower
Budget CPU cooling idea
Cleaning Out My Waterblocks
[Martinsliquidlab] Rad & Pump Optimizer V5.6 Spreadsheet - New Parallel GP
Magenti Mountainmods WC build log
EK SLI Bridge
PC Water Cooling From a Newcomer's Perspective
Liquid Metal TIM
Pump dying?
DIY cpu cooling block
H20 experts?
Closed loop systems
Thoughts on this setup?
Watercooling Dillema. Need help D:
Rate my new loops before i buy
Am I Nuts - Swiftech Apogee XTL Won't Fit 1366?
XSPC V2 Rads'
CPU loop
Water Cooling Pump Help
Brand New Swiftech Kit Dirty
Plasticize Free Tubing
Quick rad/fan question
Adding 2 6850's To My Loop
[Project] Overkill Water
Radiator @ Cosmos S
is my pump suppose to sound like this?
Trying to learn...
Pump Setup???
Trying again.
i want this tech for our fans
Good Water Block + radiators?
My rig
Gigabyte gtx 480 SOC waterblock
General questions
Would it be a good loop?
Different fans for push and pull?
Due Diligence Done...Now what do you think?
h50 Corsair Cooler won't fit my Thermaltake v4 Case!
New tubing - quick question...
Anyone ever used an Antec DF-30 to W/C?
Raddage needed?
Pump help and comments needed.
distilled water
waterblock for his 6970
Antec KÜHLER H₂O 920 or Swiftech H20-220 Edge
Pump held in place by nothing but the hoses?
Warning to all new folks. Why biocide done right matters.
140mm Radiator?
Now that I've finished my build..........
Help! 1st WC setup since 2004
Red Fluid Now Clear
project watercooled i don't know yet.
Returning the H70. What now?
Proper Raddage
Got a rad today, not sure what it is
1st WC setup, possible new direction..help
Help Me Build New System
Ok stuck what Rad? Help!
Searching for unusually shaped rads
Fitting rad inside case
Watercooling assistance required.
A/C Evaporator Coil Build Advice.
Am I ready? YEA!
Am I ready?
opinion on price of water cooling kit
Suzuki Swift radiator
Expected Temp Watercooling
New WC components, asking for advice
New w/c build sanity check
Push v Pull on High FPI Rads
Another is my MCP 350 dead?
best places to buy water cooling gear ?(UK)
Question for people who have worked with threaded Koolance VL4N's...
2600k 6850CF WC SSD: I need a bit of help
New Case And Water
Upgrade / Add to Current Water Setup
Skinnee Labs Fitting Compatability
My CM690II w/c system - Now with SB and 570GTX SLI!
Custom DD Torture Rack Build Log
Need advice for my new comp build - Cooler Master Cosmos 1000
Choosing your first radiator
Temps on the Rise
What you think of this setup
questions about upgrading build
Is case Airflow necessary?
First WC Build - Looking for Advice
Loop Help
First water cooling rig complete
Water cooling build from scratch...
Questions about 6950 unlock(xfire) watercooling
Watercooled HD 6990 and HD 6970
Time to get my feet wet!
Motercycle rad
Build Log: Water & Wood
Bay res question
Importance of Water Cooling
Need Advice on Case Airflow.
Water Cool Xbox360
Cpu block
Problem trying to narrow it down to save time.
Leak test - failed. Need guidance!
Core i7 Cooling Question.
Help for a new water build...
Beginner's Guide to Water Cooling Your PC *** READ THIS FIRST ***
Radiator fans
4.2GHz Temps
Watercool MO-RA3 VS Feser X-Changer 480mm x3
Want to WC. Few questions
Watercooling high end build - revised
Thoughts on Koolance Exos-2.5?
Lets put a triple 120 rad in a NZXT Phantom
Ok so I finalized that I will get water cooling but I just need to make sure...
5870 with waterblock for 220 at the egg
Is a dual rad really needed to cool an i7 920?
Watercooling a phenom II x4 965.
Is this enough raditors for my setup?
A Good Fan Controller?
Rebuilt my loop
Does rad size matter?
Gold plated cpu block, good in performance or not?
Whats a good non-conductive thermal grease?
questions about making a waterblock for CPU
Skinnee Labs Review Phobya G-Changer 360 v1.2
Scythe Gentle Typhoon 1850s found
Need help with first WC build
Case for 2x120.3 rads?
Danger Den MC-TDX for Intel 775 CPU/Boards vs LGA1156
Do I need/would benefit from a 2nd pump
Which water block for the 5870 eyefinity 6?
Need some thinkers in here... There is a resurrection afoot.
New to the scene, what to expect?
new build. need help with case and liquid
I want to get water cooling.
support request for WC build
Liquid Cooling Setup Questions
Thinking of first H20 setup AMD 1090t
New to watercooling
Big day
Had a leak, hardware toast?
Did I figure this right?
GTX560ti Waterblock
Coming back to water after 6 years.
SLI Bridges
Need some help with 2 MCw80 5850 cards
Radiator repair...
How much radiator do I need for this setup?
H50, H60,or H70
Corsair 800d build, need input on dual loop setup.
EK XTC RAD (140) detailed dimensions
Waterblock 1156/1155 advice ?
Liquid Cooling Pump Not Pumping
Corsair H50 cooling tips
First WC Setup, Thoughts - Suggestions?
film im res
External Radiator box completed
Water Cooling in FL
Watercooling new high end build, WC first timer
SR-2 Cooling loop.
Getting back into it
How is GPU cooled when using a Corsair H50/70 CPU water cooling?
[Original broken thread]New Water Cooling Setup Opinions for system
two WB's which one to use?
To WC or not to WC
Watercooling Loop Change
need some advice on corsair h70
Flow rate issues.
Too many HDD's in one box need help..
What WC for Cooler Master HAF X???
2600K Get'n wet..
I need some advice on a vga block.
Thinking about changing out my rad
what is a radiator?
My first Adventure with water cooling, input please
have some distilled water left over - ionized?
quick question
Questions about my temperatures.
Radiator Question Would this work? (Diagram)
Shopping List Help!
Any Koolance product users out there; help please
When are dual D5's necessary?
Fans for 480mm Rad
Quad (480mm) radiator external stand or enclosure options?
Loop question... Need some advice.
HD6950 best water cooling setup.
First WC build, thoughts on my thoughts.
First Watercooling build Complete/Antec 1200
Playing around with the idea of WC
Need some opinions from folks in the know.
CF/SLI loop build recommendations.
Final thoughts...
LED in res?
quick question on PHNnuke
noob questions
What is this?
good temps?
Avoiding algea and micro-organisms growth in WC-loops
Second res solution?
Custom 140mm Radiator Shrouds
Pump info
Apogee 180 degrees the wrong way 8months
Advice Requested - To WC or not to WC
X58i waterblocks
just a quick question about buying used in OC
CPU Water-cooler what should he have?
Volatility Box - A Build Log
new water cool set up i think i have got it !!!
First Build: Noob in Need
Sound reduction
Water Cooling Questions?
noob needs more help
any suggestions on this please
warter cool noob help please
rad scaling
coolit domino
Handy Tool for Planning
Radiator and Fans, what to choose?
First Water Cooling Project
old koolance case
First Water Cooling set, have i nailed it?
making the plunge
Water cooling Dual Loop Question
Watercooling Build. Dual loop thoughts.
Is this fan overkill for a radiator?
Rad arrived damaged...
MCP35X leaking out the bottom?
serial vs. parallel graphics loop
Corsair H50 CPU Cooler
Resurrection of the ORIGINAL Beast project .
CPU "reservoir water block?"
So I opened the Windows for fresh Air
Need help finding a chipset waterblock (Asus Striker ii Formula)
quiet water pump?
First WC build - 2500k/800D dual loop
Online stores (no custom charges please)
Advice on New WC setup
Koolance RP-402X2 RESERVOIR(Unboxing and overview)
Automatic Fan Control based on Water temps or CPU Temp?
New build and would like to try water cooling
Just watercooled my rig, and I have some questions
On the fence...
whats up with petras?
Hi all, seeking advice on future wc setup
Pump speed controller? MCP35X
Help for watercooling system
need help calculating thermal load
How to optimize my loop, cracked Swiftech Res
The amazing vanishing water...
First Water Cool - Feedback!
Watercooled RAM
What temperature did most WC cooling achieve?
Reservoir making bubbles?
Got my final parts in for my rebuild
Temps seem pretty high for water cooling. Please help
H70 incompatible w/ NZXT Phantom?
Mystery Flow Rate Problem
Watercooled graphic card won't boot/start
Your opinion on my WC set-up plans
Dead pump
How should I apply my GPU TIM?
Liquid Cooling, Need help please!
Threads specs for Swiftech rad?
starting wc build on my i5-2500k
Compression Fittings vs Barbs
Build in progress. 1st update.
Question about initial cleaning of radiator
geforce 260 help
waterblocks and tubing size.
Confused with Barbed/Compression fittings
Improving temps?
Is my pump dead, and why?
Coolant cleanup
Temps questions...
1x 140mm Rad vs. 1x 240/360 Rad?
O-ring installation on EK supreme HF
case selection
Making changes - looking for advice
Zalman Reserator-XT question
Water cooling newb - New build.
before I start, have I forgotten anything?
Need some help with temps
How does water temp and core temp scale?
I need of some of the smart guys -Rad/Fan
Where the Water Meets the Block!
where can i get water cooling parts?
Time to flush my WC rig
Could use some advice on my new water cooling rig
Going into Watercooling,need advice from pros!
h70 tube length
Need some advice/help hot CPU
Dual Barb fitting
Swiftech MCP655 and 3/8 tubing
First WC Build: RV02
Maze4 block on a new video card
First water cooled build..... Quick question
h50 vs h70
WCing a 6850 (noob alert)
Adding a loop to my videocards
Bad temps
Using apogee XT and cpu temp is high
good water cooling solution for 2600k in 800d!!
[FINISHED] Corsair 800D Liquid Cooled
Help with Raven RV02 LC Project