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MCR 320 Drive noise
Question on Rad/Fan Displacement
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Would a Swiftech H20-220 be able to handle my cpu
thermal grease application
Choosing+building a CPU Water Block
best 2x120 radiator?
how loud is the corsair H50 compared to stock cooler on i7 930 cpu?
help please!! :)
WC Noob Q
Polyethylene or Polyurethane?
May I pick your brain on DIY/custom parts and general water cooling concepts?
Water cooling setup, tell me what you think.
Leaving computer, what to do with water cooling?
Help with Pump Placement
Water tests done on my latest rebuild
Last Minute Opinions
Q9550, Apogee XT, MCR320, high temps?
Basic components...
Which CPU WB is more restrictive between the Apogee XP and EK Supreme??
Ordering new WC gear. Look ok?
New Member - my rig
Think my setup is safe?
CPU Loop Worth It for Benching?
Does anyone use Heatercores for rads anymore?
Cleaning Procedure???
Ice Dragon Update
700D single loop
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Nanoxia TurboFlow ReadyFluid - A Warning
Problem after reinstall
Clean a MCR320 Drive with vinegar?
TIM for your CPU Block
Need a little help with my setup
The Corsair H50 Water/Pump Cooler
First Custom Watercooling Build
heater core shroud
Quick fluid question i need answered
Fan filters
Rad for i7930..
Feser Xchanger Radiators last stock
newb water cooling set up, will this work? :/
DIY Watercooling Rig with DIY Waterblock
CM 690 II bottom radiator
New Member - First WC
First water cooling attempt: i7 920 and gtx295 (dual pcb)
two pump question
Nanotechnology Delivers Revolutionary Pumpless Water Cooling
how much is a 2nd hand water cooling setup worth?
Require help with buying watercooling setup
another build list
Quick Disconnect Fitting Question
Looking for a Shroud
Water cooling Thermaltake Level 10 case possible?
Funky stuff in reservoir
Requesting advice for cooling
RX120+RX240 Cooling Performance
to hot
MB, IOH, and ICH ?
Air bubbles after 5 days?
NEED HELP... ALiENWARE AREA-51 Water Cooling
Crosshair and Phenom 9850 B3
How would i cool this monster
Finished WC Setup, High Temps
[O/C]Kingston to Release Their First Water Cooled RAM
Recommend cooling for GIGABYTE GA-890FXA-UD7 AM3
pump isnt.... pumping
Parts list for SLi 470 in a mid tower
Pump dead after a month and a half.
rad fan opinion
H70 price?
Advice for a new wc setup in my Cosmos
About to order for first system. Splitting loop questions.
Swiftech Kit Question
Need help with my first water cooling build
Swiftech H20-220 with Xclio 777?
What should I expect from the H50?
Advice for am3
this a good rad?
Need Help with Custom Water Cooling Build
PA120.3 Developed a leak
Helping friend with first water cooling project...
aquaduct 720 XT Plug&Cool Fittings broken - need replacement
2 Loops in my HAF 932!
Weekend warrior water cooling. H50
OFS 1st WC Project
My first water cooled rig.
What case can you recomend for water cooling
Waterpump failure
GTX 470 watercooling w/ out full coverage block
Advice for i7 930 & GTX 480 cooling rig using Zalman LQ1000
pump rad question
Make the Maze5 Fit the MSI 5770 Project
Here it is, my first WC setup
Build 2.0 Help Please!
i present to you: The Flush Bucket!
New massive project
Opinion: MSI 5770 maze5 mount
D5 vario cooling influence
Trying to learn the ropes of WC a GTX 470
Ready to order! All OK?
Advise a watercooling noob :-)
Help with WC for new rig.
shroud on feser 360?
Need a good stand alone water cooling solution for EVGA GTX 470
Questions about converting to WC
Recycling project
PROJECT - Bruise Pristine
Which (LQ) parts are in this picture?
Guide a beginner to setup a silent Water Cooling system
Need Help Building First WC System -- For SR-2
New Water Build and had some questions
Adding watercooled GTX470s in SLI to my system
Algae growing in my loop...
Divvi's WC Build Log
Building a standalone acrylic watercooler
ThermoChill HE120.3 question
watercooling fan question
AMD 955 & Corsair H50
Will these compression fittings fit an Apogee XT
Fan controller temp issue
Couple questions
First time water cooling
WC setup for my rig.
Putting the bow back in a block
ultra kaze fan question
EK Supreme HF on 980X installation?
Need help for first WCS
EK waterblock and 5850
GPU temp question
New triple loop system
Watercooling New PC
[OT] Skinnee Labs infected with malware??
Split loop question
Fluid dynamics question: why does my flow rate fluctuate?
Tell me this is stupid
Gigabyte GA-MA785GT-UD3H NB Block?
How is this temperature reading?
mcr420 rad fan/controller options
CPU Loop Work Log
Do I need water cooling on my CPU with 30/55 temps?
anti-freez color.. does it matter
corsiar 50 new configuration...advice if i did it right?
New to watercooling, is $240 enough for a full decent setup?
Passive water cooling
Setup Opinions
Please help, h20-220 idle temps
New Watercooling Rig- Need Advice Please
loop question
my eco als is performing bad? high temps.
Connecting a water pump to a mobo fan header
High CPU Load Temps/Low GPU Temps??????
Barb/O-Ring Tightness
Suggestions on pumps for my setup?
starting a new build
Rad size
First Build and lots of help needed
Monitoring, loop tuning and expansion
waterblock database?
First WC Build (TJ07 Worklog)
Pump issue.
loop question
Black Ice GTX480 rad question
What Pump is Better
Suggest watercooling loop(s)?
Barb question
My first water cooled rig
Compression Fittings Help
Rampage III Extreme buid Help!
Pre-Built Cooling System or Custom?
Water on 470 wiht MCW80 or MCW50 with G80 adaptor
Fitting 2 Loops Inside The HAF 932
H50 Mod question
Passive resivors?
Rate Another Noob's Shopping Basket?!
Liquid Cooled Rampage III, Intel 980-X, New Build!
What next?!
Aluminium Thread Lubrication
anyone had their coolit eco water cooling fitted with ease?
mounting res, no holes
Advice on hard condition rig
New Koolance Watercooled Rig
need some help finding a heatercore
Water Cooling Mid Tower
restop for d5 / mcp655
First WC build (need suggestions)
What angle of fitting would you use?
Choosing the right waterblock for my MOBO!
A question about WC temperatures
Old Block New cpu
The Mighty Mini
whats better Apogee GTZ or Dtec fusion V2
TT Spedo Chasis water cooling
Aqua Computer aquaduct 720 XT mark III external
ok new system very nice, time for more
Custom loop for my rig?
A little extra help
My new gaming rig!!
New build, also the first
Apogee XT Fittings question
My intro to Water Cooling
Looking into WC, need some help
Preliminary Shopping List(dual loop)
Any Ideas On The Smallest Rad Size For This Build?
Thermaltake Armor LCS vs Gigabyte 3D Galaxy II LCS
Cooling my 5770 cu core
EK Supreme HF
help with watercooling!!
Quick question about 4 x 4x120mm
First WC Computer Built with Pictures!
Fatal Error... System Halted (Help greatly needed)
First (used) Loop - PICS + questions
my new wc build
just for fun
800d Built - 4x120 top + 2x120 bottom
Water cool ram or not
Corsair H50?
Water cooling setup needs advice
2 new gpu water block, serial or parallel connection//
Moving things around?!
H50 Dilemma
drawback to running dual reservoirs?
[HELP] Water-Cooling my system
Believer in WC
Need some advice.
Another noob looking for some help :P
Witch Radiator is better
pt nuke alternative
Res for a HAF 932
HTPC watercooling project
I purchased a Loop for sale :S
Water cooling a Supermicro X7DAE Dual Intel 64-bit Xenon
one more fan
corsiar h50 installation problem
Getting Air out of loop?
Best Way to Wire Up 6 120mm fans
Working on my build right now.
changing water
Looking for a 360 rad for HAF X
Water Cooling Build Advice
Fitting the MCR320 Drive into HAF X
New to Water Cooling, let me know how this looks please.
Added 4890's to loop (PICS)
5870 Reference with 5870 non reference?
How to stop hoses from getting sucked closed?
140mm fan recommendation please?
Opinions on water cooled PSU
Reservoir Size?
How do you measure a 1.5GPM flow rate?
Looking For Advise
Trying to decide whether to buy EK-FB RE3 Acetal + Nickel for Rampage III Extrem
Input on a WC setup please.
A Harebrained Scheme
New build, good temps, LOTS of AIR!!
want a dust filter for radiator, what do you use?
Are 2 pumps in series worth it?
2 Rads on 1 Loop - Pros Cons
980X vs 2- 5970's heat
Best Fans to use to cool RAD?
It's annoying when there's bits left over
GTX480 Waterblocks
Large single loop feasibility
Did my pump die?
My First Question
XSPC Dual Bay DDC Reservoir
Stress Test @3.8GHz
first water loop...good?
Rad Suggestion Help
Any tips on removing air from system?
potentially silly question...
Noob: Budget Watercooling
Watercooled setup in a tower 26
dual GTX470 watercooling, need opinions before I take the plunge
Does thermal paste go off?
[O/C]Guide to Delta-T in Water Cooling
how to clean acrylic reservoir
Where to buy swiftech parts?
WC Newbie - Nearly Silent System (i5 + 5770, no OC)
Thinking About Cooling the GTX 480
Need clarification on the EK-FB for EVGA 760 Classified
please help me choose a setup
Will this loop configuration work?
EK full board block asus rampage III
No post after WC
just redone my loop
Will radiator positioning effect flow rate and head?
Water cooling for multiple computers
What would you recommend?
Help with gtx 480 screws
New WC Build (please critique)
Thinking about building a Water cooled PC.
Rads 120 vs 140mm
Watercooling Noobie needs YOUR HELP!
First try at WC, part list.. please let me know if I am way off ;)
My New Water Cooled Setup (Pictures)
a stupid question about T lines
How much space do I need for a radiator?
RPM Sensor on Pump
Cleaning H50 Before First Use
First Water Cooling Setup
What to upgrade next
Finally available: Poweradjust 2
Dual loop cooling design
Quick Coolant Question
NOOB Speedfan and GTX 480s? Questions using it and WC
Custom Res... Grey Goose Bottle?
New to Watercooling
First WC Build (800d)
Cleaning up coolant, and other stuff.
i7 920 OC + 2 GPU's = 1 loop?
[uk] where to buy water?
Vreg Temps problem
Two loops or one?
How to keep an eye out for Galvanic Corrosion
Asus eah5870/2dis v2.0 hothot hot !
little help with my obsidian 800d build please..
Comments on a 1st time WC Loop
CoolerMaster Duo Viva + 2x HD4550=???
i have an idea...
Rapage III Full Board Block
Calculating water reservoir heat-load (warning, math)
pump res combo suggestions
URGENT HELP! Can't get a current in the loop
High Temps (~60C) with Armor+ LCS case
Phemon 9850 idles at 42-45c @ stock speed
Project: Future Proof
My first WC computer (WIP and questions inside)
Finished first WC build but have a temp problem
High temps with Armor+ LCS
Yet another Watercooling noobie.
Chaos Theory - in action!
Ready to Order?
New Water Cooling Build - Help Please!
parts for water cooling
Yet again...another question about i7 temp + W.C.
Having some issue's with the new case and liquid cooling
Watercooling retail outlets in your locality
Zerex no longer available?
WC 1st time build review + input
An almost-from-scratch DIY loop
Freezing Problem!
A tease...
Yet another WC Noob looking for advice!
Core i7 overclocked
W/C Noob, first setup questions
Radiator higher than Reservoir - Will it overflow?
Which Fittings Would You Recommend?
Water Block for EVGA GTXS 275 (1792MB Version)
Always remember to put the O rings back in the block
Possible to convert socket A waterblock to AM3?
Modding my new Corsair Obsidian 800D case....
Newbie Questions
Heat issues with my loop and i7 860
Copper Changed Color
Warms Days +_+
Does water evaporate?
Critique my thoughts on a cpu loop
New to water cooling
First WC build GT's vs Ultra 3000
order of components?
Recomend radiator fans:
Routing options
Starting to Save $$$ for these upgrades
Cleaning out Algae
[O/C]CoolIT ECO A.L.C. Review
Interesting temps on my new 470's
First time! Need some expert help.
Your thoughts on this setup .. Please !
how many fans on a controller
Long overdue upgrade but have questions.
New w/c loop, suggestions?
Feser X-changer triple 120mm or Black Ice GTX360???
ek waterblock issues?
Galvanic 2 solder?
galvanic corrosion
Push/Pull on PA120.2 or grab a PA120.3..
Compression fittings and Tubing
Opinions on XSPC RX480
Look what i did this weekend!
ultimate water cooling
Smooth 90-degree connections?
Watercooling Advice for Core i7-930 & GTX285 (Please)
Project Perdition-K: Complete!
Good corsair h50 temps?
Micro bubbles?
A newbie that has finally done it! HURRAY!
New toys, waiting for the right blocks
potential build, insight please
New to Watercooling, looking for input/suggestions
is this res pump combo worht it?
New System let me hear it
Another new build thread
First watercooling!
A new DT guide, improments and suggestion needed.
Just a bunch of random questions
Small loop performance?
Future of Water Cooling?
Quiet rig questions
Radiator punctured?
I hate noise especially when the PSU is the loudest.
Radiator Mount Question
Looking for an assessment of a possible loop.
New CPU block mount temps ok?
Dialing in my WC setup. Opinions?
My timeline of liquid =]
cooler yet...
Liquid Cooled Rampage III Extreme
Buy Water Cooling
AM3 Water Block?
i7 Watercooled in DD Waterbox first boot.
Zeroing in on setup;5 weeksof reading done!
O-ring lubricant?
Have kits evolved at all?
anyone using a bitspower water tank z-multi?
Boulard83 RIG / Tecnofront HWD
WC advice any thing missing
Speedfan Question
Water cooling recommendations?
Need ideas for a good case for watercooling
Popping my WC cherry: what do you think?
dedicated pump for pumping water to res?
measuring heat, controlling fans
Hey where can i sale ek waterblock 5770's
Pump i can use inside Reserator XT.
Water Cooled Video Card Spacing
Love it when a mod goes well....
update on my progress of the case! new rad and fans
MedRed's Watercooled i7: Ice Ice Baby
Put my q6600 on water today
What are the moving barbs called?
distilled vs. De-ionized
silver fittings how many?
Summer is coming and i need a solution for gtx 480
First Attempt - so far
New to watercooling, potential build, have many questions
best way to take tubing off a barb?
Best fans for the ThermoChill PA140.3
Temperature Equilibrium--
Radiator Selection
I think I broke something
MCP-655/MCP-655B settings
What are these?
GTX 470 on water.
Liquid cooled 890fx asus amd 1090t be =]
Opinions on Water Cooling Setup
pretty ****ed off....
Rad choice for GTX480 FTW HC and i7 loop?
Videocard Waterblocks compatibility
I Need some advise
New Build, first non-half a$$d one
Apogee GT
Corsair Cooling Hydro Series?
Hey do i need this
Are these pretty much the same...
Will My setup work? suggestions?
Watercooling two GTX 480's, Rad & setup questions
1/2? 3/8? 5/8??? fittings barbs??
A little help for a newb.
Temperature Sensors
Radiator Questions
Anybody have some this to sell.........
EK-Bay Spin Res! Where should Pump BE?
a new BEAST .. The Water Lion ! raaawwr
new thread, fun topic, wrong sub forum. but fun!
It's been decided-->WaterCooling I7 (BUILD LOG))
WC for 2x gtx 480's ?
How often
Need to hear it from the experts..
is 2 better then one?
Temp Programs
Help with number of radiators
Guess my Temps
installing compression fittings
Planning on an H-50 Are voltages the only worry?
P-55 motherboard and Iwaki RD30
Planning a WC setup in an Antec 1200....
Your valued opinion on online e-tailors of WC parts
New WC Trends
Theory / Science behind temp per radiator?
Extend Alienware Auora watercooling to VGA
GTX480 Danger Den Blocks
few watercooling questions
Need some help w/first WC build
help with water cooling
My final first WC build Specs
Need Help Planning First WC Build
Need some help with my first WC rig
Skulltrail + Cathar LRWB Storm G5?
Koolance Systems
Intake fan