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Turbid water....
My first water cooling setup. On its way! :)
what is a good WB and Rad combo for q9550
corsair h50 help!
Bitspower Fitting Material?
Got a future selling question, but not a sale on GTX 280x2 watercooled.
solder a Tach wire on a D5/MCP655 Vario
Just having some fun
mcp350 mod...
wow corsair h50 ?
Storm rev II on P55 MB???
Worth it or not?
WC on NB of x58 Eclipse SLI?
Good CPU water block
Corsair H50 Project Advice
Koolance Kit
Water temps in your system?
mcr 320 drive
Questions on Conumdrum's Annual Water Cooling Cleaning and Rebuild Journal
Detales G5 Case Mod
[O/C]Free Water Cooling...Or Marketing Gimmick? Or Both?
Loop question. 1 or 2 ?
My latest Water cooling rig "Othello"
PT Nuke/Silver strip actually needed with primochill tubing?
water temps
Best Case
For low, low noise... Drive?
a few basic questions
Ways to prevent downtime
PW850i or air cooler?
Can I fit another loop?
Finally got my loop set up!
Anyone else see this hawtness?
Liquid Cooling Rig Finished!!!
Chrome, Copper, Silver Need additive?
Fan selction for best performance/noise ratio
External Watercooling Recommendations
Swiftech MCW60-4870 - TIM?
new to water cooling. need advice
2x80mm Rad
Waterblock for i7?
[O/C]Corsair Hydro Series H50 Review
Adapter for fuzion v1
Apogee GT Screw Replacement!
workstation cooling mod.
Swiftech Apogee XT or EK Supreme HF
Sealed LCLC - is it worth it?
New Water Cooling guy....could use your valuable input!
Custom Coolit Eliminator Setup
Updating my build/loop (pics!)
Can't Find Pt Nuke @ CAN Store
water cooling kit I found used.
(another) first water loop
Which FC waterblock for GTX285?
[O/C]Annual Water Cooling Cleaning and Rebuild Journal
Another Swifty Triple Woot!
how to change water with reservoir?
Fan Controller for radiator
New Build
First Water Build, Comments?
Water cooling issue
Are these temp normal?
Cosmos S with Classifed, Hk 3.0 and feser 360 rad
Core i7/4890 watercooling build
NZXT Tempst WIth 360 rad/rivet guide/ paint
Are these the right fans for a watercooling setup?
Socket F, need serious watercooling...
So..MCW60 or Maze 5 on 5850?
DTEK Fuzion from dual core to quad core cooling
Custom Coolit Eliminator Project
Enzotech VGA-IB on Radeon HD 4770
Does anyone have the Apogee XT in stock?
Build log 56K warning lots of pics
Asetek Liquid CPU Cooling Fan System Kit
Who needs a big laugh?
New Water Cooling, Temp Issues
Quick Tubing question
Dual loop to single loop
Water Cooling Advise
Parts, what u think?
Compression Fittings or Barbs
Compression fittings...How tight?
Shroud VS no shroud. TFC Xchanger 360 + I7
cheep pump...
Buying a biocide locally
My WC Build
Any reviews for this block?
Temps on I7 not to great
Things to note when assembling a water cooler & miscellaneous things to note of.
Boulard83 Rig V3.0
CPU wont load after test loop
Need new tubes... color suggestions?
TEC the easy way? Two Swiftec units.
precleaning for WC set up
New watercooling setup
Good coolant?
4890 lcs termal paste
4890 lcs termal paste
240 Rad on back of Antec 1200? Possible?
Loop Upgrade Question
Planing future WC setup. Swiftech stackables?
What % antifreeze for anti-corrosion use in copper/aluminum loop?
Troubleshooting new loop on MSI p55-GD65
It finally arrived...
New Watercooled setup / i7 950 & HD5970
1 or 2 pumps
looking for a waterblock for hd 4890
best fan setup for RAD on a HAF 932?
blue die that wont clog
Swiftech MCR220 Drive
thermaltake bigwater 780e
Getting a list together
Heatkiller 3.0 Q's
next remodification of system
Little help please
Thoughts on Clearflex tubing?
Radiator airflow using negative pressure
getting a good red color with UV (WCing)
i7 WC Temps
Making my loop better this weekend
1 loop or 2.
Chipset waterblock for Asus Premium?
Help with Corsair H50 Watercooler
Need some advice on a dual loop cooling system
HAF 932 ? Cheap/Good ? or other suggestion.
EK Supreme HF
Problems with the flow (1st watercooling)
Pumping acetone through standard heat-sink heat-pipes
Are these fittings too restrictive?
Thinking about going water again...
Water Cooling Content Editor Wanted
How much rad is needed for an i7??
Swiftech allin one?
Reservoirs Comparison Thread
I think I stripped my Apogee XT Mounting kit - Help?
LCS On The Cheap?
How Much Are You Looking At?
Best cpu water block?
Radiator Questions
water block for 1156?
Pump Comparison thread
1 or 2 loops?
temp reading
Is water cooling right for me?
Water Coolers
New to water, might be drowning!
2 MCP-600s vs. 1 MCP-655
Pumps Position (good or bad)
Getting there at last
Is the Corsair CWCH50 HYDRO good enough formy i7-975 extreme?
my CPU cooling loop parts list...
Temperture sensors for water loops?
Biocide alternatives...
Couple of quick (and probably simple) questions
Noob WC setup.
Happy Xmas WCing folks
emergency temporary thermal paste
CPU waterblock clogged..
What do you think? (new loop, w/ pics)
A pleasant surprise...
Core i7 / 760is bigwater heat issues
Temp troubles
1st WC in HAF 932
hose clamps?
Make it cooler!
WC build questions...
Recommend a external unit
Swiftech's MCR Drive Heat Exchangers
Pump & Flow Contradictions
New Cooling Loop Waterblock?
mosfet & N/S bridge waterblock for a XFX 790i
Nobody sells Aquagrafx?
Boulard83 Rig - v2.0
The Ultimate Water Cooling Thread
Sticky Situation - Cleaning Up Water Cooling
just bought a bonnie and thinking...
Recommend to me please a very low restriction CPU block
Serously thinking on water cooling
Cosmos 1000 2nd Rad Location
Review: Thermochill EC6 Fluid
Corsair HD 50 or Air cooling???
Will a silver killcoil disintegrate ?
Just a question about fittings (I think)
Blue tubing with Red coolant?
High restriction vs low restriction? Fan speed?
water cooling parts
It's that time again....
Silver plated fittings?
Does anyone use or play with bong coolers anymore?
Help with tower
First block for Radeon 5970 ?
more nanofluid
First WC Loop
Ordering Black Ice GTX360... 1/2" Fitting?
Need a help deciding
WC beginner
Noobie WC Buying Mistake...
Freezing Liquid?
Water vs. Air for AMD 965 heat issues?
Worth it to upgrade from Yates to S-Flex?
Looking for pump assurances
Need help with some choices for W/C setup
Radiator Comparison thread
5770 Watercooled on the cheap
So I read something interesting......
Corsair H50 Installation Video
my setup - good or bad?
New to watercooling, Asetek KT12A-12VX
Incomming I7 + P6TD Deluxe. WC leak testing.
Viable Biocide?
Coolermaster RC690 Watercooling project
How to : clean cpu block
Newbie getting into watercooling, advice welcome :)
A Quick Question...
#Rad for 5970 + AMD 965 BE?. Case?
My first WC build...help is appreciated :)
is it the pump???
Fesser Coolant Evaporate?
Greetings, from a noobs mind!! =p (question regaurding a semi-complicated loop)
Water Cooling Components
First dive into the world of WC
My new WC design
Dazed and confused in the arcane world of water cooling
Thinking about watercooling
swiftech res rev 2 help
Too much heat for a 120x3 radiator?
Need some expert pointers to lower temps.
Help me pick tubing!
Tubes behind motherboard tray of Corsair Obsidian
Looking for a 3-way split.
Can I use my Alienware liquid setup on my new build?
How Much Rad?
Hi i need some help
Radiator Maintenance?
Question about Yate Loons
help completing my water setup
Stability Myth or Fact?
Nzxt Tempest water cooling questions
MCP655 Used It is a good deal or not
Water Cooling made easy
Anyone know where i can buy these?
Which Reservoir??
Expected temperatures
Why no 5/8 or 3/4 ID tubing and barbs?
My new watercooling build
Did I get a bad batch of DDC 3.25 pumps or what?
EK Supreme LT suffice?
More Rads?
Socket A WC Block use-able still?
Water vs Air for my new i7
How good is this?
EK Radiators
watercooling the s5520sc motherboard
Waterflow questions
ordering new 240 rad, need advice
BIX2 enough for 5850 & i7 860?
Hole in radiator
W/C HAF 932, Best way to do it??
Supported load of a dual core rad?
Can i mix copper and cast iron
Best small WC system for an i7 920?
Water cooling in Canada.
P180 Mini- Triple Rad + Full Coverage GPU Block...Pics
Cooling Problem...
Antec 1200? Nah, Antec 300 does the job nicely!
Best WC for my set-up
Dream W/C Build for the Front Page
Appropriate Reservoir for an Antec 1200
CORSAIR Cooling Hydro Series CWCH50-1
How often should you get new tubing?
i7 is wet
W/C for 4 x 295GTX
GPU block or Full Coverage block?
Need help maximizing rad usage in HTPC form factor
Get them while they are hot
Need some help
New quality wc build
Modding My Case For wc...
It's Gettin Chilly...
Watercooling Newbie Requires Assistance/Opinions!
Which 120.3 radiator will fit in CM Haf 932???
New wc set up arrives.
corsair 800D LOOK FOR THE BEST W/C
New Build
Aquagate Duo w/Ati 5850 and Q9550
My WC temps are a little high dont ya think? Why?
New WC Setup for Antec 1200
Looking to go watercooled
Decided to go WC, questions inside...
Gpu waterblock
New to WC and Seeking Suggestions
mix coolants
Bitspower D5 Replacement Top Mod
Phew...that was close
How to fix MCR 320?
How to solder fans in parallel on XSPC Rad?
My gpu temps just went below ambient...
240mm Radiator Enough?
Phobya G-Changer
vga waterblock
compression fitting help
Swiftech Storm rev2 and AM3 motherboard
dual 120mm rad or triple 120mm rad?
Need help W/ Watercooling
EK Supreme and 1156
TFC Xchanger Radiator
Anyone Know Anything About this CPU Block
where can i get these petras and sidewinder dont have them
Need Sink recommendations for GTX260
Calculating radiator surface area
HWLabs Black Ice SR-1
pump relay
Pics of my new Setup.
Quick disconnects
Pre-Build Review
New fluid from Thermochill, remember XSPC bought TC.
WC Layout. Dual Loop in CM HAF932. SLI. Doable?
38mm fans on a MCR320-QP - where's the screws!
So...Conumdrum have a question for you
radiator mishap
WC - How Close To Ambient Can You Get...
upgrade gtz to something else
Was there any doubt? Apogee XT results
Need expert advice. One loop or Two with this setup...
MCR320 Stackable LESS efficient?
transmission cooler/radiator
Aragon 900 anyone hear of this brand before?
New to WC
1800 rpm fans swiftech rads push or pull?
A few WC questions
can you over cool a cpu?
Whats the best Purple UV fluid?
Block for ATI HD5770
[O/C]Water Cooling First Build: Swiftech H20
Watercooling - can it work?
Corsair H50 push/pull w/pics
Worth Buying A New CPU Block?
Negative effects for mounting a MCP655 sideways?
can anyone tell me whats wrong with this loop
5870 Water Blocks
Question about radiator fans
Need a potential water cooling solution evaluated
so my heat is broken.
Black Ice Rads
Rad for GPUs
Best Pump - Strictly Performance
What Radiator for a new core i7 + gtx 295 or 2?
Idea for W/C people who have aquariums
Rad Box and Acoustics
8 mounts Swiftech XT vs 8 mounts HK 3.0 all copper
Many Thanks to all WC members
Radiator Fans, Push or Pull
For you early adopters, a 5870 FC block at $100!
Decent But not expensive H2O Kit...
Need advice about this setup
wow... gross
White Streaks in Swiftech MCRES
temp sensors and how to monitor them?
Gtx 275waterblock/price
corsair H50 setup
Reserator 1 V2 good enough?
Which DDC model and dual top to get?
Gigabyte P45-UD3R, Keep sink or go MCW30
Are copper pipes a bad idea?
Switch to air? System upgrade must be quieter.
So I got this old WC kit for very cheap and..
Just couldn't stay with air
What Do U think about this WC
g1/4" pipe die
? on mounting
How many rads for NB and 4.5ghz i7?
Need help finding blocks for the Asus Supercomputer
What are the BEST Radiators on the market today Dual and Triple (240mm and 360
Hanks Poor Man Water set up on Dual 4870's
Mixing Fan LED Colors Inside Case - Yes/No/Maybe?
New EVGA X58 LCS - Placement Questions for P80/Antec1200 Cases
Is this rad sufficient for the load?
Silver kill coil
NEW swiftech Apogee XT !!
glad i have a cosmos S
Front Page - From the Water Cooled Perspective
Feser Xchanger Mounting Screws
first watercool set up, confused!
How to set up a dual/tri loop liquid cooling system?
Best Waterblock for 4Ghz+ i7?
Radiator rattle
Dual rad for single loop?
mcw60 on GTX260
Question about upcoming i7 build.
Point of diminishing return?
What UV dye do you recommend?
water block saved!
A waterblock for a EVGA GTX 260
Revised water loop
What is the best way to connect motherboard and CPU block on EVGA Classified?
Watercooling CPU + NB +2 GPU
Swiftech MCP355 just died
Need help with VGA waterblock!
HWLabs SR1-360 3x120mm Radiator by skinnee
How should i do this set up?
Fan shrouds, and radiator mounting
Big Loop one pump?
What could hold 2 TFC Monstas?
New watercooling setup - comments appreciated
Swiftech MCP 655-b Pump problem
Best waterblock for P55 board?
first time wcing build
Help with setting up Cooler Master 830 Stacker w/ Watercooling!
Getting ready to build first setup, few questions
EVGA GTX260 SSC 55nm Waterblock (EK?)
Question about Asetek LCLC.
Water Cooling Disaster
MCP 355 with XSPC top
Swiftech will have 1156 hardware mid october:
Coolant question
First Build, Leak: please help
Block for a phenom 2 quad?
radiator fans !!!
OCForums needs content editors!
how many rads do i need for
Interesting. A Coolit Domino went boom, pics in the post.
Which pump do you personally recommend and why?
Need help using some old W/C parts on new system!
What puts out more watts of heat, CPU or GPU?
WC is keeping my VGA cool, but CPU is too warm, need advice.
My 1st Water Cooling Setup
Corsair Cooling Hydro Series H50 CPU Cooler
My Loop | Review Please
mineral oil?
How to dye water cooling tubing *Experiment*IKIKUINTHENUTZ
Radiator Performance
How much did you spend on your water cooling setup poll? (2009)
Waterblocks for new GPU
Wcing Loop Design
Trying to squeeze a WC system into a Lian Li PC-7FW
Primochill Typhoon III looks good...
wc lappy?
Watercooling for P55 Setup
Why use more than one loop?
Is G 1/4" thread is the same as 1/4" BSPP thread?
Another Advice Thread sorry!!
Is Swiftech 655 = D5?
Swiftech MCR420!!!
Your opinions on radiators and fans in restricted depth
Done with watercooling for awhile
BIG doubt :(
Radiator choice help
Watercooling blocks and surface damage.
quick radiator question
Temperature Monitor Suggestions
Its Finally Finished!!!
advice for a new setup Asus P6TD Deluxe, i7 920 etc....
Back to water thanks to a dead pump. :(
$150 WC vs TRUE
Changing the system again!
Neep opinions on WC a Asus P6T deluxe NB/SB chipset
good nortbridge waterblock for 750i ftw??????
XSPC RX360 question
Resevoir Compilation
loops - splits - What???
New water cooling set have a few questions
water v phase change
ATI 4890 Blues
Loop question
Would like advise on new block for my AM3 PhII 945
Bday present to myself plus some questions.
D-Tek Fuzion v.2 - A New Beginning?
Water cooling setup feedback
Swiftech Apogee GT
How long until WC blocks come out?
Copper filled.
Making a rad
First Time Help Please !
mounting heavy blower to radiator
Heatkiller GPU Block
Best GPU waterblocks?
how could i make a tornado resevoir?
is it worth it?
wc second cpu or not?
Redoing wc loop
Memory cooling, worth it?
GTZ for $50 @ Frozen?
adding a 285 to waterloop
One loop or two?
Please review this water cooling loop with a coupld of questions
XSPC res top for 355
Should I add another loop?
these temps normal 4 WC'ing???
Need some help
Though you'd like this.
Under water again, w/odd question!