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Water Chiller question
The Vaseline Dell Optilex
Phase Change
TEC Waterblock question
conformal fail...stuck buttons :(
Conformal coatings?
TEC advise needed
rive/mve conformal job...couple questions
SS questions
Rampage IV BE and 4930K take two
Benching w/cold ram. Worth it? Tips?
Chilled Water Cooling Using Peltier/TEC Assembly Now 17 Months in Operation.
Best fan configuration
LD Phase Change
Insulation for the phase cooler
Cryo Z refrigerant question
HumiSeal Conformal Coatings
Extreme cooling loop
A question for the TEC specialists
Intel i7 4960x with little devil phase change case
insulating a delided cpu
Looking for Extreme Cooling compromise
Dice Cooling
EK + LN2 + GPU
How to re-seat/align phase head?
Extreme TEC chiller experiment with Antec
Someone needs to put this on an LN2 bench..
Build a better more efficient A/C
Wax CPU/APU cooling research
Hybrid Chill Box
Extreme passive cooling ... with a twist :p
Need Help Figuring Out How to Quickly Cool A Few Gallons of Warm Water
Anyone using Peltiers on their res to chill coolant?
Been out of the loop for ages and have an old Promethea Mach I
Koolance is releasing a chiller. Discuss?
Adapting a bong cooler for 2 stage evap cooler
my new cascade...link to build log
Der8auer Fusion 3.1 CPU Pot - Preliminary Testing and Feedback (raw)
Is dry ice an all-or-nothing method?
Fully immersed liquid setup
how much for a nice but used ss phase?
R22 Cooling Rig meets it's end?
Subzero Air Cooling
Insulating for Cascade vs. SS Phase?
Broken ss unit? :(
Extreme cooling for dummy (me)
Alternative cooling if condensation a non-issue
Rule of thumbs with peltier?
Fusion rev 3.1 by der8auer
Any of this worth the money?
LN2 evaporator base thickness
Almost ready for prime time?
Is this real?
How to phase change vga?
vacuum chassis instead of isulation
Vacuum cooling, could it work?
First try of the pelt
Drying out a motherboard... Like a boss
Help Identifying these tanks/dewars
Maximus Formula X38 + Koolance pot = No Go...
Looking to buy a Cascade system
der8auer ECC RAPTOR3
Fan positioning
Uber ghetto dice pot!
will table fan work???
Best 775 & 939 ATX mobos for phase?
Phase Change Cooling Gallery
Chillers - What kind of gains, mods possible?
Accurate temperature
DICE setting up what do i need?
Prometeia Mach 1 - Whats it worth?
How-To: LN2 Insulation for ASUS Matrix HD 7970 Platinum
How to insulate mobo for SS phase unit
How to insulate mobo for ss phase unit?
Pictures or Video of Liquid Helium use? How is it applied?
New EVGA contest
Phase/TEC 24/7
Got an Idea from a teacher to day
Has anyone ever heard of or tried a Carbon Fiber or Carbon\Carbon cpu waterblock
Black Hole Surplus is closing down...
Anyone still using VapoChill LS?
KINGPIN Releases a New Pot - VENOM 6.66
any experienced ss builders?
Chilling 3 way sli
OCZ Cryo-z What to expect?
My First Ln2 Overclocking Session
Using alcohol w/ plate heat exchanger for cooling.
TEC question, not for a cpu
Best DICE pot that won't kill my coin?
cheapest extreme cooling ever!
DICE Thoughts
Air conditioned case
Water Chiller made out of....
LN2 accident
best TIM for sub zero ?
How cold can computers go.
Has anybody tried this?
[der8auer ECC] Raptor rev2 GPU Container
A boy and his dewar
HSF blade fan
sub ambient temps question
Water chiller options...?
Best CPU Pot
Reeven Extreme Cooling Cup Review
Outdoor Overclock with pics
Dipping my toes into extreme cooling
Sub Zero cooling questions
Worklog: Help a nub with a semi passive phase change setup!
Ideas on how to use a heat exchanger plate
TEK water chiller
der8auer ECC goes pro!
I became an LN2 distributor today
Peltier Questions
Phase question
Peltier cooling of water reservoir
fastest 480gtx out there?
Why/How did you get into extreme cooling?
Milling my own pot
The Jelly Saga: Breaking Dawn
ambient vs subambient - how much better?
Will this work
Gemini Mounting
Kingpin F1 Extreme Dark Cooling Pot Review
Will my loop handle a TEC?
Cpu Cooler Manufacturing
Find the Size of a Pelter/TEC
Where can I find reasonably priced PC phase change units?
Kingpin F1 Dark Preview
New Kingpin NB & Dominance Memory Pots
Cpu heat spreader
Bluetack instead of putty eraser?
Will frozen thermal compound cause problems?
A realistic LCLC mod with possible better temps
Anybody else anticipating microcompressors?
Chipset/ Northbridge Solutions
Glorious Bling: KPC F1EE Dark pot received
Do I need a second pump/res?
Anyone going dark?
Working at 8GHz with LN2 Tonight (11/22/11)
Airgas Price Match - Post Your Receipts
k type thermocouple's
Kingpin's F1 Extreme Dark - The F1EE is Back
LN2 Loss Calculator
kneaded eraser...
Any interest in a heatpump compressor?
dice pot?
Reliability on high performance builds?
TEC Cooling questions..
project freezer
First DICE Session...Advice
AC Cooling
Modded automated cooling system
DICE prices!
Tweak-venetica-'s youtube channel
Phase change 24/7
Tweak goes sub-zero with i7 2600k on co2 blisser
No hastle tec for 1156
Sub Zero Water Chiller
Big pelt
Super Chill
dry ice plus mineral oil?
Locating LN2 & Storage
Asus Maximus IV Extreme, The things not to do when going cold with one.
How to build a Chiller ?
Mini-Fridge, try taking this on!
Please dont laugh.. heatload of a lighter?
Peltier cooling.... opinions?
Video: |Liquid Heaven| - |1090T X6 & 555 X2 Under Liquid Nitrogen| - |6.6GHz+|
SS overload on 15A circuit
Making my own water chiller out of a window unit, I have some questions.
Making a CPU Pot
Miny Cascade : Budget Dual 1/2hp
First successful ln2 run
Custom Phase Change (Buy?)
My first DICE run, setup and extra insulation.(now smaller pictures)
How dangerous is DICE usage?
Dice Pot For GA-EP45-UD3R
Build Your Own Phase Change PC Cooling System
curious about peltier cooling
Phase Change and additional cold plate mass.
Kingpin DICE/LN2 pot for NB, anyone used one?
worlds biggest heatsink with heat pipes?
What now?
VapoChill XE resus
Heat Exchangers and Alternative liquid for heat transfer?
hydrocarbon refrigerant recovery
to people searching for ln2
Baby steps on DICE w/ Koolance V1
Art eraser and gfx cards.
LN2 question
T.E.C. help?
DICE'ing a AMD north bridge?
Getting memory cold [noob]
Monster Under the Ice.com Single Stage
What the heck are you guys doing (freezing hardware)?
Arctic Ceramique the best chioce for Sub-zero cooling?
Subzero without condensation
termoelectric cooling
Looking to conformal my r3e
Cooler Express 2010/2011 CE-48-S-1C Review
Questions about a Kingpin pot
Hope this comes together for wars Rotary cascade
A-Dub's adventures in DICE
TEC questions from a very tired overclocker
Vapochill LS no-pc power up
My extreme cooling plan needs help!
How cold to get extreme clocks
LN2 Evaporator Design and Reference Links
Another tec question lol
Water Cooling Tower...
[O/C]LN2Cooling.com Evaporator Under Dry Ice
[O/C]Midi-Fridge to Cyrocooler
DICE on a rad?
Old PSU and peltier
Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) Evaporator LN2Cooling.com Part 1: Unboxing
Questions about petier setup
[O/C]"Extreme" Video Card Cooling on an "Extreme" Budget
|Second Frost| - |Overclocking AMD Phenom II X6 1090T Under Dry Ice| 5.568GHz
Water Thought
liquid nitro
Arctic Silver
Can Radiator be Cooler With Snow?
Finally Going Cold
Peltier add on and pre built water cooled setup?
PC in my Freezer (Fridge)
Just another Though
cascade question
*56K No* Phenom II X6 DICE Run
am i an idiot or genius? (peltier idea)
Condensation thought??
cold on both ends
Total Submersion Computer
Koolance v2 on Rampage III Extreme, photos!
DICE Benching with BIOSTAR TA890FXE & Koolance V2
Planning to attempt DICE in a few weeks, have some questions
CPU pots for Dice
is it possible to do this?
VapoChill LS questions
Cooling suggestions
Wanting to go cold, have a few questions.
Insulating GTX 480's for water-chilling - can you help?
Dumb question - why not just use the biggest TEC you can find?
Some practical TEC questions
Tec power needs?
Freezer cooling with radiators?
Yay waterchiller!
Extech Thermometer for my POT!
Anyone Here Using A Phase Changer?
tec questions,
Compressed air can cooling (-8c)
New Idea for hybrid submersion cooling system.
TEC Peizoelectric Energy Generation
Homemade TEC mem cooler???
Quick question about liquid.
91w Pelt?
n00b does ln2
what to do with excess DICE
First i7 extreme cooling results (not good)
Mach II GT ??
Miah's got a new toy on the way :)
Quick idea with TEC.
phase change units
TEC and PWM question
The T.E.C. WB is in , Here are some ..
Need YOUR help with T.E.C. prep.
Can I controll the temperature of a Pletier element?
T.E.C. Related Question
What do you do?
Dimensions of a F1EE pot?
The Most Thermally conductive Material
Extreme Benching Project - Thoughts
operating temp of cpu
Looking for a good DMM for reading LN2 temps
LN2 pricing questions.
Cold capacitor question
Buy or build a dice/ln2 pot?
dry ice pot (where do i get one )
Dice/LN2 - motherboard questions
Using A Freezer To Cool?
I had a weak moment...
Peltier Mini Fridge
Coldest Single Stage?
Build-It-Yourself Phase Cooler?
[O/C]Subzero Cooling Insulation Guide
So i bought a Prommy Mach1..
Guide For 2 stage cascade
cooler master v8 vs. v10
My foray into xtreme cooling..
Extreme Cooling Stickies and Guides
questioning the possibility of i7 with TEC
OCZ Cryo-Z - Consumer phase change unit - $349
Need a TEC guy for help with an article
[O/C]An Introduction to Extreme Cooling
Reversing TEC Polarity
Mineral Oil Submerged Computer in an Aquarium
Air Cooling a TEC (not for a CPU)...
My phase change by kc
Front Page - Extreme Cooling and You
tec temp question
1st Time DICE Pot
Ln2/Di pots
OCForums needs content editors!
Question about cooling
Which Compressor?
Phase cooling for 45 pounds!
Oil cooled + water chiller
The Swiftech MCW6500-T ?
A/C issue
Overclocking an entire network server rack
how to find GPU wattage?
Chiller #2
memory cooling options
Upgrading my peltier chiller system
Beer Flash Cooler
I want to share this Peltier design with you guys
Peltier on a rad?
Serious Enthusiast Advice Only needed for Extreme Cooling build *please*
Sub Zero Insulation
ECI 12+ (Single Stage Phase Cooler)
Why doesn't water and liquid nitrogen cooling make a huge difference in oc
bishops chiller
ECI 33+ (3 Stage Cascade)
How much would it cost to buy a custom Vapor Phase Cooling unit?
eergh! Mach II GT software and Win Vista x64
(Video) My Phenom II 955 Dry Ice Run
Want to build a chillbox
Using air conditioner to cool down CPU air cooler
Cooler Express
How to clean mineral oil from hardware?
considering a Peltier unit...
VapoChill LS / Mach II GT with new setup?
Dimensions to LN2 pot
Replacement Hold Down for VapoChill
Extreme Cooling Clearups
Cold plates
wiring up a tec
which is the best cooler for CPU
Best way to go about a cheap pot?
Ben's Cheap Chiller (rev 2) [56k warning]
Whats a..
Raditor defrost? (Prevent rad from freezing)
Getting hold of LN2 pots?
Yet another submerge question
Building a Phase system
How would you hook up some serious cooling elements?
Seemly stupid question about submerging a motherboard
Wire EDM Chiller
Overpowering a TEC
Any phase builders here?
How to adjust voltage/amp to tec?
Where to buy a pot?
Wisconsin Winter Cooling
Sandwiching TECs?
phase unit utility as chipsets change?
Watt Limit on a TEC
Calculating Heat Dissapation
Does LN2 have a smell?
Question about tecs
I NEED good cooling, PC air con is there such a thing? PC RUNZ HOT!!!
Putting your Motherboard into Thermo Electric Aqua Freezer NOT conventional Freezer
How far would you push a phase-cooled system past stock?
Help me understand TECs a little more please.
Water Chiller idea involving TEC's?
TEC Question
phase-change questions
new sub 0 cooling idea
Known Phase unit builders?
Can phase be used as the primary cooling for a 24/7 PC?
new info on danamics liquid metal cooler?
New Full Submersion PC
Making a pot; dimensions, tips?
Hot Laptop
Ben's Cheap Chiller
peltier cooling question
Appx. how much would it cost to...
Ultra ChillTec Thermo Electric?
Intel International Science fair
My first phase change project
ThermoElectric cooling / Solid State Cooling
Wouldn't it be possible...
Air Conditioner crashes system
Fun Little Cascade Project [56K Will Commit Suicide]
buy your own phase change
Window AC Liquid Chiller
Your opinions on a small idea.
memory minus 10 Celcius
Using a radiator to stop condensation
removing thermostat from waterchiller
Polycold or Cryo-type cooling?
Water Chillers
Mineral oil chilled by water chiller??
which thermal grease for phase change cooling?
which CPU cooling?
phase change water chiller
Is it possible to use liquid nitrogen as refrigerant?
CPU coolers The best
TRIPLE SLI Geforce 280 GTX vs Vapochilled Geforce 280 GTX
I need to repair my Mach II GT
How much liquid nitrogen
Pharmaceutical freezer vs phase exchange
Reccomend Me A Good CPU Fan
ChillIt unit's
thinking about going phase cooling...
wise idea?
Need help finding a cooler unit for small 6g Fish Tank
Vapochill Disaster - Going to Rehab
Seeking advice- Prometeia HOT STOP
Junk yard finds
Help!! Unable to find Neoprene locally
My idea
Insulation products and techniques for Sub-zero cooling
need some help with cola machine
blocks and a few Q's
How to guide somewhere?
Air con chiller project
168w TEC enough?
condensation and insulation question
Anyone ever heard of this?
Extreme Cooling Setups - Pic Thread (LN2/DIce/Phase/ect.)
LN2 vs Phase question
This about right for purchasing LN2?
Chill Zone v1.0
Does anyone here FIX mach 2's?
I want this stuff
Nominate Overclockers best extreme overclocker on Tomshardware
my list for my ac water chiller and questions
could u change this end and make a Phase unit?
Prebuilt TEC/waterblocks
AC unit gone water chiller question(s)
Need opinions on A/C chiller
Okay, I give up. How do you replace the fuse of a Prometeia Mach II??
Cheap Extreme Cooling
Cold plate?
BioHazard Phase change
A few questions about TEC's
Coolit Freezone for $155.00?
Heat exchanger in loop?
Anybody used water chillers?
Dry ice in chandler/mesa AZ?
Freezing a CT-479
Where to buy TECs
Extreme o/c Question
Assembling a dice rig
Universal Delta T power equation
Thermal Enterprises CP1 12730
OCZ Cryo-Z Tested!
Anyone ever used an Ozarka cooler for FC
Tips for figuring out my limits?
SS 24/7 board insulation
TEC's And OCing?
Ultra ChillTEC Performance
seeking a thermostat...
TEC and TRUE, possible?
Extreme Cooled GPUs?
insulation question lga775
More Northwood on LN2
How cold is too cold?
Peltier Q's
New toy : 40mm 6.4A 95W Thermoelectric Cooler TEC Peltier...
8800 GTX on LN2
LN2 Win XP install??
Noob question about TEC cooler
Dual loop Watercooling/peltier concept
Northwood LN2
Vapo builder
New High Wattage TEC
Found a tec.
Super cheap, super cool
LN2 Issues
X3220 G0 on Dice
Which is better?
Processor Temps with phase?
Some easy questions
Phase Change vs. Watercooling: Upkeep effort difference?
More dice from Doc
Dice again :)
Sdumpers 3 Stage Cascade by NoL
DEAL of the friggn' CENTURY on Dewar!!!
The Return of the Mach II
Its Dewar Time!!!
My First Dice EVER!!
Neoprene/Armaflex/Foam Sheets
little advice please on dual 8800 gtx's
LN2 consumption rates