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Condensor question(s)
Would like a bit of advice
Covering it in silicone, will it work?
My first ever phase build!
Just another single from me; NoL
Where can you buy a LN2/DI pot?
SS Unit holding load at higher temps?
Need a little Advice.
Intel QX9650 doesn't like extreme cold..!!??
Purchasing R12 or R13a
Hello There
I need info from some one who knows...
My Build...
Buying an evaporator
straight up crazy, but real question
TEC Idea
cooling the Q6600
TEC questions, none PC related.
OCZ Cryo-Z
Ice Maker
Cpt.Planets Rotary 2 Stager
Gomeler's Phase Change Build Thread
Rotary 2-Stager Unit
Highest Stable C2D Overclock?
Phase change for laptops
Vortex Tube Cooling Solution with HPA
joining TECs wires to PSU wires
cold bug may be?
AC ducted to Vapo
Need some help with a possibly dead Pelt
Is anyone as crazy I hope to be someday?
Pelted Ram?
The cost of adding a pelt
experiments in water cooling a mach part 2
phase for quad/dual tuning - what gives?
QX6700 what/which type of phase unit do I need?
peltier pressure
-75c Mach II GT!
peltier do's/dont's
Rosewill RCX-Z5-Ultra
experiments in water cooling a mach/vapo
peltier checklist
where to buy peltier?
New Gaming Rig
Recommendation and questions on phase
Who do you recomend?
Phase Change CPU kit
Mach I
Chiller Demand
Water cooling to what?
water cooling noob.. peltier noob discussion..
Question about thermoelectric
Remeber PPl DOnt drink LN2 or this could be you
How much cold will FUZION tolerate
New Chilly1 Evap
temp probe mounting suggestions for a dry ice tube
How do you use Dancap?
where to buy pelts
Thermaltake Xaser3 power hungery?
AS5 on GPU
ZALMAN CNPS7700 and P4P800 de luxe
AC chiller Project (enter advice here)
Another xtreme cooling...not sure if ya'll seen this yet but..
Peltier pioneer about to take first steps...
Local refrigeration shop to work on phase unit.
another crazy idea
Building a chiller (have some Q's)
Some Phase suggestions and Help Please...
vapo LS and qx6850
Feasible to apply heat sinks to the condenser feed?
Project Coolit Freezone (Custom water Chill Setup)
house hold A/C
where do you buy your cascade stuff?
Cascade 5 (2 Stage GPU)
MCT V2000 High perf. "Snap-on" kit II (For quad core)
Phase Question: Ice on suction at compressor
Idle CPU Unstable
cooling a quad core
Vapo Chill
Kepping my MB safe ( when Using DI )
Removing the rad from an Air conditoner...
SS Phase doing some funny things
How much did you spend on your extreme cooling setup?
Alchol vs Water
Is there anyway to add the Coolit Freezone into my water cooling loop?
cold plate
X6800 + Dry Ice = Fun, 56k warning
Question about mounting HSF to Peltier
A few pics of TEC insulation. (56k will blow up)
Very new to Extreme Cooling.. bad had idea
Hmm, where to insulate?
Socket 775 head for Prometeia?
Stupidly cheap Vacuum pumps!
Just got my AC unit for my Chiller
Does this captube calc work?
What Oil?
Boredum ; Random Cheap Cascade
Where can I get a neoprene gasket?
I got sick of seal string.
Thermal pad made of WAX? How to remove from TEC?
Which gives better temps: Butane or Propane?
So I want to build a Phase
Your help needed (for noob): Trippy A/C project for rat cage
8 Ghz overclocking project
Project Whop : Autocascade
New 5U Rackmount Rig - 350 Watt Peltier?
Thicker Alu or Thinner copper TEC coldplate?
Does anyone know where to order a Chillcontol Board for Vapochill
My mounting system for Phase on an LGA-775
My Silent Phase by NoL
Autocascade compressor?
Philly Boys Golem
@itor evaps and enclosure nude show
cooling TEC with phase change?
Going Dry Ice
Pelt ready CPU block?
The cheapest form of extreme cooling?
An idea, but is it a good one...
Suggestions for phase cooler
Would this TEC setup be worth it, or would it just overheat my gpu?
Bender's Lian-Li V2000b phase change build
Extreme...ly new to phase chage...
My $3 evaporator enclosure project
Great idle temps but high load on C2D?
WC Chiller Vs. Direct Die Cooling
My insulation of annoying LGA775 24/7 (56k warn)
compressor storage and placement.
Ultra Chilltec
Freeze dryer?
what is the best bang for the buck phase change system?
Another noob in the phase section of the forums
*EMERGENCY!* Not enough neoprene to cover back of card!
My Phase Change needs a Case to live in
Source for Neoprem with adhesive?
Drinking fountain parts
Small home made refrigerant tank
Air Conditioner for PC?
Project overkill?
would this be much use ?
Mach II GT Wiring Schematic
add on to water?
Old fridge... anything useful on it?
Help me with GPU insulation
300+ watt heat load.
mach2 died...new danfoss...HELP!!!!!!!!
Mach II GT aint breakin 0c
Found cheap rotary compressors in Toronto, Canada area.
Chilled Water Questions
mach II gt went nuts!
80W peltier strong enough to melt ATX PSU wires?
what to expect
Extreme Cooling??
"off the shelf" phase change question
Fridge In my Alley-way What should I take off it ?
Cooling with acetone?
Getto chipset
Single stage reworked by wa77ss
need idea for low wattage peltier chip
qx6700 single stage questions
Opteron 148 + 115 VAC = lots of melted insulation and bright sparks.
Case modders/phase users
Tough squeeze but its all in vapo just
Check out the "Tectanic" (320W TEC + Homemade Waterblock)
Insulation Guide
should i go extreme?
Chip-Con - Prometeia?
how much power needed for freezone?
CPU temperature vs. CPU speed
Cooling a e6600 Conroe with a TEC
Purging with propane.
VapoChill True or False???
Converting a Vapo Mount to an 8800GTX evaporator mount?
Fun With Peltiers! Looking for Ideas
Moisture damage?
OCZ's Cryo-Z Phase Change Cooler
refrigeration unit to cool UPS batteries
Dew Point Chart
A/C Chiller (pics)
Quick question about Dry Ice cooling..
well its cold outside
a/c unit
Problems handling Peltier
dieelectric grease and 775 socket?
Liquid Nitrogen ...
What bath fluid to use?
507/1150 Cascade (co2 till 1150 though)
Need submersable pump suggestion please
Liquid metal cooling
Bored out of my mind so what the hell! Heat pump!!
Water chiller
Some new fun parts.
cascade 4
Peltier & Water Help Needed
Problematic Submertion Cooling
Mineral Oil & Distilled H2O
Vapochill LS Noise Levels
Just an idea that was buzzing round..
Looking for a condenser (Window AC unit maybe?)
Vapochill Micro Cooler - How effective is it?
Im new to this! BUT I have the tool, Just not all of the parts!!! Plz Hlp!
Advice on cost effective Xtreme Cooling
Online Vendors for TEC
Need A Phase Change Evaporator (Buy one or Make it, doesnt matter to me)
DIY Refrigerant Recovery Machine!
UK controller
Modding the CoolIT Freezone
Just had an ideaaaa
VapoChill LS Evap. kicks on, but fans don't - HHHEEEELLLPPP!
outdoor cooling solutions
New To Phase Change Cooling, Where to Start
Mach II "Too Slow" Error on startup
cooler = too big... anything to use for displacement?..
another where to buy neoprene? thread..
New to phase
Are heaters on the motherboard necessary?
Direct dry ice cooling?
Turning it on...
Peltier Cooling and Power questions 1st TEC Rig
Any ideas to improve this evaporator?
Case for a Mach II GT?
close to being finished
vapochill dead.. test with no MB???
Phase change building competition.
Theory on adding petier to WC system . . .
Want to try a water chiller?
inside the new Rev4 MousePots
What's up with peltiers?
just a chiller I made for fun
My Phase change build.
CoolIT Systems - Freezone CPU Cooler, about to pull the trigger, will I regret it?
An idea for a chiller...
Pelt or TEC?
socket A guide ?
All Together Now!!
Why is my new place so awsome?
What Can I use to make a chiller/Cold room for my computer?
building a chiller
What is a mousepot?
What phase change to buy.
Why a mini fridge won't work, Revisited. FREEZERS!
High performance Lian Li V2000 Kit
How does a cascade work?
My Jinu117 Modded Vapochill LS is FINISHED!!!!
cooking oil cooling
Where to buy used Vapochill or alike.
how to make a phase change system?
Suggestions On Di-Electric Removal ?
Where to buy return bend fittings?
Are pelts too oldschool.
New 3" ALU Mousepot
Another pahse idea for the adventerous
How thick should a contact plate be?
thinking of getting peltier with 1st WC setup...
My blue LED fan
Your thoughts on vapo chill...
where to buy copper plates and blocks?
SOLID mOUSEpOTS for Joe Camel
A little project
Question About Luberex and corona dope
My pelt experience
Mini Fridge Cooling Mod
cascade 3
Is Phase Change Messy?
Turn Mach 1 On, No PC ??
Dry Ice pipe
Used Vapo LS, insulation issue?
The Air Cooled TEC I know....
Non-conductive Spray to cover/protect electronics from Condensation?
If you think your rig is condensation proof, think again!
Evap design
I may go to the Extreme... with a 400watt TEC.
So I have a Dehumidifier, now what?
where to get parts for phase change
Prometeia Mach II downsides?
CPU hsf
1 more go at submersion cooling...
Experiments in phase control
How-To Protect against condensation for Mach one/two Prometeia
Portable AC Unit, 75Lbs, 14000btu
holy crap
e6600 and peltier
PC Aquarium
MousePot on Master card
I think I fried my Mach II, Please Help
maybe offtopic but a question about phase change
Available Wattage for a pelt
Waterblock for 437W Peltier
Vapochill for conroe?
Questions about Mach I
Went to visit a friend and got new toy
please post some pics
NoL's Mach1 Rebuild
NoL's Inline Chiller
SW and reference geometry lol
Help With buying a pelter..
@ last -107
775 VS AMD Heat Conduction Compund Info
TEC cooling
LGA 775 M2 Socket and Mach2 Mounting kit
aircooled heatsinks that will fit a 50mm pelt
Question about the Ultra 120 ??
Can a receiver by DIY'd?
looking into building a chiller?
Can't find 6002, what Pelt Block should I use?
Armaflex tape 1/8" Is this all I need on mobo?
170w pelt troubles
Meanwell #S320-12 5-1/4 mounting
Cheap Phase Change
How big a job - To convert a air con unit into a cooler
First AC window unit
aircooling a 226w pelt
Evaporator design theory
pelt amp question
MCMaster temp rated tubing for chiller
Vapochill XE Resurrection
New line of SS :)
Enviro Safe ES 22A Refrigerant what it really is...
R290 Hydrocarbon Refrigerants A good read on Safety
Working With Copper Tubing
How much DIY $$ to match a Vapochill LS?
Access to 134a in Canada?
Danfoss NF11FX Question
freezing on the cheap?
Check out this Danfoss Compressor
Vapochill chilly 1 mach 11
Switching to the world of TEC cooling, need advice.
Flex Line / suction line size question
Finally fixed my big plant, need ideas for this monster!
Dice - Copper vs Aluminum
mini fridge
Anyone ever thought of moving caps to install insulation?
Not computer related, but cooling related
cascade 2
R152, R134A, and R402 available at Fry's Electronics
Chilling the case inlet air?
TEC Plate Cascade
Good Deals (Ebay and non-ebay!)
Anyone want to work on a great deals on phase parts sorta sticky thread?
Anyone here know how to build a temp controller?
Cool things to do with Liquid Nitrogen? Ideas?
Hi Questions about Mach II GT Unit
What happend to Extream forums?
Heat exchanger for a chiller?
Post Yar' Parts!
Liquid Helium for -451F!
Best extreme water block for 775
Where to buy evap for phase change?
insulation questions
Possibly Stupid Dual TEC Setup
How to switch Peltier element?
Liquid chiller & hello to everyone !!!
Autocad Fun
Nickel Brazing?
I'm excited!
Anyone review this?
Intel D805 + Phase change results?
Where can I buy high quality parts?
New to DICE
is this ground spot "safe"?(noob chiller..)
Water Chiller Questions
Guess what (56k warning)
how i power a TEC
The Idea's Thread
SS condensor cooled with dry ice.
What is the purpose of a solenoid valve?
NoLage projects
First chiller build.. Go easy on me... :D
Home Brew Multiple pelt systems
Mach II GT Question
Water Dispenser Chiller
Methanol cutting
D-ice / LN2 "semi-solid" design suggestions
Vapochill XE on socket 775
Vapochill LS, Blown Fuse.
Custom Single Stage in the US
The Peltier
Pumpless (convection based) chilled liquid cooling idea
Air compressor as a vacuum pump?
How do you use a swagging tool?
Kryotech Refrigerated Barebones -40C below zero Super-G
Asetek VapoChill LightSpeed [AC] Opinions
Determining hot/cold sides of a tec
Dewpoint Below Freezing = No Condensation?
Pf.Farnsworth Image Bin
Design critique and help needed.
phasing a X600Pro AiW wheres the ramsinks supposed to go?
Cost of DICE
wasnt sure where to put this: ethanol cooling
New Cooler Express "Hydra" SLI Phase Change Triple Evaporator Hyper-Cooling Unit
The original heater for the Mach 1 prometia
Videoreport of -190C OC by Wouter 'Waus-Mod' Witkamp
Inside picture of evap block?
Phase Change + Pelt = Lower Temps
my first cascade
AOPEN i975Xa YDG with a MACH II
Where to get refridgeration fittings?
Strange high temps with DD?
TEC chilled water. need some help.
Sunday Fun (56k warning)
DIY Phase Change Cooling
How to do the perfect flare!
LittleDevil's Phase changes (56k warning)
VapoChill LS usage??
YAY New toy!
Refrigeration compatibility with seals
Thermal sensors
Behold they gheto leetnes LOL
Heat pipes anyone?
mach 1
How much do you guys usually spend on INSULATION?
Direct die finished
Dry Ice Video, 6GHz.
Whats more effecient electricity wise??
A/C Basics?
so i got a 5200btu window ac unit...
Dry Ice, Brazed Copper Tube
idea bouncing time?
What to use for phase cooling
Is there a way to test if a TEC died?
Ive never seen anything like it.
Dry Ice on Cedar Mill 651
first timer :)
Would this be feasible?
WOW -103C
Considering Phase......Strongly
Condensation & Insulation
Modding a Haier HWR05XC5 window air conditioner
Mach II Problems
Running 222w Peltier off main PSU??
Brazed vs. Solid, containers.
Freeze Spray
TEC testing
Plastic shroud for phase
Do you think this is a good idea?
2-Stages Cascade @-98.5C
AMD AM2 and Phase
Quik-Freeze (-40*C)
OCZ phase kit
Pelting a X850XT
gpu cooling
Cheap TECs?
EverCold Water Chiller... Feasible?
is buying/selling compressors without refrigeration licence illegal?
New build for a water chiller! 1/3Ton (1/2Ton TXV)
Want to try TEC cooling (Done research know alot already)
Danger Den 172W TEC specs???
vapochill vs. mach II gt vs. chilly1 or diy
?? Phase Change LN2 ??
shamino is awesome
For those who need closed cell foam, neoprene ect
New case/top for Mach II?
JC's Chilly1 SS
Dice Tubes
air cooling that works
ALL Phase Changer! MUST READ! great article
I have a few questions on building a phase system.
EVGA NF41 OPTY 165, Mach 1- Could it be a cold bug?
Chilly1 3/4HP SS question
7900GTX Single Stage GPU
Minimum to average budget for phase?
Scored a 1ton TXV prob is it's R12
Cold Bugs
what is a good case temp?
where to buy insulation?
Looking to Build My 1st Phase Change Setup
Looking for an aerosol conformal coating
Cost Of Running A Pelter
Water vs. Tec
Pease delete
Tygon r3603 rated to -50C, r1000 -75C but max = 52C
Freon cooling
True or BS?
Dielectric grease? will this work..
Coolit Freezone Pelt system
mach 2 will not start computer...
Help with modding a water chiller
reason why liquid nitrogen kils proformance
looking for a tec psu
Tec that wont frost the system?
I need hard data on TEC characteristics
Just read the Mini Fridge thread....Will this work on Air?
Any good way of raising temps on phase?
Stay on you stupid AC unit!
1/4Hp Kirby and Kayl evap
Please to not pee pee on the slurpy machine !
Thermal paste cycling and phase?
Opty 148 acting unstable
anyone know the mathmatical way to detrimen phase change related stuff
TEC solution for non-removable stock nVidia HSF?
Problem with temperatures raising...
Another vapochill question :)