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Danfoss SC18CL
Sub Zero Liquids for Chillers???
Opteron UP voltages under Vapochill XE
ALU CPU container
Possible TEC setup?
finally have my partts !!!!! woooo. but still need some help with this phase stuff
maze 4-1 pelt cooler
"can of foam".. dn alcohol/windshield fluid-safe?
What about Mercury
Going slightly extreme, insulation questions.
Too cold to start ?
will this work to make a phase change cooler?
Prometeia Mach1 Vs Mach2
Brazing copper to aluminum?
Ethanol/H2O vs. Wiper Fluid/Ethanol
What is the Best Insulation to use? Where do i Buy it?
What is the Coldest you can safely cool your motherboard?
Opti 165 + dice
Finding really small leaks?
Opteron 148 @ 3563MHz
Help with a nventiv mach 1 problem
Please help me with my g4 case mod.
Vapochill test
Propane fireball! YIKES!
Recommend TEC for my GPU and CPU???
What kind of propane to use in filling system?
P4 EE & VapoChill LS 775
what may a Mach I be worth???
Questions about first DD
any decent way to remove dielectric grease?
Laptop, does AS5 works for GPU too?
Case For Custom Phase Setup
How powerful is too powerful for a water pump
Vapochill LS 110v or 220v? or both?
any good temps...?
cheap sub-zero Digital Thermometer?
Phase Change Build
yaaaaaaaaayyyy no more cold bug
How do these components look for chiller?
My future monstersetup: Dual watercool loop, Peltiers, and a big honkin PSU?
Quick Peltier powering question
how i got into cooling
phase change setup question
Decided on new phase change setup!
Peltier Problems
Do coolers only cool CPU?
Phase change vs Tec which one better?
Chilly1 head? where to buy? and how to install?
A couple of questions on TEC
Which vapochill?
Thinking of going phase change cooling, is it worth it?
Question about tecs, from a newb
Mach II Heater
New to Phase Change..Mach1 or Mach2?
Best Block for EXOS II ?
is this bend-able?(ac/chiller..)
Qmax 437w pelt question
Just bought a water cooling... Time to make a chiller!
Liquid chiller blocks..
Opinions on peformance vs. value
is a "thermoelectric" mini fridge a peltier fridge?
Vapochill and Thermotake case ???
Is it worth it
New Idea
Celeron over clocking
Getting a 226W TEC?
A great Web site for hard Core phase changers!
How can I read video temps below 31C?
How well would THIS work?
Recommended pump for Chillers?
My first single stage direct die
Random Prometeia Build today! *pix!*
VapoChill PE variable cooling
new to phase change
Cold plate for ~10W CPU & 70-110W Pelt?
OCZ to make phase change units
pelt question
What are The Lowest Operating Temps for Videocards?
Mach II Software
Removing refrigerant from a dehumidifier
VapoChill and 510 Turbo Deluxe Issues
6 fans, 2 TECs, and no heat spreader
Vapochill LS or Prometia Mach II GT for FX-60
Going Extreme
Help with New TEC Rig...
Can I test my compressor without oil in it?
Few Vapochill questions
First impressions of ln2
Guess what LabRat is up to....
Add additional raditor before MCW50-t?
3.7ghz single stage fx57
Compressor wiring?
Clear Tube insolation? Is there such thing?
Need help with compressor
Who says mini-fridge setups don't work? (pics)
How to add watercooling to my 7800gtx acs³?
What is the most effective way to cool a gpu
Americold compressor from dehumidifier?
Which condensor (evaporator or condensor from dehumidifier?)
What would be the best (safest) and cheapest kit for a phase noob?
Complete LN2 system at Dreamhack 2005
Pre-chilling water in res
Is peltier worth it for me?
First timer Pelt help.
Danger Den Maze4-1 GPU Tec
cooling-masters.com - Aurora Project
cheap source for peltier modules and water pumps
CO2 + Waterblock
Pelt controller
Peltier setup and percausions.
how much money
Quick queston about TEC setup
I need a CHEAP suction hose.
Does PFC matter in a TEC PSU?
how much difference will it really make?
Prommy easymod?
Water Chilling Guides?
Cost for a pelter?
What pumps for a water chiller setup?
Chilling the water
MP39 for chiller
New pelt setup underway! **Pics Inside** (not 56k friendly)
Thinking of phase change...
In case Lian-Li V2000 DD Prototype 2 Completed (nearly)
New Rig, Cold Bug?
My first Home Made Direct Die Block *-45C*
how do processors function at such low temps.
phase change
Is this compresser powerfull enough??
What safety measures for using a pelt?
230 Volt Coaxil Chiller with 3hp compressor
Phase Change (direct CPU) Links?
Phase / TEC Cost Poll
Chillers from scrap
Homemade R290 unit, up and running!!
Thinking about a pelt....
New pelt setup (do these parts look right?)
LN2 cooling: what do I need?
226W TEC on a Thermaltake Purepower 420 PSU?
Pelt: Where Does Ice/Condensation Occur
AC unit thermostat mods?
Water Coolers?
What power rating peltier for this setup? (Help please!!)
Subzero... what went wrong?
Please Help Me Plan :p
TEC Cooling Advice
12v Chiller (Advice/Example)
@ last the beer cooler is here
Danfoss TT2.5F compressor
Phase Change Help
Need a little help..
Kayls Single stage vapour chill
World smallest Refrigerator
mach 2 gt + wc
building a home brew Phase Chng
Why Freezers Won't Work - The Mathmatic Answer
Questions About Vapo
Swiftech TEC for my X800PRO??
Fun with dry ice.
Keyboard cleaner
Swiftech pre-assembled tec cooler
the nifty lil screen in the vapochill
Dual Mach II's?
Pelt (?)- between the cpu and cold plate
Cap tube caculation.
Mach 1...
Word of warning....
Dothan under VapoXE install pics - 56K beware!!
coolant lines
life span of a MACH I
Peltier Power Question (new to this)
Evap Material
DYI Mach1 Mounting, Tips?
How much TLC does this Vapochill XE need?
yay for window AC Units...
Condensation Qs.
Phase Change case
block type for tec?
If anyone is starting anew chiller project...
Just another Mousepot
Condensation anyone? lol
New Quest for TEC. Amateur list
Pelt Posibility
HAHAHA LOL Interesting concept
tecs or not
building a super cool new system :D (hopefully literaly :p)
come on guys!!!
Fluorinert or equivilent for SUBMERGING my RIG
sub zero cooling
A good system that's within the budget - Please help
-Chiller Project-
looking into peltier :) (repost sry)
13.8v vs 24v TEC PSU
water chilling help
building something from AC?
could you put a tec into a wall socket?
no water no frost right?
Mach II GT vs. Vapochill LS
big stability problems using phase...
not another water cooler system..hehe
Using a fridge as a computer case?
Installing Prommie, how-to link?
Some basic phase change n00b questions:
Prommie PSU Suggestions
thermoelectric n00b, need help designing a list for setup
Need some help and advice
reinventing the wheel...sorta
Cold bug overview.
Idea for cooling system, plausable?
110 or 170 watt pelt for air conditioner?
the front of a prommie, intake or exhaust ?
Pelt Cooling Help
suction line water chiller
phase is soo cool....
Pelt damage question...
Just bought a water chiller and I have a few questions.
Compression fitings on an R290 system ?
Ever used dry ice like this?
Anyone know what this wire is for and can it be repair? Mach2
My first dry ice attempt (56K At your own risk)
Never been done before?
Here's a different approach
extreme low temperature pumps
Phase change??
Max. OverClock Determined by Core Temperature with Same Voltage&Hardware? Study.
New toys.
Unintentional phase change.
socket 939 mounting brackets MachI ?
CO2 Cascade Project **Quest for -100° C**
Anyone ever have to wait 3 weeks for a part from chilly?
what i need
Cooling Engineer needed for question
XS down?
Looking for AC modder experience
Cool Master R-120
Prometeia Mach II GT X 3 The SUB ZERO Project
What would it take....
Tubing insulation + antifreeze
Mach1 fanspeed overide help
Vapochill question?
Prices and Models
How do i manage a vapochill (questions b4 buying)
Where Can I Buy A Vapo Micro In Australia?!?!!?!?!?
quick tec question
Anyone ever made their own LN2 generator?
Peltier on a Radiator?
Expansion engine instead of expansion valve for phase change?
Vapochill GPU conversion 7800/6800 (56k warning)
Liquid cooling gone a bit mad...
Crazy cooling, round 3
Consitering Phase change. Have some questions
sli phase cooler
Just a thought
TIM for Peltier
a/c cooling
Rapid expansion is cool
first phase change build
Going for the big 3GHZ with 3000 venice ...
Mach I vs. Mach II
Peltier, do you need to control amperage?
50mm vs 62mm
Prommy mach1 control panel siren
3 stage or 2 stage
Dumo's Yellow Box by PC-Ice @ -110C
New Phas changer on the market
OK now I'm thinkin Phase, which one?
A relay for my pump and TEC
Modding a fridge (or similar) into a phase change unit?
Thinking about buying Vapochill XE for $650 need advice.
Sucka's New Mach II
phase change without a compressor?
TEC a Waste of Time?
Phase Change w/c?
320 Watt Tec
need help...removing cooling from fridge?
Vapochill PE + WC
Lian Li PC75B - Dominator Pro 437 Images
-20C Ambient temps
Insulating LGA775
How Good are Refurbished Prommies
Is r404a compatible with alkylbenzene oil?
Method of "extreme cooling" poll (July-Dec 05)
Snow in July
Finally got off my ass and put the phase cooler on my prescott
Considering Vapochill LS--Cold bug? Cost?
Has anyone used a peltier on a pentium D yet?
Installing a peltier/TEC on a Dothan: A step-by-step guide
Dielectric grease on LGA775
Conformal coating
going phase
The making of: Cascade/autocascade
Just got my Tecumseh
advice about vapochill classic + neo2
Recommended tec for a a64 system
phase-change help!!!!
Self Contained Compact Water Chiller Computer Case Project
Replaced my peltier in my 5002-PT...need adhesive sticky stuff for pads...
Mystery Vapochill Classic Part (Pic)
Is a Meanwell Necessary?
where can i go to learn(mostly chillers)
Realy annoying peltier problems, I could use some help/advice
is this seem too good to be true?
got a water foutain/water bubble what should i do?
New cooling setup
Direct die pics please!
pelt question
Mach1 error 5 problem
A cold situation...
Can I add a pelt to my GPU?
How to run Vapo PE without hooking to MOBO
Should I pelt this?
Where to buy a compressor
How much power does a vapo chill use.
Software to auto shutdown on over temp?
Phase-Change Cooling Price
How far have you gotten your mobile 2500+ subzero cooled?
Which would you subzero cool to -40 degress
vapochill/machII cooling for uner 400$??? Cpu/Gpu/NB cooling?
Question on Vapochill
I decided to rais the bar on extream!
just ordered my Mach 2 ls
How long have you had your cooling running?
using an a/c
Athlon 64 upgrade question.
bigger rad means better cooling
My Custom Chilled Water System
Quick reply, please.
What would you like to see?
shuttle sn45g
What do I need to run a pelt?
What would I be able to do with this other than cool my room?
Quick reply needed!
Helping a pelter...
newb pelt question
Help regarding TEC's?
is it possible to coat/seal the motherboard and components so you can submerge them
DryIce Attempt, Some Tips?
R290 Single Stage
r290 GPU Build up w/ lots of PICS.
$90 Easy Phase Change Cooling!
Pelt insanity
Einstein Refrigerator
Is this a good system to overclock?
And so it begins (lol PNGs=>1MB)
Liquid Metal Cooling
Prometeia Mach 1, giving error 5
For all of you peliter users...
Frosty Pics
Interesting failure mode...
Is this enough to cool an 80 watt Tec?
Few questions about pelt setup
Dominator Pro 437 Performance Update
Gauge set
what amd 64 cna this cool up to?
Plz help.
vapo ls
Coldplate help
Does a Mach I work with the AI7
Mach II is cooollllddd....
Cleaning the water
Chilled water, VS Peltier for dually sys?
The new phase change
New Computer,Case Mod & Extrem Cooling
What is the coldest of the cold?
10/100 Switch extreme cooled?
where to buy Liquid Nitrogen stuff
What are the retail options?
Is TEC loud and take up lots of space?
Voodoo's Liquid Chiller
Finaly got my R-12 plant rebuild ! > With Pics <
Suitability of a freezer
How much love does a Vapochill/Prommie need?
Help with Tec/ science project
Stacking pelts for GPU - need advise
Coolant gas and health hazard
1 degree over ambient NO HEATSINK..
Abit AN8 Series Motherboard - Operating CPU @ -C
Would something like this be appealing to you?
What about phase-change cooling your CPU AND GPU?????
Turning a minifridge into an insulated box....
How much would it cost to refill and seal a minifridge?
is Vapochill LS good for 5 GHz+ on a P4 660?
Dominator Pro 437 Up & Running
Phase Change Supply and How To
Beer Chiller
noob phase change question
Biggest peltier?
Mach 1 issues
new to the world of pelts
Looking for a copper container for Dry Ice
Need vapochill help
help with TEC
Concerned....my cpu temp is rising.. using a water cooled-pelt...
Post your Phase-change systems
Reaching -C°
How many people use propane?
Aquarium Water Chiller 1/4HP - makes sense?
How much does it cost?
Just Got Compressor
Phase change Pulldown time?
need info on compressor
Chiller work in progress
A Good BTU
Question from a 16yo about eXtReMe cooling.
176 Watts Peltier for X850 XT ok
Setting up a System
Submerged cooling??
have some noob questions about mach1
noob question
Mach1...Are these still good?
Phase Change Cooling Guide
Can I run a 15volt pelt with a 24v PSU.
Phase change 24/7? And can you phase change RAM+VGA+NB+CPU?
3 350 watt pelts.....kilowatt psu?
From a cost vs performance perspective, is it worth it?
Extreme condensation
Need opinion on if my PSU can run these pelts.
vapochill - upgradeable?
My modded promy head and my rig pics
Triple-evap autocascade.
Case to Direct die cooling gear
anyone ever used permatex dieletctric tuneup grease?
my beer cooled rig
car a/c colder?
Cost of Phase Change
My phase change progress
Woah! Look at this "giii-lascious" 62mm 350w Peltier!
80W Tec - 9800 XT
Why a mini fridge won't work.
oil submersion
dual head cascade.
What do i need to build a extreme cooling machine?
Electric Radiator for WCing?
How would you cool a 350 watt pelt...?
Borg Cube Pelt Cooler & PSU
Joining 12v + 5v = 17v?
Modding a case for a phase change system
Am I crazy or may on to something?
help with loop setup and tec
phase changers: lets talk power bills, and noise
T.E.C with air? (really that bad?)
Boiling R290 heat transfer coefficient
MachII..now a 3 stage/phase mod done to it???
Get Your Cold Plate Thickness Calculation Here
Mini-Refrigerator...cooling on the cheap?
Why is extreme, extreme?
Pelted northbridge
How thick is your cold plate?
mach I repairs....
The phase-change help thread
Pelted Ram
Old R12 22Ounc Compressor
will the new 775 vapochill head work with the aa8 fatal1ty?
price for hom made phase changer
Power supply for a vapochill
Pug duct seal - experiences
Athlon 64 DTR Peltier system
New at this
Help Please Need Extreme Cooling
Bad Compressor; where to find a new one?
Pelt on an Athlon 64 DTR
TEC experts: Whats going on?
Commercial Water Chiller
Air cooled pelt hot off the CNC
Spray Cooling
Need Help
I setup my first TEC
now tell me this isn't awesomely extreme....
Crazy TEC water chiller idea/question...
Kryotech SuperG2 buy or not?
kayls Autocascade
How Long Does LN2 Last :D?
pelt arrived
switching PSU
What to use to insulate water chiller pipes?
could you "stack" pelts?
Current draw of Peltiers @ 12 V
NV-68 with chilled water on a 6800gt
Updated Setup (pic action)
PSU requirements for 226 W Peltier
OK, put me in a cooling system please.
Help with Mach II
I made the plunge
Have a Maze4 GPU, now a TEC...Help
Where Can I get this ???