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Vapochill LS install tips?
need some advice
Do i need this
Way to get the prommy line to reach the mobo laying down??? (pics)
Meanwell Remote Sense Option
Water Pump Selection
Dominator Pro 437 Performance
Here's my cooler...Baker R22 Monster
Customer wants...
Looking into Peltier cooling...general questions
Thinking about tec.. trying to learn.
How to go about mounting a 50mm TEC under GPU waterblock?
Vapo/Prommy + case compatibility
thinking about getting peltier...
I got the Mach II back. wOOt!
Next question: Pumps
Cheap meanwell replacement
is there a benifit to extreme cooling...no
?'s: peltier + PWM. (pulse width modulation)
TEC Problems HELP
Need help modding MACH 1
Do I NEED a Black Ice Extreme III?
My Mach II (56k beware)
Want to add a TEC to my WC'd A64 Rig...
Does a TEC benefit from a 14 V input?
Mach I or LS?
1st timer . please help
1st timer . please help
Mach II will now pull -65 under load! Cant wait to get it back.
Me Need Pump.
Pelt Waterchiller in action
anybody ever remove the cooling sys from a vapochill case ?
No more cracked cores ???
First time TEC woes: Redux
Need help finding something for a graphics card.
My first Chiller (pics)
First time TEC woes
What is the purpose of this......
Socket-A (AIR COOLING) strongest ?
Peltier W/Air?
vapo vs water
what cpu for my mach1? (AMD64 vs Intel P4)
MAking use of the great outdoors - any precautions I should take?
average o/c on winchester 3200+ w/ Mach1?
refrigerated case
Building a cutom-made waterchilling unit from old fridge...
What should I do?
Phase change or water cooling?
Old fridge for cooling
80w Tec
To Mach2 or not to Mach2?
Enough power?
Has anyone tried this chiller?
Best deal on Phase change...?
Swifty MCW50-T, on a seprate loop, or one big loop?
Extreme cooling articles
Mach II: Will I need new mount set up for 939 rig?
Maze4-1 and my WC...
Wiring on a compressor???
Thinking about a Vapochill LS
Peltier Noob question and experiment
peltier cooling?
VapoChill or a64 ?
Is this any good?
Fairbanks, AK Outside Cooling
Cold plate with a chilled water set-up?
condensation safety
IceboX rev1.0 & 2.0 - Cooling Systems
weird problem with water cooled pelt
Prometeia + DTR chips
Cold air intake
i have 2 psu's , which one should power my pelt?
Pelted Aluminum MaxiJet Res.
what PSU for 226watt pelt
TEC and AMD64 ,cheap
TEC with diferent voltages
The simplest mod for better temps you can do on a Prometeia
9600XT pelt
waterblock for dd block
Worth messing with?
GPU+RAM cold plate and questions
fastest speeds with vapo chill?
New TEC Setup Questions?
cooler broke
Question about Phase coolers.
a few water chiller questions
need some input here :)
nVENTIV assets purchased
Sub Zero Temp Measurement
how can i build a chiller or extreme cooling setup?
Watercooling a Prometeia??
Considering TEC
ATI X800pro gpu wattage for tec
120x3 Fanned Radiators, Upgrade to TEC
a Howto- on getting better contact with prometeia
Just built my first chiller
Air con unit
Idea to use base of Artic cooling rev4 as coldplate
Swiftech MCW5002-PT ?'s
TEC on NB will it allow me to get higer clocks?
Vapochill with r404?
max a64 speed with phase change?
round 2 for pelt setup
how much $/month does you chiller setup cost?
MSI Neo2 Plat / Winchester sub zero boot issues.
TEC on ati silencer
110W peltier w/Fortron 300W PSU
Can you run TECs "off"?
Help with directly wiring an AC unit
TEC with no coldplate...
Lowest Energy Extreme cooling
What is the result of -5 degree
my evap temp graph...
Best cooling for taking 3.2E to 4Ghz?
COoling tube deal on my Mach II cracked..where to get it fixt?
where to buy phase change used or new
Noobie: TEC?
How to set link of picture in the post
Decided to splurge new vapochill ls on its way.
water cool + pelt plan
Core i7 Extreme Overclocking with LN2
Is this Peltier a joke or something that would really work.
power issue - tec duo
Prescott Temp probs with 226w Tec ...Click HERE
Good mach II replacement fan?
Looking for info on where to get a controller board for my Mach II
Natural Curvature? - Im new to phase change
Water cooler
Mach II installation complete...questions
where to buy prometia?
Vapochill or Peltier?
How small do refrigerators get?
Best method for TEC?
DFI LanParty NF3 250Gb..help with Prometeia
Some questions regarding phase cooling for video cards
My W/C Good enough for TEC?
Need help putting this on?
Athlon Dtr processor + Mach 2
Liquid Mercury Cooling :O?!?!
Peltier Coolers - Please comment
New To Peltiers
last pelt standing
Teough descision: R507 Mach 1 or Vapo LS - I decided!
Mach II vs. GT
THE Jet4
IC7-G + Mach I
fan upgrade for mach 1
My ongoing Phase-change project.
Anyone have the instruction manual for this thing?
Just a warning to pelt users...
peltier newbie
Bobtod's Dry-Ice Project - Planning Stage
Just wanted to say hello and give the stats of my first WC system!
Swiftech Pelt Question
Is a 170w Peltier good enough?!?!
15v Power Supplies
Vapochill LS Questions
Check this thing out
can you really help me Mr Peltier?
ANyone have link/info on phase'd AMD 64
Vapochill LS noise level?
tec question
tec problem
Should I move from Air cooling to Pelt?
Mach I What Intel Motherboards are Compatible?
Unsatisfied results w/ water so i'm thinking phase
VapoChill LS or Prometeia Mach II
XP-120 + TEC = what?
how loud is machii
Thinking about doing a peltier...some questions
anyone using a pelt on the NB?
Homemade direct die.
Is my plan ok?
Are these decent pelt temps?
If this isnt extreem nothing is!
Is over 3 ghz a given ?
Extreme cooling options
Lapped CPU + prommy
Do these things work?
I just pelted my 9600xt!!
pelt problems....
Asetek released the VapoChill LS in black.
What to put between TEC and coldplate?
New to TEC...
Swiftech MCW50-T Video Water Block?
problem with pelt cooling
could it work?
Phase Change: Where to start?
found this waht do i need to make work?
need some cooling would this work
Prometeia side panels
I want a pelt setup!
A guide to...
Getting 12v & 24v from 2 PSUs
post your scores please!!!
Question about non-computer Peltiers
where do i get
Air cooling a 45w peltier on a 8500 vid card possible?
Water boiling point
Help choose. I am going water cooled.
Pelt cooler experiment (pics)
Interesting Idea
12v AC PSU + 50w Pelt = HOT!!!!
Peltier and cube
new 9800pro dead from condensation
The ultimate Chiller
dont want to break a new pelt here...
172w Powered by...?
Looking for Peltier information
Usefull insulation
Removing arctic epoxy?!?!
can someone help with pelt setup with water cooling?
Water chillers? I'm a little confused
Swiftech MCW5002-AT™ Liquid Cooled Thermoelectric Assy
what pelt do you use
Best Waterblocks For Me
newbie question
Best A/C For Chiller
prommy + lga775???
Is this good?
need cooler for a/c chiller
Need Help, Alternative To Anti-freez
Phase Change Water Cooling System
does subambient cooling help A64 mobo fsb at all?
Peltier, cold plate?
How to recharge Mach I
Is my system good enough for a pelt?
Just getting started
do most of you guys water cool your NB?
Any Reccomendations?
problem's with a MSI K7N2 Delta - ILSR ?
AC unit naked. Pics.
direct die or water chiller?
doesn't go below 17c
Modify flash cooler into water chiller
Maytag 5,000 btu AC unit. What to do?
kayls direct die project
Need some opinions on my new rig
Dehumidifier chiller project (56k, consider yourself warned)
An Extreme Water Cooling solution.
Pelt and cold plate on Vidcard
gettin moisture with prommy
Water a must with Peltier Cooling?
Old Frig
Question for Extreme Cooling Guys/Girls
pelt question... no condensation...
Pelt CPU Temps.
PSU Advice
Prometeia Mach 1 w/ IC7 Max3 problem
Pelt Cooled Loop
Configuring dual rad, 3 pelt system
Size of Peltier?
Dialectic grease + Prometeia heating element?
I need a uber PSU
i need help with a peltier
320w peltier disclaimer
Small Vapochill LS problem..take note owners...
Why is peltier so expensive?
Home-made prometeia A64 hold-down?
Simple qvestion
Eric's Ultimate Guide to TECs
where to buy flourinert
dual action !?!
Swiftech MCW50-T for GeForce 6800 ultra?
Possible prometeia problems. Please help.
does 30*C mares a difference ??
would this work?
looking for everyones pros and cons of pelts
powering up a chill control without a mobo
9700 Pro on Peltier
multi system water chiller pics
Peltier questions
Possible solution for extreme-low temperature cooling
Why no GPU "block" with all these compressor systems?
I have a dead dehumidifier...
ice (pics)
My Phase Change project
Would it be too much heat......
Is The Black Asetek Vapochill XE Case loud?
Male Molex Connector?
dehumidifier conversion
start a plan- aluminum or copper water block?
Swiftech NB Cooler
Summer project - peltier cooling
umbiquitous "will this psu power a 226w tec" question
Cooling the entire case...?!
Peltier current draw
using a peltier to cool water?
2x80watt peltier stack?
anyone know where to get a 50mmx50mm coldplate cheap?
temp monitor
Dangerden maze4 or Dtek TC4 for 226w tec? vote!
Prometeias, Vapos, and BTX
Customizing a window unit.
nventiv out of business suxs
bought used prommy, a few questions..anyone??
Prommy on an AMD????
Vapochill Case Cooler and the Lightspeed
Peltier PS
asetek vapochill LS vs nVentiv Mach II GT
Fix TEC leads?
Fozen water chiller
Severe condensation problems
Stupid Modding Idea
And the dust has settled
Power Supply for TEC/Peltier
Seal String
anyone want a new compressor setup for their comp?
Cooling the Northbridge
silicon sealant instead of dielectric grease?
CPU - Peltier - Water Block ?????
Insulation when using peltier
WHat is a TEC
Changing from Water to Peltier .....need advice
Pelt Chiller Core and Condensation Issues
Extreme Cooling / AMD OCing
SubZero 4G PSU
What is phase change and pelt all about?
Leaving cooling systems on Permanently....
Woot, getting a Vaporchill case FREE!, but...
Has nVentiv gone under????
Air Water or Peltier
Peltier chilling a resouvoir in external box
Chiller voltage question (220V)
Is there anything higher than a 226w pelt? Where i get em?
Which case to get?
Swiftech Northbridge Cooler
Blacker each day i look?
9800 Pro Cooling......
Pelt temps
How cool is a water chiller idle and load?
Cooling Ram on 9800 Pro Effectively
Pelting fx-53 and fx-51 sjpuld i remove the shims?
setting pelt power?
Conencting pelt power to psu....
In my hunt for a prommie mach1
Amps to HP
Hey guys check this out, EXTREME CASE MOD!
powering an 80 watt peltier unit?
is a fan needed on a condenser?
Starting on a Water Chiller
Why do pelts need special power?
DD4 gpu with 80watt tec, enough for overclocked 9700pro?
Hey Hey it's the ICEE Man
Prometeia & AMD anyone?
Mobile Phase-Change Unit
What needs to be insulated?
Problem with my Promie.....
Condensation ,Insulation (pics)
Is it possible to fit?
Compressor Anti-Freeze??? help
How long would it take??
is this power supply suitable?
Condensation is fun! PICS!
MCW50-T Concerns, Advice?
Sub-Zero water/peltier cooling.
Could u cut up a peilter to put on vid card mem
60 dollar fridge...
Tec cooled my NB
Unpotted TEC
Need advice before I purchase
Custom RA...???
New PC
Pelt Water Chiller
how big as for a water chiller?
Case with built in phase change
Air cooling a 170w Pletier + 80+w T-bird possible?
How much cheaper?
Chiller questions
is this a decent deal on a used modded mach1?
modded Mach II pics
How to clamp a tec for an RBX block?
How long?
Mach II (R507) vs Mach II GT
Is there a kit that you can buy to keep the cpu insulated
I have a 220 watt pelt, i need some Info
promey on fan controller safety issue
tube in tube
What do you think?
Mach II run 24/7?
i got 3 dehumidifiers today
May as well shre this here, too. Mach II mods *PICS*
Phase change materials.
AC mod question
I have a 8000 BTU AC sitting
Vapochill stand alone version and a AOPEN H700B??
Combining Phase-change and TEC
Where to learn how to build?
To Plet or not to Pelt
Personal peltier cooling
please help
Dry Ice FUN.
Thermoelectric device query on P4 prescott.
MAKE sure you have it on!
What kinda temps it should be running?
Mach I questions
Old A/C unit
is this similar to phase change?
226 watt pelt with a 500 watt psu
condensation mayhem
pelt wrong?
check this chiller out
new fans for mach 1
Few questions about peltier
Pelt PSU work for 2?
Pelt which side?
single wire for 80 watt tec?
Carbon Conductive Grease = Dielectric grease??
What should i look for in a PSU?
will this power a 220w peltier?
better temps.
Where can i find a "special" temp. Probe?
Mack II reads -38c... Sandara reads 19c..usb wacked
pelier power
Mach 2 Trouble
2 pelt CPU setup question?
Temperature probe + screen that is accurate reading sub-zero temperatures
compressor Question.
bending pipe...
having a stability problem-maze4gpu?
Pelt power supply
Seal String locally?
Where the pelt meets the mobo
Some refrigerant... a few days left
Ac Dc?
Water Chiller
Single Vs Dual Channel
Good Hsf for Air pelt setup?
Powering your pelt
Swiftech or Danger Den
Phase Change cooling...
will peltier hurt my videocard?
Military Coolant
Complete Submersion, using water/r134a
how much power needed?
Trip to Finland : can i get any prometeia for better price?
(attn: Rant) Clusters and flourinert
Vapochill PE?
n00b pelt question
mach 2 st views please
need help with my system
Has anyone used this for CPU cooling before?
Can't find any 226w peltiers on ebay, 2x 170w?
submersion cooling
Getting rid of my Mach II.. going back to water.
Where to get cold plates?
Best Case For Extreme Cooling ??
cfm of sunon fans in mach 1?
30-40w pelt
Damaged pelt?
Which peltier?
226 pelt max?
12v 6A Pelter
Hilf Mir! Hilf Mir! (Help Me)
High quality pelts?
Multi stage TEC's
Phase Change
Hand it over...
some pics please?
226W pelt
Extreme carputer cooling
will a TEC help?
Chiller option
Fan Placement Relative to Condensor
Artic Silver 5 n' Mach
Chiller + Peltier?
TEC and Temps
Just purchased MACH II. Change gas??
Mach I cools down but no computer?
future project
Power switch
Just Started on my Water Chiller
Heating Cooling industry guys ?
pic of my pelt water block
"Fitting foam gasket" on Mach1...What is it?
Vapochill LS vs nVentiv Mach ST&GT
can u look at this pls?
Die Electric Grease
Good ac?
I have a goal!
3/4" enough insulation?
Need a good peltier for my Antarctica
How cold and how fast?
mach 1
Extreme coolers unite ....again :)
Best waterblock for 226Watt TEC's?
Power Hungry
Prommie 1 v. Mach 2 v. Peltier setup