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smallest ac unit?
Got my compressor
80 watt Pelt
Vapochill LS or Mach2?
prommie temps?
Adequate air cooling for 112w peltier?
Does a Prometeia fit on a DFI Infinity?
Help for cooling my system effectively...
pelt ---> waterblock?
Anyone got a guide for...
Pelt + Liquid question...
MY chiller
swiftec mcw5000...
TEC air cooler..?
Pelt water chiller
Best cooling...ever...
maze 4-1 vs mcw50-t ; Maze 4.1 vs mcw462-uht
2x BIX in series enough for 226w tec?
phase change noise
Planning on a 80W pelt for my gpu
The things I do for 1C
Chilling question
What's involved in adding a peltier to my GPU waterblock setup?
Is my prommy Mach I modded?
What's involved in adding a peltier to my GPU waterblock setup?
Broken prometia screw peg
Cheap ebay pelt!
Moving from water to the next lvl. Advice
TEC noob question
Prometia aluminum base for lian-li
Vapochill standalone system ?
Difference between Mach I and Mach II?
Preshott 3.2E running at 5GHz
Damn hope my mach2 Sensor is not Dead!
moms throwing out air conditioner
So there's a free Coke machine by my work.
Pelts 24/7
Do I need insulation if I use a minifridge?
80watt tec & 9800 & external 300watt psu - fail safe ?
Purchasing Custom Evaporators?
Peltier Life Time / Reliability
The basics
What Peilter to use?
Help on Prommie options for a newbie
Mach I: System crashes as soon run temp is reached
Chiller help
226 watt peltier.......
Phase Change help
mach 1 on the way, quick insulation questions
Peltier 101, please.
getting started
2x 24v Peltier Power Supplies
What is this all over the backside of the ZIF socket?? (Picture)
Peltier Help
Magnet cooling...
How cold will an a64 get...
Get a free 3 degree temp drop on your mach 1 without any modding
pelt help please
New Mach 2 .... GT?
Will a mach 1 handle....
For Those Of You Who Say I Dont Know.....
nVENTIV Mach II ST with Enlight 7238 Case...US$ 759.98....
Help Me Set This Up!!!!
Reset Problem?
cold plate...necessary?
temp probe question for prommie users
172w TEC temps
My new prommy mach 1
1st system [homemade]
Are Mach II's Loud?
PROJECT: Cold Drinky!
Separate Vapochill case.
Best Way To Power a 225W TEC ?
Prometteia GPU Kit?? Only handmade? How?
Prometeia Mach 1 question
PC in mini-fridge ?how?
Will a pelt really help??
Prometia Mach I causing long-term stability problems?
Purchasing R507 for Mach I...
Criticize Me Please!
600 Watt, 24 Volt, 25 Amp peltier! (62mm X 62mm)
new prommy, initial results
Just Ordered a MCX-462+T ! Opinions Please
Peltier Amperage at 5V
Fed up with my setup. I will either break it or make it!!!
mag3 + mcw50-t
New Vapochill... what do you think???
read this if you put a pelt on your GPU
Mach 1 Case?
so what are the mobile xp's doing for you phase changers?
Prommy Mach 1 users
Thinking about getting a Mach 1 for a A64. Any problems?
Peltier Water Chiller, possibility?
Chiller Res Material?
I'm getting a mach I
dehumidifier or 12,000 btu ac unit for c hiller?
seal string replacement?
Buying a thermalright heatsink
Newbie Questions.....
mach 1 fan exchange
Opinions/Help on my cooling idea
4 peltier setup
pre-prommie bench
Ultimate Pelt PSU: 620Watt 12-15 Volt, 45 AMP!!
block lapping/oxydation question
Piercing valve and thermostat recommendations?
Pelts other than square
Peltiers nessassary for anything?
running over 4 ghz stable?
Identify a pelt?
my water chiller power supply is here!!
Lowest price on phase change
Whats the gain in OC with Pelts?
Mach II
Embarking on a waterchilling project - in need of opinions
Is a 3/16" cold plate too thin?
Applying Neoprene
And the Mach 1 saga continues
Peltier-cooled water setup.
Just ordered Prommie and....
Diff between water chiller+wc and plain wc?
Dry Ice
probobly a few dumb TEC - Copper question.
9800pro + TEC
Dry Ice 101: The Basics
Peltier on Northbridge
New use of peltiers
a/c or fridge
Cooling Sony Vaio GRX-560
where to buy key
gonna start getting parts for a phase system
Chiller or Pelt(s)
226w pelt w/ a 2500+
24 Volt peltier - Highest wattage?
Power supply
New to Pelts...
can a 70 watt psu power a 172 watt tec?
Home made heat pipe
P4 Peltier Insulation
MachI and setup questions
waterchillin' via dehumdifier
Mach 1 users I need some advice
kinda of interesting in peltier set up
Prometeia MachI and heat
43w pelt
Vapo tech advice needed please...
Mach1 display blinking....???
What is a phase change system?
Got my A/C unit, Chiller making begins :)
got my mach 1
Are nVentiv Developing A New Unit?
Mine just came in also
using a used mach 1 to chill a water loop....
Just got my 9800XT and neeed to put on the MCW50-T..has anyone yet?
Mach I is alive..
Kryotech Upgrade
Cheapest phase change available?
Pelt efficiency
266w pelt on vid. card
prommie & psu
What's the purpose of a cold plate on P4?
DFI & prommie?
Two dead pelts in a row, are we doing something wrong?
Super pelt power supply on the cheap?
Peltier voltage
i got mine today!!!
80w on NB
Prommie websites
Air cooled peltier
quick waterblock chiller condensation question
mcw-40t suggestion
Kit-Tronics - discount coupon
80watt Pelt on a 9600xt
got my tec psu - um, how to power the psu?
temperature probe questions
Vapo Startup issue, PSU? (Pics) HELP!
fridge on the cheap
power up on mach 1?
Cheap Prommie
My Mach II setup *pics*
Abit Ai7 and Mach 2???
just finished my r507 direct die
fried pelt?
Do you think a Arctic Cooler will handle a 80 TEC on my 9800 XT?
Check out what I won on ebay :)
MachI install question
Prometeia Mach I and IC7-G compatibility
Fantasy question...
where to find a small condenser?
New Prometeia Match I
Flourinert FC-40
which is cheeper waterchiller or TEC?
Prometiea and Vapochill noise
ice maker.. chiller? vapochill style?
Phase Change Question.. W Evap Heads on one system????
What do you guys think of this setup?
prometiea, peltier, vapochill
peltier, how cold
Prometeia ICE kit from hardwaregods....cool looking or ugly?
Mineral oils
this mobo and prometia
Thinking of going Peltier...
I have taken the plunge
FIRESTARR357's Chiller 56K beware
Insulating a Slot 1 (socket a?) processor
promeita ?
Maze 2 Insulation for water chiller pics*
Vapochill XE and Abit IC7-MAX3...2C?
casted wb evaporator mod
Case recomendations for Match I
2500+ to 3.0Ghz+ PICS!!!
any howtos on waterchilling?
im experimenting dehumidifier
Prommie and dual CPU?
New Vapo Hold Down
Does the Nventiv Prometeia Mach I come with a LCD screen?
max OC
what is the popular opinion on cosel power supplies for tecs?
homemade phase cost?
what do i need
Extreme Cooling Rig/Coolers Pics
which lquid to use for a waterchiller
Could this be used as a condenser?
peltier questions
Can a 36A forton handle 226W Pelt + rest of setup?
Thermalright SP-94 & 92mm Vantec Tornado
dielectric liquids at -50-c?
Mach II + IC& MAX3 + 3.0c = Only -16c... ?
THinkin about Peltier
P4 3.0C -- I just want it COOL... show me the way
80w tec heat + cpu heat + pump heat = tpp much for chevette?
What do you guys think of this water chiller?
interesting...full refridgeration unit guts $45
Would this be a good PSU for a 12V TEC?
Crazy PSU for multiple PSU's (12 VDC 80Amp !)
Home-Made Direct-Contact Peltier water chiller
power consumption Tec System
Power measure measurements Tec System
Great idea involving a dehumidifier! (cooling + extra stuff)
Phase Change Cooling and Peltier...how do they exactly work?
I need advice
Hello! Im new to this, few questions.
Promies or Vapochills?
TEC - what if?
peltier mounting question....
Peltier Cooling
How many amps does a prommy need for the jump start mod?
Seal String - $4.29 for 25ft! (CDN)
Sourcing TECs in the UK
whos using a dehumidifier to cool a P4
226w TEC on w/c setup...
condensation, waterchillers, and me
dehumidifier cooling question
Prometia and SNDS
Mach 1 Finally up and Running :)
Question regarding cooling in general...
It wont get cold!!! NEED HELP!!
Refridgeration question
Using TEC to chill H2O in reservoir
80w not enough?
TEC newbie
Wanted Swifty 462-UT for my AMD but sold out...What now?
thermal paste needed?
Has anybody worked with the new Asetek mounting system?
Sold on TEC for GPU - any TEC horror stories for GPU/CPU?
My 12V rail is averaging 11.1 @ 24/7 use
Can someone with a Prommy and a cordless phone do me a favor?
I'm suffering from prommy paranoia!
maze4-1 226w peltier o/c
Has anyone tried this with a mini-fridge water chiller?
rip apart thermaltake subzero to get at pelt and psu?
Will this 20a psu be reliable with 80watt tec?
Dead compressor? PICS
capilary tube question
fridge chiller question
Swiftech MCW50-T
Correct Peltier setup?
130w peltier
Adding TEC to a watercooling setup.
radeon Swifty WB w/ 80watt tec overkill?
Artic Silver 5 for Mach II?
360 watt TEC - thoughts?
best place to buy foam?
Mach 1 vs Mach 2
Water Chiller newbie
Prometeia Help please!
2 compressor system good or bad
fridge + h20 = ?
Good temps for 156w TEC?
Cleaning up anticondensation goop.
krag's modded VapoPE Arrived!!
i want to know about exteme cooling
newbie peltier
some help (restriction, hoses, evaporator)
what should i get?
An explanation of R404 and it's effects on Vapor?
Vapochill and P4P800 or P4C800
Mach II Mounting Kit Fit Mach I
This is insaine!!
where to look for phase change/vapor chill
Can I use arctic silver 5 with my vapochill XE?
Pelt and prommy
NB cooling
lapping a tec
KryoTech modded for P4! -52C!
would this work?
AMD Pelt DIY "kit"
TEC or Phase-Change? Which uses more electricity? (with identical cooling results)
Danger of condensation?
$$ Mach 1
Nventiv Prometeia Mach 1 - Mobo Compability list
Mach II's thermal pad burned my IC7 MAX3?
waterblock insulating?
Serious TECers...........PSUs
Peltier and ATX PSU. Which 12V Rail?
Cheap supercooling, suggestions?
A few newb questions regarding Vapor cooling misc.
Dual Cooling
Where to find thin foam?
prommy 1
Why do computer stores charge so much for peltiers?
Vapochill and P4C800
lazy and easy?
vapochill XE with Asus IC7-G MAX3?
Mach II - MSI K8T - AMD 64 ... Help !!!
life span of a compressor
Affordable Extreme Cooling
Do you think my PSU can handle this?
Hi guys, Im captaincascade
15,000 btu
which way for pelt
Phase Change Cooling for under $100!
what i need for pelt
highest vcore to use w vapochill XE?
fx-51 or p4 3.2EE for vaprochil??
dual cascade cooling
Do many of you guys use additional cooling for your mosfets?
water chiller idea
Not really extreme but still =)
Thermaltake SubZero4G Thermo-Electric Cooling System ??
Hi, quick questions
Thermaltake peltier newbie question
how long must you want for the vapochill XE to turn on ur pc?
question about Prometia CPU kit
Modded Vapochill questions
Anyone make cheaper prommies?
Phase change cooling will get it higher?
AC Cooling???
prometeia rear foam gasket
12v vs 13.5v PSU for TEC
Plans for r290 DD setup
FUGGER's next generation cascade
will this temp switch work on my compressor
First Peltier Cooler Setup
Peltier cooling!
I am giving up my "Extreme Overclocking addiction."
Electric bill question?
Prometeia Mach I - compatible?
Do I need my P4 mounting bracket to install a vapochill XE?
where did all the hoses go water cooling with style
Need help with Phase-Chance options
Cant get contact with my Mach II Microfreezer and P4 :(
How to mount Phase change blocks
Capacitor & compressor prob
GPU & Peltier & PSU
Tooth Paste Any Good?
How do I know if my peltier is workin' ?
DIY 13.8v 40a Switching PSU
Dual RADS To Cool 9800xt, 3.0@3.8, and 220W TEC
Insulation under waterblock, around P4 chip
Is it really worth it ?
PSU - Help!!!
A little unordenary...
Go Ketchup
Lets play name that compressor!!
New Prommie (Pics)
Vapo Classic 404 Mod
Need Schematic for Homemade PSU...
Great Find!!
How does everyone start their Mach II with a mobo that isnt supported?
Which TEC waterblock?
Does vapochill do the GPU as well?
Peltier suggestion
My r404@baker block Direct Die unit is done PIC's inside!!
80w tec 15.2v VMAX at 12v and 15v what is the "ACCUAL" heatout put on the hot side?
help me i've fallen and cant get up!!!
cooling nforce2 chipset with peltier...need help?
Prometia Mach
Condensation on peltier cooled vid card
LN2 Liquid Nitrogen
should i burn my cPU in before o/c
Compact Water Chiller
making Power supply to power peltier
neoprene and condensation proofing
Maybe a n00b Question
New to H20 please some advice
R404 conversion
Suggestions for first diy phase change unit.
Need help matching pelt to PSU
Making heat pipes.
Should I switch to refrigerated water cooling?
TEC setup - advice needed
Lowest price to get a Mach I?
Completely Silent Water Cooling
i got all the stuff, but how do i attatch to CPU?
Peltier cooling question
Questions about water/cooler
Seems I fried something:)
Which pelr for radeon 9700
TEC wires
Stopping condensation?
Argh! Maze 4-1 GPU problems...
HS and Fan
It's about time
What is a peltier cooler
i got a few things up my mind need answers!!
with what do you power up your peltier?
Phase change cooling for CPU, NB, GPU, RAM, HDD, Beer, etc
This enough rad?
I just noticed...
least expensive but still O/C worthy air/peltier cooling
TEC Experts - Need Your Advice
have any of you ever put a pelter on your heater core???
Suggestions for in-line water chiller
Extreme cooling requires extreme precautions
as anyone ever used anti-freeze in there water systems???
is a Hydor L30 320GPH enough to get water flowing thru 2 heater cores???
Water, Vapor and TEC Project - Need Help!
Freeze12 ?
vapochill vs prometeia
DIY water cooling questions.
need help in insulation
Condensor Size?
OC.Extreme.Direct Die.mission compact
Pelt on cpu, but not on northbridge?
Finally got it Mounted
Vapo modded to r404..Pictures and Results ...-41c
Will this work?
How to build your own phase change system
Prometia fitting foam replacement?
Ac WaTeR ChIlLeR
Peltier question(s)...
GPU cooling w/ vapo
Are there any direct-die phase change readmes?
Need help please! Peltier cooling not on a PC
this chiller decent?
How do you Peltier Cool?
Promie cooled K8V and A64 OCing results ! 2.74ghz
Vapochill pics?
Sort of new...got a question..
Vapochill users
Prometeia Users Unite - Post Your Overclocked Madman
Phase-change housing?
My homemade waterchiller
Excellent water mixture?
Refrigeration Parts?
pic updates 56K warning
mini-fridge compressors
Phase Change Gallery
wondering if this is a good deal or not?
Need some info please
Guide to improvised promie/vapochill on A64/FX51
Prometeia mounting and mobo questions
wanting to do a pelt setup
pelt system at a cheap expense
current fridge chiller temps
MachII & AMD chips owners - Report pls!
Survey: what method do you use to dissipate the heat on the TEC
PVC Shell or equivalent?
I'm going to take out all the Prommy Competitors.
TEC improving.
Thermoelectric questions....
How can I make my own peltier?
What kind of case does a Prommy use?
Waterchiller project help
turning it on vapochill for the first time.PROBLEM
30 gallon Res chiller?
vapochill power requirements
This forum needs a sticky
TEC Setup, need some input.
First Phase Change, 56k beware
Peltier died
vapochill stand alone unit
I found a fridge in a skip