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I found a fridge in a skip
What Refrigerant/Compressor for a DIY Direct Die?
Prometeia R502 modding help...
Can you air cool a 80W TEC?
Swiftech MCW50-T... owners take caution
evap. question
what do you think about this???
How high can you post a 1700+ ?
idea for chiller
TEC Power Supply query
need a phase change scheme
non water tec and power supplies
and you thought Vapochill was cold, look at what im geoing to get :)
You wanted a peltier water chiller, now you have one.
A little help with a design please...
mcw50-t northbridge
Opinion About Krotech Super G
Mach 2, 1 and Vaporchill HELP!
Phase Change Newbie
Small temperature sensor on Peltier
Pulse width modulation on Peltiers
i finaly get my mach 1 back
Know what would be sweet?
Insulation resellers.
pelter cooling
r12/r500 the same?
Would this work for an Evaporator?
Spending 1.6K help please
Is a Vapochill SE worth my $200?
Need links to 120w - 172w 16v pelts.
i want to waterchill ?
Mini-fridge units
additives for chilled water
need help on mini frig.
what is...?
My peltier block + STACKED PELTS
Do you think 37c (99f) is to hot for a volt modded R350?
Easiest Chipset/VGA Blocks to Insulate for Chilling?
Nano-cooling in the future?
VapoChill XE and P4P800 Deluxe
igloo koolmate 40
Prometeia mach I vs. Vapochill PE
No cold beer, but...
Best Waterblocks for Waterchiller
cascade with a chiller (poly top)
Air cooling peltier
Cap Tube Length
New chiller setup
Is there a problem with this layout?
How's this for a chiller
Today it's a CO2 day!
Mounting a mcw-50t
please look at this chiller
looking into tec? will heat be a problem?
swiftech mcw-50T
looking into extreme cooling
thermal compound below 0 ?
TEC efficiency loss with hot side at low temp?
Water Chiller plans?
peilter cooling the nb
Peltier and 2500+ Barton
condenser idea
Found a fridge!
video tec idea
powersupply for 80w TEC
Anyone have a link to a good TEC reseller site?
Alternatives to Dielectric Grease?
how far is too far?
Prometeia Foam Fitting Gasket ?
Is my pelt dead?
Future project
Tc-4 w/ pelt, or cascade?
Which peltier to get
Vapochill + 1700 = Chipped core
::: Would this be a good idea? :::
Is this a decent waterchiller?
where to get "Designed for CPU cooling" evaporator?
Are peltiers reliable?
Peltier question
Are TEC's worth it?
homemade waterblock with 226 watt pelt....can it be done?
What is this refrigerant's name?
In socket thermister trustworthy?
How Hard is 'too hard'
Backside protection?
Dual processor prometias
My Immersion Cooling
Phase change, good start?
ln2 in a phase chnage
Peltier waterblock question
Is this possible?
Passive Immersion Cooling
Project X^2
Mobo for Prommy Urgent!!
most extreme cooling?
Prometia Seal String -- What is it???
I killed my peltier
c02, n02
Locations of Foam and grease insulation when TEC'ing a P4?
Prometia chip kits for Athlon64, new Intel
My total immersion plans...
Cooling the computer....and the room at the same time
DEgreasing the socket
Some questions about Phase-change
powering a 226w pelt...
Thoughts on this Chilling Unit...
How about desinging and making your own TEC PSU?
How much LRA is enough?
Budget: how many blocks to get?
Chiller-Resrvoir Material ?_?
Compressor cycle times (Fridge)
My vid card got wet!!!!
Just bought a cold trap, need help
Should I Buy This Vapochill?
Mini Fridge - Compressor running hot ??
Thermotek solid state chiller users
226W Pelt: 12v or 24v?
Taking an A/C and Refrigeration class!
A little help with new toy
Xlt ?
Vapochill Modification: Evap above Compressor, access ports.
Can I Replace the Turbo-Prop Fan?
Prebuilt waterchiller
Question about multi tec power demands
Cheapest way to pelt cooling
"Water Block" and Compressor? for phase change system...
vapochill radiator
"I ain't OLD!"
Compressor hi & low side valves?
Upgrading to a Peltier Setup from a Water Cooling Setup
another idea ^.^
vapo chill
question about metals...
Cheapest Chiller on the planet?
Peltier allocation, dual hot/cold plate
Nano Cooling???
Specs required for phase-change
Great Idea! Prometeia for Mac!
Ok another WaterChiller Project Q's
cool rad or res
just order me a pelt 2?'s
what compressor to buy?!
Building Phase change system
compressor question
What kinda temps to expect with 10,000btu/hr AC?
fridge question
w00t im a nub help me :D
Pelt with Radeon 9800 Pro
stainless steel question
Joint compound as insulation?
phase Change Questions.
how to dismantle for phase change.
What do you think Prices of Prometia or Vapochill for Reseller is?
Phase cooling a 3.0c
Phase Cooling?
DIY water chiller reality check
Phase Change cooling (old news)
Kryotech SuperG 1
psu and fan
pelt w/ Antec True550W?
cooling help
cooling help
higher flow rates = warmer temps
Can someone post links of condensation prevention articles?
Best Peltier waterblock
is this any good?
Ordered Prometia... The wait begins.
MCW5000-PT Gaskets
Questions about termal tapes?
Questions about termal tapes?
What is the best rad/heater core to use on a TEC sys?
Types and Cost of Waterchillers
Is there an...UP?
Look!!! Ebay ad just may be a good deal for someone...
Gas! (yes..)
Need Help On Peltier Setup
Project: Deep Freeze
Full Emersion Cooling
Actual DTmax for 226W pelt
water chiller idea...
Pelt comparisons
What is a water chiiler
2x2 pelts (side by side)
stacking pelts
entry level pelt kit
Mcx462+t Help!
condensation on other side of chip
Water as a PCM?
peltier problem
VPU want's to move north....way north
Deionized Water Idea
What is your Water Chiller results?
question about water chiller
cooling using bong, pelt, and chiller at once?
portable fridge, 12v etc
Insulating DTWW, need advice
Quick phase change question. What part of the unit does the "cool" come from?
1000gph pump for 50$
Cheap peltier controller
Let me run an idea by you guys
my freezer
temp question
I got me a fridge
Pelteir...I don't get it.
satellite power supply
Water chiller or Phase change?
compressor question
best swiftech peltier?
Can I use a window A/C unit for phase change?
LN = explosion, right?
Has anyone upgraded the 80w TEC in the MCW50-T?
Newbie Question to water Chiller
My main DAW system rebuild, opinion
Difference between Meanwell PSUs
My block not worth using a TEC w/?
i have a ?.
water chiller started! advice wanted!
Prometeia lovers: Word of advise
Newbie Question about Pelt Specs
Phase change compressor horse power?
How to build a Phase Change system?
lots of condensation prevention =.....?
P4C800-E Deluxe Northbridge and Peltier question
Is Peltier Dangerus?
Are all TECs with the same efficiency?
how cool should my 2.4 run?
Peltier cooling ~140W
Using endothermic chemical reactions for cooling
Any Chicago area people Bored?
Ebay water chiller...
Dual cpu phase changers?
vapochill Brrrr
Need advice on water chillers
best place to buy a pelt
phase change at la casa
best water cooling circuit setup for pelts
Peltier Heatsink cooling
Let's Build Phase Change Cooling Systems
How Steady is your Meanwell PSU?
Peltier PSU retailer idea in the works
Vapochill new Case Cooler
Litle cooler box
Lithium/sodium/potassium as a TIM?
Is a peltier water chiller a dead idea?
Get the heat OUT
would this pump be of any use?
pelt on the north bridge? suggestions
i need to fight the heat!
Need some advice
Fans in a Prommie
psu,pelt,what else?
Need help debugging condensation
Tech Drawings of Prometeia
Can I paint a compressor?
"Active" Radiator?
A/C maintanence... (long)
New Enermax PSU
Second water block ?
Prometiea Price Drop in effect-$450 Now.
Computer refrigerator
How much does it cost to run a Promethia?
Question on Phase change systems...
does anybody know whatg store sells...
Does the Swiftech MCW-50 fit on the 9800pro?
Need a push in the right direction
Chilled water Dualie fedex box
mom said it's okay! ...what to do now?
the wattagIs there anyway to tell e of an unmarked Pelt?
first attempt at peltiers...
Extreme Extreme Cooling Setup
The Ultimate TEC PSU
Old AC Question
fans on both side of radiator
Coldplate question
Anyone know a power supply for a pelt that will fit in a CD-ROM bay?
Heatsink question
How Much for Peltier Upgrade?
Peltier System pics
Able to Upgrade My Water Cooling With Peltier For $100?
Wall A/C unit powering question
Peltier vs Waterpump
Newbie to Vapochill...
meanwell s-240-24
Prometeia on IC7
Another Mini Fridge Question!
Asetek releases Vapochill Extreme Edition (XE) system
Mickey-mouse guide to phase-change
Where do I buy these???
A word to the wise... lost $380.
Top of water block condensation
Promiteia or Mach II? Worth my extra $400?
Whats needed for phase changing?
Is this a good deal on a Prommy?
Hello there, new rig.
somebody please explain me how do peltiers work?
Dead Vapo to TEC... how's this look?
What if my pelt hotside is cooled at -60c what will the coldside temp be???Look
TEC block
Just chillen
powering the MCW-50t
Is there a spray you can buy to prevent condensation on a Cpu or Gpu?
What Thermal Interfaceing Material do u use bellow -40?
When ram sinks are just not enough
11 Fans
Air Conditioner as chiller
fridge pc
16watt pelt go0d for ... ???
is this PSU enough for a TEC?
One bad compressor!
The most extreme cooling?
Igloo water chiller
overvolting a TEC?
Pelt for me?
$50 chiller questions...
Peltier with Volcano7+ HSF?
Help identifying compressor, and usefullness of it.
MCW5000-PT an Tygon doesnt work??? Getting mad...
sandblasted Heatsinks
dehumidifier question
Why not use the ATX 12V power lead for a Pelt?
Peltier stacking or more power
Finally got a free compressor but is it too big??
Help with pelt and extra psu.
Taking apart the $50 chiller
How Do I size a compressor
Biulding a water chiller need a little help please :)
to much heat on wires
Fix It Fix It Fix It Fix It Fix It Fix It Fix It Fix It Fix It Fix It Fix It Fix It F
Watercooling with@tech
Different types of Neoprene
Is it worth phase changing this system??
need help with TEC questions
shim question
would this work?
Chi-Con chillers
DD vid TEC
cheap compressors?
dry ice pit project
sparkling springs water chiller for cooler
What do you think? AC Unit for chiller
NEWBIE Peltier advice column
How to use phase change system?
Phase change systems cool your CPU, but what about vid card, chipset, HDD, ect?
How to repair hole in condensor line?
how do you seal a fridge?
Socket Insulation
what is phase change?
Quick electric question..
Quick question about dry ice
condensation idea
Phase-change.com guide?
Chiller Use
$50 chiller for you guys!!
-{phase change and noise}-
swiftechs MCX462+T thermal electric hsk
Fridge Compressor Pics
Taking apart mini fridge Help!
direct-die phase change?
Frigen my pc....need some advice
basic guide to pelt coolin
phase change guide?
can the chevette heatercore be used as an evap?
where can i get a peltier power supply?
Chipcon Mach II
Now does any one know where i can buy some R-134a refridgerant?
Question about peltier in XPC
Figured out what i am ganna do :)
Using the chiller off a watercooler?
can this be done ...
think i could use this?
need help picking out a peltier
What could these be used for?
I Am New To This - Swiftech Mcx4000-t
Chill Northbridge with pelt...
Prometeia mach 2?
Prometia and Phase Change
Can you use a AC compressor insted of a fridge compressor?
water chilling idea
Is the neoprene cpu shim necessary for chilled water cooling?
Watercooled PC in Car!
Mach II - no reviews?!?
Is a 60W Peltier big enough to chill a P4?
Masterflux Compressors
Getting Everything Together for a New Comp
Vapochill addons?
A guide on making a phase change cooling system?
Can Anyone Post me some pics of thier VapoChill?
need help on a watercooling setup
Best place to buy TECs?
Need new hardware monitor
Super Cooling: Phase Change + TEC
Series or Parallel?
Peltier no work?
what type of cooling is best?
Need advices on TEC PUS
Whats the best Peltier unit?
Shutting down you TEC PSU
Parellel connecting?
Freezer or dehumidifier?
freon in a WC setup
PSU for TEC setup...
Recycle this baby?
How to attach cold plate to pelt to waterblock at high pressure?
Gotta Read This!!!
can some one explanin this to me
powering a peltier question
question about temps
101 on peltiers
Thinking of Diving In
why do new CPU's burn?
how to seal my socket A
73 watt Peltier?
results ne one?
226W peltier or Vapochill
peltier question
which peltier
TEC good?
i gotta big ol compressor
What to gut... what to gut..
Thermaltake SubZero4G thermo-electric cooling
idea on condensation
Worth it?
Peltier sandwich
Looks great for a w/c system!
lookee what I just got
New to peltier.....
Switch Circuit & Program for Fridge
2 tec
anyone know where to get a vapochill PE or prometeia?
gonna pelt the P1
can someone give us a quick overview on what a Peltier is
How to connect a MCW500o-PT to a Meanwell S320 Power supply?
Condensation question
need some help with pelts
Extreme cooling's price vs. cpu trends
vapochill questions
air conditioning??
TEC on my 9800Pro
water in phase change?
A few questions about Vapochill
24v pelt running at 12v what hit will it take on performance?
Can i mod my maze 3 for evaporater?
neoprene and dielectric grease questions.
How to stay right at ambient?
To make an awesome Phase-changer...
Phase Changing cooling in Toronto?
HEHE, Got a waterfountain
Anyone getting good result with TEC?
Hello all, back again
Finally chilled!
choosing a pelt
Where do i get cheap Vapo?
n00b to peltiers
1,1-Difluroethane as a coolent
low end peltier
CPU Burn Temp for a P4 Northwoods?
Chip-con Releases the New Prometeia Mach II
VariablePC peltier controller
swiftech GPU block + tec.
Prometia or Vapochill?
Can +12 and +3.3 make +8.7V?
Vantec VT-VP4-C7040 AeroFlow vs Thermaltake P4 Spark 7
Knockin on extreme's door
Prometiea Socket A mounting tips: too hot?
Mean Well S-240 or S-201 power supply?
Pelt with SLK-900? Need help Shopping
refrifgerated cooling need to "cool down" prior to boot?
Minifridge phase change cooling
Couple questions about Pelts...
what do u guys think?
mystery pelt here.... help solve the mystery!!!
mystery pelt here.... help solve the mystery!!!
Will i need a radiator in my minifridge setup?
TEC w/switch setup?
Tec Psu
mod vapochill 1
Building a Pelt PSU
My friend has Koolance EXOS and wants to make it better with a minifridge....