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I have some questions about extreme cooling
idea for water chiller!
peltier cooling
Direct die cooling?
Newbie with a 226 Watt swifty MCW5000-PT
DAM SOB Prometeia ATX Conditioner!!!!
compressor for freon and more... need help
Best way to remove Dielectric grease from a cpu?
If I stick 175W TEC on CPU, is less Vcore needed?
Went from a 226 to 156 pelt and...
Condensation prevention: Is it necessary if CPU temp is high?
Dielectric Grease...HELP
For People with chiller, How to .....
Prometeia r404a?
Will i bo ok running a MCW50-T ?
Chiller Plate with photos
Dual pumps in a water chiller
little help needed in the custom phase change department
cold plates
SMD Grabbers?
recent article on propane cooling
looking for a good pelt combo for NB and a 9700pro...
NF7S+prommy= what are your winbond temps???
water bong chilling?
got compressor and rad
?main stream TEC,
so here is the pig pelt Q
Nforce 2 NB
Voltage adjustemt on meanwell psu...
Finally done with my setup... pics!!!
cool GPU=cool RAM
40W peltier for nForce2 NB
Prometeia Problems
is this ok
My T.E.C. Adventure!
Different types of Neoprene
got a compressor and a rad for free need help
Prometeia users need your help
Water chilling, is it worth it?
Ct. Strangelove, a ? about Antec PSUs powering TECs
Direct Die phase change cooling?
TEC and waterblock question
preparing CPU + Prommie
Fridge Idea (probably been tried before)
Neoprane padding ?
Silicone and Teflon spray?
AC parts
How would I know if...
Did I get the wrong Block/pelt?
Anyone ever used a peltier to cool the air inside the case?
Is this RTV silicone and Siicone grease OK?
what I meantt to say is can I use peltier with slk?
so can I use a prometia cooling thingy with an slk800?
After a long hard day of work...
Quiet Air cooled pelt suggestions for an old school celeron overclocker?
Full pelt system = Expensive!!
power supply @ 28V 15A???
Freezer and condensation
Cool water with Peltiers: Temp drop 10C below ambient
Question on fixing my Pelt.
Where can I get Liquid Nitrogen?
Help me out with this pelt please.
Peltier purchase
Side with wires is always the peltier hot side?
my stupid fridge is on crack!
How cold can I expect a 226W pelt on a AMD cpu?
Another noob in need of extreme cooling help
Bah! I say.
Lite on FS020 owners with a Prommy...
Where can I get peltiers?
Are These Temps correct?? TEC help....
what exactly are peltiers?
Extreme cooling noob, need advice
Need a cheap an easy way to power up system
Special thermal interface for a TEC?
PSU for Vapochill whats the Minimum ??
Understanding Prommy... getting ready to purchase...
Vapochill/Prommy on Rambus boards. Can you get over 160 fsb??
how well would this work? (pelt + chiller project)
Peltier with FAN, or..
freezer project
24/7 Phase change?
where can I put this heatsink.
Tec & Gpu h20 cooling kit?
Swiftech MCW50-T + 172W TEC
Question about my first chiller
Condensation prevention for the 9700 PRO and ?'s
useing aochol as a coolent in a watercooling system?
building a phase change system
Prometia or Vapochill for Lan Box
How to deal to rust?
Stoopid Hot water! Help!
Condensation prevention techniques
What case is a perfect fit for the Antec prometia?
TEC troubleshooting
Where can I find information on a Peltier
Using a digiDoc as thermostat for a chiller.
Peltier waterblock design.
Ghetto Room Fan Cooling Q??
Sub-Zero vs. 10c - Does it make a difference with o/c?
nOOb question.
The ultimate psu!
Vapochill Resellers in US?
need compressor help (i got a big one)
Regulating phase-change cooling
How to set up a TEC system for GPU and CPU?
>>> What TEC for GF4Ti 4200?? <<<
Peltier Clamping Pressure
Eniro Safe refrigerant
Cooling idea!!
extreme vs. std watercooling.... pros? cons?
peltier cooloing of liquid cooling
Whats a cold plate?
peltier cooling
Has anyone ever stacked Pelts?
What could I do with this?
Recommend me cold plate thickness for 226W pelt
Water/TEC cooler users? **Also moved**
Swiftec MCW462-UHT and Swiftech MCP300 **MOVED**
Freon Cooling
just added half sixe fridge and need advice
How long can I run my tubing?
New phase change project in the works...help!
TEC PSU....Does yours work?
Anyone know about this block?
Pelt with SLK-800/900
Prometeia and VaporChill Owners!
Swiftech MCX-4000 comes with 90mm fan brackets!!!
where to get a new compressor?
Internal 5.25" bay PSU for pelt?
tec chiller drawing
Hows this for a deal
Is this a possible TEC setup?
cooling ln with peltier
Am I right?
Is this Prometeia Cheap?
does the 8RDA epox show negative temps?
Some ?s about prommies
new SubZeroG4
Modding case for prmoeteia??
pelting a north bridge help?
226Watt pelt to be powered by Enermax
Coldplate question
Peltier Wattage Question
Need some help
ViaAqua 1300 pump - HOT!
silicon thermal paste to pot peltier?
How many HP's would this be
w00t! Check the temp of my new pelt!
frost free upright freezer(am i nuts?)
Kyrotech case oppurtunity
Refrigerants for newbs?
Peltier Or Not Peltier
a capacitor b4 supplying power to the pelt?
prometeia and vapochill 24/7?
What TEC for Video Card?
What guage wire for PSU to TEC?
Does a crack affect a TEC's peformance?
How to start pelt at same time your rig starts?
Swiftec Pelts with Water Block
please help me with wireing for pelt?
maze3 and phase
Silicon for condensation prevention.
Cleaned the Prometeia- 5░ better performance!
Building a TEC PSU
Need advice picking block
is this any good
Building a Water Chiller?
Black Ice Extreme and 226 Watt Peltier?
Phase Cooling
Direct Phase-Change problems
Capilary Tube Please help me!
Free piston stirling cooler
Need help quick -- cap tube
mcx 4000+226 tec
VapoChill The Ultimate CPU cooler
peltier power supply help
Pelt - Air Cooled?
WC TEC setup, opinions please
Do you need a power supply for your peltier...
Direct Die Phase Change Evaporator (pics)
Peltiers with two different voltages?
Yellow wire, right?
NooB (Koolance block=problems?)
Prometia really worth it?
peltier resistance?
rheostats for a load on a ATX TEC PSU?
need help with phase change cooler
freezers and fridges and chillers OH MY!
prometia vapochill question
getting serious with a bar fridge
Pls help me choose the right peltier
condensation proofing???
Practically Closed Circuit LN2 System??
DD Zblock and 80w pelt?
Check out this water chiller I just bought.
Radiator and Chiller, tell me what u guys think
peltier cooling
the chiller i want
pelt psu question
Peltier heat output?
Another pelt question
Vapochill Noise Levels
Vaporchill stand alone
peltier questions [newbie warning]
"My weeee little cryofreezer" :)
OverclockersHideout.com Waterchiller, $780, what do you think?
226w pelt @ 11.70-11.80v
salted ice test
Home made phase change cooler finished
A chilling History Lesson
Question about pelts
Liquid Nitrogen?
condense between coldplate and proc?
cooling fluids?
Feel the chill
Mini Fridge.../Water chiller????
the plan
turning on psu
Mini Pelt?
Peltier Heatsink Assembly for socket 478
Modding an AT power supply for peltiers
Will this power supply work?
Fighting condensation
172w pelt
ghetto azz Xooling
Basic Phase Change questions
Trying to power a 72 watt pelt
24 or 19v 226watt tec?
226 watt Aircooled TEC
I need to find a pelt anyone got any good websites
CHiller vs. Pelter
SHIM bad in air cooler, but with TECS?
Electric Ice pack
potter pelts?
Stand Alone VapoChill!
Wow....the Vapochill is doing its job..
Pelts and insulating
Prometeia vs Vapochill PE
Q&A: Booze overclocking url?
Can i use this to power a TEC?
What have your esperiences been with phase change cooling (either home made or commer
Anyone tried polyurethane foam insulation?
Need opinions on two compressors
Hdd Cooling ?
What Pelt For DD H20 Blocks and Tips on where to buy and how to fit? Plz
cascade system
Need some help coolin my PC
PELT for me!!!
peltier only cooling?
GPU evaporator design
power supply for 226W TEC
Basic Phase Change Questions
Anyone ever peltier cool the Northbridge?
First Time Phase Change questions
using a pelt to cool a koolance water block to cool the water
High output MODULAR Water Chiller. Check it out.
how much cooler with a TEC
What temp
Prometia condensation?
MY first Peltier system. . .
1/4 " or 3/4" Copper coldblock
why does it lock at 18c?
Tomorrow, installation of 226 watt peltier
Temp readout on A7V8x
chipset tec
Cool Chips- Are these things ever gonna be released?
Peltiers and heat pipes?
LN2 xooling system
water chiller
Keep it or sell it ?! --> help needed...
Sub Zero Newbie..
computer psu modification
cheap snack cube!!
Peltier Heat Side Vaccum
how do i get 15v?
2 questions
where to adjust pot on the meanwell s-320 (pelt psu)
vidcard cold plate thickness?
what waterblock with a tec??
condensation sealing
The lucky guy
Fridge cooling thing? (warning large pics)
Is the hot side of a Pelter waterproof?
temp regulator? --water cooler
Anything possible with a dorm fridge?
UBER COOLING (more then extreme)
power supply for a 226w TEC
insulating duron
Peltier Calculations - Am I mistaken?
powering the pelt
What sealant?
New Toy
water cooling isn't cutting it
Build a Peltier PSU Article
What is...?
amps @ 12v?
Prometeia help
uh can you say pelter
Prometeia questions.
Thinking of this TEC setup...
where to buy a compressor?
Do anyone run Pelts in a 24/7 System?
Prometeia in Canada?
Can u make a temp sensor more sensitive?
Help choosing Peliter and Accesorios
-[[multiple evaporators]]-
Dielectric grease instead of Silicone?
Need help kinda
Heat Pipe + pelt
OMG~~~what kind of temp is this?!
Need help and opinions
vapor phase idea.. is this feasable and other questions
Recharge mini-fredge
Looking for a TEC PSU, Could i use this?
Peltier || Mineral Oil
Thinking of trying pelts...
New Idea!?! Steam Cooling!
size of cold plate
want to play with pelts...
How do I test a peltier?
subzero cooling with pelts
dammi* sizes
Condensation prevention: Need advise with prometia
is this considered EXTREME?
cold plate idea
whatta ya guys suggest.
Charging home-built phase change sys
puting cooling system back together
Mother nature wants me to overclock
phase change help needed
chilled water and my new 2400
wires tec
quick cooling question
Large condenser coil i think,got for free, what heatload can this handle?
Can i run a Tec with my 'current' PSU?
Some ?'s regarding phase change
Testing Pelt temps
^^<<<cryogenic style>>>^^
Expansion Chamber woes...
here"s the numbers
0c and below = Compu not booting have to warm up before it starts anyone else?
Anyone built a TEC controller or know how?
A "Heads Up" on an Extreme Cooling guy
Is This right? SwiftechMCW462-UHT Setup?
Prometia UPDATE.
replacing the condenser on my minifridge
Integrate a heatpipe into a coldplate of a 220W TEC,possible?
156w pelt on a Swift GFX WB?
making this thing work
Submerged Alcohol Cooling!!!
Prometeia and ASUS P4PE?
what is cold plate?
evaporator and rad
how do you know hot side
could someone please explain ow this peltier (?) works?
tubing for setup
Vapochill reliability and ease of setup questions
not too extreme, water chiller
Prometeia vs. Vapochill vs. DIY:
final tips
Innovatek waterblock, TEC's and coldplates
pelt vid
what size rad?
Will this work?
where to get copper for evap
will a fan help stop condensation?
wc tec
need some advice
Pelt cooled Video card ideas
What water block to use on a PHASE-CHANGE system???
let nature cool it!
refregeration people needed!
What happens if I don't cool the TEC and CPU enough?
Water cooling Vs TEC Cooling
Will Tec or Not Tec Maze 3
The perfomance difference between Bolting and Epoxying on a coldplate?
Good pump?
Peltier Electric Properties
What's a good Compressor?
Whats your opinion
Can you bend evaporators?
I NEED some opions
Peops using fridges, do you ever turn off your computers ? read in please
My refrigeration odyssey 6 celsius baby !
How to install Pelt
what size capilary tube?
peltier volt and amp
Question about dehumidifiers??
WHERE to buy??????????
peltier newbie has lots of questions
CHEST freezers???
how many watts?
how to stop condensation
Places to Buy Peltiers/TECs
I have access to about 15 refridgerator Compressors, would they be worth selling?
Prometeia giving me nothing but Problems....
shrarder valve questions
jb weld good for phase-change?
liquid electrical tape
VapoChill For Cheap?
which is the wattage of a dual celeron 500
HELP!!! Peltier n00b on da loose!
Peltier Chip Damaged????
Air cooled peltier???
liquid nitrogen
Direct die pelt?
Prometeia system question...
mouspads neoprene?
Fridge Setup Help
went a tec setup
peltier drinks cooler?
anti freeze evaporate?
Simple pelt question
Phase Change Noise
chilled water or TEC?
How Exactly Does Cooling efftect OC's?
Refrigerated cooling setup, now something changes?
I just want another 250 MHz, is that too much to ask?
building a phase change setup
water chiller experiences
mini compressors
-89c idle, 30c Max Loads, check it!
water temp -5c?
BGMicro DT12-4 Peltier
would high temp silicone be good to replace closed cell foam around socket?
Things needed before setting up Prometeia?
swiftech mc462-t
Finally got a compressor, but...
max size pelt for air cooled app ?
226w pelt voltage ?
psu for 226 pelt?
HELP! Pelt temps 60c+++
Dialectric Grease, Sealing questions.
Phase change or Water Chiller
hows this foam for pelt sealing?
TEC+PROCESSOR, calculate your temp.
Time for something better
Cold Plate Thickness Question.
Arctic Alumina
P4 2.66 at 3.59Ghz Vapo PhaseChange LianLi converstion
rheobus advise?!?!?
Peltier questions...
Sealing alternitives
Phase Change vs. Peltier
Joining Two Power Supplies to make 17v Peltier PSU
Topless PROMETIA under a CS-Miditower ?
Phase changing commin my way
Fried peltier powersupply
BGmicro Peltiers
Alternative ways of using Peltiers?
Would this work?
DO really need to seal everything?
What is the most extreme cooling?
Peltier power ratings
Good chiller coolant??
How would you spec a phase change system?
Peltier Power/Performance, lotsa ?????
AC4G cooling system...heard of it?????
vasolene instead of dielectric grease?
have some chemical questions answered
TEC on gf2 pro
Condensation problems..?
messing around w/small TEC
pelt pumping power