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heat pipes?
2 Pelts= 2 Rads? Always?
Swiftech MCW462-UH?
Swiftech 462UT temps...help?
VapoChill noise level? (Quieter than Air?)
400w ATX PSU troubles
60mm fan with even # of blades?
White thermal silicone paste can be used as dielettric grease?
I wanna get into TEC
Phase Change from Asetek.
Phase Change?
Peltier/watercooling setup
Where to buy
Do I have to
Building a LN heatsink..
ok if im making a chiller
GPU Cooling
I have had this 226 watt pelt for months need adviceo n psu
does antifreeze increase temps a lot?
sealing waterblocks
Beer chiller cooler in new home
Suitable material for constructing Ethanol container needed
pelt vid cards
ok u engineers i need youre brains
Need Opinion On Water Cooler.PLEASE!
Peltiers Calculations
prometia w/o the ugly case
Need better coolant.
Water to hot? Swiftech Block w/pelt
xp 1600 agoia
How About This To Power A Peltier / Tec
EVERYONE BEEN WANTING(direct evap how to artical )
Danger Den Maze 3
Help a new guy out
my cpu is much to hot
Swiftech MCX462+T
is silicone grease dielectric
WOW @ new swiftech HSF, details inside
How is this setup?
what compressor is in a cars aircon?
pelt power?
condensation on the back of my 9700 pro
Are there any FLESSIBLE tubes for use withe a phase-change system?
beginner class 101 (phase change artical)
MY new vapo-phase! :)
compressor question
My phase change setup
This may be a little out there but
How loud is it...
pump and condensor recomendations?
Can someone tell me what Exactly this does?
Air flow and condensation???
I need some input
Where to buy a Prometeia?? (definatly getting one)
cpu peltier question. very quick i promise
Compressor stripped from a portable a/c
4-way direct die phase-change.
Heres a way to keep your power bill from going to high
Some TEC questions...
Peltier using antec 430 PSU?
liquid nitrogen
peltier vs. water chiller
have ever considered getting a freon compresor from pepsi machine?
have ever considered getting a freon compresor from pepsi mamchine?
I killed my 1600+ :(
How thick should my coldplate be?
water chiller help
Excel Pelt calculators downloadable
Other names for dielectric grease
What parts do i need for PHASE-CHANGE cooling?
Need help on extreme project
peltier /or psu shuts off for some reason once in a while for a min or so.
HELP! I think I froze my CPU! What do I do?!?
Insulating My CPU/Mobo
phase-change questions
Stupid question, but here goes...
Submerged System project.
SUB-ZERO temps harm the CPU!!!!!
Does this qualify as Extream? 300+CFM
226w peltier running on an ANTEC psu.
Project DACP
---Look What I just Got!---
Water flow switch
Prometeia, opinions?
Phase change questions: please help!!!
Good deals on ebay!
New block design?
anyone know where to get dry ice
Liquid Helium
I can't belive it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Peliter/Water cooling
Nice Phase Change Article
A question to phase change users
Peltier PS voltage question.
dual pelts?
Would this help
Peltier Advice
DC / DC Converters
New Swfitech block
The best heatercore
---How Much Heat you Think GF4 Ram Puts out?---
PSU for 126 w peltier
Phase changing a peltier
I need a severe lesson in Peltiers.
peltier is this all it can do
Liquid Nitrogen
Gettin' the balls to hit that power button.
Belleville washers free to first eight.
156W pelt with dedicated PSU, Is there a prob here?
What to do for a phase-change block?
peltier setup
peltier setup
Is this normal
High temps with MCW462-UHT
Rubber Seal on a P4?
Would this turn a Phase change chiller into a Vapo-style cooler?
How is this for a 1st H2O/Pelt System?
i understand r290 is better then r134a, so..
danfoss sc10b
is a phrase change system quieter than air cool?
Extreme Cooling Gallery
phase change from an old fridge?
MCW40-T Graphics thermoelectric assy. cooler
THIS xtreme Cooling will change everything!!
saw this on a webpage, 20k+ 3dmarks.
Are there any tutorials on how to built an SUB-ZERO colling???
evap problem
My little freezer
up to how cold pelt hot side do peltiers keep their delta?
HELP! Relaying 2 Power Supplies.....
oil based cooling system... has this option been explored?
Extreme Video Card Core Cooler, New! Check It Out!
dual processor system on a kryotech case
Thoughts on setup
SLK800 & Peltier
Question on using a small freezer system to cool H20
Need help with insulateing
simple AC power question
Powersupplies for Pelts
lowest temp ?
Look what I have found!
It finaly came
Bad Peltier???
What power of compressor is needed for 150 watt heatload at -30c?
phase change project just got started!!!
formula for temps with pelts..
Computer inside a fridge...
Diamon coldplate?
TXV or capillary tube???
Submerged Chilled Mineral Oil Pc
could i stick something small like a 20 or 40watt pelt
pelt & compressor system?
whys my pelt sys so hot!?
Refridgerated system question...
Anyone interested in changing ideas about Prometeia Phase Change ?
cheap peltier stuff
Condensation possible cure
VapoChill Premium Edition
what kinda temps can i expect with this rig?
hello everyone...
Peltier basics
Peltier on RAM
Going with peltier
Low Peltier max temp difference: Good for power hungry CPUs?
Pelting the C3
need help with an air conditioner
phase-change information?
phase change how-to guilds?
thermoelectric cooling? wtf?
Someone have a chart of the R's?
So...How exactly do I protect my system against condensation?
Waterblock and Peltier
Peltier Insulation Guides
new cooling
What is a peltier and how does it work?
Best way to DOUBLEPLET ;)
Do Peltiers Spread the heat?
how do i do this?
Prometeia/ vapochill owner or whizz-kid ? I need help
Meanwell power supply for pelts
Peltier Question
Dual Air Cooled Vertical Pelts.
Pelt power supply question
Idea to cool Video RAM from GPU coldplate. Will it work?
226W Peltier on Radeon 8500..how cold?
Will Enermax 550W PSU do for my dual pelt system?
Air-cooled pelts?
R404a refrigeration project...almost there
Peliter Qs
Any bigger
Phase Change
Prometeia in CANADA!
Is 35W pelt enough for GF2 Ti GPU
Bender's Basement Skunkworks :eek:
How long does it take for a plet to power up?
enough power for a 226 pelt
whats the wattage
Water chiller?
pics of my project :)
cold plate question
Would this be the right pump
Building new system and looking for thoughts on peltiers.
How many watts pelt do I need?
226w pelt
My New Used Pelt Power Supply!!!
Uhm sweet?
Is a 156w plet enought for 1600@3000?!
About mini fridges and suck things
Microwave Fridge
Check this out!
Computer in a refrigerator?
What are the common Pelt Dangers?
Why would I want to buy a peltier?
-30 and lower ?
how's an AC unit for cooling? :D
Will Aluminium coldplate screw up my pelts ability?
Anyway to make it fit
---My PSU + 156W Pelt---
Can Someone Tell Me How To Cool an Overclocked PC using a freezer or parts of?
Swiftech block w/pelt
got it running finally
Your experience with bong/evaporative watercooling
The Doghouse
mini fridge water chiller
MaXXXexpert, Vapo-Chill, etc.
my phaze change cooler
El Fridge
A different cold plate Application
Vapochill Mod (remove heat pads)
an interesting idea
peltier built into WB
WC Pics, Peltier Accident, Refit, Too Hot?
Getting Crazy with Liquid HELIUM