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160 petabytes of data in 250 nanoseconds
400GB DIMM SanDisk sticks
Love Never Felt So Good
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I am the new one
Just want to say Hi.
Just want to say Hello!
I am the new one
Just want to say Hi.
Overclocking @ Computex 2014
Launch of a New website - Crowd for Angels
Who lives in Vegas?
The Overclocker Issue # 29
Corsair Announces PC DOMINATION System Building and Tuning Competition
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Gigabyte Overclocking Events Result in New World Records
Khu vui chơi liên hợp, đồ chơi ngoài trời, 0919 597 588
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New Cryptocurrency subforum
Here is Practical Explanation about Next Life, Purpose of Human Life -
Here is Practical Explanation about Next Life, Purpose of Human Life -
NVIDIA Announces a Date for the GTX 780 Ti & Price Cuts
4K surround on 3x TITANS
Computex Coverage from Top Hardware Sites
Our Take On NVIDIA's FCAT GPU Testing
Today, we save the Internet (again): fix the CFAA!
Sixense MakeVR: 3D Modeling for the Masses with Oculus Rift, Razor Hydra support
Win a Hi-Fi A85W Motherboard from Biostar
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"COTM" Computer of the Month?
Hwbot's Team Cup! You're Invited!!
CISPA’s back: Hacking, online espionage resurrect cybersecurity bill
Microsoft Mulling Office for Linux for Next Year
CES 2013: New Cases, Power Supplies, and Fans from Enermax
CES 2013: NZXT Unveils New Phantom Case & HALE Power Supplies
Live Updates from CES 2013 in Las Vegas
Rig o' the Quarter Goes to BlueZero's Project Wraith
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Intel Says Company Committed to Sockets
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happy thanksgiving!
NZXT Adopts 15mm Spacing, Kraken Compatibility, Replacement S810 Top Panels
Announcing Sandy/Ivy Superpi Challenge
New Intel SSD's incoming
Welcome our new Senior Members - 'Cuda340, Bobnova & Woomack!
Welcome our newest senior members - Bobnova & 'Cuda340!!
Introducing Mrs. I.M.O.G. Friday October 5th, 2012
Overclockers' Rig-o'-the-Month for September 2012
AMD Trinity A10-5800K APU Preview
Sacramento LANFest - Don't Miss + Case Mod Contest
Overclockers.com Benching Team HD3450 Challenge
Overclockers' Rig-o'-the-Month for August, 2012
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Live Extreme Benchmarking on Tap for tonight (8/2) and the weekend!
NVIDIA and Overclockers End of Nations Closed Beta Key Giveaway
Arctic Accelero Xtreme III Review
Rig o' The Month - August 2012 (Concluded)
So who actually reads the Survey responses?
Mechanical Keyboard Showdown
The Benching Team needs your help! (Prizes too!)
windwithme ComputeX 2012 DAY1
Computing experts unveil superefficient ‘inexact’ chip
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IBM Inches Closer to Quantum Computers
G.Skill DDR3-2666, EVGA SR-X, Z77 Boards @ CeBIT - Plus Ivy Bridge!
New AMD CPUs, Intel's Ivy Bridge Timeline, and Elpida is Bankrupt
Thermalright True Spirit 140 Heatsink Review
Some Overclockers Love
CoolerMaster Cosmos II Ultra Tower Case Review
2012 Overclockers Newsletter
Companies supporting SOPA
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CES 2012: EVGA to Release New Line of PSUs Designed for Overclockers
Intel CES 2012 Press Conference
Postbit Changes & Improvements - Show Off Your Team!
Convicted1 Benching s775 E6400 Live Tonight
Happy New Year!
AMD Radeon HD 7970 takes Unigine heaven DX11 world record at 1180/1610MHz
merry christmas overclockers
irc channel?
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Logic Density with New Materials
Antec Eleven Hundred Case Review
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Sandy Bridge-E Release Brings New Products
Intel Sandy Bridge Extreme i7-3960X Processor Review
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Google Says We Matter More
CES 2012 - Join Us For Dinner in Vegas
ASRock 990FX Extreme 4 Motherboard Review
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HIS 6870 IceQ Review
HIS MIX with Lucid HydraLogix: "MIX"ing the HD6970 & GTX580
OCZ Announce the "World's First 1 TB 2.5" SSD"
[Evga Jacob] SR-3
Live Benching: AMD FX-6100 Bulldozer on Liquid Nitrogen
Monday News Roundup
Overclocking on the streets of New York City
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Let's See Your Workshop, Workbench, Shop or Other...Wherever you Mod!
Announcement: New Thread Button, General Technology Discussion, and More...
Will Windows 8 PCs Lock Out Linux?
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How do you browse the forum?
Forum Challenge - Winner Gets a Sandybridge Motherboard
Introducing "Core Temp Monitor" for Android
Labor Day Weekend Brings New Intel 32nm Processors
Thursday News Roundup: New Software and Hardware tools
Boise area LAN?
Core Temp 1.0 RC1 Released
Third Overclockers Newsletter
Question from a Technology Recruiter
Coming Soon, to an OCF near you... CDP!
The Overclockers Method - Get rid of ground wasps with kerosene
Three Premium Heatsinks Revisited
Tuesday News Roundup: The Future for Intel and AMD
BB Code Update
Senior Members - The Process Explained
Pending shipments & Thank you's & Free crap
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Intel Might Yet Get Sandy Bridge-E Out This Year
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Need some help decoding your audio codec?
Decent job? Building custom computers for profit on college campus.
Microcenter & Overclockers
Just found out how friendly a bunch you lot really are =]
ASRock Launches AMD Llano A75 Chipset Motherboards
Haven't been on in quite a while
Futuremark Lords of Overclocking Starts July 4th
In need of help and votes
Completed! Project Resilience
Thank you everybody!
Swiftech MCP35X and MCP35X Reservoir (Rev. 2)
Noctua Unveils New Products at Computex 2011
Gigabyte Factory Photo Tour
AMD Announces "FX" Brand for High-End CPUs
windwithme's Computex Photos
[Press Release] Futuremark Announces Sandy Bridge Benching Competition
Overclockers.com Invades Microcenter Saint Louis - June 25th & 26th
[Press Release] G.Skill Breaks SuperPi 32M World Record
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Megahurtz On The Go, Now With Moar VOLTS! OC Forums iPhone/Android Skin!
Chimp Challenge 2011: Rules and Dates
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When looking for good customer service, what do you want?
There's a Hack on the Forum!
2011 H1 Overclockers Choice Award Nominations Now Open
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Internet Piracy Survey (For Senior Thesis)
Thanks for the info everyone... I7-950 OC Success
Out for vacation...
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Japan Earthquake
Overclockers.com Benchmarking Team win Forum Wars 2011
Can't overclock D975xbx2 with e6600 over 2700mhz
Been a long time...
Holy Cow
Deanzo & Family are okay... (devastating earthquake)
Celebrating 10 Years in the OCF Family - 10 Year Member Badge
Modding Intro I: eVGA Classified SR-2 Case
What got you into overclocking?
AMD Phenom II X4 840 CPU Review
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Sure has been a long time..
i somehow don't think this is right... hmm
i love these forums!
New here
I7 2600K Voltage monitoring stuck!
[O/C]NZXT Phantom Case Giveaway
[O/C]Lian Li PC-V1020 Case Review
[O/C]2011 XtremeSystems CES Party
[O/C]DIY Fan Controller for PWM Fans
Welcome a new blue!
Sennheiser HD 25-1 II Headphones Review
A New Year
Members and 3d images
oldie, but newbie back!
Why are there people on at 1000?
Calling all ocf artists! :D
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Read the rules - Hey New OCer buying computer question.
Read the rules - No for sale section?
Read the rules - Newbee needs advice
Las Vegas OCF CES meetup date, dinner
L M G T F Y Links - Stop Posting Them
Hey, I'm new and from OCN forums
Any SF Bay Area over clockers here?
Veterans Day
[O/C] NVIDIA GTX 580 Launch Round-Up
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Moocow Live Benching
[O/C]Old Computers: Vintage or Garbage?
[O/C]MIAHALLEN Reaches Top 10 on HWBOT
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Nzaneb from Overclockers.com Benchmarking team live!
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Overclockers' jobs/help wanted
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Intro to Overclockers.com Rosetta@Home
Intro to Overclockers.com SETI@Home Team
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My Favorite Freeware for Windows
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Managed Implementation of Change Leads to More Perfect Communities
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Share your Desktop!
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[O/C] Live Benching Now With KonaKona on Dry Ice
[O/C] Gigabyte P55A-UD7 on liquid nitrogen
Newest benching team member: splat
SuperPi Competition is Under Way!
USB 3.0 Gaining Momentum Among Manufacturers
[O/C] Water Cooling the Cooler Master CM690 II Advanced
Which do you prefer when reading online articles?
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Forum FAQs, Guidelines, and Rules
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Do they have H1N1 in Taipei?
Heavily armed Vet with barricaded close to campus [Indianapolis]
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Old server down?
Overclockers.com logo design contest!
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front page disqus features
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Protect Your Laptop from Theft
Todays Article (Free Software)
Windows 7 SKUs
Microsoft vs Google
New Update on my weightloss
Good-Bye Ed...
Intel Says, "No Room In The Inn"
Disqus seems broken
ASUS P5K Capacitor Mod
We have a new green!
unable to connect to frontpage
All that LN2 got to Brolloks, he turned Blue!
Basic Dell Server Box: $199
The OCF Podcast, Episode 23: "Saying Goodbye"
Darkmatter: Subspace Hypersuite Review
Gigabyte Overclocking Event at Taipei [Welcome the OCF L337s!]
The OCF Podcast, Episode 22: "We're BACK!...Finally!"
Green Shark?
harlam357 is feeling kinda blue lately
New green meanie
OCF Podcast - We're going to interview the founder of Voodoo PC - questions?
What's your favorite link?
The OCF Podcast, Episode 21: "Please hold for technical difficulties"
cpubase.com images now missing
New Layout
OC Forums Free Fantasy Football League (2008-09 season)
NZXT 850 Watt Precise Power Supply Review
Win a Geforce 8800GTS from the OCF Podcast!
The OCF Podcast, Episode 20: "Tech News and a Giveaway"
OCF Podcast Contest - Win a Geforce 8800GTS!
Future of The graphic/processor marketshare?
WarriorII looks sick
Algae on the speakers!
Emerging Sub-Notebook Market
Interview with Ross on his big win!
The OCF Podcast, Episode 19.5: "Just to hold you over..."
Hip hip hooray!
The OCF Podcast, Episode 19: "Catching up on the news"
OCF Podcast Live Roundtable TODAY!
OCF takes out the US leg of the Gigabyte Overclocking Events
The OCF Podcast, Episode 18: "A Blast to the Past - Part 2"
Getting a clue...
The Real Meaning of Atom
What to do...
New Blue!
The OCF Podcast, Episode 17: "A Blast to the Past - Part 1"
"iStarUSA X-Rack Removable SATA Hard Drive"
Welcome Deanzo...
The OCF Podcast, Episode 16: "Ramblings from Around the World"
ASUS C90S Overclocking Laptop
Congratulations to Adak!
Congrats jdrake90
The OCF Podcast, Episode 15: "A Star-studded Episode"
Waiting For The Other Shoe To Drop . . .
Comparing Apples To Apples
Applying Thermal Grease...
A Creative Finger
The OCF Podcast, Episode 14: "SETI and Forum Warz"
PC Add-A-Fan Model 120
Hector and Hillary?
64 Cores ???
680i LT
Vostro 200
System reviews & a FREE CPU???
Welcome the Noob
What age are you? [new poll]
The OCF Podcast, Episode 13: "Storage Robots and CyberCommand"
A Thank You to All
And Then There Was One . . . [Blu-Ray - the new HDTV disk standard]
Brick Apple Sales . . .
Rosewill Micro-ATX Slim Case
Where now?
Pest Control
The OCF Podcast, Episode 12: "A Dremel vs. a Jigsaw
Two AMD Items . . . More Delays and Another Phenom Problem?
The OCF Podcast, Episode 11: "Tech News and Physics"
The OCF Podcast, Episode 10.5: "Forum Wars Pre-Game Show"
Capping the Future - Future of Broadband in the US
The OCF Podcast, Episode 10: "CES and Beyond"
In case you did not know...
A world without ATI/AMD?
Car GPS - The Ultimate Guy Gadget?
Somebody's got the blues!
The OCF Podcast, Episode 9: "A Brief History of Everything"
8800 GTS/GTX Cooler Mod
Calling all OCF Long islanders....
If you want a thread started in O/Community...
The OCF Podcast, Episode 8: "Cooling with Dihydrogen Monoxide"
Good For The Goose, Good For The Gander
The daily drubbings...
4 Is More Than 2 . . .
"Tuniq TX-2 Thermal Compound" Kyle Lunau - 11/28/07
Use [attach][/attach] to avoid multiple posts!
Hardware Deep Freeze...(what box?)
Intel's 2008 Roadmap: a definite dis to AMD
The OCF Podcast, Episode 7: "Case Building and Nerf Guns"
Doomed & AMD cancels its 2.4GHz Phenom
Cheer up someone who's feeling a little 'blue'.
why do you modify and overclock?
The OCF Podcast, Episode 6: "Gourmet Video News"
Not Safe @ Work Warnings??? This isn't one!!!
New here, just saying Hi!
O/C Get Togethers?
R3D-BACK - New Member
The OCF Podcast, Episode 5: "A Dremel and a Soldering Iron"
Yet another blue...
Somebody's feeling a little blue
Vista Boycott?
the sort of $150 who cares chip.
Vista - Microsoft's Prescott?
Denver Area lan and OCF meeting
The OCF Podcast, Episode 4: "Folding@Home"
Hint at more deliver less...
A Silly Argument . . .
What happned to "I fought the Law and the Law Won."?
Tagan CS-EL Diablo VS Electron Chaser
The OCF Podcast Episode 3: "The Ghz Club"
my redneck filing system
Welcome to the newest green jacket!
Mets Fans
OCF Podcast Episode 2 is up!
The OCF Podcast Episode 2: "Audacity with Veracity"
Happy birthday me and xtremeovrclockr !
Remembering 9-11
A Stunning Story about AMD shackling the press.
Penguin Power!
OCForums IRC Channel?
SSDs Come Of Age . . .
Career Advice in IT -- from some of our 25+ members
Who's from the Seattle Area? Tacoma? Federal Way?
The OCF Podcast Episode 1... is here
is this an offtopic/miscellaneous forum?
The OCF Podcast Episode 1
The OCF Podcast Episode 1: "Back on a Mac"
Somebody has fallen seriously ill...
No offense (an apology)
Overclockers Free Fantasy Football League
OverClockers Fantasy Football 07/08
An Introduction :)
Ultra 800w PSU
They must suck
Love the OcF black background ? Update you Google bookmark !
I love this place :D
Just wanted to say
Has Overclocking jumped the shark? Dell OC Woes
Southern California overclockers meeting?
Traverse city Michigan.
Penny Arcade Expo
How did you find O/C and what's your story?
I need everyones help!
Epidemic alert! People are falling ill!
How much power do you really need
Congrats to the Class of 2007
Kyle's Logitech G25 review
Philly_boy & Cpt planet at Micro Center BYOPC Event June 2nd!
Operation DVD - Send DVDs to troops overseas
Warranty on a Broken CPU
Another Mole
Forum Wars 2007
This is PR? (new ATI cards)
Those Sneaky Apples
IRC channel?
Forum Wars 2007 (bench contest)
going through the motions...
happy b-day
Nor'Easter 2007 500 Person LAN
Where Video Stands Who buys what and what do people pay?
an amd gospel
Vote for Overclockers?
Somebody is Blue today!
Anyone near Countryside/la-grange Il?
New Developments in Holograpic Storage
Peaceful Coexistence
Hello... after 5 years away.
im new saying hello
"Digital Photography on a Budget" 19 March 2007
A Secret Sale
Go enter the awesome World of Warcraft contest!
"David's Micro Bong"
vB Code Guide
CPU datadase no longer maintained?
Need help completing unfinished threads
Sell or else!!!
how much is too much?
New Seniors!
Hello All
A Real-Life Story . . .
Getting tired of Anti Vista articles
OCF Gear: Available through cafepress
Hello everyone!
Post Pictures of your mobile
SilenX 90 cfm of air while only creating 18 dBA of noise
Hello Everyone.
Tuniq Tower 120