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Guide to Symantec Norton Ghost -- Jan 07, 2007
''USB Beverage Cooler''
Short, Sweet, And Maybe Good News For AMD
Merry Christmas!
New Member Welcome Mat !
"Running A Different Race"
"Am I The Only One?" Eric R. Drake - 12/14/06
Overclocker's - Philosophy of a Mad Art?
Where are they?
A Farewell Letter to AMD
Is there anyone on here I can talk to 1 on 1?
880GTX + CPU speed bottleneck
65nm amd
I'm going to Nashville!
A big thanks to the ocforums staff....
Thank You OC Forums!!!!
How Fiber Optics Work
Happy Thanxgiving
Benching @ OC Forums
What were you searching for when you found ocfourms.com?
Shoutout to JoeC
Thanking our veterans.
New Senior Members
[LAN party]Anyone else here go to western michigan university
This community is great, you mods, admins, everyone!
What Were You for Halloween?
Open Letter to Microsoft (well, a question really)
Career and College Search
A Happy Halloween
Super Nade is a Complete Idiot!
Inet meetup 2006
Front Projectors as a Display Alternative
"Green Fusion . . . "
Austinites: Intel /Dell Charity LAN Nov 10-12!
Wisconsinites: WFB Tech Club LAN Party on October 28th (Saturday)
Oni's Quake or Treat
The Death of PC Gaming
Anyone Else here attend Brock University?
Are we dinosaurs?
lan party - penn state hazleton
Notebok Purchase
[read this] Stop dumping crap in here.
"Raw and Burnt . . . "
Vista = Crippleware?
Is ANY OS ready for the desktop?
Is Windows Ready For The Desktop.
Happy B-Day ViperJohn!
Hello from Vancouver (by way of Detroit)
Post pictures of your setups
Project: Help The Co-Worker Matt
Two Too Many
Vista still sucks for games
MAO PSP Event - South Carolina 9/21
LPANE - New England LAN - October 20th-22nd.
Post Your lan party pics!!!!
Post a Photo of your Laptops
Congratz on the White Stars, Greenmaji!!
Is Linux Ready For Prime Time?
Anyone good with languages?
Asus P5N-SLI Se Deluxe, wierd request
Linux - Why
School's back - worst then ever
front page question
Canadian Post Office?
Headache and Sleeping
What's the most stupid thing you've ever done to your computer?
Guerilla Marketing
CanadaLAN - Victoria?
Conroe Pricing Update....
The wonderful people at OC forums
Some better numbers -- CPU price collapse?
Ender's game....
When are we going to get RSS newsfeed here at overclockers?
The End of the Era of Speed: The Video Game
OCF Mustanger's
AMD, ATI the same company
Congrats to the Non Translucent Reptile!
The Next Big OC Chip? . . . "
AMD’s 'Criticality 1' failure
What happened to Jot???
Encoding Anime?
Do you like your mesh chair?
New Red
Some Precautions On Conroe
For all you french speakers out here....
LANime - Salem, OR LAN Party - July 22, 2006
Et Cetera
A Gruesome Roadmap . . . "
desktop screenshots
Head On- Apply Directly to Your Forehead -Head On-Apply Directly to your Forehead...
On U.S. Independence Day
July 3, 2006 Something Else To Keep In Mind - No PATA CD/DVD/HD support on Intel 965
OCForums UK meet
Chipset Cooling
Need some one to test an 840EE chip for me
A Big......
How To H2Ocool Your Power Supply
Frodo = My Hero
LandShark Got The Blues!
can somebody identify this corvette??
What would you do if this happened to you
OCF Drafting Club
any newegg codes?
Applicant Beware: Directron.com Annual College Scholarship
Share your computing mishaps/accidents
How Much Cash for that Cache?
The World's Largest Band
pure pwnage ep.11
Liquid-Cooled Power Mac G5s leaking
Download Accelerators: Do They Actually Work?
OCForums Bimmer Club
SO today 6/7 is not just any other day......
Why is this senior member a N00b?
Why is the frontpage so slow?
Somebody's got the Blues !!!
What You Think of AGEIA...
OCForums IRC Channel
What's the longest thread?
dugans' LAN 06: August Edition
You know you've been on OCF for a long time when...
How do you like to spend???
Happy Birthday Pinky!
Happy Birthday to our resident enforcer!
Hamvention 2006 (Dayton, OH)
Making Life Suk Less?
So it's begun / Wired vs. Wireless
What's up with this upgrade?
Front page articles - cash offers?!
Girl Advertising on Front Page
(UPDATED) Wizard James donation drive to help his recovery
Music Artists Against DRM
Finally... another episode...
LAN Appalachia
Two Perspectives...By Ed Stronglio
Someone's got the blues..
Price War!?
Meet Mr. Zippy
For the community.
Anybody in CAP
3/4th over, no wishes yet?
More Gmail Invitations
Somebody's Feeling Blue
Happy Birthday Pat!
Why the Frontpage Sucks
Post your favorite quote... thread
OCF Chemistry Club
Intel Mac's Bootcamp...option 2 boot windows?
Is a New Graphics Card a Worthwhile Upgrade for an Older Computer?
Looking for a job?
What draws you back?
Just thought I'd stop by and say hi
Word Games . . .
Intel's Multi-core Roadmap: No Details!
Confessions of a Speed Addict/I've Lost The Will To Speed
Ways to solve the microsoft Vista delima
Four years on OCF - A short history
Is Microsoft Going Senile? "How To Handle Ineptitude..." March 25, 2006
Whats your job?
What About You? . . . "
Canadians sign in Here
To beat or not to beat
Detroit/Ann Arbor area overclockers!
''we talk about Conroe today...''
"I've Lost the Will to Speed"
Google, Privacy?
cpu data base
Congrats Jonspd
Somebody's got the Blues!
But Does It Boot Windows? . . .
T32 Art Contest is closing soon
Who Says 2 Raptors Aren't Better Than One? Part II
Any OCF people in Fort Wayne, IN or nearby?
Digital Overload
I'm in Washington D.C. again...
We need an overclocker!!
need help finding an old front page article
Top 100 Members Without A Life
Somebody's got the Blues!
A Quest For Silence
Any LAN Parties in the Philadelphia area?
dugans' LAN 06- April Edition
"The HDCP fiasco"
Whom Are They Out To Fool? . . . "
Pics of your pet
professional forum posters?
500 Man LAN in New England Area
Planned Obsolescence - 2/6/06
Hatching Eggs . . .
my custom rank got taken away
Welcome another one to the madness
Still Too Hot to Handle
Zone Alarm
Is anyone going to congratulate our newest senior?
"Rant And Fix - Software Defaulting To C Drive"
Cell Phones and You
I've officially made OC Forums my Home Page =D
Just wanted to say whats up.
''Fe, Fi, Fo Fum!'' - 1/15/2006
The challenge
If you are in Las Vegas READ PLEASE. My pet is missing.
P4 CPU Simulator-IHSed
65nm Intels Coming . . . "
Has anyone seen Sucka recently?
Gaming System for £350?
T32 Artwork Competition #2
CES 2006: The Show in Pictures
Becoming A Computer "Expert"
Hi guys...I'm back....
Well, I think logitech has won my trust.
popular mechanics is gonna have a link to here
Happy New Year!!!!!
"Different Clocks" - 12/31/05
Do you ride dirtbikes/quads?
Looking to submit article/laptop review to main page what do you think?
Merry Christmas
Happy Holidays
DeskTop BackGrounds :)
Joe's P4 Simulator
GeekEnd Lan Party, Shelton Wa, March 2006
''Giving Away Your Money'' - 12/19/2005
New Years Resolution? "List Yours"
Oc forums Stickers
"From Travesty To Tragedy . . . "
My Status ; Stepping aside to finish my Ph.D.
Male or Female
Anyone notice a slashdot effect on the OC.com around 3:30PM eastern?
"Advice To Sixpacks . . ."
NH LAN, This Sat!
lan in CT 1/28/06
Out of Memory on line:5...problems
OCF Frappr?
WOW... off my chest.. the 3rd Episode
Ohio LAN ?
Overclockers forum meet?
"The Travesty Continues"
The True Test 'New Intel CPUs'
Why so high?
OC Anime Club
Don't worry... I have returned, and the podcast will be here soon
Happy Thanksgiving
ocforums frapper map!
"Opteron Pricing Continued . . . "
OCForums mIRC CHannel
pittsburgh area lan
(POLL) How long have you been an ACTIVE member of OCForums?
'It affects you, too...' 10/15/2005
How long have you been on the forums?
"climate change..."
9mmcensor banned?
joes copper foam heatsink
iNET Interactive Acquired By Private Equity Group
New silver
Ed finally notices the opteron craze
Things you should know...
Ocf Hit 60,000 Members!
Welcome our Newest Blue!
Lost One of Our Own, Maddman Donation Drive
Lost One of Our Own, Maddman Donation Drive
Big News!!!
Lean, mean and green
DRM (title not made yet)
Sad News
OC forums best sig. and/ or avatar
Anti DRM overclockers
New Blue!
need that link !!
What's the OCF IRC channel?
A commendation for an outstanding member: {PMS}fishy
Homemade Thermal Grease?
Congratulations to MRD, the latest member to be feeling 'a little blue'
ITS OUT!!! The second uocf podcast episode!
Were any OCmembers at Digital Life?
"Next?" - Ed Stroligo - 10/17/05
Mod's snooping in my business.
"TherMax Korea HiFlux TIM HF-60110BT" --Joe Citarella - 10/15/05
Next? An Article again showing Ed's bias against Intel
Ok Folks... The very first unofficial OCF podcast!
New Blue
Well Ventilated case mod
Any martial artists?
ATI has reduced the warranty on its video cards down to a year.
Corsair 256 MB Flash Drive
Firefox Flaming Out
Another Toronto Area LAN?
Overclockers.com = anti Opera!
Someone loves the blue box of macaroni...
Uh oh, did I see BLUE?
Someone loves the blue box...
1 year aniversary...
Another one Bites The Blue
What Smell?
"UPDATE: Mega Antivirus Test"
Someone show AVG where the Executive Washroom is ....
Meanwhile, In the Real World
SewerBeing Has Got Da Blues
Forum Wars 2005 & give away
5k :eek:
"Stop Whining!"
Happy Birthday Captain Slug!!
Most boneheaded OCF member?
"Non-Violent, Except For the Killing" - Ed Stroligo - 9/12/05
Where is everyone from?
dugans' LAN 05, Part 2
Congratulations to Electron Chaser
"Missing The Point"
"What We Have To Look Forward To"
Asetek Vapochill Micro Extreme
Congrats to Sucka!
My new job WOOT
Back from the rock
Congrats Super Nade!
Happy Bday Sen!
Two great additions to the OCF staff!
Intel: The Next Year
Intel using Itanium to kill AMD
Your Significant Other Picture Thread!
New Mod!!
Swiftech H2O-Apex "Extreme Duty" Watercooling Kit
OCF Lan @ Miami On Sept 10th 2005
Quiet Makes Some Noise
Triple X
Feeler: Lan in Raleigh, NC @ Battlezone
Who are these people?
Anyone here Norwegian?
OCF South FL Lanparty Event (56k Warned)
"New Broken Hardware?" (Re: copy-protecting future DVDs, etc.)
Thermalright V-1 VGA Cooler
Thermosyphons and similar craziness
Quakecon 2005
Anyone is Texas?(Going to Texas for 10 days tomorrow)
Like my O/C Forums desktop?--1600x1200//654kb IMAGE INSIDE--
What university do you go to?
The Age of the Low-Life.
Automated Acting
Detroit lan?
Newegg Lanfest 2k5
Classic Avatars Thread
Front Page RSS feed?
Lanpartnw Washington Lan
More CPU heat
Clumpy Clocks
"Not Again" !
Location thread
Idaho/Utah LAN 7-16-2005
Anyone going to the newegg LAN
July 15th,2005 - No article!
Florida LAN Party!
So-Cal LAN/Benchmark Session Anyone?
Integrity? Honor? A flawed system!!!
Anyone from VA?
CPL Roll Call?
OC'ers in Pacific Northwest?
Keeper and his family need your help! PLEASE READ!
FAO Eobard the birthday cat!
Pik4chu has been assimilated...
My son graduated from Pre k today
Congrats are in Order, Another Senior Member
Canada LAN 2.0 ?
Learn much?
Taking Screen captures
omg 7 stars!
East Coast Lan
Road rage
Vantec Nexstar 3
Intel copies AMD again???
Xbit and the Pentium-M
Congratulations to our newest senior member
Funny Product Names
Hows my new system sound?
OC Forums IRC Channel
It's my birthday!
PC Market is hot... Literally
Slide Show
What a great forum this is :)
LAN Party Music
Power optimizing the Pentium-M
need O/C forums logos
It happened for me too...
The blue plague claims another three victims....
PC Air Conditioning
any MD lan parties? im bored =/
New Intel Stuff: DRMed Or Not?
What age are you?
Apple To Go Intel?
girls pants??
Which File Extension Are You?
gigabyte ramdisk - ED likes something?
Computex Items - Aopen Mac Mini
cooking an egg with ur comp ?
suggestions for new avatar
ran in da pants?
Looking for a thread, can't find it...
today is my birthday
Yes, the product is good, but the company is a loser.
How did you learn about overclocking?
how did you find ocforums?
Ed's fairytale
Ninja's avatar!
A Desktop Turion
"Overclocking DTR Notebook"
Expensive Blood Splatters: PPU pricing
The OC Forums funny faces thread
"From Hotrodding To Golf?"
congrtaz krag
LAN @ rogerdugans house.....yet again.
Computer Its New I Love It !
How I Lapped my Heat Sink
It's my birthday
Weekly competitions
Will AMD Go All Dual Soon? "Speaking With Forked Tongue" May 13, 2005
JOBIE LAN June 30-July 2 Virginia
A Jedi Master
i'll probably be gone for a few days
3000 posts :D
We have an OCF VIP bday!
Black Widow Case
OCF whos graduating this year
Flashy Hard Drives - The way to the future?
Sticker shock
Money savers for socket 939
AnimeNorth 2005
I got married!!
Congrats to another who earned some blue stars. :)
Mouse repair - 5/3/05
What it takes to change a light bulb in a forum ;)
post pics free-hosting
Anyone else use Audioscrobbler or a similar site?
Who's not a gamer or folder
CPU Database and AMD 64 Steppings
Legit Workshop - April 30th
iBaby - April 27
Spokane Washington Lan
Need help with my study, science / biology / life sciences
My personal thanks to the OC Community.
Full Sail
Fishy lan 3.1
Our teams want you!
W00T! in here for a year
Anyone in the Bay Area?
LAN in/around NY/CT border?
In the beginning....
MrCooper: Introduce Yourself!
My Lucky Daze!
O/C Forums Toronto LAN Party (June 18/19 in Downtown Toronto) -- All are invited!
How is my new avatar?
Here We Go Again (AMD dual core introduction)
Anyone here in a band/orchestra?
What happned to the ninja avatars?
Any LAN parties around philly area?
First-ever Dual-core AMD Desktop processor
World's First Physics Accelartor
[NEWS] Intel Ships Dual-Core Chips
Million Man Lan
INtel won't be releasing a P-M Desktop Chipset. So what?
Albertans I need your help
Ed's Xbox2 and Frodo Article
One Box To Rule Them All
Happy Birthday Luta !!!
Ever Feel Cursed?
Anyone in Sheffield UK
Laptops - A Tech's View
CPU Database
Fun Times Got My Wisdom Teeth Out
Your jobs
XP90C review
Initial Dual Core Benchmarks 04/05/2005
"Hot Oil Cooling" - Ed Stroligo 4/4/05
clumsiest OCF member?
O/C Forum Zippos!
History of the Internet
OCForums Noob Helpers
OCF Nicknames vs. Real World Nicknames
Memory Prices Dropping
Roseville Lan Party April 8-9th!!
Lurking in the Shadows
Paper LCD
Arctic Clear Preview - 3/26/05 9mmCensor
O/C Snow-clockers Unite!
MTB and I turned 20 today :D
Daughter is strange
"Little Billy Gates Benefited From Not Having a PC"
No Instant Gratification - Ed Stroligo 3/24/05
Replacement for the stock Nvidia 6600 fan