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"Linux and the Undigitized" Ed Stroligo - 3/19/05
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It's the Meatball and Enduro's One year Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!
Finally got my cheque from my old boss
Revision E and nForce
Anyone in Augusta Georgia Area
Let their be life! 3/17/05
GAUTAM!!!!!!! Bluuuuuueeee!
Please note well, this is NOT the chat section
A Funny One...
COMPusa Rebate scandal
Sixpacks in action - 3.14.2005
"The Hermaphroditic Motherboard" Discussion Thread
So i just took a screenshot from overclockers.com
Forums database errors?
Greatest signature quotes
Better Blood Splatters: introduction of the PPU
O/C Lacrosse
Virtual Real Hunting
The Blues
Compaq Presario 2232US Notebook
do you browse the forums in the middle of the night?
Hello To All March 7 People
SilenX iXtrema 120mm 11dBA Fan Are they quiet? Do they cool?
I need to rant.
DVD Blowhole
Vio1's 2 Year Anniversary
Fishy lan 3.0
Ed Is Back, No Laptop Today! Hooray!
me and the wife (slight 56k warning)
"Recovering Data From a Bad Hard Drive"
Tommorrow It's My One Year Anniversary
OC Forums Top 100 Spammers Club
Daytona Bike Week.
The ATI Ultimate LAN
Frontpage Offline?
Post Pics of your room
Finally some pics of my system
Athlon IHS Removal and the "CAM"
What's your motivation?
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Lambchop song thread!
Deja vu...
The great 'Which Webcomics Do You read' - thread
It's So Easy!
Wattage increase from new E0s (85W-92W now)
Front page.
post up your beautiful computer
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100% FREE Hosting
Automated GMail Invites!
Nation's Largest School Carnival
cpu database changes
Walmart's $498 Laptop
O/C Aviators
New Senior Welcome
Plastic models.
Don't Know Where To Begin...
Overclocking snowboarders unite!
any poets here?
Poem / Counterpoem
SilenX Luxurae 400w Power Supply
it's my bday woot!
Congrats to dustybyrd, our newest senior member
El Paso
SilverStone Nitrogon HS (WOW!)
A potential solution to todays heat problems?
AMD Financial Results / Barfketing
Nforce 4 Ultras turned into Nforce4Sli?
Bye all...
SilenX Luxurae Hard Drive Silencer
Post pics of your newest photo shop!
"A Quick 'n Dirty Guide to Tweaking PCI Register Settings From BIOS"
Congratulations Road Warrior, our newest Senior Member!
If you click the following link...
Dual Cores...
Can't Find Article - WinXP, 802.11 (wifi) = connection drop?
official worst tech experience thread
In the Northern Oregon Area? LAN PARTY!!
broken link
Cheap Mac
A cool system?
DRM and Joe Sixpack
Speedfan update
overclockers.com article: building a ultra cheap system... where?
Yeahs and Nays of 2k4 - A good read
Welcome Back JoT
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Nyc In The Hizzouse :D!!!!!!!!!!!!xD!!!!!!!!!
Christmas OC-Forums Shout-out Thread
"A Question of Perception"
if you like the thread you visit, RATE IT!!!
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Significance of Your Avatar
Nebraska OCer's Omaha area
OCForums as Family
Cheap, Clean, Cool and Quiet Case Cooling
LANs in Montreal???
Winamp playlist
Raleigh, NC LAN?
LAN in Chicago area?
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More Laptop Musings
OCF Personalities Pictures
400 Man Lan -- Jan 29-30
New Seniors?
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Computer Efficiency ?
Feeling blue?
finally got on the front page
Toronto OCers
How to fight back against Spam!
The OC Forums "Thank You" Thread!
Who has over 2 million posts and posts more than 2000 times/day? look her to find out
Best Buy: We Don't Want You
RIAA, MPAA, now mom and dad?
Dance with Dell
Windows? Pirates? naaaaaah......
50,000 members!
Be afraid Intel, Be very afraid (not to mention AMD)
Veterans Day
A big congrats to LutaWicasa and Mr B, our new forum admins!
Mushkin L2 V2 review
Coolwave Power Radiator
{PMS}fishy Lan Rev 2.0
"A True "Budget" Gaming System"
Logitech MX 510 Mod (or Applies to Mx500 as well)
All Hallow's Eve is here. Show off your pumpkin!
Duck needs a Gmail Invite!
thank you OC forums!!!!
FireFox 1.0
"Fiddling While Hollywood Burns?"
What do you think: Advertising invasion!
Minneapolis AMD Shindig
Another Fata1ity
Air Cooling Tragedy
OCForums Lefties & Righties!
cooling article
Gpu overclocking decreases minimum framerates
Slow dual cores = NICE OC's ...with beefy cooling
OMG its my ocforums.com 3 yr anniversary
Advertising invasion!
What happend to the shirt ninja thread?
Why is AMD where it is?
DFW TEXAS members unite
Dual Musings
Pictures! (meet our members)
Comments on Pictures
Official Oc Tattoo's ( show yours )
Taking Screenshots: A Quick Guide
We Remember 9/11
99 dollar Power Cable
Senior Cathar
Shelton Processor Uses
Congrats Krag!
Come and hear me in Carnegie Hall!!
"Hammer Hybrids" Ed Stroligo - 8/28/04
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Article submission prizes
Finally! =P (Or; Where I've been Tues/Thurs nights for the last year+)
CM Stacker Case Review
Taking Your Posting to the Next Level
Another one?
Congrats to SpeeDj...
Helping someone in need
The green plague is spreading!!!
Additional Motherboard cooling
Congrats on the Green ONI!
Overclockers favourate scary movie thread
STARS!!!! - how many posts???
Congrats JoT.
Light at the end of the tunnel
Response to ALL-RAM machine article
Who's the 'coolest' ocforums member?
Post pictures of your pets! They are family, you know!
Brian thanks for the unattended article GREAT READ!
RAID and Game Loading
The LGA 775 not so overclock locked...
drtcp did bad bad things to my speed.
Malware Warfare
computer artists attention please
Contest Time
A message to Ed or some other editor at OC.com
Overclockers.com Worm? Virus? Hacked?
Linux Getting Fat...
G Mail Invites
What's in a name? (Sempron)
lan's in texas?
Lan Party by Nero!
Congratulations to Xaotic - our newest Senior Member
Hev and Hev Calculator
Willing LAN'ers
Welcome to the New Moderators!
gracias! merci! danke! grazie! obrigado! Just plain Thank you!!!!
O/Community meeting in SoCal on Springbreak?
Why discuss Intell Business, while here's quality- is not attractive at least?
Overclockers' Favourite Movies Thread!
Help, Overclockix needs a new logo!
Abit AN7 v1.0 Motherboard
Kazaa Raided
Captain Slug? More like ADMIRAL slug rite guys?
"This has become the most read article in our history"
N Ca. Camping/Rafting Trip
(OLD THREAD-updated) Silver Themal Paste -http://www.overclockers.com/articles938/
Bay area lan party
REAL Hardware!
Overclockers.com Intel Bias ?
Anybody in Michigan/indiana/ohio-LAN
Athlon 64 3000+: Pimping An Orphan?
Aquajoe block reviews
Your desk
Wow!...What pretty Blue Stars you have: OSUmaxx
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Does Santa overclock??
Official Forums Collage
AS5 & Ceramique
The Principles of Overclocking
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EL wire modding contest (WINNERS ANNOUNCED!!!)
A Matrix Moment
Paintball meeting!
OC-Forums Logo contest links...
Music: A Personal View
The OC Forums Way
Congratulations to our two newest Senior Members:
Northern VA OC.com Meet -- Picture!
Boston Area Member meet up
sorry dont kno where to post this....
A Mods - New Mod !
Official OC Forums logo design contest - picture only version
Neat toy for hacking up cases/cutting windows...
Here we go again. Carbon Black and why it is just not something to be excited about.
Overclockers Artwork Discussion
OC-Forums logo design contest
Ed's gone crazy; cont.
Sabotaging The System
A Beginner's Guide To Securing a Wireless Network
Why Intel's Prescott will use AMD64 extensions
Heatsink Swiftech MCX462-V
Penguin4x4 in blue
~Official Desktop Thread~
"EE" (Extreme Edition)
New promotions
Platforms and Purchases
nova poll
Getting Cache Back . . . .
Last chance! Turn yourselves in now!
The Anti-Virus Software Myth
CPU Cooling Challenge - Time For Water??
Noticed something different ? That's right we have some new changes...!!!
Battle of the Sociopaths
Fighting Human Nature (Benchmark Cheating)
Blaster Worm Virus
A recording artist view of the RIAA.....
California meeting this weekend coming
Skip - Real Community
CoolerMaster Aero4
Front Page Discussion Index
Is Overclockers anti-AMD?
Their Own Little World....
Carbon black as a thermal transfer material
AMD vs. AMD Fans?
"Good Air / Bad Air, Good Fans / Bad Fans, Good Grief!"
Benchmarking and Benchmarketing
Front Page Discussion forum area FAQ and Rules
My Shuttle XPC SB61G2
Need something posted?
*When RIAA Sues, What Will You Do?
The Real World: Another view of file sharing
The Thousand Dollar Video Card
Is Overclocking Dying
The Opteron That Is Not An Opteron
Under Attack From Spam
Would you ever pay for digital music?
Question on resistors?
Why such a low failure temperature
OP AMP question
Temperature of Car exhaust
How does the controller part of a HDD work?
Pictures! (Meet our members) - split
Superb series of semiconductor physics!
Expand flashROM from 16Kb-->64Kb
Gpu to crunch numbers
Program to make graphics cards help in DC?
conversion factors
Question on CPU processing power vs. memory bandwidth
specialized computers for folding or other distributed computing projects
SMP and hyperthreading?
Limit of the 130nm lithography process?
could you use a laser to lap a heatsink?
Links needed ->science project
Capillary effect of solder
Heat Pipe Physics
power density problem
Have u ever wondered at a CPU's "wavelength"?
The definitive answer to the "suck or blow" question reguarding HSF's.
What Is The Best Way To Determine An Overclocked Processor Heat Output?
Floppy drive questions
Documentation template question
Heatsink design thermal software testing.
Look at all those CPU PINS!
Custom PS 9~17v DC Imput
Just thought I'd share some of the cpu design
Building a Lapping Machine
turbo.pll p4t533-c 48mhz
Redundant PSU array
Low current Circuits and Ohm's Law
Turbo PLL
Does this property have a name?
Constant speed control motor???
In Depth Look At CPU Burn In
Why no Noise Cancellation in PC cases???
Engineer geeks, need help on a hard disk probability problem
A inquiry for BillA.
Clockless Processors
power supplies... why not PWM instead of transformer?
What limits my voltage?
Bonding cpu-cooler instead of paste
More efficient waterblocks lead to higher water temperatures?
Running a 1x multi
cfm and actual cooling ability
Specific Heat Capacities in relation to heatsinks....
Toward a real-world "C/W" Correction Factor
There's more to SETI than little green men.....
MUST READ! Linking to images on other sites!!!
Folding@Home: Fold it like you stole it, save a life in the process!
In case you forgot - Original User Agreement
The Search function and thorough reading for a succesful overclock.
Unofficial Posting Guidelines
The Whats and Whys of a Quality Post
Request for headsup
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Automatic Bong Reservoir
Motherboard Fan Voltages