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best GPU for running a Two way SLI
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What if anything should i upgrade (cpu or grfx)
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Build update help! I want your opinions!
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Sticky Keys in Logitech G510s Keyboard
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Networking USB
can you build a mac from scratch?
Looking for Mouses that are same/close size as the Logitech G700
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First Time Computer Builder: Seeking Advice
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Internet goes down then PC won't restart
New gaming PC 600~800U$: FX8350 or i5 4570? Need build too
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Finally saved up for my first build....Leaving console gaming forever!!
Best DOCSIS 3.0 Modem & Gigabit Switch
Few questions before buying first build
Black Screen After Motherboard Advice
Getting new fans for my Corsair C70, need some advice.
can i restart router wirelessly?
PC finally died on me, need a very budget friendly replacement.
Is this a good storage server upgrade?
Building first computer 1200 cad
[advice requested] New rig and watercooling plans
PCI-E flexible Gen 3.0 riser card VS. PCI-E flexible Gen 2.0 riser card
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Keyboard stutters, keys randomly unresponsive
Mini Gaming PC
[Build Log] - Phantom Skies
Help Needed: First time building gaming pc- OC
Need advice on some upgrades to my PC.
Need Help Upgrading Motherboard & CPU
Could you check out my new gaming pc?
HTPC Won't post at all.
I about to start ordering parts after lots of HW then i see x99 coming
Updating Drivers on New Rigs - What's crucial?
PC reboots while playing games, reason uncertain
Need advice with building a gaming PC
comcast voice and ip phones
Migrating from SSD to (larger) SSD
KVM Switch?
MSTAR devices? upgrading firmware (monitors)
New build... what do you think
$1200 Photo, Video and Light 3D Editing Build
Is 11.93V close enough to 12?
First build hardware, Advice welcome
How Much Should I Overclock My New CPU
Potential Parts List for Friend's Build
Dual Monitors W/ 1 Gpu
Inconsistent Mushy Keys, Stabilizers, Switches, And More...
Pivos XIOS XS Entertainment Center Review
Ducky Shine 3 DK9008 - O-Ring Dampeners?
Choices , decisions, debates..My head hurts..
Shipping prices/availability to Guam
Replacing 6950CF, one broken atm
To lap or not to lap? That is the question.
Need a tough computer build
Can Anyone Suggest Which Of The Following Keyboards I Should Get?
Problem: PSU or something else?
No threads showing up in classifieds.
Partial upgrade
What do you think about this build (6300//750ti)
I have a Netgear R7000
possible 3 different screen w/ or without sli on crossfire base mobo..?!?
Please Help build an office machine.
Portable Gaming Rig
Help me build a rig for my cousin!
Upgrade time. ram/mobo. (cpu?)
How good of a graphics card do I need?
Upgrading my Graphics Card
New Build: major audio issues only when gaming?
Do i need thermal paste
Tentative new water build parts list
$1500 gaming rig, suggestions
System Setup, feedback? what do you think?
What do u think?
Which one should i get?
Should i get a fan controller?
New build, coming back to overclocking
My Upgrades - Need to choose a CPU/Mobo HELP!
HP Compaq dc7700 convertible minitower: SATA error
"Genius things your brother in law says..."
Do i need a network adapter for my pc?
temperatures over 60 degrees when over gaming load no matter volts or clock
Are my parts compatible with eachother?
Ideas for my first gaming pc build.
Which case do i get?
what can I do ?
USB based KVM switch....with a twist.
what can I do ?
Opinions on gaming build @2k
Just want to make sure everything is fine.
AMD Builds.. Thoughts..
Where is my bottleneck?
Upgrading- (z77)3570K to (z97) 4790K
Build my new PC - please HELP
GPU and HDD died!!
USB Vs. Washer
Parts Selection
basic system
Upgrade to Phenom X6?
New build for an architect
No CPU or New MOBO??
Sorry - ANOTHER build thread - please review.
Not a request you haven't heard before.
Playing avi/mp4 videos on xbox one.
New/existing build
Need sugestions on this proposed rig
List all the systems you've ever owned! Pick a favorite!
Asus RT-N16 Stopped working
I am stumped! What could be causing this?
hard drive keeps disappearing
DGND3700 wont connect to internet
First gaming pc build
Graphics card issues? Green lines and distortion on my screens
The 10 best things about building a gaming PC (Kotaku)
So how do I really protect ESD during assembly?? Where to attach esd bracelet?
First Build, Please help
News about Raspberry Pi B+
A new 4790k build, just after a few thoughts comments etc.
Woah! Check this out, gigabyte brix
first build, 0 experience
Methods to removing caked on TIM?
Decent Multi-Wan Wireless Router?
Locking out computer on demand
Quick questions about an 802.11 wireless adapter
Help me with my first build
GPU suggestions
No monitor signal & all keyboard lights on after new CPU
My best bang for the buck rig as of now, PLEASE poke holes
Mini wired backlit keyboard
Newbie making the best of 2 towers
Upgrading CPU
Motherboard loses network card with dual channel memory...
Outhouses new build.
CPU died - Looking for Replacement
New tower issue
Suggestions on this build
Small server suggestions
Silly question, but GPU/CPU cooler support
Ideas to fix Logitech g502 tracking error?
Small Flashing Hourglass Next To Curser
My windows machine is slowing down
Umm.. Appraisal?
Cardboard box computer
Looking to Build a very stable work PC for 3D
Budget build thoughts, advice wanted :)
How hot can PCBs get before they melt?
New build Woes :/
Can't install intel HD graphics on 3770k
Build List
Ethernet Port Power Consumption Spike
Kernel-Power BSOD
PC Upgrade Slower = Confused
First Time Computer Build
Building 1st custom PC, help!!
So I'm building a desktop gaming PC..
Fixing old computer
Tet the Amateur's Build Attempt (in planning phase)
Build Help x2: approx 2k and 1k budgets
I think something is broken
Passed Memtest96 & Prime95 Small, But Restarts at Blend
Ram bus 2133, Mobo bus 1600, CPU bus 1600 .... Possible ?
PSU selection advice for new build
Could you fold with Xeon Phi?
Slow internet speed, not hardware related.
Recommendations For New PC Build
new build
Computer Audio Crackling
looking for advice on usb hubs
Weird Mouse lags (sometimes keyboard)
Building the perfect work pc (basic use)
Can you help diagnose a computer problem?
$600 gaming build, AMD inside
Need ideas
$1600 Overclocking/Performance Rig
I need dimension-minded people's help.
Z means overclockable, but msi z97 pc mate is not 'overclocking series'
New Holiday Build
New build v2
Various hardware.
Help with new gaming rig - budget $1500
PCIe 4.0 should see throughput increased to 64GB/sec from 32GB/sec
best RAM for overclocked 4670k
Ideas for Office/Dads Upgrade
USB Hub/Audio Jack/Sound Card Shenanigans
windwithme ComputeX 2014 DAY1
[HELP!] GTX 780 SLI Build.
Adding DX11, noticeable performance?
Need Help Urgently
Building First Computer help!
Family Computer Build
USB controlled power strip?
Keyboard Not Recognized-Sorta
my new gaming rig
Asus mx279 black line at the bottom
which hardware piece to upgrade first?
Advice on building a home network with file sharing/streaming/etc
New gaming build query
Problems with crossfire on Battlefield 4
Should I wait?
How low (in terms of wattage) should I be able to go with my computer?
To overclock or not?
2nd Computer Build
building a computer for a drawing in corel
Long-term upgrade suggestions
monitoring software and clocks
Best printer for under $100?
My first build, does it work ?
Building a New Gaming/Editing PC
Gaming rig suggestions for 1k?
EVGA TORQ X10 Gaming Mouse Review
What would be a good "upgrade"
What WiFi PCI Card Should I Get?
Professional Opinions Needed!
Opinions wanted on build based on article
Out of the Loop a bit, Advice appeciated!
Wireless router vs Wireless Access point
Decent Price Gaming Build
Yet Another Gaming Build
First acrylic tube watercooled
Advice on final buying
First time OC: i7-4790K
Need feedback on my PC build?
Xbox One Controller Drivers Released for PC- Dongle Support?
Computer powers on by itself.
Gtx 770 freezes PC. Help please..
New High end Graphics machine Advice
Build on a budget!
Potential New Build...
Help needed building a Gaming Rig
COMPUTEX 2014: Corsair shows new Cases, DDR4 and GPU Cooling System
ASUS Launches New ROG Motherboards, GPUs & more at Computex 2014
TOP OF THE LINE BUILD...for 2006 Help
Budget Power User Build Suggestions
My new system.....thoughts please?
PC shuts down when reboot is requested
Old build, new ideas?
ASUS Router Help
simple upgrade
PC Fails to Boot POST
Need help overclocking amd fx 4100
Mac Pro with windows
Need suggestion for building a photo editing computer
Bought Laptop need some help removing win 8 and adding 7
What do you think about this build?
Current case/water worth?
excessive boot time
Help isolating stability/rebooting problem
Mechanical Keyboards
Please help me with my custom BUild up
[Need Advice] Building a Custom Gaming PC
Troubleshooting what more steps before buying/replacing hardware
Feedback on first PC Build Specs
Building A Gaming PC and need help
Hardware packaging
NEED OPINIONS!!!!!!!!!!!
Securing of hardware in computer during transport, ideas??
Overclocking/formatting help needed
Budget Gaming Build
Building a Win7 tower to this spec?
upgrading family computer
My new build
Most important components for video editing system (suggestions?)
[REQ] Guidance on next build
Oh no another gaming rig shopping list thread
What can an FX6164 handle
planning an upgrade
Best upgrade?
First Time Build Advice
Fps drops and screen tearing please help
First Build
How is My new Gaming computer?
Why do they still use electrolytic caps?
buying a mechanical keyboard today.
upgrading rig
Suggestions On CheaP Gaming Build
Gaming PC build components Compatiblity
Is it safe?
Help with Board+ CPU Efficiency
Build. Any final suggestions?
Build for uncle. As cheap as possible
Mice: USB 2.4 GHz RF vs. Bluettooth
Fps issues in new build intel
It Started With A Little OC.....
Builds Gone Wrong :(
Need Ram help
Noob overclocker looking for advice
New computer time maybe?
Help me upgrade my rig
No post with APU
New build any advice?
I need the best wireless router $100 CDN can buy...
Monitor does not shut off
how much would you sell this system for?
Z97 brands and price
Horrible Internet problems and no idea what's causing them.
In the market for a cheap-o SSD
Toxic outgassing from computers?
Engineering/gaming PC?
watercooling motherboard first time
Hello, I need help
New Build - First complete build in a few years
Identifying Bags and Materials as Antistatic
Last minute advice possibly?
First Build Help
first gaming rig build. Advice?
coil whine, getting bad, isnt like others i;ve read up on
Whats a good Mechanical Keyboard for gaming?
Noctua np12 w/ ulv adapter on mobo header not spinning.
Custom Build with 14 y.o. son
Budget editing PC build help - $500
The time has come…
$300 CPU/MOBO Upgrade
New CPU Advice
Building a gaming PC? First time? Here are some build ideas.
Need help with a $1000 build, parts only from microcenter.
Good over ear headphones?
Looking at making an Micro or Mini ITX PC
New Computer Build 2nd time help.
Razer Deathadder 3.5G bricked
Need some feedback on this build i have made (0 experience pre build.
[BUILD LOG] Little Power
Comp Died Overnight
Upgrade from 4870X2
Router Question
Mionix Naos 7000 Mouse Review
Lowend Builds
Replacement Build Help
What sort of printer out of these 2 should i get?
Should I buy this??
New to overclockers and building a new pc
Basic PC build office/media
My budget gaming rig
Gaming laptop or mITX rig for travel?
Computer shuts down like it's been unplugged
Screen line flickering
Just checking :D
New PC Build Advice
720p gaming pc build!Please reply fast!
Power Supply or Motherboard Problem?
Getting back into desktop computing
$1000 dollar build help
Psu or Mobo failure?
Steelsseries Engine problem
Project Hephaestus (custom build supercomputer)
New computer
smart strip?
Thinking about building this pc
What to choose?
TrackIR, really worth it?
Upgrading Granny's Tower
My 550D quiet Z87 OC build -OC Help?
Need suggestions: Gaming PC +/- 1500 euro
Help finding good, quality parts for new build
Upgrade Build
Having fps issues with new build
Back with a new build
Looking For Help w/ Cable Management Ideas
Any Suggestion on 4 Port PCI Express SATA III
The most powerful gaming pc to date.
First Build
PCI Wifi Adapters
Help building a gaming computer from scratch. $750 budget
in need of a usb header port
Wife needs a new PC, suggestion please.
Build / Mod Opinions
Suggestions for my build? Thanks!
Want Kitkat 4.4 and overclock on s3 help!
First time build
Recommend me some upgrades!
New mini-itx gaming build
Whats this combo worth?
New Build, need input
Computer freezes and flash player crashes
Random boots. Tried a few things but no luck!
New Gaming Mouse
suggestions on ITX bulid?
$350 MB/Intel CPU/Mem Combo?
Linux File Server
Moving Up from XP Machine - Suggestions?
Need help identifying a screw
A second 6970 or a 8350 upgrade
Can I use a Server?
Crossfire Video Issue
My RIG is totally destroyed
Won't Boot
What Should my Next upgrade Be?
Long term, light gaming build, <$1500
Help building a budget PC
My Second Build
HTPC, Windows Media Center Re installing OS and Copyright protection.
AMD Gaming Build
Keyboards, for gaming, mechanical?
Thunder storm killed lan units?
Intel-Based MinnowBoard MAX
Really Small, low heat, +good 1080p?
Any idea what this Dell is worth?
Finally Replacing my old XP Box
Trying to solve an issue with choppy Audio and Video
Cant decide on a build!
Computer doesn't sleep correctly
random crashes, freezes, reboots, shutdown?
NEW! Free Total-Systems After Effects Benchmarking Suite - AfterBenchCC - Test y
Storage Server Build -- Long term
The more I overclock, the lower my disk performance.
Gaming Build QC please.
Advice For New Rig
info please
Testing DB9 Serial Functionality
Problem with the graphics card, or the drivers?
Oh no! Not another my computer won't start threads!
Bad Power Supply or Bad Pump? Please Help!
Gateway P7805u upgrade???
Mostly new living room game build (~$900)
System overclock becoming progressively less stable
New to rackmount hardware. Need some help.
Installed Windows 8 now games minimize extremely slow
next build
New Gaming PC Plans *Needs (Constructive) Advice*
Gaming Keyboard
New 3D Build
Weird Memory Issue? Screenshot
Computer No Longer Boots
How many Manufacturers RMA refurb parts
Gaming PC Build
Need help building!!!
New build starts and restarts infinitely
12v rail drop, lockups, hard reboot, etc
l/c: What's the oldest component in your main desktop?
Help me with my i7 Gaming Rig Build
Bloody Gaming Mouse Pad
Issues with Samsung 840 EVO SSD for OS and Raid 1 (2HHD)
SSD and OS upgrade question
Stuck on a over clock
Vapour1ze's 4760k Elite 130 ITX Build!
Finally! New build!
New gaming build - Thoughts?
Stuttering/Hitching in ALL games, really need help... please!
New PC Build
What 5 things would/do you have in your man cave/gaming room?
Musings on GPU's, motherboards and evolution
I need help
First Time New Builder
New rig has buzzing and freezing in games.
Mechanical ergonimic keyboard
Question about my PSU
Radeon 5700 twin cards with crossfire
Over-priced? BUT less troubling?
Please help me with this!
can someone check my OCCT charts is it fine? is something wrong with it?
deleting from desktop question
Skype stuck signing in, any fix?
New Gaming Build
Leds suddenly dimmed, lack of "life"
What should I plan on replacing or maintaining long term?
Setting up a new build
HWMonitor reading 3.195v on 5v rail bad?
Alfa AWUS036H Not Working?
Rendering/Gaming Build Final Say
This look worth the money for a stong wireless remote connection?
25 Inch Mouse pads
New Build For Light Gaming
Comp Value (Need Opinions)
What PC to get for work?
Mionix Avior 8200 Mouse Review
PC Suddenly shutdowned , RED MemOk light
PC Problem
What PSU wattage for new build?
new build for my dad
Help with driver issue
3D Printer advice?
DPI and you...
Brand New Build BSOD on log in