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random crashes, freezes, reboots, shutdown?
NEW! Free Total-Systems After Effects Benchmarking Suite - AfterBenchCC - Test y
Storage Server Build -- Long term
The more I overclock, the lower my disk performance.
Gaming Build QC please.
Advice For New Rig
info please
Testing DB9 Serial Functionality
Problem with the graphics card, or the drivers?
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Bad Power Supply or Bad Pump? Please Help!
Gateway P7805u upgrade???
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System overclock becoming progressively less stable
New to rackmount hardware. Need some help.
Installed Windows 8 now games minimize extremely slow
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New Gaming PC Plans *Needs (Constructive) Advice*
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How many Manufacturers RMA refurb parts
Gaming PC Build
Need help building!!!
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12v rail drop, lockups, hard reboot, etc
l/c: What's the oldest component in your main desktop?
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Vapour1ze's 4760k Elite 130 ITX Build!
Uncore vs Memory, 3 identical builds, and more...
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New gaming build - Thoughts?
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What 5 things would/do you have in your man cave/gaming room?
Musings on GPU's, motherboards and evolution
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New rig has buzzing and freezing in games.
Mechanical ergonimic keyboard
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Radeon 5700 twin cards with crossfire
Over-priced? BUT less troubling?
Please help me with this!
can someone check my OCCT charts is it fine? is something wrong with it?
deleting from desktop question
Skype stuck signing in, any fix?
New Gaming Build
Leds suddenly dimmed, lack of "life"
What should I plan on replacing or maintaining long term?
Setting up a new build
HWMonitor reading 3.195v on 5v rail bad?
Alfa AWUS036H Not Working?
Rendering/Gaming Build Final Say
This look worth the money for a stong wireless remote connection?
25 Inch Mouse pads
New Build For Light Gaming
Comp Value (Need Opinions)
What PC to get for work?
Mionix Avior 8200 Mouse Review
PC Suddenly shutdowned , RED MemOk light
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What PSU wattage for new build?
new build for my dad
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3D Printer advice?
DPI and you...
Brand New Build BSOD on log in
Will PCI eSATA Card provide support for AHCI / Hotswapping?
Asrock M8 - GTX 750 Ti
component score?
What's this old HW worth?
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New comp build ?'s
Weird sound
Help I think my pc is heavily underperforming
Buzzing/hissing sound through speakers at Windows start screen
Selling custom PC. What is it worth?
Who leaves their system on 24/7 like me?
My new build. Need input on a Mobo/Case
buying gaming mouse, user experiance + help (g602,g600,anything else)
Budget build advice
Building an Uber Battlestation... Eyefinity and Futureproofing
Help me chose a nice stable mobo for overclocking i7 2600k and hints to improve
time to Replace?
Need Help Moving Files Desktop to Laptop
Really confusing problem
What integrates GPU / CPU should i use?
Colour error
Little gift for my PC? (for new years)
PC Build help.
New board went poof
Where can I get used and cheap laptop's motherboard.
New Build
Finally, back in the game.
Computer boots but i have no display
386 Project
new desktop
Building A Gaming Computer [HELP!]
New Travel Desktop
Help building a new computer
GPU under $200
Computer's sick, dial ask a nerd
New Build Help
Maintenance Softwares?
stuck at a crossroads between windows and mac
Need feedback for new set-up
[Upgrade] Alright guys, I've been trying to figure this out for weeks...
stress testing conundrum
New Build
Razor BlackWidow (cherry blue differences)
Time to upgrade! Please advise
New Editing Build for Q4 2014
Network adapter, driver lost
Fastest Analysis Computer <$1000?
Help building Gaming future watercooled $1800 or less build
3D modeling rig suggestions
First build, need opinions and advice
New KB coming!
Thought I would build this time. What do you think???
update to my first build, opinions?
Building budget PC salvaging from older one
Building a gaming pc.Please help fast!
Please help me with my build
Some strange thing happened to my pc...
Windows x64 16GB Memory Limit + Motherboard
Oldblivion on FX5200 Morrowind Rig
What is difference between two boxes?
first build new to setup questions
dead mobo or dead cpu?
Help With Current build +Future
Help! I need your help Diagnosing this.
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Opinions on High End Gaming Build
Asus rampage iv black edition/ac4 on graphics card running slow mode
Looking to upgrade
Issues with Black Screen During POST
Considering an HTPC build
Computer wont turn back on for 30 min after power outage
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Computer broke down.
Smallest build possible
Downgrading and physically downsizing?
Newegg Combo Build?
Wierd POSTing
Suggest Noob Budget Build
Trying to enable surround sound for headset
High End Gaming Build - Advice Needed
LCD screen wall mount
Planning my first build and in need of suggestions.
Pentium 4 Q71Y(ES) Gaming Rig Revived
Having tech issues, cant find culprit :(
Building My First PC Any Suggestions?
help needed on building game rig
Out of the loop
Video/Media player?
Intel Confidential
Need Help Finding Good Parts
oil expeller manufacturers
Apple’s new ‘overpriced’ $10,000 Mac Pro $2K cheaper than DIY Windows PC
Apple’s new ‘overpriced’ $10,000 Mac Pro $2K cheaper equivalent DIY Windows PC
Budget(ish) Gaming Build
finally time to build a new gaming computer (budget suggestions needed)
Looking for an external Blu-ray writer
Upgrade Suggestion?
Which setup will give me the best bang for the $$?
looking to build a pc but clueless
Best palm grip mouse
No power?
HTPC on a budget
New PC Builder
My first build, opinion?
Mechanical or anti-ghosting for my needs
very curious on advice of what to do with mint older gen parts that i recieved
Aww crap. No power - MB or PSU or ?
Upgrade Suggestion
Looking For Build Help: Gaming with a Budget
weird issue with power usage while monitor sleeps
Time for a new GPU
New Title
First Build Advice, Components & Software
Best PC game streaming hardware (In your opinion)
Would this work?
computer build as a school research project
Auzentech Drivers
Issue with high end pc
CES 2014: NVIDIA, Be Quiet! and PowerColor
help me find the noise!!!!?!
need help choosing powerline or keep using wireless apapter
Is there a keybored/mice forum?
First time Gaming PC Build. ~$900. Suggestions Appreciated.
Couple of upgrade pics
Don't know where to post... [OC]
Computer build low budget
Are my firestrike scores correct
Remember me? New build Mini Itx
$600 AUD First Time Gaming PC Build - Need some HELP!!
System instability
Performance issues new t5600 workstation
jan 2014 gaming build + futureproofing
First post/First build
My intro and new build
DAW program and patch latency
Input on this build for grandparents
ASUS RT-N56U Issues
Corsair m95 problem
CES 2014: Cooler Master Shows Off New Cases, Fans, Heatsinks & More
Mouse is on it's way out
Ethernet Cable type help! Cat.5, 5.e, 6., 6.a and 7.??? Which one?
A10 5800k HD 7660D vs i3 + GT 630
cpu cooler
remotely managing computers - rebooting, power on/off
network expantion
New Build, no beep?
Acer Predator D-Sub problem
Son's New Build
(Excited OC Newb) Maximus VI Formula + i5-4670k questions
Good PC Build (budget)
Help! Can't get Win7 to boot after new hardware
first build parts
Keyboards like this but cheaper??
Overhaul time!!
Decent pc build
Upgraded Rig: Few Odditys
Remote cold reboot tool with dynamic ip and router
Question about researching my future PC Build.
New Budget, New Build, New Thread
Yet Another Build Thread
My Dad's Build
CES 2014: Patriot, Mushkin, ADATA, Corsair and Kingston Recap
my build
Motherboard going bad
£950 what build?
Best $400-500 benching upgrade?
Should a game be in a portation !
What fans do I need? (H100i in Phantom 410)
CES 2014: EVGA Shows Off Torq X10, GTX 780 Ti Classified K|ngp|n and More
CES 2014: New Gaming Peripherals from FEENIX and ROCCAT
I want to build a rig similar to this, but with some upgrades
CES 2014: Thermaltake Continues to Expand Enthusiast Level Products
Want to build my first PC. Need help with parts
ATX Pin crimper...All of them expensive?
Build Randomly Restarts W/ No Warning
s775+SSD vs Haswell for Media Center
PLEASE READ need advice ASAP
Upgrading / Pretty much a new build
Just wanted to say Hi!
Willie's i7 4770K - ROG Hero - GTX 780 - gaming rig
First Build - Please review & suggest
Building my GF a computer (aka upgrading mine) FX9370
It says I have two OS's on boot when I dont?
My New Invention Ground Ignore
GPU not working in top PCI-E slot
Urgent bad sectors on new hdd
MSI Beep Sounds
Suggestions to fine tune build...
first-time builder, i have just a few questions please!
How long until USB 3.1 is the norm?
System Won't Start From Cold Boot
Need Advice on setting up RAID
Contemplated build, any ideas?
Ram saves sdds
Need air cooler advice for new rig
HELP REQUESTED for Budget Gaming Build
The revival of my Skulltrail: Nuclear missle
What size of power supply do I need???
unsolved laptop problem
Finished build
Harware issue. No post after video card install
Is this a good build
Upgrading CPU
Happy New Year Friends (Upgrade Necessary)
Help on gaming pc build(Budget)
Temporarily using new GPU, computer freezing
New to Overclocking, what can i start with?
Hardware Failure rates (2013 Edition)
PC wont recognize usb 3.0 PCIE
pc upgrade help
When does 10/100 affect gigbit ethernet?
New build, comments, ideas, suggestions, criticisms
New Mouse Left Click Button Stops Working After 1-2 Minutes
I need help with upgrading
Operating on NTFS file compression
Need help from audio people about cable to purchase
Stuck at MoBo Splash After Overclock - HELP!
First Gaming Build, help!
Pricing Help/Suggestions (Also: To Sell Whole or Piecemeal)
os 7 64 and USH 3.0 hub controller
Bought new webcam (Logitech C615)
Passkey Protocols
To upgrade...or not to upgrade
What to upgrade first?
Friend needs help fast!
Troubleshooting an Old Build - No output display
Water cooling
Post your Taskbar / Desktop!
New User Looking for Advice
Internet Disconnects than computer freezes every 7 seconds?
Upgrade Help
Questions about gaming build
Mouse Advice
Help me choose 27" IPS display
Slowdown after hours of gaming
First time PC builder - Gaming rig
Windows Gaming build
First Time Gaming Build
Razer Synapse and LGS
INSPIRON N7110 gpu question w/ pics
Wanting to upgrade - anything salvagable?
New BSOD :(
Nearing a Platform Upgrade: The Hardware
Build Advice: 4770K GTX 770 HafXM
Need mobo/suggestions..
Replacing FitPC3
1090T 3.7ghz to 4670k?
Looking for a card reader & Temp display
New build after 5 years
X58 Board → Z87 Board & i7 920 → Any 4th Gen CPU
Gaming builds AMD vs Intel - opinions
System Build Tool - Need your help/feeadback/ideas
raspberry pi questions
How to use mobo sound and headphone jacks simultaneously?
Building a new Haswell setup- suggestions?
What Computer?
If Money Was No Object
CPU+Mobo choice opinion
New PC builder, need opinion on parts
Steel Series Sensei Mouse- DO NOT BUY IT
New build opinions
New self build PC would not boot. Newbee.
Should I upgrade the rig in my sig?
Ah, that wonderful smokey smell.
Lighting upgrades! need help!
TV Card
USB hubs anything worth noting?
Im happy I finally registered
grounding issue?
Going Green.....
Need help getting 775 mobo 'modernized'
Artifacts and crashes. :(
New Build Compatible With Old Parts
First build - CPU Fan error ?
Computer Build for a friend. Advice?
Hello need some help with building a custom pc.
Looking for a replacement for a Logitech G7 mouse.
Custom Computer fails to turn on?
PC Skipping any help Appreciated
Advice Needed for Upgrading Gaming Console
Freezing while rendering - Please help to identify problematic hardware!
crosshair v ,nh-d14 in a fractal design
Memory Leak from bad Driver?
Need help computer building ( Am I screwed)?
Litecoin Mining Rig
gameplay so fast/very responsive control, sometimes too slow/sluggish. WHY??
Help on a new PC build
Go big or go home. Budget of $2000-2300
My New PC (potentially)
Good computer for the price?
G.skill trident x and intel i7 4770k issue
New high end chess system
In need of good keyboard and mouse budget $110
Replacing my fans
Instant FF code, no beeps
a few questions about computer upgrades
Assesment of gaming PC
Some tips for building new machine.
Updated my setup,opinions please
212 evo install before or after mounting MB ?
Son's first computer
Helping a buddy build from scratch, $700-$900 budget
First Watercooling Build on a roughly $3500 budget
Random Restarts
Computer Reboot Issue
>>>Need help with little brothers build!<<<
A good keyboard
Fist Build = Done! Kind of...
Need Recommendation for PCI/USB Bluetooth Transceiver
Completed Build! Updated Post w/ Pics!
Help the new guy.. Budget
gaming computer has 14TB, spliting it to 2 computers,gaming and server
New system - all drives in at once?
Hey, need some help with a BSOD
Enterprise Hardware
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Second Hand PC Ready for Upgrades!
Need reviewing of my PC build
~My PC Build trying to keep it at $1500-1600~
Finally ordered the parts for my build!
[HELP/ADVICE WELCOME] Budget Gaming Build V1.0
First build need some advice.
Compatibility Question
Build for a Friend
Thoughts On this build
My new, and first build
Anyone have BitFenix Spectres or Specre Pros???
help me find that thread/build
headphone stand?
$200-$300 build for my father
Help, computer won't turn on
Need advice on connecting 3 cpu coolers and mounting 3 rads in a phantom 820
New Gaming Computer, around $2000 budget
Help with a Build for the GF
Problems with new build
$250 budget build for a friend
intel NUC build advise
oc'ing challenge... budget $300.... da da duh!
SoundCard Questions
Looking for the right keyboard
Just got steelseries RAW mouse, what should I set my DPI and polling rates at ?
How About an "Official" Mechanical Keyboard Thread
Semi-budget Haswell workstation build
PC freezes, no matter what I do or where I am.
Constant freezing without known reason or cause?!
New Build - Looking for advice
Build from last year still going strong :)
How do you keep all your h/ware organized?
Pc upgrade
CPU-area buzzes when playing games, blacks out after a few minutes.
Wonko's Guide to Custom Cables!
Build Log: Soyo Boy
Upgrade Advice
New HTPC, which CPU
Another Build for a sibling
Please suggest a mouse for finger tip type grip ?
Image editing rig for a new build
R9 290X or GTX 780?
Coil whine type noise through microphone
New Build, Boot MGR is missing!?!
Can't Change my HDD and Boot PC
New build for my brother $800 budget
Samsung TV USB MediaPlay issue
First build opinions
First gaming pc build
New Build! Tell me what you think.
Noisy fans
Opinions on a first build