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Willie's i7 4770K - ROG Hero - GTX 780 - gaming rig
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Bought new webcam (Logitech C615)
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Water cooling
Post your Taskbar / Desktop!
New User Looking for Advice
Internet Disconnects than computer freezes every 7 seconds?
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First Time Gaming Build
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Steel Series Sensei Mouse- DO NOT BUY IT
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TV Card
USB hubs anything worth noting?
Im happy I finally registered
grounding issue?
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Hello need some help with building a custom pc.
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Custom Computer fails to turn on?
PC Skipping any help Appreciated
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crosshair v ,nh-d14 in a fractal design
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Litecoin Mining Rig
gameplay so fast/very responsive control, sometimes too slow/sluggish. WHY??
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212 evo install before or after mounting MB ?
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Helping a buddy build from scratch, $700-$900 budget
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A good keyboard
Fist Build = Done! Kind of...
Need Recommendation for PCI/USB Bluetooth Transceiver
Completed Build! Updated Post w/ Pics!
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gaming computer has 14TB, spliting it to 2 computers,gaming and server
New system - all drives in at once?
Hey, need some help with a BSOD
Enterprise Hardware
Second Hand PC Ready for Upgrades!
Need reviewing of my PC build
~My PC Build trying to keep it at $1500-1600~
Finally ordered the parts for my build!
[HELP/ADVICE WELCOME] Budget Gaming Build V1.0
First build need some advice.
Compatibility Question
Build for a Friend
Thoughts On this build
My new, and first build
Anyone have BitFenix Spectres or Specre Pros???
help me find that thread/build
headphone stand?
$200-$300 build for my father
Help, computer won't turn on
Need advice on connecting 3 cpu coolers and mounting 3 rads in a phantom 820
New Gaming Computer, around $2000 budget
Help with a Build for the GF
Problems with new build
$250 budget build for a friend
intel NUC build advise
oc'ing challenge... budget $300.... da da duh!
SoundCard Questions
Looking for the right keyboard
Just got steelseries RAW mouse, what should I set my DPI and polling rates at ?
How About an "Official" Mechanical Keyboard Thread
Semi-budget Haswell workstation build
PC freezes, no matter what I do or where I am.
Constant freezing without known reason or cause?!
New Build - Looking for advice
Build from last year still going strong :)
How do you keep all your h/ware organized?
Pc upgrade
CPU-area buzzes when playing games, blacks out after a few minutes.
Wonko's Guide to Custom Cables!
Build Log: Soyo Boy
Upgrade Advice
New HTPC, which CPU
Another Build for a sibling
Please suggest a mouse for finger tip type grip ?
Image editing rig for a new build
R9 290X or GTX 780?
Coil whine type noise through microphone
Can't Change my HDD and Boot PC
New build for my brother $800 budget
Samsung TV USB MediaPlay issue
First build opinions
First gaming pc build
New Build! Tell me what you think.
Noisy fans
Opinions on a first build
Need help completing AMD build
G400s vs G500s, teflon feet or a pad recommended?
Can't even install an OS
New Gaming Rig - Any advice?
SteelSeries - Merc Stealth
2014 Computer Build - Water Cooled
Any tips on my build
Which is the best build?
Which Switch?
Upgrading For the First Time in 2 Years
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Building 1st computer
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Video card only using 8x
System upgrade & overclock advice
New build for rendering and animations
What should I upgrade?
Designing a Small business server
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Advise on components for new game PC
It won't work, PLEASE HELP
2013 Build by a Lurker
Installing mobo disc drivers... PC goes to sleep again from wake up
Upgrades needed for the holidays
Budget build for 10 year old son requesting suggestions.
upgrading pc components input
Need honest opinion on build.
Ok...new gaming maching and black friday??
Suggestions for 3ds Max rendering build
Going from Q9450 to 4770K build, thoughts?
new gaming build
Tweaking this build
Delidding my Processor and Modding my Graphics Card
Help on Processor and computer
Dual 7970's or watercool one 7970?
Major Pooter Problems
Upgrading My Computer
2 Year old Build Upgrade
Best CPU/Mobo For <$150
Random Crackle/Skip within Windows Softwares
PC game controller
My computer fact or fiction
Need a gaming keyboard.
Trying to build a console crusher 2.0
Size Check
No Beeps No Post
Stability issues with new custom build
$3000 Computer Build Feedback
First gaming computer.
Question regarding a new build and PSU requirements.
Can't boot with network card installed
My biggest gain for gaming?
A New build
tweek 2x gtx 550 ti crossfire rig
Newb planning first build. How does it look?
Time to upgrade
Want to make a steambox for living room
help with upgrade options (where to spend)
Ordering issues
First Build, Does It Look Good?
New CPU, motherboard and graphics card for around $400?
Razer deathadder 2013 won't work
My Thoughts on Overclocking...and a few questions
*OffTopic* Nokia lumia 2520 or Surface 2?
Time has come.. From s775 to Haswell
Black Friday PC's & Laptops
Which mouse would be better for a finger tip grip, G400s or DeathAdder ?
My new rig keeps crashing :(
New to Forums, First Build, Lots of questions! 2-2.7k budget
*OffTopic* 3DS Hacked?
Upgrade Suggestion
new build review - been out of the game for a while
New budget APU PC build, suggestions?
Low budget Upgrade
Long overdue upgrade
Specific build/purchase... Need help
First Gaming Rig Build
Second Opinion on PC Upgrade
Bottleneck Concerns on my Surround Build that Needs Upgrading
New Build
I know this build sucks but...
Upgrade advice
GPU, last piece of my new build...advice
Alienware Area51 ALX Issue
My new build
New Build. Advice please :)
Front Panel device to hook to AAFP socket?
What to do with my pi
Alright, Build Attempt #2
Remote controller and reciever
Thought control
PC & P4P Rankings
First Build - some OC questions please
Upgrade advice needed
Old PC Build - CPU LED - No Boot
Just Ordered; any thoughts on future upgrades
To overclock or upgrade ?
Building a Second Gaming PC......Need Suggestions and Feedback
An pc i may buy.
Rate my build + suggestions?
Fiber Optics
Sound stopped working on LCD TV that i use as a monitor
Possible new build
Wireless printer help.
In the market for a new keyboard...
Help with upgrading PC
Upgrading most of my system and need advice
Help with Memory Dump
New PC and New to OCing
lackluster performance woes
My new keyboard?
$600 Build Questions
System upgrade. Should I get a solid PSU + SSD, or just a GPU?
New Build HELP please!
Rig getting old, replace/hadware advice
600-700 dollar build feedback
[Help w/ Upgrade] $300~400 for GPU (maybe MB and others)
Feedback on my upcoming build
Building a new PFSense box
My New Build - The Debate of Debates
How much is my used gaming PC worth?
PCI Terminators, What do they actually do?
$550 Final build
Help with first build
i need a list of 16:9 screen resolutions
Need help on Motherboard choice
Video Editing
A little Nervous
Disk wipe on SSD?
New Rig temps
Front Panel Audio/IO panel Recommendations
Feedback my on ~$1600 build
Dell XPS 8100 new PSU and GPU (6950), system now crashing
technique oblige to turn to account file
New Build wont Boot (Help please)
just cracked my ipad screen ugg!
Wireless Router Question....
Music DAW, need advice, upgrade or replace
Need help troubleshooting weird gpu error
Fuse jumped when trying to turn on the PC
help make build
Sub 20 FPS in some games but not others
Auto-rotation of screen using a gyroscope mounted on the monitor
The best rig you have ever had.
New Computer Building Suggestion
For my new setup
Building a new pc and need some ideas!
Order Discount Combivent Online.Combivent Inhaler Bad Effects
computer got glitchy!
Anyone considered giving up on PCs?
Razer naga
dell XPS 8700 video card question
approved for a new build
Cyberpowerpc pre-built rig advice
Installing SSD and want a seperate Program Files Drives in RAID0
My laptop auto restarts
Help in choosing a Video Card!
The immune method is accountable for immune responses
Back With a New Project
MSI GK-601 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
Possible Bottleneck?
New hardware list
Xbox (-360) Controller on Win8
Goal: Stream 1080p@30FPS, play @100+FPS. What hardware do you recommend?
BF4 Gaming and Recording Rig
$550 AMD Budget Gaming Build
Need help. All in one htpc, gamer server...etc.
Freeze on cold boot, okay after restart.
PC building challenge for someone on a very tight budget
Speed Drop?
Power Supply Issue?
Building New Computer, suggestions?
$1000 Limit - Best Build?
good cisco Switch?
I need help building an overkill, amazing gaming PC
Not sure what to upgrade
How far do you think computers will go?
Upgrading my old unit. Any suggestions?
Bye, bye PCI: already a done deal?
What to upgrade?
Can I change the microphone on my headset?
upgrading from e8400 processor
PC shuts down while under heavy load !!
Budget Video editing machine
Server Build
New build or combine and upgrade?
First Gaming Build/Feedback Appreciated
Intel SSD 520 120 gig performance
ENTER the global giveaway XFX
DIY Workstation SolidWorks and Rendering
Mamba Razor vs Logitech G700S?
First build
Need some help with this webcam
First build - suggestions?
Please Help With Computer Build!
How to pinpoint what's broken
New Build for Flight Simulation - Feedback Wanted
My rig is running - Mission accomplished
A problem with a hum in my headphones.
CAD/Revitt Student $1200.00 Canadian Budget Build
PSU Upgrade for new system?
Asrock x79 Extreme build: move it and it works
$4000 Towards Three Game Development Towers
Overclocking put 15 gigs in my SSD?
Using a Lian Li PC-60 Plus with a modern motherboard
Beginner Build with FX-8320, recommedations wanted
First Build. Everything good? Suggestions
Need a Desktop for iRacing
New graphics card, computer doesn't like to start up
Advice for Gaming PC
A10 Gaming Build
Moderate Gaming PC
No response from USB mouse/keyboard with some boot programs w/ a 970 chipset MB
Help! Can't overclock new Haswell rig without Event 41 Task 63 shutdowns
Need help with a $700 gaming build
Gaming pc build - which motherboard?
Im psyched, but have some questions about my new TV
RAM upgrade crash
Pc wont turn on after power cut !
power outage then surge
Bios Settings and Mumbo Jumbo
are these good temps
Is this a good build? What could be upgraded?
i5 Haswell Gaming Rig, needs input and constructive criticism
I need help with a build.
You tell me [please]
Random shutdowns on new build
Building an HTPC with some room to grow.
Keep your PC dust free
Power Problems
New >$1500 R9 280X Gaming Build
connection conversion question
Picking parts for a general-purpose budget PC
Will this OC build work?
New Build Issue
Help me find what I need please!
Wireless AP
mechanical keyboard help
System Comparison | Please Help Me Choose
Need some thoughts on new builds
Gaming PC Crashing
which keyboard and why?
First Custom Computer: Help?
4 (4GB) Sticks vs 2 (8GB) Sticks
New Build Help
ghetto rig
Laptop booting problems
About to pay for new build, WOULD LIKE SERIOUS INPUT B4 I do
how do i remove leftover files after i uninstall a driver with device manager?
Just building a computer
New Build - OC FX-8120 Buying Soon