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Help Desktop Build
Please help me!
revodrive and msi 890fxa-gd70 crash issues
[Rant] I Hate all Desktop Keyboards ...
How to reformat the boot drive ? where the os located!! HELP
Any mechanics out there?
Planning a Build
a newer rechargeable mouse ?
Please help troubleshoot what is broken for me so I can return it if necessary!
So help me out....
Laserjet 4 what the heck? False error 13
Bluetooth keyboard and mouse for games?
bulilding a new sytem
PC gaming for dummies
If enthusiasts are like that i'm out of it
AMD FX Low Performance.
P8Z68 Deluxe Hot Plug (Safely Remove Hardware) Windows 7
High Pitched Buzzing when Computer is Turned Off
Endless freeze on Bios loading screen
Saitek Eclipse III
PCs are dying
Good reliable USB add-on card?
After overclocking, constant black screen. HELP!
New build help
My journey from a p4 2.8 to a I7 930.
About to Order, pls could someone check my Spec!!
RTC 2 Windows seven
VGA BIOS - Rampage II Extreme - Computer won't start up
Check my numbers...
This is my build plan, what do you think?
effect of heat on lifespan
Very strange issue with a 9800gt in sli
my personal rig, a couple questions
Potential New Build =)
Computer problems
Worth buying? Mobo & RAM
Need help with my hardware please (all details included) :)
Wirlpeless help on Dell XPS 210
Power consumption analysis 2 servers
Setting up a network for an apartment building
Recovery Question for Notebooks
Computer restarting upon booting up a game?
Advice for noob upgrading computer
Computer Freezing
700 gaming rig advice
Have to power on and off 3 times before computer will boot..need help
build for my gf to play swtor
Help With Overclocking "Actual Time"
System for Adobe Premiere
Need help with this build ASAP
Help with next upgrade choice?
Just upgraded my core computer, more options?
No high Resolution on 36" HDTV
SSD , hardrive and DVD drive sata port urgent question!
Third and final call
Trouble with new RAM (or BIOS?)
Zotac nForce 780i Mother board Replace or Amp up?
Removing a DC jack from a laptop
Breaking The bank, Last call for Input
A+ Certification and Jobs
System random crashes/freezes - help needed
Finished Build
Ram or processor?
budget build
3D Mark
Router with distance
Can't see BIOS when starting up on external monitor
CES 2012 - Las Vegas: Live Blog
Small 3 pin female 'Molex' UK Supplier?
Best quality build
linksys wrt54g ver.7
Computer AIR requirement?
Any use for an old PC?
New LGA1155 Build Suggestions Please
First Build $700 Gaming
First Time Building Gaming Comp, Help!!!
Beginner Needs input on possible gaming build and ssd/hdd pairing
Asus confirms it will release a Windows8 arm tablet
PC boots but USB and PS/2 peripherals are not usable
First time build, my list requires inspection.
Final Build Specs, Thoughts?
Lock-Up Problems Nvidia 780i
New Build, First Timer
Lamptron products!
First build any advise welcome
Spray Painting my PS3 Controller, help!
Claims that "an old computer is faster"
Computer loses vid card video issue
illumination mod?
will i need more power?
parallel port to usb for LaCross Weather Station or UPS?
Either new hard drive or new video card is loud
First Rig (feels good man)
Do you reformat first then build ur Comp?
New computer
Life screwed me over. Overclocking possible?
Help Building a New Computer
Replacing components
Fan RPM on Aerocool Fan Controller problem
start of new build
Greetings OCers! Build My Game Rig! Parts will be voted in. Your vote counts!
How many of you own a static wristband?
I am hoping I can get suggestions on my Build!
What do you think?
What type of monitor for the future?
New System - Finally
New PC feedback needed!
Best 3D Glasses
FINALLY uograding 7+yo pc and seeking advice
thinking of upgrading from i3 550
Inexpensive Build suggestions please
Keyboard plug in
I3 370M vs AMD A6-3400M
looking for good recommendation on usb keyboard
GPU Upgrade, 550ti
strange lag after Windows Sleep on overclocked system
Nzxt Led Sleeve vs Sunbeam CCFL
Upgrading gaming system
Need build suggestions - $1500 budget
I need some new hardware, help :)
How Does This Combination Look?
How this budget build looks?
PSUs and Static Electricity
How do you change the user name in Win 7?
Need some Router/Power Guru's (battery pack)
New build, problem with stability
HD Recovery... HELP!
First Build: Future Proofer i7 HTPC
Any problem with Asus boards?
How to avoid Bottlenecking?
Is this a good bundle?
Solid state
New build
My PC won't boot!! - Detailed video included
Please Review: First Gaming PC build (OC)
Satan by Vison
Around $1000 Budget First Build
Low power yet still operational state idea.
Problems with new build
New Intel build
Ps/2 keyboard causing possible input delay?
Good Build LAG on crysis 2 max 1080p
web conferencing hardware
300-400$ System help
Review this build
From TV to internet to TV again?
Gaming mouse and keyboard
My First Build
Ordered a new system -- please comment
Do I have a good build?
Questions about build
Asus P5QPRO Fried - need help to update to new system
My first build
Help! My Computer is Hissing
Critique my budget build
Does anyone see a way to make this build even less expensive?
Would Like some feedback on my new build
Overclock failed ( i havent overclocked)
Prime95 thread error rounding on 2 threads. Stock Settings?!
Have I overvolted my cpu to oblivion? Or maybe something else?
Logitech G19 Worth It? Others?
Best OS for a HTPC/file server... "Media Server"?
just get SB or wait for ivy Bridge?
Looking for a KVM Switch
Prime95 Failure
i7 3930k, 32gb 2133mhz ram, 2x Intel 510 SSD, Asus P9X79 Deluxe - $3400
PCI x16 firewire?
Routerboards/router cases?
Multiple BSODs
Safe Temperature for GPU AND CPU HELP URGENT
CPU's won't boot together.
3 Year Old C2D System, update ideas?
Overclocked Nook Color vs Nook Tablet
Oxidized Cables
Looking for a good router
My First Computer Build
Recommend a fan controller!
Ramdom crashes/lockups After adding new grafix card
Low end gaming build
Networked Printer Problems
My first pc build good enough for maxing out games like BF3
Is this PC Build Okay?
had an idea dont know if its doable
Where to find 120mm Air Ducts?
Unidentifiable stability issue
Is this upgrade worth it?
Most efficent way to clean your PC
CPUCooler+Case to Finish my Build
Building New Rig
Upgrading questions. :)
Looking for A Full Tower PS
New build - suggestions/questions
corsair hs1 usb headset/m60/k60
What is holding my overclocking back???
Two Questions :) help if possible please
show your christmas goodies!
My first build!
Need help for my next upgrade...
memory and hdd question
Mechanical Keyboards?
USB 3.0 host controller issue
$900 budget gamer system
Clean install of Windows 7 poor performance
Upgrade Cpu or not?
Wireless internet just slowed down
Upgrade CPU or GPU? What do you think?
Computer Build List (Need Suggestions)
Capacitor/Motherboard Please Help
New PC Build (Again)
Suggestions for an upgrade?
test computer speed??
Power supply upgrade-HELP!
Help an old timer upgrade..
noob question
1080p playback issues
I have a budget for a desktop, who wants to help!!!
craigslist and a video card
Help me figure this out!
Asus P8Z68 Multi Monitor Question
New PC Build
Xmas 2011 presents
??? Suggestions ???
Installing Corsair H80 for AMD Help
NEW to OCF and getting info
debating about building a new pc
How to increase Video Convertion
Need help!, New case!
Build me a good gaming rig
what kind of fans should i get for my haf 912
Can you guys double check my build?
What is this system worth?
New computer for friend
Need advice for this gaming rig
i72600k x z68a x dual gtx 570hds x evga sc cooler x 1000w x samsung s27a950d ..
NIC crashing under "heavy" load
The programing codes for the keyboard-host communication at startup
Building a non-gaming professional PC - $2K budget
My Gaming rig (Advice please?)
Prebuilt from customize sites or Buy parts?
Better sound card needed? Maybe?
Looking For Gigabyte Mobo
Is my CPU bottlenecking my GPU?
Head Unit for Car?
New HTPC Rocks!
A question about JDownloader
USB Drive Capacity
Bootup time Win 7
Request for Kill-A-Watt type Numbers
Mechanical Keyboard... Brown vs Red?
Media box or TV
Not Booting
Seeking advice on new build.
HTPC build
Upgrade question
Wanted advice on a build
mechanical keyboards in Canada
My build.
Computer freezing with buzzing sound from speakers.
Building a HTPC capable of 3D TV and blu-rays
Razer Crap.
New PC build
Super Budgeted Gaming Build... Need Help!!
HELP ME! (PC Build)
Asus T2 Upgrade
First Time Build: Big x79 Workstation
Im not sure what to do.
How do you install XP with only a product key?
480$ Budget
Logitech Formula Vibration Forcefeedback wheel deadzone?
PC -> mass HDD storage -> TV??
Haf X Issue
New Build. (pics)
First time building a gaming pc, here's my specs
PS/2 Keyboard and Boot up
Building new computer
what could cause my monitor to turn blue with white vertical lines
BIOS/first boot up questions on a new X79 build
OC'd Reboots
choose between two gaming builds
System Checking
This bull crap about many 64-bit CPUs restricted from running 64-bit VMs!
does this sound like a hardware problem (wifi adapter)
Trying to build low to mid range computer
HELP with deciding on a motherboard
CPU or GPU bottle neck?
Networking question
200 Budget 955 with M5V Evo
Error Goblin
new build stalls ! =[
cant install w7 on new pc!
i7 and i5 config: suggestions and opinions
Final Advice Before I buy
Noob Networking Question...
HELP! Bios won't SHOW!
First time builder - help / tips
Compare NewEgg With Micro Center for Customer Service
Kingston V100 SSD in Corsair 500R Case?
i messed up building my first pc will i be ok
Help an old goat build his custom pc
CPU upgrade VS GPU upgrade :confused:
Issues with my new build
My computer won't turn on
SSD as cache drive vs OS drive
How do I make my computers transition seamlessly between my two wifi networks?
ASUS M5 A88-M External Storgage Problem
gaming laptop for $700-800
Help with new build
computer on top of refrigerator ?
Why do these things only happen to me?
Could someone review my new x79 build? plus a few dumb questions
Noctua 120mm Fans HELP > VERY URGENT
600t build Front bezel suggestions?
please check my build for a friend
Some one please help
A good control method
[New Build] $1000 Gaming
Building new comp
Mounting brackets for a AM3
anyone with a hard life want a free hp touchpad?(srs)
New Gaming Rig - Need Help Deciding
Upgrade help please :)
New Gaming PC
1 video card, 2 slots - Is there an advantage to one?
Question about 5.1 and 7.1 Surround Sound
hard drive pricing
Why does my computer mw3/LoL maps slowly?
No signal and possible PSU issues
Dream Machine. Fill in the blanks
Best Ram for 3930/Rampage IV?
planning on getting this build
Comp Won't turn on, fan spin for half a sec
Looking for some Help.
$2500 build.
Need a Silent Fan for Cooling , will be install 4 on Side panel
AC AF12025 PWM 120mm Case Fan to Sys_Fan1 Connector on a Gigabyte 880GA-UD3H
New enthusiast build - Basic Components
New Set up
BIOS UPDATE , Select the Latest or the one you want ?
need help with this build
First Time Build
Looking for RAM and Video Card - Need Help
whats the weakest point in this laptop I want to purchase?
Should i use the headset original sound or use a surround unit bypass
startup problem (hardware i think)
Help with new Z68 build
Should i update my BIOS or not ? HELP URGENT
Overclocking + SLI Problem
4ghz possible?
Need a gaming headset
Is my PSU going to be sufficient?
Upgrading but need help. CPU, Motherboard, and RAM question
Best Blu-ray combo drive?
Steelseries Siberia v2 sound question
Looking for help (+new to this forum)
Upgrading an old PC into an HTPC
Need Help with an input device
rate/tweak my budget gaming pc before i buy!
How do you feel about overclocking these days?
Gaming system about to order...
Newby :D
need help on my build(gaming,3d,future proof,O.C wise)
I need to build a new system....
Help!! My new brand new computer won't start (EAX12 problem)
Upgrading from Corsair 800D to Caselabs TH10
New Build Specs, Thanks Everyone For Helping!!!
Ultimate gaming rig
Gaming desktop Build [2000$ Budget]
Please criticize the build I am thinking of doing
USB 3.0 port to header converter?
New Budget Build
New Computer Build Compatibility Questions
Overclock or Upgrade
Free hardware, Tell how you got yours
SSD Hard drive help for optimal speed on Games and windows
* HELP URGENT* Regarding the Corsair 600T Mesh Side panel !
All Games even old ones Lagging in ATI HD 4650 1 Gb
See my new build specs, give suggestions
linksys wrt54g need pictures around R19 and R20
Water vs air noise ..?
vga cooler
Building a new gaming PC
So my company is letting me do a build...
PC hangs at boot
I need some voltage help here.
Viewing Classifieds?
$1000 budget gaming pc
Computer will not start
Help: how to use a laptop to control a pc?
how does the 2670qm stack up?
Trash Inside
Most Important Benchmarking and Stability Testing Software?
New ATI card causing headaches.
Recovering files using Vantec adapter
Newbie Building a Gaming Computer! Help needed!
First time builder/upgrader, need some help
need help with building a gaming pc
New System Rebooting when loading games
Odd boot issue. Please help.
help.. motherboard issue
Wii nunchuck?
New System Built - Conundrum (BSOD)
whats in your mod kit?
New Build Powers On, Off, On and No Post
Need advise on first build
Picking a mechanical keyboard
Upgrading Desktop hardware
First Build, New Set Up
Any suggestions on a new router?
Guidance...upgrade to H67, i5 or i3 - gpu choice
canned air vs an air compressor
Can someone help interpret this Maho Bay slide?
Advice on keyboard, please
HDDs jumped to double price?
New System. no overlock - Unstable!
new mouse/keyboard
I need a little advice on some upgrades
Heavy vid edit/encode rig
Intro & Help With Build
[Rate/Comment] $1300 Rig, Seeking Feedback
USB 3 connector quick Q
i7 2700k and $500
Build critique
Newegg DHL/USPS Shipping question
New old build. Or rather, same PC, different case
Introduction and new build
Trigger Pull on upgrade, iso input:
Mac GPU Question
is the free xbox with purchase a computer deal still going on?
New Build, some questions
Video Card Crossfire or upgrade
IvyBridge info leaked
Is This Graphics Card Compatible With This mobo?
Upgrade itch!
Crossfire isn't working
Cyber Monday Only Deal! Should I Get It???
I'm just a poor gamer - Requesting assistance! :)
Bigfoot Killer NIC on sale for $25 - Is it worth it?
Overclocking went abit bad..
XFX Motherboard and RAM
Possible New Build
MOBO suggestion?
IDE master/slave question
is my system still good?
Thinking of a new build - thoughts/suggestions?
Amazing gaming computer for a client
Mozart TX MOD.
Overclocking CPU and RAM, advise needed
Need help attaching bookshelf speaker to monitor desk mount.
Upgrade Question
Is my CPU enough still?
Roccat Isku small problems
upgrading gaming rig - thoughts for budget/performance?
First time builder "monster builder"
Did price of hard drives go up?
Triton AX 720 pc setup help
New PC. Compatible?
need help building computer
Horizontal lines in 3d Applications
Gemini II fan on socket 1366?
Pulled the trigger on Black Friday
What should I upgrade?
3 Red Phase Lights, Systems Powers On Then Off Immediately
How to cache + boot off a single SSD. (FAO knufire et al)
Network GB switches question
Hi, I'd like to know if I've got all necessary parts and that they all match...
Out of the loop for a bit- new system ?
Computer Performance Question
Building a Computer
Help me build a 2500k rig
Data Recovery/Bad MFT taking forever
Mainboard Albatron KI690-AM2
My First Newegg Problem (Maybe)
Network Benchmarking program?
Error for Razer peripherals after loading windows
Quick ?: PSU & Graphics compatablity
build me a new box for around 850 or under
How to use ASRock Extreme tuning utility to increase CPU performance?
Coil whine- which one?
Tested everything, Comp still won't turn on
Proposed Specification for HTPC for 1000
Tritton AX Pro vs. Turtle Beach X41
Energy Efficient Computer Total Power Draw Results!
Should I use the RAID driver?
building a cheap server desktop, need help
dvi-d to vga adapter What it used for??
New Rig & Upgrading an Old One
3D or non 3D monitor for Gaming wise?