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i3 build
Needing help with overclocking my memory to 1066mhz... Please.
DFI Lanparty out of business?
Videos Freeze Up During Playback
New rig won't turn on?
PC freezing up, totally out of ideas.
Routers and Bridges?
No output from multiple graphics cards.
Question about upgrade path
A few questions about upgrading my system.
First Build please help
How much
New Hardware - Issues
Need help selecting two major parts for new build
How do I get wireless to my build?
best oc rig for under $1500
Is this a great deal?
First Build Finalized and Ordered
*newbie* possible RAM problems ?
Cannot connect to internet.
how many usb controllers am i supposed to have?
putting the legos together
How fast do you type?
Help with New Build
In with the new, but is the new good!
Help with next upgrade
Minor issues with display error?
Wireless porblems
New AMD build (Help i'm a noob)
Screen flashes repeatedly at startup...
Did I just destroy my motherboard?
Trouble finding a card reader for new build
What does this beeping mean
Never got my rig to run as intended
Help build a new rig for the wifey
Gentleman, Ladies, Gurus, I come to you with questions.
Is it an addiction or a disease?
$850 BF3 Ready build - Suggestions?
Built my computer last year (not even) and something is drastically wrong.
A Seperate LGA775 Rig
Uprades to my LGA775 rig
Looking for a good joystick
Advice: TV Tuner Card for 64-bit system
[Bios] Have to restart after seeing bios splash
Overseas Gear - Korea Help with Build
New build evaluation
New Build: Not working
New PSU and mobo
Need help choosing a new keyboard
Help! Broken display? Or something else?
Server computer? Newb question
Rechargeable battery (SLA) issue
How much memory before I cause a bottleneck
Planning a new Work/Gaming rig
a working plan i take suggestions
Remote Desktop Connection???
Cats and computers, anyone know how to keep them off my rig?
My new build- is this OK?
Does this sound like failing motherboard?
Buzzing noises
You can now buy thermal pads @ Egg
Software issue
My BF3 Build
hp media vault unable to connect
Good price for a SATA-II SSD 128Gb Drive
Need Recommendations
A new rig with $950 to spend, but very confused what to buy
Looking to buy a dsl modem
Proper Connection
Just ordered my first build! What do you think?
Horizontal Monitor Mount?
Capacitors From sound card a bit close to GPU
Office Computer $1000 w/ 2 monitors
Ram Usage
HTPC in many stages of failure
Thank you Overclockers!
Bang for buck? looking to build for experience
Which Psu is bette
New build 580 matrix sli
upgrade, all fine and ok!
Computer not showing image (no bios etc black screen)
Dell Dimension HTPC
BSODs 0xBE and 0X3B???
Faulty speakers or monitor? Power spike?
Computer randomly locks up for a second?
My Completed Build
Is everything looking good?
$1500 Budget Computer
First start of a new computer..
Planning a potential next build
950$ budget
$1400 Budget Computer
Bios Help
Windows Stuck at Desktop Background
Hello! Intro and new build question
"Budget" gaming comp - What do you think? :)
Building a new system, need hardware advice
Best build for under $2000.00 out the door
watercooling and the radiator
First Time Builder
Extreme performance inconsistency
Monitor resolution - how much it affects my performance?
First post/suggestions for my build
Upgrade Time....NEED Help
Haven't done this in a while (build)...
$850 dollar computer
Reasonable Build
Should I over clock?
Eyefinity rig for Battlefield 3?
Helping building Christmas present this is gonna be a challenge!!!
New Build Help
Monster machine (and budget) need halp!
BSOD 7F due to what?
On to the next issue
Desktop issues
Budget computer key components suggestions
So.. Is this worth it?
All power related functions cause hang
PC Won't Start
News idea? Run AMD FX on Windows 8 alpha.
C'est Fini
Itching for 2500k upgrade. Could use some pro advice.
New build would like some input please!
Christmas Build, Feedback please?
The Next step?
A guy locally has these parts, should I buy?
Putting together budget for upgrade.
evga gtx 460 fan shroud removal HELP!!
Comments/Suggestions On My First Solo Build <$1000
Cpu and Gpu matching question...
Main monitor short distance DVI vs HDMI
bf3 Upgrades from c2d system
[POJECT]I can really use your help for it !
800-ish build. Video card to come later
How to know when to upgrade - a simple survery
**Looking To Upgrade....Need Opinions Please**
First time build with $800 budget
HDMI To HDTV At 1920 x 1080 Chops Off Edges A Little Bit
Low Performance for higher end pc
Is everything in check?
Simple, reliable rig for Mom
New Rig Keeps Freezing, Sometimes Requiring Restart. Any Advice Welcome...
What hardware governs my livestreaming quality?
How can I tell If my modem is bad?
Best upgrade for my system?
Old build showing its age.. New budget build
New 3,000 dollar system (help needed)
upgrading my bros pc
Fiber Optic network cards.. what to do
How do you protect "Graphite" Mods from rubbing off?
Building a Computer need to know if this config will fit and work together
my new rig issue
mixed signals on my new monitor/gpu
Custom Build Compatibility questions
New build high end pc for video/photo editing and gaming
Life After College
Blu Ray players (non-computer)
No display. New mobo problem?
MBP 2008 wont start
PC Shutdown during Idle/Browsing
Freezing/crashing issue
Cable Modem Recommendations
What Speed Can I Expect?
What do I do now? /rant
too much surplus hardwares, time to make render farm. ideas?
Ethernet: on-board vs PCI card connection?
What are my weak links in my rig?
Building PC, help ID this cable
Planning a new build, looking for advice
Need help for a $500 budget build
Help! need new pc 2 choices
High End Build for Friend
Need a mouse/keyboard...which though?
$500 Just For Fun/Bored (Less than $500 NO MATTER WHAT after rebates/codes/etc)
Will an 800D have sufficient cooling on air for SLI?
First time build issue
The build.
Numerous Problems
Mouse issues (cant click tried 3 mice/ mouses lol what ever it is)
no beep, no boot!
FM tuner application
Help needed with $1500 workstation build
$900-1000 gaming PC. Any objections, thoughts, or comments?
Wondering what upgrade is next...
QoS DIR-825 or ....
6970 + 6950 requirements
New build for BF3/Rage/Skyrim. Help, criticism, critique welcome
PC build with recycled parts (compatibility question)
My First Build
Gaming Pc for aprox. 500 dollars ( 350 Euros )
Best GPU for 1366x768
Sli build help me plz.
Front panel audio help
Need help building new gaming rig
My build - any comments/concerns/compliments?
Is this normal?
Adding new drive to Game rig for XP
$1500 computer what do you think?
Suggestions before I checkout?
need advice on a new build
Possilble to change SATA to SATA 2?
USB 3.0 Slow Transfer Rates
p4s333-m (2 Questions)
Asus mars 2 gtx 580
Build my Mom a computer
Suggestions For new pc?
Is this compatable and..
Need Help. Is all of these components compatible?
building 3d rig
Help with new com
Upgrading by December
USB 3.0 Questions
Weird USB power issue
Simple upgrade turns into nightmare
New gaming system build
Time for a upgrade, What to get?
New Gaming Rig - Hard Lockups. Need Advice.
Curious,AlienWare PC will Overclock
Building a serious gaming PC...
what purpose for new toy?
need help with iBook a1181!
anyone recommend a A3 printer
Build to Learn - Not your average questionnaire
budget gaming pc
My first attempt at a build
What can I upgrade?
pc upgrade help!!!
my kick but audio setup (56k nono)
need a bit help with tv tunner
FATAL ERROR: Rounding was 0.4765625, expected less than 0.4
Resistive touchscreen and lcd
Oh boy what did I buy...
i7 Build Pics
which QUALITY fan controller?
Aynjell's New Build!
Monitor Cords
Is this a bad connection or an internal defect?
What's the easiest way to make a template for printing?
My New Build (Sort of)
Need some tips
visual c++ runtime library error
$950 Gaming Build
NAS Hardware
Reinstalling W7 when replacing mobo with same model??
New build issue
Building a new PC, have a few questions.
Need advice building new PC
$780 gaming computer
New SATA III as boot or storage/game drive?
About to place the order, any last second recommendations??
$500 Gaming Computer Recommendations?
Help with last few parts for custom built PC!
First Time Build.
New gaming computer (~3000 quid)
first time build stability
Advice on First Build
New office Chair 175$ Max Budget
Computer Rebuild Suggestions
Printer chip Kodak ESP Office 6150
Building my first gaming PC, would this be ok?
Rig Advice.
Random crashes
New build compatabillity review?
Sound card vs Video DVI
WebServer Test. Please verify <- Complete. Thanks
SandyBridge Build - looking for advice/guidance
Been outta touch with hardware info some time. Need info on what's changed.
My dream computer
Buying new Pc, need build review, some questions.
Build Review & Feedback
Where would you say my biggest bottle neck is?
need advice
need help with 1000$ gaming rig
Car subwoofer & amplifier question
Real temp issues
Slavery Footprint App
Crashes while gaming
gaming build
Simple LEDs and Battery Power
Gaming PC rig upgrade, suggestions?
Help with Building a New PC
Buying MB, CPU, RAM and CASE, suggestions please!
Help with new build..
New gaming build help?
new build. thoughts?
Routers and Xbox NAT issues
Ordering first build Friday, thoughts?
Custom built System. Yes- No's Do's - Dont's
Recording seperate audio streams
Computer not running right - 5750 inside
PC went Haywire HELP!!
First Build, looking for advice.
Need help with build.
Need advice and help on PC build
New Mobo
review my dream pc
PC build need some advice
What do you think of this?
First gaming PC in ages. Opinions?
Gaming Build
Could you suggest some parts?
Router Problems
another build
$1500 Build
Need some help with PC build.
*Help 2 sound cards everything but disk drive works
First Mechanical keyboard, Razer Blackwidow
Is there a device for this?
Frequent System Freezes, General Sluggishness
*CHEAP* bugger photoshop build
Not So Random Reboots
Completed upgrade list, opinions please :)
$400 Build Check Please!
Motherboard or PSU dead?
How is my build
Pre-Build (new builder)
Mini home server...
Hacking a thermostat to keep others out
Corsair 800d Build
what i get for updating rant
Another mouse bites the dust...
Wired or Wireless Keyboard
Are OSs regoin locked?
Odd OCing issue (OC vid card, get HDD issues)
Is SATA6Gb/s and DDR3 worth it?
Will my new build work?
Opinions on my planned build
New Build suggestions welcome
New system build, Thoughts so far.
intel IDF raytracing with wolfenstein
Feedback: Intel Build 1000$ about
Why I Hate HP Systems Rant
Overclockers.com lords! I summon thee, crash course me on Solid State Drives!
Need Help For New Gaming Rig
Large Computer Desk
Time to build a new machine
Freezing and not able to go to sleep
HTPC suggestions?
UV items
Help 4 beeps
Force Gauge Data Display Device
Roccat Pyra LED Mod
Logitech G110 Scripting anyone?
Steelseries Xai Unknown Device
Purple Heart Build
When you list stuff to sell, what are you thinking?
Getting Started??
DIY Tablet?
Mouse problem = looking for new mouse.
Comments needed on i5-2500K based build
Project first build
laughable marketing
Need help deciding between two barebones models.
The heatsink & fan the comes with Intel Core i3-2100 Processor 3.1GHz 3 MB Cach
Having issues with new system
what do you think is the problem with this system?
I need 2 build one intel and one AMD
Steelseries Xai vs Zowie EC1 Black
Building a holdover till ivy drops. suggestions or comments on parts welcome
Where To buy a Custom PC?
AMD Phenom II Rig
Time for new PC?
Upgrading rig, please suggest :)
Gaming rig opinions and suggestions
My Build... how does it look?
BAckUP Power help ???
question about my computer
Build Me a New Computer
Upgrade - New AMD A-Series - 500
Need help completing my rig
Budget build or is it to budget.
Chair and desk
question about Core Temp and some other programs
Photo id printer and software?
Rig Advice.
Computer loses power when playing dead island. Need help :/
Computer completely turns off.
First Build...
Boot with android phone = no boot?
Upgrading for gaming
what's the difference between the mice and mouse ?
First Time Builder: Thoughts Needed!
Looking for a good radio
SLI & CPUoc dont work together...
first build ever question
Little Brothers Birthday Gift
Is this kit worth it for me?
Any opinions on techcrunch drama?
First time build and need some expertise.
Buying friends old stuff. Is it worth it?
First gaming rig build
Verizon FiOS and Kill E2100 Don't mix?
My "iWatch"
Cooling Issues With Spin Q
Computer Crashes
New job = New Computer
New Gaming PC-$800-$850 firm price
2500k vs 955 BE
I'm out of ideas... new system issues
What type of pins?
Please take survey about computer repair
I need a 1 GB upload box.net account. Can someone hook me up?
Simple enough isn't it?
Meet Mr. delta He speaks very loud!
New user with new build issues
The better build?
Cheapest 2500k
new build thoughts?
Led light bulbs "?"
Changing DPI on mouse buttons
friends new build, recommendations?
ASUS USB-N13 problem
New PC - Not Turning On; Mobo Lights On; Fan Not On
UK new build for 1000
New pc wont boot
Powerful yet affordable gaming PC.
New Build Stuck between intel or AMD
Samsung PL210. Impressive point and shoot camera..
Under $1.5k Gaming Rig w/ Peripherals
New AMD gaming rig (Need advice plz)
Build any good? BF3 Rdy?
my new gaming pc
Just bought a ASUS GTX560 DCII OC/2DI/1GD5 and PC keeps rebooting
Gaming Build for $1000
Firewire/ESATA not being recognized
Help with my new build please
New Build
PC feels a lot slower than it should
new build, thoughts?
New Build (need advice)
New Intel Gaming Build - Suggestions
Between these 2 PC's
Computer Build, Need Input
Which one would you go for?
New Build, Need help.
First build from Mac user..
Mobo/CPU Help
[Solved] Boot Sequence Help
Windows 7 64 Random Poor Performance
Trying to help a friend fix blue screens.
BF3 Rig Build [Need Opinions]
New Build.. Any advice or Improvements welcome
Strange lag/freezing on computer, tried almost everything top fix
Looking for a shorter keyboard with concave springy keys.
New build, any problems?
retro hardwares, repair or replace components?
Building a new computer, could use some extra brains!
witch cable
Which is better
Overclocking noobie :)
How's this graphics card?
USB 3.0 Question
Hdmi Splitter help
Smell coming from computer
New Gaming Rig (Under $1200) [Help]
Building a gaming PC, advice needed.
Double check my new build please
Yet another first time self build check request
Raspberry Pi: A $25 ultra-low-cost computer that can run Quake 3
Best all in one for gaming?
i7 2600K machine
~$800 Gaming Tower
Homemade USB cabinet cooling project
Impatient Futurist The Internet May Soon Include All of the Things Around You
Ok, so here's what I wanna do, is it possible?
building a video postproduction system
sleep and hibernation problem
Ultra-Slim Gaming Keyboard?
2 Build options gtx 570 or 580
Gaming Build - Advice Appreciated
Phase-Change storage/memory
A left handed keyboard with the arrow keys on the left side?
Computer build for 500 (800$) - advice needed
Is there a phone book style website for names?
Enough psu/ How does it look?
Did I do okay
New Gaming Computer - Trying to Build for First Time
Million Dollar Idea (Green)
Which for gaming, Which for server?
My pc doesnt turn off when i oc
incoming new RIG plz advice
HELP: Saitek Cyborg V 7
A SFF question?
Where do you buy?
1156 rig (ultra budget build)
Case fan help and questions
Underperforming gaming rig. Power supply issue?
Building a PC for a mate, first budget build, advice?
Need Urgent Help
Need some platform advice.