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FATAL ERROR: Rounding was 0.4765625, expected less than 0.4
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Is this a bad connection or an internal defect?
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NAS Hardware
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Printer chip Kodak ESP Office 6150
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need advice
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Slavery Footprint App
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Could you suggest some parts?
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*Help 2 sound cards everything but disk drive works
First Mechanical keyboard, Razer Blackwidow
Is there a device for this?
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Overclockers.com lords! I summon thee, crash course me on Solid State Drives!
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When you list stuff to sell, what are you thinking?
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DIY Tablet?
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laughable marketing
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The heatsink & fan the comes with Intel Core i3-2100 Processor 3.1GHz 3 MB Cach
Having issues with new system
what do you think is the problem with this system?
I need 2 build one intel and one AMD
Steelseries Xai vs Zowie EC1 Black
Building a holdover till ivy drops. suggestions or comments on parts welcome
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Chair and desk
question about Core Temp and some other programs
Photo id printer and software?
Rig Advice.
Computer loses power when playing dead island. Need help :/
Computer completely turns off.
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Boot with android phone = no boot?
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what's the difference between the mice and mouse ?
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Little Brothers Birthday Gift
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Please take survey about computer repair
I need a 1 GB upload box.net account. Can someone hook me up?
Simple enough isn't it?
Meet Mr. delta He speaks very loud!
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Cheapest 2500k
new build thoughts?
Led light bulbs "?"
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UK new build for £1000
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Powerful yet affordable gaming PC.
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Samsung PL210. Impressive point and shoot camera..
Under $1.5k Gaming Rig w/ Peripherals
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Build any good? BF3 Rdy?
my new gaming pc
Just bought a ASUS GTX560 DCII OC/2DI/1GD5 and PC keeps rebooting
Gaming Build for $1000
Firewire/ESATA not being recognized
Help with my new build please
New Build
PC feels a lot slower than it should
new build, thoughts?
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Between these 2 PC's
Computer Build, Need Input
Which one would you go for?
New Build, Need help.
First build from Mac user..
Mobo/CPU Help
[Solved] Boot Sequence Help
Windows 7 64 Random Poor Performance
Trying to help a friend fix blue screens.
BF3 Rig Build [Need Opinions]
New Build.. Any advice or Improvements welcome
Strange lag/freezing on computer, tried almost everything top fix
Looking for a shorter keyboard with concave springy keys.
New build, any problems?
retro hardwares, repair or replace components?
Building a new computer, could use some extra brains!
witch cable
Which is better
Overclocking noobie :)
How's this graphics card?
USB 3.0 Question
Hdmi Splitter help
Smell coming from computer
New Gaming Rig (Under $1200) [Help]
Building a gaming PC, advice needed.
Double check my new build please
Yet another first time self build check request
Raspberry Pi: A $25 ultra-low-cost computer that can run Quake 3
Best all in one for gaming?
i7 2600K machine
~$800 Gaming Tower
Homemade USB cabinet cooling project
Impatient Futurist The Internet May Soon Include All of the Things Around You
Ok, so here's what I wanna do, is it possible?
building a video postproduction system
sleep and hibernation problem
Ultra-Slim Gaming Keyboard?
2 Build options gtx 570 or 580
Gaming Build - Advice Appreciated
Phase-Change storage/memory
A left handed keyboard with the arrow keys on the left side?
Computer build for £500 (800$) - advice needed
Is there a phone book style website for names?
Enough psu/ How does it look?
Did I do okay
New Gaming Computer - Trying to Build for First Time
Million Dollar Idea (Green)
Which for gaming, Which for server?
My pc doesnt turn off when i oc
incoming new RIG plz advice
HELP: Saitek Cyborg V 7
A SFF question?
Where do you buy?
1156 rig (ultra budget build)
Case fan help and questions
Underperforming gaming rig. Power supply issue?
Building a PC for a mate, first budget build, advice?
Need Urgent Help
Need some platform advice.
Looking for advice on hardware problem
Blu-Ray drive - how to choose one?
What hardware can I upgrade ! ???
Where to buy Anti-Static Processor Storage Boxes?
Any way to find out the power usage?
Planned system build: Please comment.
First Gaming PC Build
486 - What to do with one?
Mystery Pentium 4
MY system is waking up, wasting energy....
Laptop spontaneously died, can't figure out why!
Retired gamer looking to come back
Issue: Mobo seems dead?
What experience do you have of PCIE cards w/o brackets dropping out?
Is this a good setup
New C2D build (yes...775) - suggestions?
Crossover cable ? Ethernet Cable
can someone reccomend a ups?
Out of the Loop Build. Critique it please! ~$1000
Time to build need advice!
What kind of solder???
sever virus issue
Hard drive selection help
BF3 on high on 30" monitor - Bottleneck?
New PC Build Advice
Help Please AMD Build trouble
Trying to build something GLORIOUS(ish)
New builder very discouraged, turn my frown upside down?
Which Motherboard to use? And help with new build please.
Slave Harddrive
G15 LCD issues?
Gaming rig/testbed
Going for a new Build.
Micro ATX Build - Needing suggestions
The "Bad luck with tech" thread
Upgrade Help
New build question....
want to get some opinions for a possible build.
Real or fake?
Under $500! TigerDirect! lol
My first build
HP may quit PC business
Help With My First Real Build
Failing... HDD? No. What is failing then...?
Help with a first build.
PC turns off without warning..
First Build
Build for the boss
pc turns on for a few seconds, then off again
Blue Screen Woes
First build, final look over
Speaker Mounts
Workstation Build
Trying to understand how CPU work
What to buy: SSD or another 6870 for XFire?
I Want To Be A Computer Genius... Can You Point Me In The Right Direction?
Question on budget PC
AMD and Intel Buyer's Guide 8/2011
mystery Logitech LCD device...
Couple of problems with new build.
Do I have a malicious key logger??
Gaming PC Challenge: $500 Limit
New Build Critique
Help! Can not find drivers!
Taking a plane, transporting RAM - Advice needed
Your thoughts on a new build
First Build ISO Advice
i5 2500k 1000$ build
Help! Problem with my build
Looking To Increase The Performance Of My System
New Build finally
Help upgrading
Mother Board Monitor
First Computer Build (Gaming) 550$ Budget
New comp
First timer looking for advice
Router Question
A aroow key pad??
Multimeter help
Super noob building his first pc - need help
Laptop Drive Wont Read windows 7 disc
Looking to build a gaming rig, with a budget of $600-$800
Pc help
Flight simulator X build Advice
My Computer Wont Boot Up!!
I guess its that time for a new build with questions.
Did Adobe hide 400 vulnerability fixes in latest Flash Player patch?
Rate my surround gaming build.
Anyone going to Data Connectors in Pittsburgh?
Using Webcam for Security
Build Critique.
Help me build a my dream pc.......
want to build a machine to display on 6 monitors
Problem with new computer build
New Build Woes
Really need help with ASRock 970 extreme4
Blocked out of MSN email..
first ever build
Cpu Wont Boot!!1
Help with gaming / 3D build
Optical Drive Issue!
Good Keyboard
Powerline networking...
need help with my first build
Extreme DPC Latency when gaming
CML 9936 ESD Safe Soldering Iron System
Question ; are these things compatible/ will it work ?
How to reset the EEPROM in a DELL laptop battery ? Help please !
Battlefield 3 Upgrade
Computer freezes when playing
Custom PC Appraisal
Brand New Gaming PC Freezing??
Any way to play PS3 on a pc?
What would you do with...?
Help building a mini ITX rig?
Voltage questions and power usage... etc.
DVD device keeps "unplugging in and out"
The mystery of the computer that turns on with the lights....
New Build
Help troubleshooting BSOD
If video card fan spins, but theres no video output, its the mobo?
Motherboard Dying?
Gaming/Graphics Workstation Hybrid Build help
SuperDave's Massive PC Cleaning Thread!! **Graphic Content**
Next Upgrade Suggestions
$700ish to spend help wanted
Bluetooth keyboard/mouse combo.
PC Build Critique Wanted
yet another $600 budget PC
Looking for some opinions - HTPC (Home Built)
My Computer Build: Need Help!
new computer could use some help
crossfire BSOD
Wait for it or not...(AMD vs Intel)
I Aslo Need a New Mouse!
I need a new mouse!!
Upgrade After 8 years
UPS failboat! *sigh*
Why you should not buy cheap PSUs
Why The Sudden Pop!
Server backup problem using Backup4all
Sending in my laptop for repair (probably going to get refunded) opinions please
Audio Issues - PLEASE HEEELP
Project Swordfish
Building my first system
Best place to upgrade?
Need help with a constant BSOD problem on my new gaming computer.
Suggestion for wireless security cam?
Picking some other parts
Whats it worth?
(wired) Researchers Expose Cunning Online Tracking Service That Canít Be Dodged
Does anything over 4gb ram matter?
Samsung TV (no picture, but sound)
After Fresh Install Mouse Has Problems
Need Suggestions for Sandy Bridge Build
Good pick up
Good Build?
MSI 880GM-E43 Mobo - Tweaking Help
Screaming from computer?
Speakers to PS3
Thinking of Buying...
get black screen and fans go full speed while playing games
Last Review-$600 budget build
Little help TS new Sandy Bridge 2400 with bad video
New Sandy Bridge Build and I need suggestions
I bought an optical mouse...is this normal?
budget pc build (need help)
Mysterious CPU shut down problem
Dual SATA output?
Apple Macintosh Leaks Passwords Through FireWire When in Sleep Mode