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which rig is better ?
Need some input on wireless adapter...
new gaming desk
Gaming PC Build
Options and frustration with upgrades
Ipod Nano survives washing machine
New build for HD video encoding
How does intel do it
Advice needed on a build.
Business Grade Server....
Been away for a while, need Advice on new build
noob...pre first build. any advice/suggestions?
Ideas for making a better site logo?
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Networking expert here?
Building in April, what should I get?
Full Home Setup AV/Network/PC's
Photo Editing/Gamin
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need help/advice on backing up system
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Build now, or wait for sandy bridge motherboards?
Blackwidow taken out by a dingbat
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What to update
Will this under £600 ($966) rig work?
$200 Limit Upgrade Allowance
[O/C]Cooler Master Storm Spawn Gaming Mouse Review
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The Typical How Is My Build Thread
new build for a friend
WD caviar black not detected
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CompTIA A+ Cert - Is this enough info?
Sugestion pls? Conecting PC to TV in other room...
Advice on first build.
1988 AST premium 386 lol!! i got ???'s
hardware that has survived multiple builds/just won't die?
New rig up and running *Pictures*
Advice on new PC
Computer Desk
TV Tuner Card Hauppauge Brand Help
New computer problem
What would you do?
Friend wants to build a pc
MSI military grade components
Strange thing about my keyboard or spooky you decide.
The wait!!!
W7 only recognizing 1 hard drive
important componets for smooth HHHD playback?
Upgrading to a XFX Radeon HD 5670 1GB GDDR5
Logitech EX110, certain keys not responding
what to get???
Can blowing dust out of fans ruin the motherboard?
Randoms BSODs and crashes.. no explaination
Time to upgrade
Tell us your greatest story about fixing computers.
Help me build my first dream system...
Run World of Warcraft and other MMORPG's the best it can in a budget system
Computer Component Vulnerability to Smoke
Universal remote to control TV\Receiver\PS3
New Build List, Advice and Suggestions Please
New PC for Gaming
Selling a pc
Power surge on USB 3.0 hub port with nothing connected
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[Another] New Gaming Rig Request
System Uptime, How Long Is To Long?
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New PC for gaming
Whats your boot time ?
Why Does Everyone Hate Bill Gates & Microsoft?
BSOD after HSF install.. odd
Dual monitor reverts to the wrong side
What price is these items?
Budget PC for my girlfriend
Help finding a gaming laptop
Is this a good deal on Computer?
Question for my son
One wish for cheap.
Buying a home security system
8-pin power connector
i5 750 vs 1090t thuban
Razer Ironclad or Razer Scarab
Sandy Bridge Gaming Rig Build
Upgrade Help
Big upgrade - old quad core or new dual core?
Problem with a friends pc (PSU or Mobo)
Gaming mouse pads?
Black Widow vs others... And is it 'loud'?
Before I go ahead...thoughts?
screws clamps fans etc
lets talk about upgrading (5770?)
Server pc?
Gaming computer build.
Can someone help me? Please
ITT Tech: Anyone have experience with them?
New to the forums, first pc build
Watson on Jeopardy
New HW info proggy, very nice
Need Help on What to Upgrade
Wireless Keyboards
Waiting for pc component deliveries
Budget Build
Problem with Saitek Cyborg V7 Keyboard
sata question
Build 2.0!
Ebay for computer components?
Upgrading computer - some questions
My yateloon doing LOUD noise
new build help
New Keyboard!
CompTia exams
Help! pc doesnt start out of nowhere :(
Why You Need to Have a Linux LiveCD
My Win 7 64Bit does not recognize all my ram
How much RAM do I need?
Atheros AR9285 in Asus Laptop Issues..
New Build, Any Thoughts
BSODs i7 860 and 4 x 2gb ram
Spare Computer (Wat do)
10 yr pc build
Questions about OEM PCs
"Emmett": An i7 1366 Build Journal
AM3 heatsink mount places to buy?
Addicted to computer building?
So my comp won't turn on.
test post
Why am I still amazed?
Linksys Valet Vs E-series
Building new system, need help
Help! Upgrade Dilemma
Suggestions Needed..
Does anyone use AMD's official forum
Comp Build for a friend - Comments/Suggestions please!
Windows 7/XP Dual Boot Dilema
The Itch to Upgrade
Maximum PC?
Are sound cards worth it?
cheap solution for under $20 for a local remote to pc
Computer will not turn on
Need opinions on putting together a new rig
Another New Rig advice request
least expensive way to expand my system
Software help - PC performance rating
La Sigh. Computer Woes.
Choosing components for PC
NAS-PC Combination
does this sound like maxing out the psu?
Build new PC ( HELPPP )
My first build
SDHC memory card problem
foot pedal mic control (Sound Blaster tap chat)
Old P4 Machine(s)
TrackIR5 I thought this was awesome
Mycomputer is shocking me :(
Can Cooler Master 120mm fan fit this?
Need help with build.
Suggestions on my upcoming build?
Online vs In-Store
New Gaming Rig
Finally someone that is worse than Geek Squad
Upgrade for about $400
need suggestions on a new mouse
raid controller card for w7
Computer is incredibly unstable
Newb wanting to upgrade
New Here, first pc build
Upgrade - CPU/Mobo/Ram suggestions.
help with finding article on toms hardware
Another "I wanna upgrade thread" but..don't have to :P
mouse pad
Air Duster / Compressed Air
Help Correcting a mATX build. Wrong memory listed/Temperature problems
Microsoft Reclusa Media Keeps Replaying
Upgrade, Review.
No sound HELP
Which cpu/mobo combo?
Looking for a Computer Stand/Desk
Help me choose my next upgrade
Help with 500.00 AMD build
Advice on build
What do you think of my ancient budget build
What hard drive enclosure do I need?
Athlon II 640 or Phenom™ II 840T? Worth $50 Difference?
what does this sound like?
can anyone id this usb connector ?
Choosing Between 2 Computers - Which one is better?
Need To Upgrade. Okay Maybe NEED is the wrong word.
My New Rig! :clap:
Server PC?
My PC wont boot up :(
Building my friend an AM3 system...
New Computer Build
Looking for webcam recommendations.
PC Build-Up
Where to order Power Adapters?
No Drivers will load
need help on first gaming build
Why is yahoo messenger webcam so slow?
Big issues long story, help
windows taking longer to boot
Help me choose!
need help building pc first time
building my new pc, never built my own before, but have done for other people
Will it fit?
My Rig. Old+New Parts C&C!
Newbies first build- any help welcome
New PC
clean looking cable estensions
Battlefield 3 Gaming Rig [Help]
Comment my build
Upgrading new-ish PC
Computer locks up when playing just this one game after installing new CPU
Any ideas why my internet connection keeps dropping?
Its amazing how cheap computers have gotten
Wireless adapter?
Best Keyboard?
Building my first PC - Can use help.
Got some cash to spend..
Where is my bottleneck with my current system?
Newbie Builder Help
How to enable Synaptics Multi-Touch
Help me improve my plans for this build.
To catch a thief
New system just got done stressing problem
2.1 Speakers?
Help building a new (gaming) desktop ~ 3000 quid
Would you approve my new gaming rig?
First Rig in Quite Some Time
PC Build Check
GTX480 shadow 'cut-off line'
File server Build??
Comments and suggestion on my new computer build.
tried a new fan in my masscool 92mm :)
New earphone?
PC Wont Power On, Replaced PSU
HELP new build wont work!! PLEASE help chick in distress!
Computer Build Check
5 random queries
Issues with HP C7280 printer and Windows 7
New System Questions - Need expert(s) advice.
Screeching/beeping noise coming from mobo/CPU
AMD+ATI vs AMD+Nvidia Solution
A format/reinstall of Windows means your current data will be gone....
Good Idea? Compatible?
First time building + overclocking - Need help!
Getting headaches or eyeaches, try this out!
Logitech G500 Problems
New Gaming Mouse
I need help with my TI-85
Help Me finish my righ
Apple Using Special New Screws So You Can't Open Your iPhone
Low Buck Build - Check my work!
PC Build - Looking For Suggestions\Review
critique my build
Updating my rig
bought this system, boot problems
is a pat on the back in order?
Desktop on the Desktop
New computer?
First build, hows it look?
Is this a good deal? graphics card recommendation?
helping a friend out
Advice on new build
How much does CPU effect 3dmark scores?
Analog/thumb stick gamepad like the Wii Nunchuck for PC?
intel sandy bridge build
Broken computer
First upgrade in 5 years
How often do you clean your computer?
Radiation from computer
Can You beat this hardware setup @ this price?
Help me choose hardware.
New Setup coming on Monday, rate?
new build runs for half a second
Overclockers IRC
Budget gaming rig - you vote I build !!!
Advice on Improving WEI
Overclocking Estimate
Dumpster Diving
been out for a while looking into $500 upgrade help please
I need a new computer (budget=1500euro's)
Help me in choosing mouse pad
Please critique my planned Gaming set up
wireless keyboard and home network
Computer keeps freezing
New Rig...Just go some parts in just looking for some advice
a potental morality issue with RMAing something
Upgrade advice?
System build issues - help needed!
Help me with my setup?
Newbie $500-600 Rig
New build
What heatsink for the ASUS maximus 4 extreme
Another new build
New Build. Any thoughts?
Random Bsod/lockups
would like to increase performance of my g72 asus
Will the asus 4 extreme motherboard?
New Sys Build... thoughts? discuss?
Budget upgrade! opinions
Tablet PC Solution
Help Computer hesitate on start up
Help: Knowledge Base Software
I need some advise on my new rig.
Firefox sucking
does turning off Aero help with performance?
NAT too strict
Razer Keyboards question
Just finshed my first build
Crysis Woes
After 6 years I finally upgraded
i5 2500k Build - Need Suggestions/Advice
New rig. Need advice :)
BF2 make pc restart
FPS drops from 50-60 on l4d2 to 9-12 fps on laptop
Need some pro advice (rig for my boss)
New Build for a Chick Nerd, please help!
The Razer Black Widow keyboard
first build
Roll Credits [Thanks to OCForums]
Should i get a sound card
Need help building my PC
Optimizing Gaming
3btech rma send me this crap.
Im new here. Im building a Gaming PC.
Thanks to everyone!!!
BSOD removes all cookies etc
Novice seeking build advice
Friends monitor says DVI no signal
Hi there OC'ers, New member desperately seeking help!
CPU Thermal pad question
Critique my new computer!
Car Forum
horrible frame lag
Graphic/chipset incompatibility?
Sweet find!
which power supply
Asus Maximus IV Extreme/i7-2600K Setup
Gaming Build
New build suggestions
[Help please]Bios wont boot after restart
Which mice?
Should I upgrade my rig?
Computer Build Photos
Connecting a WIFI printer and laptop without internet
Good headsets?
Can I overclock @ 3.8GHz?
First Time Build - Any issues? SB, SLI Stereo 3D
First Build, had some questions concerns....
2600K Overclocking questions
Help Building LanBox/HTPC: $1000 Budget
i7 920 and encoding / converting avi files!!!!!
Building a synchronous system
Cd/DVD Drives and Sata?
how do i delete the drm that came with gta 4?
CPU and GPU replacment
Input needed on comp parts. Will it work?
Upgrading my file server for cheap
Mapping mouselook on the Logetech Dual Action Pro?
[Theorycrafting] The 2011 Boundless Build - Budget: $2,500+
What is the most cutting edge...
Front USB Port
First time OC build
Recieved laptop today- how do i get on the internet?
MAJOR budget build
My rig, is it stil viable?
No post: 1 long beep 3 short beeps
prebuilt gamig computer
Can't boot from DVD/CD
Help! Somebody dropped the computer and it workin' no mo'!
Recommend some high quality SATA III Cables?
help me find a decent x58 board
System restarts randomly after lapping CPU/HSF
My waiting for the UPS man Sandybridge build log
Printer Problem
How to give a computer a bath - uxwbill
different temps
Since New is It ok to get PM'd classifieds?
First build! Need help.
CFM or Static Pressure?
Unexpected game freezes?
Will this computer work?
Computer Build
if you had 1000 bucks to build a rig what would u do?
Another first time builder...
fan suggestions
Opinion Please- Prebuilt Gaming System
Rushed purchase
need a cheap media pc, recommendations please!
Like my new Gaming Rig?
How this for a gaming Pc
SFF PC equal to the one in my sig. or better?
ASUS G Series G72GX-RBBX05 NoteBook-thoughts?
Motherboard / Memory Problem?
First time builder, looking for advice
Computer is consuming 463W on idle!
Beer keg computer
can i make my monitor into tv?
Logitech G510 Pandora?
What is your oldest piece of equipment active on your main computer
Wireless Internet adapter for Desktop
I would like a good deal on a laptop for under 700 with decent graphics card
Building my first computer!
Are My Computer Wires A FIRE HAZARD??
Mouse Pad for R.A.T 7
Mic plays back into headphones...
First time builder, need serious help, thx
Some of the guys from tR at CES
PC probe II readings for temps
The Apple thread
How Much Could I Get For My PC
computer keeps freezing.
Older iPod shuffle help
Additional generic "how's my build?" thread
GIGABYTE GA-H55M-UD2H + Xeon X3440 + OCZ 1.65v for quiet home server
Asus Sabertooth X58, Kingston HyperX T1 2000Mhz and Core I7 950 [BOOTPROBLEM]
How to install this PCI wifi card on this mobo (Solved)
Computer won't boot anymore
AMD's new Mini ITX
Need help new computer build wont start up
New 1155 Socket Build - Review, & Advice? Please- Thanks.
Overclocking a Athlon 64 2800?
What is behind your desk?
P95 FATAL ERROR but nothing overclocked.
Another new build thread =P
Check my build please before i check out
No Drivers Will Install, Hardware Related?
First Build, any criticisms/suggestions appreciated
Phantom Build log.
Does the quality of the router impact in gaming experience?
SSD or second monitor?
Upgrading... Compatible???
My First Build - Critiques Welcome
Benq XL2410T
Is France any cheaper to buy hardware than UK?
Power outage bricked my HTPC...
Can I get some advice from the community?
i just picked this mouse up for 20$ see what you think
Passmark.com benchmarks
Wireless card for desktop
Writing a paper-need problems in the IT field
What HDMI cable to buy?
Buying a router
Where do I plug my Hd audio cord into my mobo?
PSU extention cables
HTPC questions
My budget build. Any suggestion?
first build help
New List!
HDMI without Sound Card?
First Build (Wont Post) HELP PLEASE!~
Help me choose a router
5.1 Headsets
Mini-IX build with current gen video cards
Matte Black G15 kb =)
Ozc Ibis
First computer build
Hardware Broken?
Trackball recommendations
Writing a research paper on the history of the CPU, need sources
New home gaming server few questions
Computer won't start up
List check XD
Looking to build!
RAZER Carcharias
Unbelievably noob molex question
When did you fall in love with computers?
General OC'ing questions
UPS Battery Backup
laptop suggestions?
Building a Top Notch Gaming Rig, need help/suggestions
Upgrading Advice
oh UPS, your so silly
Question About my computer(For Gaming)
Can you clean Mobo/CPU/Memory using a solvent?
Virgin Rig Builder Needs Help with Gaming Rig
New PC Build Glitch, Please Help!
hello--- First Post and First Build!!
Building first PC and Major GPU help
DVD Drive Bad?
Several computer problem
My First Build
First Building/Budget Build
Looking for some hardware advice...
Your total home geek setup
i3-540 with HD5850 vs i5-760 with HD5770?