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Deleting Windows
POST failure. Is it a power issue ?
Gawker Media hacked hard
3D modeling
Gaming Build Review
I've gone back in time or my button cell is dead..
Is an HD6850 too much for a $600 bargain build?
new build
$300 for upgrade
Can someone help review this build
Building A Custom Gaming Computer
Antec Sonata III airflow mod
overclock expectations on e7600 and GA-EP45T-UD3LR?
Dost thou groundst thyself?
Freeware To Check Your Computer's Performance & Temperature?
Duo 2 Core pc not working optimal speeds?
Random PC Freezes
Opinions On This Build?
New Build
Tech Help with HP Invent Screen Freeze
Need some help with my computer
Newly Built Desktop Not Turning On - Green Mobo Light Only
Started a new build. Looking for opinions.
Logitech Revue
First time building and not booting up.
How To Hookup On-Board USB 3.0 To A Front Drive Bay
I need some help!!!!!
Upgaded my PC case, now hangs at BIOS splash screen
New game pc
K, whos the smartest in the room ? I need your help...
Computer based training..Network
USB backwards?
Computer Build Question
Share your amazing and horrific computer related stories
amd upgrade wanna ok every thing
Building a Computer with a Small Budget
Can't Open BIOS
Help with system build
Is it the chicken, the egg, or me!?! (a help needed topic)
GTX 460, HD 5770 Hydra X-Mode results
Setting up Hydra engine multi GPU
Resolution for this blue screen? What is the likely to be the problem?
Creative Sound Blaster X-fi Driver wont install
New i7 build, advice welcome.
first time build
Is freezing a hardware problem?
Help me finish my system.
Upgrade Help
Browser History Sniffing
Cold boot issue evga x58 sli LE
overclocking a "stock" pc
Final Design - New Build After 3 Years
A pc puzzle I need help solving
Did i miss anything?
Best upgrade path for under $350
Keyboard / Mouse / Mouse pad
building a gaming computer, need help please
thread moved
Painfully slow speeds while running uTorrent.
First post - Build advice
Took mini sd from phone into card reader into comp.. Now lost most pics/files
First time building. I need some help please.
Final rig decision!!!!
Can't seem to overclock my system
Single core vs Quad core gaming question
Spark from motherboard, what to do?
Logitech Di Novo mini palm keyboard review
New system build (i7 950)
Input on my build
Build So Far
Build advice / Intro
How Can I Tell If These Parts Will Fit Together?
ITX Project Help!
plz help comp freeze
IDE control cards
A simple low budget HTPC
Worse GPU or better CPU?
Can you build me a cheap i7 setup?
Code Purple making me crazy...
New computer build
New Build.Been awhile!
Reduce Computer Noise
Free/cheap A+ cert study guides?
OC methodology
Power LED cable question
Overclocking the Rampage III, advice please
No video on build for my brother
sys temp sensor goes...? vga?
Help me fix my server - I don't have physical access and can't attach a monitor
My new build (complete)
1350 CDN build. Thoughts?
what is this thing? have no idea?
New PC build Issues.
Wireless Router Question WRT54GL
what to buy what to buy.....
Durable Keyboard
College Budget Computer
GPU temp monitor / @Seba
OC 1090T, GTX 460/HD 5770 Hydra X-Mode
First custom computer, any notes?
Government shuts down bittorrents/websites
4.5 Year old PC, it's not cutting it. Advice?
Need input on new computer build
Cheap.. and i mean CHEAP 2nd build
Fan controller/Temp monitor
Performance boost for older system...
Need help, this is my first (and hopefully) only build.
Just installed new cpu and ram and now having problems
Overclocking expectations
First Time Computer Build
Looking for keyboard upgrade
PC SSD crashed, interesting results.
Capacitor companies Which is good?
Should i get rid of my q9550 for a 1080t
Opposite my last build
First Build in 3 Years
First unassisted system build
How to make a laptop EMP proof:
Help Musicmatch jukebox 9 on 64bit dont work
Could I game on this ??
Light Gaming Build
Final Gaming Maching Build : Last check in
New Member seeking advice from the professionals
Rate my Build
Ram/Processor/Motherboard Combo
pci-express 3.0
Logitech G500 or MX 518?
Computer rebooting issue
New Build - Been 3+ Years
Computer won't go into sleep mode
PC Build Questions
Need some advice please! Building Rig
Does anyone here use a UPS?
Tow fans on one channel
Build that will last for a while
First Build and Hi
Could someone review these two builds and answer a question.
Best place to buy laser printer toner?
hows this build?
Need quick input!
First build, need some help.
build for my brother
Gigabyte UD3R + two way sli GTX470?
Inexpensive College-Student PC Build
cpu vs gpu which to upgrade first
check sum error
consistent 0.25 sec BSoD after POST
Wiring Questions
VESA Mount for my samsung monitor
Need advice on this budget gaming PC
Question about choosing a laptop
Which build is better?
Static Electricity...?
CPU help please
Mouse DPI?
Is this an okay PC for gaming?
Is this a good PC? And can I install windows 7? HALP I'm new :(
Final Product (First Build)
HTPC build help
1/2 used xmas pc ok?
Samsung Auto motion Plus problem
attempting to run pc at well below freezing
Looking For Advice on My Current Build
First time computer build (pics)
Black Friday Hardware deals?
Using Kinect to make 3D video
need help regarding sli
Budget Gaming PC Help meh please
Lag lag lag
testing hardware on a psu with no motherboard
How is my build?
What is my biggest bottleneck?
Christmas list
The Cult of IBM Model M
Review my budget build
How is my build for under $600
Color changing Keybaords
My first build PC and also my first desktop PC
Does anyone here know about those Big Satellite Dishes?
upgrade advice
Suggest me a build with a $400-500 budget
How to make background seethrough on image?
Another SC2 CoD Black Ops System question
What should I get next?
Where to spend my money?
$5000.00 Computer build [Need Help]
good wireless keyboard and mouse
Help ! First time build my own PC !
Cable tv on pc. Wirelessly
my PC freezes nearly everyday :-(
first time build, so many choices i cant commit
Home server build
New to forum, 1st-time builder
New gaming PC advice
PC Shuts Off
help me pick my next upgrade
Is there a name for that foam that comes...
dusted computer, started problem
Computer has been acting weird
Logitech MX518 vs G500
Need help please!
Budget Build - Mostly for movies, photo editing, and music
anyone in the UK
Good Mouse
Computer desks
Scanner Help - HP
Final Double Check on Parts~
sugestion about new build
Computer Build
Building new rig for first time in yonks!
Computer build help
A analog stick device?
Which Mouse & Headset?
Good idea for $1800 build
Last-minute build advice?
Grade my Build
My Gaming PC Build
How Do You Know If The Parts Will Fit?
D@MN! I've Caught it.... NEW PC FEVER!!!!! arghhhhhh!!
Magnetic Ring Question - novice needs help
Choppy Laggy Crackly Sound in games
Looking for help on an i7 950 build
the parts i bought
First pc build
Gaming build advice
Post freezes on CPU
wingman extreme digital 3d
usb can't be open
Is this a good PC?
Here's a terribly stupid question for all of you =] (capture card)
Building a budget gaming Pc.
Computer slow during CD/DVD burn?
Replacement system advice
Facing some stability issues with new build
Slapping together a cheap PC for my mom, input welcome!
Putting together a new computer! Am I missing anything?
nas box with wifi bridge
Got a g510 Any good mods for it?
Creating a bootable DOS USB thumbdrive on Win 7 64
Is there any chance a temp reading from Speedfan could be incorrect?
Blu ray Players
Overclock Inspiration
S.3804 The great USA firewall, scheduled for vote on NOV 12. Have your say NOW!
Overclocking + warranty
help black ops cpu
Raid Card Advice
My RIG OC'ed to 4.2Ghz
WTB Overclocked i7, MB and Ram.
Could Someone Review This Build?
Mouse Pads!
Saitek Eclipse III or Cyborg
USB 3.0 Speeds
HAF X vs Obsidian 800D
First PC build
Just picked up a new system
Need help on my first build
Problems with computer.
Serious hardware gathering
Very slow startup time, modern system
Have to start somewhere
Possible mobo fail - may need new system
my dream gadget for xmas...
Help picking parts for new pc
Question about shipping
Input on Eyefinity please?
Logitech MX 518
Is 1.355V+ vtt to high ?
Computer throttling down?
About temperatures
How do I make this work?
lots of questions gpu/cpu
Modem & Router Advice
Please check over my first build!
Video conversion (favour!)
Budget Intel Gaming Build
It's weak but its stable. But is it considered cool ?
New Build, buy now or wait for holiday sale?
Cheap PC Build $200 top or less HELP
Need some input on an upgrade i want to do to my PC
Asking for build critique, please.
A Website that freaking ships to Lebanon??
AMD or Intel Gaming PC
need 2 recommendations
All-In-One Desktops
Gamer PC Build - Need some advice
PC wont boot, makes clicking noise
Preview of Intel UEFI with Sandy Bridge
Building Friend Gaming Rig, Please Check before order...
Game Build advice? Can you help?
Dp45sg memory problem
Almost there, but problems during POST. PSU ????
Help :(
Is a little more speed worth it ? How do you estimate it ?
New liquid pc build! Opinions...
New liquid pc build! Opinions...
[Black Friday] What will you try and get?
Time to upgrade or stick with what I have?
New pc build advice
New Build
Need cheap build
Looking for a good Gaming PC
Help! Screen went all crazy during overclock
White Blinking Line
9800gt shorting out system?
BSOD/Complete Freezing Problem
windows 7 problem
Walmart computer fail
New gaming PC build (Is it good?)
will somethig bad happen?...
Can't find a hot-swap tray for SATA 3.0 HDD
keyboard shortcut
Ipod vs Droid questions
Trouble Shooting Power issues.
Major meltdown troubleshooting needed!
Klipsch Ultra's Rock Hard
How fast is your internet during peak hours?
Upgrading! Need feedback
So what's up with my router??
New Build, brings new questions
New here! Need some help.
Where to buy Cogage True Spirit AM3 Bolt-Thru kit?
Overclockin' my older PC
Question regarding DVI to HDMI/DVI switch?
Computer component recycling
my pc
$199 Quad Core system
[SOLVED] Calender and Scheduling Program
64bit w7
New $9XX Gaming Rig Build Using The HAF 912 Case
HELP, just built my new computer, and it's not looking good
Google Buzz lawsuit (for Gmail users)
Lotta computers
My new PC build
$2120.00 Computer, Thoughts?
a help question?
So what died?
hpc workstation design-opinion and advice welcome
Can i use a bluetooth mouse/kb when installing a fresh copy of win7?
Looking for a free Alarm Clock program
Sub $700 Gaming Rig?
Windows Won't Recognize my Soundcard
New build parts list
Upgrading from Nvidia 9800 GT
Motherboard on cardboard won't run.
graphics card was working, now its not
Probabilistic processors possibly pack potent punch
Intel's upgradable processor: good sense or utter catastrophe?
Just brought my new PC YAY!
Aquamark 3 crashes in the very end before the score screen
New PC Build
Atom systems worth it?
Datavac Electric Duster
ps3 to computer
Prime 95
Dell Latitude D420 won't boot
Smoky Hardware
Looking for best gaming monitor ~$200
New build, hardware recommendations?
What $6198.98 would buy in 1996?
whay my comp is shuting down
Round IDE Cables
Really creepy keyboard & mouse problem
Weak PSU
Help choose remaining components!
Did i just break my DVD burner?
New Build Issues
First Custom Build
Heatsink and Mobo Compatibility issue
ASCII code and HEXA code
Overclocked 24/7 or Toggle?
Student Build Photoshop Archicad Illustrator
screen flashing?
W7 miss reading gpu
ESXi v4.1 White Box
New Desk mount Monitor Stand
stuck installing operating system
New rig :) first timer
Is this 3DMARK06 score decent?
Overclocking terms
What's So Great About MKV
BSOD 0x00000101 HELP!!!
Keyboard Problem
Single device for cable TV & Internet?
Am i getting what everyone's getting? (Newvegas performance on 1055T and HD5970)
First time for everything...
Is AMD Fusion a marketing gimmick like sega genesis' blast processing?
newbie here, any suggestions for change?
Buyer Guides
Mouse problem
Need a new printer
Help with a build
Custom Build Desktop Gaming Rig Recommendations/Comments/Reviews/Problems AMD
Need Help Deciding Between 3 Builds $1,000-$1,300 Budget
Trying to build from scrap parts; need thoughts on mobo and video
So confused... Spec vs Memory Speed
Completing my Second Rig Correctly.[~$1000]
Completely dark computer...
Need help troubleshooting failure.
Ideal lighting for computer room?
First Computer Build
Hello all from a new member
Need Help in Overclocking
toshiba harman kardon display issue
Reviving a Epson printer?
PCI (or express) NTSC TV Tuner... Need some suggestions
Hi I am new here
Deciding on Video memory...
Hi, New to overclockers
Cant use fraps alternatives?
Can has forgot what lockscrew has
First build from scratch.
Over clocking HELP! Can't get system stable(Q9550/750i sli ftw
Need Slot A GFDs
Is my power supply enough?
couple questions
No video during post, video after
Locating Chrome bookmarks
Random Freezes/Restarts
S-Video to TV
Formats, copies, will not install OS
First time building a computer, any suggestions would be awesome
Huge Project - Cables gone hay-wire!
Computer build for really cheap
Rebooting Problems Help!
Please advise on new build
Component List feasibility
Please rate my build (n00b here!)
Computer boots up and turns off.
need help choosing new gaming pc.
new gaming rig
Anyone else got an ASUS OC Station?????
finally compiling a concrete computer parts list.
case /PSU questions
Best build among these
Proposed build for audio editing?
Help me isolate wires so they don't make contact when crammed into a tiny space
Green Display screen/fan controller
Virtualisation Behemoth - Info Required for Book on Virtual Platforms
Compability issues, $2500 build.
Mute mic problem!
New Builder Needs Help - Specific Build Questions
Building my first comp - Could use some opinions
Strange buzzing sound from computer
New Cpmputer Build....Help?
What would you do?
Looking at a new build
Building a new comp! Need advice
Comments sought on planned new build for moderate overclocking
No video/can't POST
Need advice on new computer rig
AMD 3200+ getting a bit extra life out of it?
looking for a pair of older sli
[O/C]Bobnova Benching Live Tonight
My computer shut it down from nothing
help me upgrade
Help me build a PC for my Grammy!
New Computer Build Questions
Corrosion Removal
Noob? Me? oh yes definately....
Low budget upgrade
Building a new computer need some help
No contract cell phones
Best performance per $$ build
Question about the iphone 4???
Best upgrade
Troubleshoot: Custom PC - Keeps Rebooting
Help--stability issue
New System Help
[O/C]AMD and Intel Buyer's Guide (10/2010)
Screen flicker while gaming
SATAIII and USB3.0???
Stability over performance (Maybe I'm getting too old for this...)
2 questions about building a computer
Front Panel USB Problems
sound blaster driver question
heatware problem
808MP5's Computer Build Log
Please help judge build
AMD X2 5050e value?
Looks, not performance
general overclocking question
IS this PC worth this?
Please take a look at this setup
Problems with computer..Need help!
First time builder needs help.
Help me pick parts for an i7 gaming rig
Hard Drive Reset
Anyone near Maidenhead/Reading England?