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windows 7 not recognizing keyboard
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Will looking at 1080p for long periods hurt your eyes?
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New car by ATI ?
need help with overclocking issus.
Deleting Identical Songs
USB coffee-cup warmer could be stealing your data
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Computer desk
.: PROJECTile :.
How much bang for my buck did i get
Happy Birthday to me.. but I need your help!
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My Logetech Dual Action Gamepad, mapping prob.
Dual channel memory failure on cold boot
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Speeding up Magic Mouse
Possible reason for a wire to get 'hard'? Headset wire. And another question.
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Complete Setup Suggestions ($1300)
building my first custom rig (budget $1.5k). suggestions?
Unstable graphics after overclock, I have a theory can any confirm
thermal paste vs thermal pads
5 dollar alienware updated some
HP Pavilion
Zalman upgrade or not?
$600 budget pc
Computer parts suggestion needed!
New computer won't even reach BIOS
new computer wont turn on
Just finished building my computer.
Onboard sound issues
What would you pay for a TRS-80 now?
What kind of tape on the motherboard?
ever " Spliced " a old PS2 cable?
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CAT6 replaces HDMI
Win Tickets to IDF in San Francisco
Free wireless internet at Starbucks (starting today)
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Convincing my friend to not DELL :)
Damaged disc
Component input into PC
Wireless Internet Help Needed
PC Now Shutting Down By It's Self (Random Intervals)
A thread for all those who love Dell.
i just passed my degree woooo!!!! dad has given me 1000!!!!!!!what shall i buy?
Need Advice! building office computer
Rate my build. Suggestions welcome! :)
Name this fan controller?
Is netflix really all that?
Prime 95 FATAL ERROR - Haven't Even Overclocked Yet
Building my first rig. Help me not screw up ^_^?
"No signal" Problem
Fast computer by specs, very slow boot up
SSD or CPU upgrade for gaming
Project "SKYNET" - please help to choose parts and safe-overclock an i7-based PC
How can I make my pc faster and better?
$1000 UPGRADE need advice
Computer chair suggestions please.
Easy question about cables
Where have all the drivers gone?
Just finished my rig. Having some problems getting going.
2nd graphics card or soundcard
Another Budget Build
Looking to build a small lower power server.
Advice on my build
My i7 System.. Tips and opinions needed
unloking sempron 140?
New build-- what do you guys think?
CPU/motherboard or GPU?
My Bros Computer
Sun Ultra 5 passwords
[Toubleshoot]Hypertransport Sync Flood + Sound Error
This is IT...and now WHAT? LOL!
where are the high speed usb ports on my computer?
2 PCI Wireless Cards
need new Transportable computer to play Hearts of Iron 3
Which upgrade(s)?
Need help with initial boot process!!
$500-$800 Gaming/Dev Rig
Issues with booting up, need some insight
Gaming PC (1000 $CAD)
Having Problems Crashing In Games...(ATI Radeon 5870)
New to the forum and need some help.
Is this rig worth it? (out of loop 7yrs now..)
Computer decides not to boot.
Just ordered my first build in years! What do you think?
Best place to buy cheap used parts other then ebay!
Need advice for a media rig..
ummm what cell phones
Looking for a program to read my printer memory.
Help! FPS slowly creeps down
Newest Build
Can you improve this for less money? 1000 intel 930 rig
advice on new gaming rig
Of course another Gaming build
Mouse for gaming.
Cool text entry beta for Android users
I Need Help With My Rig
VOIP/Gaming Software
Flashing Lights
Thinking of building Phenom II 1090T system... or go Intel?
Building my next gaming rig, suggestions please
New build with a problem
This is so old, can no one help? 56k Modem
Just another check my potential build
Need some advice. Thanks.
Pc freezes while gaming and doesn't respond
Another what to upgrade next thread
New System with GA-X58A-UD3R and i7 930
so either redoing my loop did something or...
As a single processor today, how would this compare?
$5,000 Video Editing Rig - First Build - Suggestions and Advice
Cmoazz's future proof PC
help please :( blue screen
What's my weakpoint?
computer restart
First Upgrade
Invalid disk system disk
g500 and the Steelseries 4hd
Need some advice
Firmware upgrade broke my WRT160N
changing motherboard
Blue screen/Disk Check at startup
Folder Replication Across a Slow Network Connection - Help!
All of a sudden... screen keeps distorting, then freezing
Decisions on new rig!!!
Video problem - pressure solves it?
New Build: P6X58D-E, GTX 470, Hyper 212+, Etc... Questions. Advice welcome.
My next Build...
What should I upgrade next?
complete gamming system build from store
Software Suggestions?
Timing issues?
New gaming headset.
Money coming my way! But does this look alright?
How am i doing?
PC locking up looking for any help
Can i burn an 8 layer bluray on a basic bluray writing drive?
new pc component
Help build a $1000-1500 Work Rig
Easiest Way To Low-Level-Format Multiple Hard Drives?
Help with wireless router signal
need input on build for friend
Looking for better heatsink and fan
New Custom Computer (06/2010)
'Dark Pulse Laser' Produces Bursts of ... Almost Nothing
New pc, everything connected, no screen signal
CPU Fan Error on Boot, Help??
First Build - No Boot - No POST
Wireless Keyboard/Mouse/Sender Unit Bad?
24 Threaded Cores....dual 5650 xeon inside
Computer freezes...but only when playing a game
980x rampge II extreme and g skill ripjaw ddr3 ram combo
My NewEgg Shopping List (Help Please)
~1300 Gaming Rig Help Please
Unstable system, no overclocking, need help troubleshooting
Interactive/Animated Desktop Wallpapers
Computer Build..In Need Of Help
Need serious help with putting my parts together.
Dvd player player problems
Advice on a new Build
Asus vs MSI 5770
Botting to a w7 install from a new mobo
Been out of the loop
No Screen.. No Ping... No worky... assistance needed..
After months of debating, I have my final build list.
Custom Gaming Laptop vs Macbook Pro
Please review build, first in years
Suggestions for Upgrading the Video Card in my brother's Dell, please
MSI's UEFI: About time or OCers nightmare?
First OC, New Build.
What is a good size laptop to bring to school??
XPS 710 issues
Power of "Super Hero" Proportions
Startup problem
[O/C]Son of Intel Employee Missing in Oregon
FIrst Build, Problems!
what rig would you take?
Is my new Asus computer good for gaming?
my *finished* RIG
OEM DVD Modules?
Time for a new pc; looking for advice.
usb to serial drivers
Rebuild for BC2?
Looking to upgrade/increased performance?
is This alright for a 1050 budget build?
need a once over
Mouse problem or software problem?
Feedback on new system
The PC has to go! :(
Razer Copperhead mouse button problem
Requesting Build Review :)
Understanding O.N.E
Network, 2Gbps/teaming
[solved] New Computer Built: Wont Fire Up :-|
PC just won't work. Help?
removing the overclocked setting
Logitech MX610 mouse choppy while using wireless card
WTF is "Digital Impact"?
Upgrading rig.. Good parts or order something different?
New Build - ..Need Help..
Multi-Touch Touchpad
Apple hypocrisy
New Build = Lots of Questions
PS3 SKU number question
Good Deal?
1st gaming build! Need advise!
New system, need help
opinion needed on upgrading PC - half way there already
Do you know more about baby monitors? We need you!
980X New Build
Quad/Dual Users
Samsung M1 (GT-I6410) LiMo moddable?
Another Custom Build PC Help...I7 860/930
computer overheated in car
Need some help with BIOS
Is now a good time to buy?
[SOLVED] My PC turns off unexpectedly
$1000-1500 Budget Gaming
Friends HTPC Build, Need Help
SFF Build, Itx, 270w Max....
After College Build
My New System!! (Pictures)
Reccomend me a 48 port network switch.
How to record pc screen and sound?
Building a <$1000 gaming rig to last through the ages
$700-$800 budget rig.
Supercomputing superpowers
PSU or MOBO done?
Cheapo Server Build
Project: WTF am I doing ?!
My 1st build
New i7 build
I would like to THANK the users of overclockers
Suggestions on this build?
$600 budget OC i5-750 build
Hey all
Which Keyboard of these 2?
EXPERTS get in HERE, 1st BUDGET gaming rig, partially clueless
Dual boot issue
Gaming / Multi-Tasking Desktop Build
First computer. Are these parts fine?
Technology Seminars
Custom Build Help
PCI and PCIe card dimensions?
video card problem (very small tower)
Kinda extreme gaming build
Problems with laptop identifing wireless network
Cheap Hardware, but at What Cost?
powercoler rma services?
Picking the right parts (first timer)
TV tuner doesnt wrok noq
Building a desktop
Silicon wafer prices could rise 15-30% in 3Q10
Desk lamp: LED, CF, other?
BSOD during gameplay
A Good Router
Returning from deployment... before i turn on my computer...
Seagate RMA process?
470 gtx vs. my system...bottleneck?
Building the FIRST PC, need help with parts!
New Build, got questions...please help
I5 650 on h55m-ud2 dice action
1st Build - Parts Picked out. Suggestions wanted
Comments on system build?
Want to get my video capture program to auto boot
I need help finding a few things cheap PLEASE!
My new gaming build
dell inspiron 1520 laptop
Need a new printer....
2 computers from 1 PSU?
Why do flash drives screw with my other USB devices?
wireless information theft?
Abit NF7-S won't boot - no post, no beeps
Is this build good for what I need? Please help.
Computer Hardware
Compppuuttter help
Parts for sale
Recommend a Wireless G card
Biggest full tower
Critique my build...
The "Google" image above the searchbox...
Crash troubleshooting help
New Build
Going to be overclocking soon and have a few important questions
Maximus III Formula & I 5 750 OC Build,comments please! :)
[O/C]Overclock Your Android Phone
Building my PC
stuttering in games, big concern
Google Honoring PacMan's 30th Birthday.
Time for a full upgrade?
Building my computer advice
Places to sell used electronics?
I'd like to build my own desktop.
noob to backing up my dvd collection
Help me pick out a laptop
computer wont boot
Video Card Mania !
I'm bored
Quick question about screen size using 1920x1080p resolution.
Front panel audio--educated guess
Going to Europe (Denmark) what do buy?
Time for a small upgrade
Overclocking my New System
Why don't you like Macs?
Computer rebooting when playing games
PC vs Apple - just my opinion ;)
Amd phenom x 4 or x6 for gaming
Garbage wireless reception
How important is the motherboard?
please look at this Amd build and cast your opinions
My pc shuts down while playying crysis for 2 minutes or less.
What is the best upgrade?
Dell Inspiron 531...bad PSU. What to replace it with?
Wireless Booster Question
Computer was randomly rebooting, now won't boot at all.
Motion blur with video capture
New Build, Finally Done!
Spare parts and wires?
G series keyboards. Where are the manuals? :O
Help Finalising Build for new Phenom II X6 build
Strange reboot hang
Proposed Build
Possible bottleneck???
How to remove epoxy heatsink?
Looking for some advice on a new rig ...
New PC build, just need some advice
New Rig Will Not Turn On
hauppauge video capture card only seeing channel 4
Need help matching Intel CPU, FSB and DDR2 Speeds
can i use a 8800 gt as an hdtv recorder?
hauppauge hvr-1250 (stupid question)
Google was mapping more than streets...
potential college build/summer project
Need advise on AMD build
performance / gaming build
Need help advice with a dell and misc parts please???
Put a 120 gb hdd in an external case reads as 24.4
100% CPU Fix
laptop heat problem
Cable Combo
Parts arrived, smooth installation, no monitor display!
$10K Computer? Configuration Help!
[O/C]Computers: Toys or Tools?
Building a new computer
Gameing Station
Ultimate quiet HTPC
New Computer build for end of the month
Core i5 GTX 260 SSC - selling
Random Restarts.
Help choosing components for new, first time, build.
where are good places to sell pc stuff
Best Girlfriend Ever Thread.
Bridging Incoming connection to computer and computer to router
Wireless Gigabit spec published, gains Cisco support
FCC hands Hollywood the keys to your PC, home theater and future
faster cpu vs. bigger ssd
New member here, can you comment on my proposed build?
thoughts on-Hauppauge 1196 WinTV HVR-1250 Hybrid Video Recorder - PCI Express
how do i test to see in a hard drive works?
Hard drive enclosures turn a hard drive into an external one?
Audio Issues
AMD or Intel (and other questions)
What's your technology specialty?
Need suggestions on new build for video editing please.
Cheap computer gear and hot computer babes in NYC?
Is this just corrupt VRAM? Or is there something else wrong? (WARNING XXL PICS)
Typing help -
Which CPU is Better?
Which CPU should I go for?
Can i use an external hard drive as a DVR?
Need to aquire a NAS.
Need help first build blue screen.
Computer Woes
What is the best for a new PC
When should I upgrade?
New to overclockers, have many questions.
Help HP Pavilion will not boot/post
Max Quality Build
Court fight brews over unsealing iPhone records
Looking for approvals / suggestions
Another Cell phone thread....
Scientists Explain Why Computers Crash But We Don't
recommend a good video capture card for under 50?
Upgrading on a Budget
NVIDIA: Moore's Law? No, that's rubbish.
blu-ray player requirements?
New member here, with a new build! What do you think?
PC over IP video cards?
New Computer Help
Hardware autospy. What killed this computer?
need hdtv tuner under 25 new or used
New Build
Repair or Build?
Build a Supercomputer
First build
Got a rough draft for my next build...
Frio in a HAF 922
First 2 BSOD while playing games on 2010 build
CPU/GPU benchmark ranking site
What you think of these parts for first build?
Compatability Woes
C:\ Junk help
Time for a new pc; looking for advice.
New Build - $1300 Budget
Squeezing Every Ounce?!
Suggestions for old computer
My Rig's Performance is not up to Expectations
Digital to Analog Temp Display?
Was expecting maybe a hair bit more of performance?
Computer starts fast then slugish as hell
$1700 dollars for build?
New To Overclocking, a little help?
Another noob question
New here and wanting some advice on my current build :)
P6X58D-E system build?
Help! PSU died and might have took my mobo with it!
Steve Jobs posts "Thoughts on Flash" to apple's website - ripping hard on Adobe
Logitech G500 Or Razer Impreator
Another New Build 13 Machines
PCI slots too small?
Keyboard/mouse cause long mobo beeps
Returning MB to Fry's for new one
Core I7 question
My computer's Starting to Hang
Configuration Question - Computer build for my son
Selling Computer Next Year - How Much You Think I Can Get?
Super Frustrating Problem
keyboard problems
Gizmodo Raided by Police
mATX Rig Problem
High End 980x Build, wondering about performance.
Air or Water (upgrade) for current rig....
Simple yet noob question
what should I use to monitor my i5 temps?
Killed it?
Cold boot issues on my build...
Overclocking Crashes my File system
Would Appreciate Some Help - BSODs / strange problems.
Stress test
router as bridge
Help! High Pitch Noise coming from MB
Building First Computer...
HELP! Thoughts on specs for building PC
Weird Beeping when I hold a few keys
system just dies
Yet another newcomer needing Rig opinions!
My Configuration : Your Opinion
can i overclock my ICH5?
Formatting in exFAT question
$500 gaming and video editing computer
two backup computers older performs better?
Suggestion whether i should start new or upgrade some of what i have.
How much RAM should I be buying?
Keyframe Text Issue in Sony Vegas
New rig spec help - budget 6,000$
Need advice on new tech....
Run ANDROID on your iPhone!
Advice for new builds
Newbie reviving my Antec