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First time Build--Budget Gaming Rig--will this overclock well?
Powerful Router
Got an older Dual CPU mobo what shout i do with it?
mouse has a short in it and i need recommendations for new one
Building new rig, very big! Opinions welcome.
2.0mp webcam lags badly
I think I am Losing My Mind i5 or X6
Leaked: 2011 Intel SSD, Sandy Bridge CPU Roadmap
Your input for my build, plz
Need Suggestions
problems once in a great while with not posting.
Old HDD is not recognized... Why?
BSODs, yesterday - HDD has no partitions, that are accessable. HDD failure? MB?
PC Upgrades - Been outta the game for a while
Warranty... Is this the case i can use it?
I need help customizing computer
Freebie brag
Noob Stability Question
Please Spec me a 1200 build.
Need a hand with new rig build!
Windows 7 clean install issues
Intel: Smart Computing Islands on Everyday Surfaces
Alaska & Hawaii Residents That Buy From NewEgg Read This!
Too confused to choose
Upgrading Laptop Wifi card from G to N. They use the same antenna?
Razer Megasoma X Razer Vespula X any otherss
5850 vs GTX 470 @ stock
Help me build a new gaming pc.
Newly built computer problem.
Fine tuning my $1000 build
Just got my Daskeyboard...
Managed service clients/solutions
Please help me update my gaming rig
Need help URGENT!
Linksys WRT54G router, wireless channel locked.
My system wont boot, help =/
Finished Build - 2010 Desktop
BSODs :( No clue
Finished Build - What settings do I need?
Thermaltake 120mm Fan Noise Dampener fit In Antec 900 Case
2 builds, 1 bundle of cash, 1 choice.
1st AMD Build for gaming/image editing
first ever build. tear it up :)
Brand new build - black screen
What to take for 2nd school semester classes
My new rig - torn between SLI & CF
Critique my buddies Budget PC Build
Computer Fax sending services?
Android (Phone OS) Questions
HDTV & antiena, but no local channels???
How long should i still wait before upgrading.
What would be the next one?
Updating Build for 2010...Please take a look.
Recommend me Keyboard and Mouse..
PSn question
setting up 8 year old boy with computer fun
Changing all hardware with win xp
Opinions on this rig
System Build Help
PC Build check plz
Gigaset se567 review?
Neweggs DIY Combo Price: $6,554.96?!??
NAS build
Critique ~$2000 build
Need help/ideas/theories/9 iron...
New build...where to start?
Need Help with upgrading system for overclocking
Finding a good keyboard for both gaming and other uses.
Where to store my parts? (I took them out of motherboard)
Overclocking ultimate noob
Is this something that can be fixed easily and inexpensively?
Need some Professional Help here!
Picking a HDD
New build... just a couple questions.
Microsoft Sidewinder X6 dimension without keypad
Upgrading: which route should I take?
Any changes to these builds?
My new computer
One-Stop RSS feed for News?
Installed Motherboard without spacer can it Short RAM,CPU,VC, and MB ?
Physics in games
Problems opening microswitches on a mouse
5000 users and then some
My build.. Finally.
Not really sure what to do, need help!
Need advice for a CHEAP tv tuner!
dvd drive disappears
3D Gaming Rig (Ideas?)
Will this laptop be suitable for VS 2010, Adobe Web Premium, etc.
Hey need help here!
First Build - Am I missing anything or could I choose anything better?
Random powerdowns.
F.I.R.S.T. Robotics
Need help tweaking my build.
Pdf Question
Desktop for my dorm
No post, no boot, no nothing :( HELP ME PLEASE
Need a little UPS.
What kind of a performance increase would this upgrade get me?
laser printers?
Advice needed on my new computer build
Odd i7 built crash problem - Idle and DVD playback?
AM2 processor Bottleneck?
LOL looks like i have a $1000 cpu for only $68 bucks.
Intel X25V 40gb or Kingston SSDNow 64gb?
Can this be classified as a powerful pc?
Upgrading my rig
Sata case fans??????
Questions for IT Guys
Help on components for 980x
Time to Upgrade
I can't pin point why my HTPC is rebooting.
New Build (OS Install Locking Up)
Windows XP 64 bit loss of internet
Need to clean ext files
AM3 With SLI Build Advice Needed And Appreciated
usb wireless wifi adapters as good as internal pci wife cards?
Wireless On New Build
Quantum memory may topple Heisenberg's uncertainty principle
GTX460 on an OC'd e7500. Bottleneck?
Does this sort of thing exist?
New Build Won't Post.
$700 build - Buying it tonight possibly.
Restarting every 2-200 minutes
Combined build from old computer
Three builds, might be building and selling. Any suggestions?
What are the best and reliable amd mobos for a RAID 0 setup?
First Comp Build
I got got caught shorthanded today
Ethernet cable
looking at a GTX 460 SLI build, smallest & qietest non-flashy box is my goal
Computer Resale
New system help
Upgraded Computer
Should I build a gaming rig, or keep my laptop?
Freezing Issue At Startup
Below $50 Mid or Smaller Case Suggestions
Dutchy in need of advice; build pc
Buying a pre-built system
Link to the super lasers?
Need some advice.
FIRST TIME building and OC'ing PC Help
Mothers computer has a virus i need help fast
Mothers computer has a virus i need help fast
Universal Tablet Software
new build would not post sometimes...
Not Satisfied with my SSD so....
Have some more questions.
mother board problem?
Help With new Build
Learning More About Hardware
Need help building my first gaming computer
Long Standing problem
Bad Memory Sticks? Any Advice?
Hi End
Are there any mods I can do to WLAN/WWAN to decrease heat?
New Build
Slingbox info?
Slow Network Speed
Custom Desktop PC
Setting up printer for multiple pc's
Apple's "MobileMe" does NOT work with the new Windows 7!!
New gov't rules allow unapproved iPhone apps
Need advice
What is more important for encoding - GPU or CPU?
Nurit 2085 And 3020 to IP Based
Best way to clean a keyboard?
Looking to Upgrade
955BE+GTX460 build completed for now !
Slightly tilted HSF
My Budget Build ($500)!
New Folding@Home Build Suggestions
Upgrading this System Build: - Need advice where to upgrade from here.
Cpu cooler for i5 750
building a AMD processor + GTX 460 setup
Intel takes the next step in Silicon Photonics
Custom pc boot conudrum
General Info...
Newbie's First Time Build -Log (advice anyone?)
Toying with building i7 system
Mafia II - Run on my pc?
Coax to Cat5 adapter
I'm moving!
New build, ordering parts on 5th
at a lost
Is my build good (Budget build) ($600)
Partial Build
Question about Upcoming Tech.
[O/C]GIGABYTE Announces GO OC 2010 North America Regional Final
About to place this order soon... please comment.
Critique my i7 build
What do you do with your top-end system?
Good 400/500 dollar build
First time build and need some advice
Is my pc good enough for photo & graphic editing?
Fan power question
How do you open up a laptop???
New Build (suggestions, opinions needed!)
Trying to Diagnose problem
This genertion of equipment
Roughly $2000 budget for some unique requirements... tons of questions!
First Build... Advice Please!
Surveillance Systems; High definition night vision
Best Gaming Mouse,Mouse pads & Keyboards
India unveils $35 computer!
Best CPU+Board for 550 bucks?
All fans spinning, no signal
New build wont boot
NEw computer need help
Need some advice!
New Build. Need Recommendation.
Programs to monitor CPU temps?
Laser printer overkill!
Budget video editing box
General hardware issue - PC keeps powering down
Upgrade advice please
Build for my niece
Is my build ok?
AVCHD editing/rendering build
New computer, looking for advice
How to build a computer guide (help)
My first build
which board & psu ?
this a good mouse?
Anybody watch Twit podcasts and/or twit Live?
Strange mouse problem
Needed an Upgrade and I'm Clueless
Pc Keeps Crashing
just want to say thank you
computer not turning on
[O/C]Intel and NVIDIA's New Performance Parts
new build...7 years in the making!
Server - Was this a good purchase?
Having A Program Start Instantly Upon Booting Windows
HP LaserJet 4345 Left Output Bin Full
Laptop Problems
New build advice
+5 to whoever identifies this
Help me put a price tag on my PC
Remote POS software (real time sales on the road)
i broke my computer
UPS's / battery backups
New Pc Build
Help with a new build
computer not starting up
abitEQ reporting warning for abit ip35e
Comaq presario v6k wireless not working
The smalest PC I have ever seen...
Need a new CPU!
3rd party router firmware??
Dual LAN on motherboard
EVGA wallpaper contest [ My entry]
give me your opinion !
Hard disk not found
Silverstone Grandia
Cheap PC Build for College Student
Upgrading Network to 1 Gbit
Thorough hardware testing? First build!
Sick of random crashes..
SSD vs New Processor
Just finished my first build...
Quick but odd question(sata power connector)
Good budget build?
New i5 system crashes/other problems
multi sli
viewing full post issue
Hey all So i would like some advice...
What should I upgrade?
Attempting to resurrect an old machine
A app. to connect local computer to each other?
BSOD with 8GB
When building my computer what surface should i work on?
Good Soldering Iron
Mini Pc Upgrade
Sub-$1000 Gaming/Multimeida System
Thinking about building mini-ITX gaming rig
Use my server for a media player?
New PC -> not for gaming but for work
Face Recognition Software??
computer won't power up
Killer 2100 Net Work Card
Suggest me a good gaming keyboard! :)
New Build - Diary
I would like ideas on this rig design please
PC no power?
micro computer complex.
accessing network storage on different network?
Setup/Running a Server
Acer Aspire 7730Z graphics card upgrade?
Double power up at boot - new system
I went Shopping
You love them! another "will it work before I buy it!" thread
New rig seeking advice
Possibly broke my computer; what are my options?
i need really black LEDs
cheap family computer
Netgear N
new pc quite loud
Computer just goes black screen after boot?
PC failed and I'm a bit out of touch
Toms Hardware graphic charts
Need Opionions/New I.T. Work build
Super cheap ethernet cables
Career Change?
mouse driving me insaine !
New PSU or new PSU and moobo?
New build suggestions!
Building a new PC; am I going to be missing any cables?
How does this build look?
windows 7 not recognizing keyboard
Looking for a KVM switch with DVI and 5.1.
Will looking at 1080p for long periods hurt your eyes?
parts ordered build starting next week
Poor performance
Dual Monitor help
GA-EP45-DS3L + E8400 OC Assistance
Computer not starting correctly
TMPIN1 @ 73 C
Computing from room to room!
Overclocking my Custom Built Gaming PC via SetFSB help ?
Cooler Master... Mouse?!?
New Build - Minor Irritation
Newbuild gaming PC in HK - any advice?
old dog in need of new tricks
Overclocking iPhone 4
Dorm Room Desktop
USB devices won't work (error code 10)
CPU and GPU advice
failed startup Help!
Seasonic X-650 Power Question
Finishing what I started..
New Build; pc turns on for a second then off repeatedly
An idea that I am looking for advice on.
End of the road for BFG..
Budget gaming machine ( Sub $1000 ) need checking please.
Considering to up my gaming rig
New car by ATI ?
need help with overclocking issus.
Deleting Identical Songs
USB coffee-cup warmer could be stealing your data
Computer turns on, but nothing on the monitor
Computer desk
.: PROJECTile :.
How much bang for my buck did i get
Happy Birthday to me.. but I need your help!
Upgrading My PC
My Logetech Dual Action Gamepad, mapping prob.
Dual channel memory failure on cold boot
Opinions on a new system build
Speeding up Magic Mouse
Possible reason for a wire to get 'hard'? Headset wire. And another question.
New System Advice
Complete Setup Suggestions ($1300)
building my first custom rig (budget $1.5k). suggestions?
Unstable graphics after overclock, I have a theory can any confirm
thermal paste vs thermal pads
5 dollar alienware updated some
HP Pavilion
Zalman upgrade or not?
$600 budget pc
Computer parts suggestion needed!
New computer won't even reach BIOS
new computer wont turn on
Just finished building my computer.
Onboard sound issues
What would you pay for a TRS-80 now?
What kind of tape on the motherboard?
ever " Spliced " a old PS2 cable?
Need Retail Tower Suggestion
Got Threads? (24)
Is Cloud Computing a SCAM????
CAT6 replaces HDMI
Win Tickets to IDF in San Francisco
Free wireless internet at Starbucks (starting today)
Rate my build
Convincing my friend to not DELL :)
Damaged disc
Component input into PC
Wireless Internet Help Needed
PC Now Shutting Down By It's Self (Random Intervals)
A thread for all those who love Dell.
i just passed my degree woooo!!!! dad has given me 1000!!!!!!!what shall i buy?
Need Advice! building office computer
Rate my build. Suggestions welcome! :)
Name this fan controller?
Is netflix really all that?
Prime 95 FATAL ERROR - Haven't Even Overclocked Yet
Building my first rig. Help me not screw up ^_^?
"No signal" Problem
Fast computer by specs, very slow boot up
SSD or CPU upgrade for gaming
Project "SKYNET" - please help to choose parts and safe-overclock an i7-based PC
How can I make my pc faster and better?
$1000 UPGRADE need advice
Computer chair suggestions please.
Easy question about cables
Where have all the drivers gone?
Just finished my rig. Having some problems getting going.
2nd graphics card or soundcard
Another Budget Build
Looking to build a small lower power server.
Advice on my build
My i7 System.. Tips and opinions needed
unloking sempron 140?
New build-- what do you guys think?
CPU/motherboard or GPU?
My Bros Computer
Sun Ultra 5 passwords
[Toubleshoot]Hypertransport Sync Flood + Sound Error
This is IT...and now WHAT? LOL!
where are the high speed usb ports on my computer?
2 PCI Wireless Cards
need new Transportable computer to play Hearts of Iron 3
Which upgrade(s)?
Need help with initial boot process!!
$500-$800 Gaming/Dev Rig
Issues with booting up, need some insight
Gaming PC (1000 $CAD)
Having Problems Crashing In Games...(ATI Radeon 5870)
New to the forum and need some help.
Is this rig worth it? (out of loop 7yrs now..)
Computer decides not to boot.
Just ordered my first build in years! What do you think?
Best place to buy cheap used parts other then ebay!
Need advice for a media rig..
ummm what cell phones
Looking for a program to read my printer memory.
Help! FPS slowly creeps down
Newest Build
Can you improve this for less money? 1000 intel 930 rig
advice on new gaming rig
Of course another Gaming build
Mouse for gaming.
Cool text entry beta for Android users
I Need Help With My Rig
VOIP/Gaming Software
Flashing Lights
Thinking of building Phenom II 1090T system... or go Intel?
Building my next gaming rig, suggestions please
New build with a problem
This is so old, can no one help? 56k Modem
Just another check my potential build
Need some advice. Thanks.
Pc freezes while gaming and doesn't respond
Another what to upgrade next thread
New System with GA-X58A-UD3R and i7 930
so either redoing my loop did something or...
As a single processor today, how would this compare?
$5,000 Video Editing Rig - First Build - Suggestions and Advice
Cmoazz's future proof PC
help please :( blue screen
What's my weakpoint?
computer restart
First Upgrade
Invalid disk system disk
g500 and the Steelseries 4hd
Need some advice
Firmware upgrade broke my WRT160N
changing motherboard
Blue screen/Disk Check at startup
Folder Replication Across a Slow Network Connection - Help!
All of a sudden... screen keeps distorting, then freezing
Decisions on new rig!!!
Video problem - pressure solves it?
New Build: P6X58D-E, GTX 470, Hyper 212+, Etc... Questions. Advice welcome.
My next Build...
What should I upgrade next?
complete gamming system build from store
Software Suggestions?
Timing issues?
New gaming headset.
Money coming my way! But does this look alright?
How am i doing?
PC locking up looking for any help
Can i burn an 8 layer bluray on a basic bluray writing drive?
new pc component
Help build a $1000-1500 Work Rig
Easiest Way To Low-Level-Format Multiple Hard Drives?
Help with wireless router signal
need input on build for friend
Looking for better heatsink and fan
New Custom Computer (06/2010)
'Dark Pulse Laser' Produces Bursts of ... Almost Nothing
New pc, everything connected, no screen signal
CPU Fan Error on Boot, Help??
First Build - No Boot - No POST
Wireless Keyboard/Mouse/Sender Unit Bad?
24 Threaded Cores....dual 5650 xeon inside
Computer freezes...but only when playing a game
980x rampge II extreme and g skill ripjaw ddr3 ram combo