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Run ANDROID on your iPhone!
Advice for new builds
Newbie reviving my Antec
Future upgrade to i7 rig. Some opinions on the components.
DX11 on vista a lie maybe?
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random shut downs. please help.
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iPhone 4 EXPOSED
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need help building my first PC with i7
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Extreme Performance Gaming PC/Video editing (~2.5k budget)
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Student loan = geeking
build check
VM Servers and Client Hypervisors
Is SATA 6gbs backwards Compatible?
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what are some things you can put in a pci expansion bay?
Building my first computer... i have questions
Gaming upgrade on a tiny budget.
Preparing for GCFA
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New Computer Builder
1/3 the amount of RAM out of nowhere
Audio static with video capturing.
Help W/ Build - DVD/Blu Ray Ripper
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Classic IBM 42H1292 keyboard key types twice 42H1292
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Jury rig fix a network cable end?
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Build Proposal
Crysis on low end system
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New i7 system, low fps?
Found Ti VPU 200, any info?
Get a new mobo or just a better Graphics card/GPU?
The high performance mATX club :D
Computer won't boot
ASUS III x III OC summit
Reccomend me a laptop!
New User / New Computer System (read inside)
Student Cad users
Colemak Keyboard Layout
Things you remember being said about technology :D
Building New PC. Need Opinions
i7 build, need some advice
Is this build an overkill?
just built need help for tommrow :)
Please help with new build :)
Wanted to start a Custom Computer Business
Hardware problem. I need a hero.
Computer starts but no bios/post screen
Need help with config
Recommendations for a sub 30 Keyboard?
Help replace MB, Processor, Memory
3D on Viewsonic 120Hz Display
What more can I do to my rig?
Cheap Upgrade for BC2
Ground Loop questions
Motherboard power: Use ATX AND ATX-12V
So, did I kill my motherboard or my CPU?
Better Cpu/Ram/Mobo then mine ON THE CHEAP
First Build! Advice welcome!
What hardware should I upgrade for minimum FPS loss whilst recording?
New build won't boot /cry!
Is there a good bootable cd I can burn for stress testing?
Video Card Power
My Computer has a problem with USB Plz Help
Please help me build a new desktop
keep G15 with Carbon Fibre film or repaint fully black?
Case Build
Starting a Wireless ISP, the price?
Attempting to build my own computer.
Trouble shooting kit
Last night was the first time I really put a CPU to work (except for folding)
Waterblock Connection
What to upgrade next?
(Pics) Made some changes to my pc...still looks messy....
Upgrade or New system ?
Would the RIG be stable + work?
Spilled milk on laptop; how to fix?
Can anyone suggest a company for DVD/Blu-ray Replication/duplication?
About to order, final spec
Help me build a triple monitored beast!
New Gaming Rig
My Overclocked Computer Update
New Gamer Build
taking apart a mx revolution mouse
CHEAP I3 System
Need help upgrading my pc (first timer)
XPS 625 PSU question
Next Hardware Upgrade
Cinema 4d SD Import Problem
Mouse USB not recognized
RIP DR. Roberts - The Father of The Personal Computer
CAD build suggestions
Black editons
droid question
New upgrade, this look good?
Help me Build a new Desktop Computer
Build problem Help ASaP
EVGA 132-CK-NF79, Quad 9450, hangups
Asus ageia ppu physx with my ati 5850
Black Screen of Death = reboot during gaming
Building a computer for the first time :)
So i bought a i7 rig on an i3/15 budget, thoughts please
Upgrading junk rig - Newb question: XP vs. Vista?
8 pin as a 4 pin?
Newbie - once stable PC now in turmoil!
Where should I price this PC?
New Rig
No Beep, No Post, No Nothing??
Need advice choosing hardware.
Workstation Desk?
Weird Sound Lag Problem in 3D Gaming
Help with new build
Server Advice Needed!
One computer, multiple monitor/KB&M?
New gaming rig advice needed!
can i connect 4 Monitors/KB&M to 1 VMWARE Server?
Computer parts on trash bag?
screen problem w/ LCDTV hook to PC
Thanks to everyone who contributed to my questions - My new Rig
what game can this play?
PC troubles
New Rig, need advices
Core i7 Showdown
New build for my Mom
next build
GPU Help
which blu-ray drive i should get?
Got a heatsink but......
Home build vs. Overclockers UK Build!
the funniest youtube pc build ever
The guy below said it best.. this computer is going to kill me.
sound card/vista fail
What DTS to buy?
A Build from $1000-$1200. Need Help Please.
$1700 budget new pc
Building a new custom pc
This computer will be the death of me.
$1,000 to $1,500 Build for Gaming
Best way to ship a PC?
New to building computer, need some help
Is your right arm hurting?
Performance Questions
How to test stability with all new parts
Which is the bigger hinderance for running Skype here?
My first build.
Good Mid Range Gaming Rig?
How to build a computer.
New Build not running
File Server....
Blue Screens and Crashes
Computer just freaked out!
Looking for a Barcode Printer
Problem with front audio ports, Please help, Been stuck for ages :(
SATA Cable Management
Overclocking q6600 and everything else
Power Consumption - What is your footprint? Part 1
New VM Server
CPUZ says Q6600 running at 2 cores instead of 4
Asus Xonar Essence STX
My mobo CPU socket?
Put some speed on it, still SLLOOOOWW!
Random Reboot causes?
Best HTML Editor (with autocomplete)
So... I just split monster on my laptop...
Upgrading (Suggestions Please)
P4 slow computer, no matter what OS!
Energy Efficient Silent Rig
New build for general/htpc
YES! Happy face
Windows failed to start on laptop; failing harddrive?
is my hard drive going bad?
Commodore 64 awakes from slumber with makeover
Nvidia quadro NVS - maximize on one display
Specs for first rig
Inkjet Printer Use Over Time
Guess what I found in my old trunk....
EP45-UD3P Blew Up...Need Suggestions on Possible LGA1156/1336 Upgrade
Finalizing Rig - any suggestions?
How many LED's
upgrading help
Would there be any bottlenecking issues?
Would there be any bottlenecking issues?
Suggestions for Mobo+CPU $150
Alrighty! Need advice for new build
Need new keyboard and mouse....
My new build, gonna pull the trigger in 3 weeks
Raid 0 Question
Need help picking a gift for a friend for his b-day. Around $100-$130 maybe more
Intel vs. AMD IGP shootout...suggestions
Building PC HELP
2 Into 1... Frankenstein! Need advice!
Need help with MicroATX Gaming Computer.
First time builder needs help
other way to overclocking?
Overclocking new rig
New ubuntu desktop? orrr should i call it handtop?
comp shuts off after 1 min of turn on
Need help with first PC build, please advice
ISO Best Gaming rig for 1.5-2k
What's my bottleneck?
win 7 blue screen of death
help with overclock
Best Wireless Keys+Mouse combo for me
Cheap $400 build
Printer printer light?
Building my own dual/triple stand. Please read :)
My Alienware
What do you read?
Need new mouse - Reccomendation?
Need Some Help With Overclocking - Experiencing Some Problems
Got the itch for a new computer...
New and need some advice on budget build
Mod Question
SSD not showing in my computer
Need help pretty quick.
Overclocking 101 guidance?
Please help.
You need a quad core now!
Can you beat this price?
release dates for i9 and nvidia 300 series ?
New Build for Summer
Price of my sistem?
Post Beep, Check, Gigabyte load bios screen, check, refuses to load any further
Graphics card
diagnosis steps - system won't post
Problem with friends looking at Newegg.....
Computer Shuts off Randomly
Gyroscopic effect on hdd's in space?
BSOD, loaded from backup, SLLLOOOWWW...
Strange CPU cooling
Computers locks up all the time
NOO my internet
Upgrade time could use some feedback
Need your thoughts on a general computing / photo editing build.
Thoughts on a possible gaming build
500 dollar build
What to do when you run out of SATA ports?
PC shuts down under load
Overloading something?
Itunes vs Zune or why Apple is retarded...
Need Build Help on Web Surfing/Photo Editing Build
Recommendations for a compact build
My Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit Rate
Issue with using my samsung HDTV as a monitor! help!
Price Check please: Selling my computer to friend
*Rant* 24 hours? Really?
Best way to handle exposed parts
XTrac mouse Pad
Upgrade questions!
When you think you dont have enough ram slots you get this:
Upgrade Path ???
Headsets hmm
New PC build,monitors won't turn on
Ram question
The FCC is collecting data on broadband speed. You can help them out
New computer won't post
Connecting PC to HDTV
Thoughts on the Microsoft Sidewinder x6 Keyboard and X5 Mouse?
The Amd Upgrade
werid but true?
Emblems for computer
Cleaning dust from inside of case
Need to boost my confidence on ~$700 rig
Non-Destructive Partition tool for Win7
Robotics forum?
Building New Rig ($3000) - any input welcome!
Good Pc Mousepad?????
Computer turns off but not really?
Is 520W enough for this PC?
Free A+ Certification?
Ram made for Vista. Has OCZ lost it?
Joshhua5's not happy
System Advice
dont know whats wrong..
Rate my build / Advice needed
help with port forwarding on belkin F5d7234-4
Listed a build for a friend
Random Driver install issue HELP
Computer acting up no one knows why.
[O/C]Madshrimps.be: CeBIT 2010 Coverage
Something for the fornt bay
What do you think of the IPAD?
A comic book scaner?? Hardware, but a little of topic.
Time for a rebuild, just ordered my parts!
Hardware Questions
Worst Build story?
New Rig, need advice
Freezing during gameplay
Photo editing PC build questions
Need help building PC
Weird Problem With My Headphones
Is this a good setup for OC? Need some tips.
wierd display issue
What is best computer setup for wow on high @ 60fps?
NTLDR is missing? Help!
Random lockups - at a loss
Amd build.
new build, random bsod's
Built A New Rig
Found an old graphics card it came with this cable....
My rig literally went up in flames...
Dell Inspiron 1520 screen shuts off on install
Sony Patents Degradable Video Game Demos
Budget PC for mom, need input please?
should i upgrade?
really dumb ? im sure but i dont know
Dell Inspiron 1520 won't boot
Where can I get somt type T thermocouples?
Need Some OC Help on new Hardware
Linksys WRT160N middle light??
Dell Optiplex GX620 Speakers
40 SSD Raid?
q6600 system rebuild, will this work? Help please.
Questions about a gaming build
Random freezing
No turning back now...Intel it is!!!!!
My vigor gaming computer
New Computer No Video
Advice on new System
Please Help!!
Media Center build recomendations
What should i set to reach my goal
How does this build look?
friends build, advice?
Laptop Learner
Help on Post Build.. HDD's and first actions
how should i make my computer look cool?
system sleep mode
Hemp USB Flash Drive Lanyard
Need IP Changer
Need help in OC my system
new i7-920 build component selection, comments please...
Aging System update or New $400 Laptop?
Building a HTPC
my new build
Ebayer fails
Some general help with OCing needed
How can i stream my music to my laptop?
System Build Feedback
what should I buy?
new monitor giving me headache
Can't reinstall OS ( WIN 7 x64 )
Q6600+Gigabyte P35-DS4 problem
installing OS on a sata drive on a winfast 6150bk9mc board
Unstable System, Unsure of Cause
Help on $2kish build
Yes, another 1st build question
Double check my list
A decent router review site?
Been Away For Awhile - Need Upgrade Advice
I am thinking no, but I will ask?
Unable to log out...
new gigabyte 890gx will it work with this ram???
Complete system lock up with fullscreen 3D apps
monitor power saving not active with certain programs
New System Build
Which Graphics Card To Buy.
Sneaky's Family Computer Graveyard
Drive Ghost app
Second DIMM slot not working.
Curiosity killed the Cpu (help)
Looking for opinions and suggestions on new system build.
Hardware Compatibility - New system build
GTA IV Running slow?
Weird Lock ups
New router dead on arival??
Seeking Advice 4 buying Laptop without cooling issues
Computer won't even start - need help
Will a PC's Molex Power an LED "Marker Light"?
Motherboard Power LED header Question - HELP!!!
Looking for a keyboard
3DMark scores seem low?
Logitech Mouse Parts
First time building a computer.
added BFG Geforce GTS 250 and now wont post
stallion technologies easyIO?
Building a new computer, need comments and suggestions.
[O\C]Lenovo Wireless Multimedia Remote with Keyboard Review
Storage computer slow down...
The time is here. Buying new rig for my buddy.
Alienware Aurora ALX users
Helping a friend build a new rig, opinions please
whatcha think of this
Best gaming keyboard for under 40?
Core i7 940 crashes when OC, stable without it, please help
New Gaming Build Question
Help me build my first computer
cpu, or video card bottleneck?
Retro-clocking corner: Dual Pentium Pro, Black Edition (lol)
Been out of the loop for a while. Looking for a system with balance.
Laptop Won't Reformat - Dying Drive?
New build
format hdd or leave
Knocked over desktop, can't clear POST anymore
Building a new system.. Pwr switch doesn't exist?
Wireless Mouse Combo Issue
Delta AFB1212SH 3400RPM @ 5v =?
Build for my Dad (internet/email rig)
Video Card Comparison
Is SMC Barricade SMCWBR14-G2 802.11g 54 Mbps 4-port Wireless Router a good pne?
System Admins
New user building a cheap gaming computer
Recovering data from hard drive...
BSOD on Startup after Updates
Sub 800dollar gaming build
Quick question about crossfire
Computer bottleneck
Sata Connectors
How to cool my router, without taking it apart??
OC-settings that i used 2years, doesn't work anymore.
Pc just shut down :(
Installed new motherboard and cpu
start pc and no image
Question! (relied to tim)
Quick help me decide
[O/C]Today in Hardware - Feb. 20, 2010
The best web/network cam
Is there a way to find out what the prob. is?
selling laptop but for what price ?
Critique and Suggestions
Keyboard help/ question?
Been out of the loop. What technologies for a pro. website?
Suggested research sites.
Alerisk's first build!
cpu cooler close to ram
Overclocking Phenom II X4 945
Is your school spying on YOU?
Computers POST and freezing problems
Importing laptop from USA
Doubt an answer.....Need a x16 riser card & raise top pcie slot by one case slot
My new PC may be the slowest one on OCF!!!
(another) New Build
Why should I overclock?
i need a cheap gaming rig
could you guys recomment a blank ink only printer please?
What really ticks me off...
Microsoft Outlook Express Address Book
Wanna build a cluster
Do you have to have a video card?
Desperate need of help.!
PC for Web
$600 Mini itx build
$1500 MM/Gaming Rig. Any conflicts?
Graphics card bottleneck?
computer shut off for no reason and wont turn back on
Graphics Cards
Will this buy be bottlenecked? help loved!
Problem With New System (Rebooting)
trouble playing java games
Anyone running at 1440x900 Post Pics :D
Free hardware for reviews?
DVD ROM Drive cable, is there another way?
Will my PSU run this GPU?
PSU and GPU question
My budget i7 920 build
what do you think about this monitor?
New member, new build. Please help.
11x17 Printer ~ Epson 1400?