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Windows XP or Windows 7?
would psu handle this
no screen on boot up (new pc)
Updating my TI-83 OS?
System locks up when playing a game
looking for a new (cheap) video card
BIOS wont post
Planning to build a new PC..
previous shutdown due to thermal event
PC wont start (NEW)
disable shutdown key,my pc key,calc key on multimedia keyboard
need help sharing files with a friend over internet
Crazy Build Help
Googles going to become a ISP?
$488.93 ($500) Build
What to Know Before Clicking 'Buy'
why does my computer slow down during game install?
Beginning 2011, CompTIA certs will expire every 3 years
What hardware need to be 64bit for building a 64bit system?
What hardware need to be 64bit for building a 64bit system?
Cheapest smallest computer
Dell u2410 refresh issue ?
what do I want?
micro atx portable gaming pc
Help Please! 3d work, rendering build. 2-3k dollars.
Help Friend Build PC Budget of 1.5k
Upgrade? Why? Nothing Touches it...
Q9400 + P5E3 Pro OC/ NBv question
How is this config?
Graphic/Gaming Build, 1k
[O/C]Today in Hardware - Feb. 8, 2010
Assistance overclocking my new custom computer?
Blu-Ray player recommendation
price range for this computer?
Driving me nuts!!! (Wireless router issue)
Best upgrade to make, thoughts please.
need to know how much i can sell this for
I'm left handed, and need a good mouse.
Usb 3.0 plus sata 6gb add in card
Cheap rig
Computer will not power on.
extreme heat
Budget gaming rig review :D
Anybody else's MX518 have a high pitched ring?
Motherboard blues :-(
Logitech G500 mouse button issue.
Shooting a little bit of life into an old machine.
[O/C]Today in Hardware - Feb. 5, 2010
Chinese Spying
Research Done & Components Picked Out: PLEASE Critique my proposed machine!
Websites that ship to libya
Help getting a new pc
Wallpaper series based on overclocking
video card wont budge
CPU suddenly unstable, OC killed it?
Lookin for an upgrade
Passed up a deal and now I'm ticked
New Build Help
HTPC + QuakeLive + Noob Interface - on a Budget
Logitech G9 or G9X or ???
Help Raid 0 Windows XP x64
Linksys Wireless-N Broadband Router WRT160Nv3 overheating?
Looking for some upgrade advice pls
[O/C]Today In Hardware - Feb. 3, 2010
$700 Build
i have a e2160 laying around with 2 gigs of ram
Need a lil advise about my new 8800
Old server advice.
Color Laser Printer
Is this a product?
SMC EZ connect USB card drops wireless at times...
Power strip w/ indvidual switches
That time again! - New Build
dream computer
A quick note about cheap cables
Anyone remember how to config a Network LaserJet5?
my PC's sick =[
New Computer Build Please Help
Are these score right for my system?
Anyone have Google Voice invites?
Thumbdrive Restoration
Dual Mouse and Keyboard Input?
[O/C]The Sacrifices We Make for Modern Tech
troubleshooting hardware issues during 3dMark06
Gaming Rig for Review
Hello to all just starting out
5850 or 5870???
New build for a noob!
USB 3.0?
Does this look legit?
have 3 ssds can i mount in case with velcro? They have aluminum enclosures.
Installed DDWRT yesterday, wireless went out today???
symptoms of dying gpu
My Phenom 965 - Quietish rig
Voodoo 6000 spotted
Playstation setup - cables?
Cpu/motherBoard problems help needed please
Strange failures
Overclocking has become too easy
Mono sound.
best web design software?
Made me a clock
Kinda worried. Can someone take a look at what ATI Overdrive has done?
Which rig is better for gaming?
keyboard question
Willing to sell my PC
Upcoming Releases In CPUS & Graphics?
PCI-E 2.0 speeds? Help?
Making first rig, what order?
If I had the money...
dual core/ quad core...
Logitech mouse high frequency noise/whine
Building a pc for music production
Need a Price for my IntelQ9550&Cooler.
System Instability
SLI and X Fire bridges?
what do you plug into a tv tuner?
new motherboard time?
Intel Celeron D overclocked to 8.2GHz
You've got to love it when your computer repair tool is a bandsaw...
Internal USB Expansion - NOT PCI
gaming rig <==> console system
Unexpected fast Desktop Config
Upgrade/tuning advice desired for Adobe Lightroom
Mouse problem!!!
Lead Seniors for this forum
hardware suggestions
(yet another) new Google homepage
New Work Computer - Choice of 3 Processors
what was your first computer?
New Computer
Power problems
usb splitting?
Many Monitors
Computer freezing for no reason (friends PC)
Can't boot.
Router probs.
I have a question
Would this rig be able to handle?
Need help/input on build. First time
New Looking for input on build in progress
K&M Recommendations - Logitech MX Revolution vs Razer Mamba
help with ws08r2 for file server and webhost.
Starting a new build....again
Opinions on system(sometime down the road
Post your Heaven benchmarking scores!
Sidewinder X8 causing BSoD
Really old screensavers you used to like?
Complete build opinions - Top end rig
Cheap file server
cable internet + pc = tv on pc?
system not able to handle any graphics?
USB Mouse loses connection randomly..
Kaze server fan controller....
MSDN AA questions for dem college folk
My router: wireless access?
A list of good HDD's ?
How to FLASH LIGHTS when Email is Received?
Media Server PC
Overclocking my EVGA GTS250 1GB
apple hard drive reformat for pc
Upgrade Help
Looking for a decent PC remote
Is my Mobo or my PSU at fault?
I bought this new Inkjet and it's freakin awesome...
Where can i Find Mobo Spacers
Long POST?
computer turns on only for a second
Comment on my build.
Price check?
Does anybody really want a tablet PC? Why?
Question about multiple adapters notebook to projector
Pc restarting randomly and shutting down randomly.. HELPPP
first time overclocking
Would I notice any difference....
Hello computer experts, My first build =)
Free 3d rendering software?
sell my 2 quad systems to make a core i5 system?
New budget build
New/first solo build equipment check/opinions
Need help building new system
iNovo Edge Keyboard Mac/Pc Differance?
Virtualising a (DVD) Burner
My new PC lives!!
Can you encrypt a home network drive?
12 monitors from one card...
help with setting up sli
~$1300 Gaming PC-Help Appreciated
Help Building Budget Gaming Rig
Need Ideas For Wireless Keyboard Setup
Building New Computer need input
Need help with floppy disk problem
Is this a solid Core i7 build?
Anyone think pc parts can be pretty?
first time build
why e-machines are the best pre bulit ever
How do I turn my desktop into a media center?
New AMD build
LGA775 Budget build!
Magicjack how is it?
Sudden change in fan noise?
Fun with VMs
Time traveling from 2003 to a new beast! 1K budget.
I need help!
Ode to the Classifieds/New Rig
CPU and Mobo upgrade. Compatible with this RAM?
USB Controller Help
New i3 build
Going crazy trying to connect iPhone to computer/iTunes
Mid-high-end computer extremely slow when accessing HDD
Couple of questions
Multiple questions/ bringing life into old rig
overclock works, then doesnt. wth
US faces critical lack of (mad) computer scientists
PC prices may rise, reversing six-year trend
My slimline mATX gaming plans: trying to find most power-equivelent parts
full system backup
Budget gaming rig
This is really weird...
Graphics problems after cleaning
Need help researching for a new TV to watch while working on the computer.
What to do with old computer?
A 10.23" wide x 7.48" deep x 2.87" high computer?
alternatives for standard gateway mobo (iATX?)
Keyboard/Mouse help
Sunbeam Chromatic Windmill requirements?
Connect Nokia 6720 to TV
Desktop Advice from the pro's.
CES and is time for a new Location/Host?
advice on upgrade - current - e6600 - asusp5w - 7600gt - 2gb PC2-6400x2
Computer takes long time to start up and then turns off
advice on upgrade
best budget mobo
any expected final Office 2010 dates?
Been out of the game for 8 years...what has changed? Help me?!
How to set-up LEDs in my case?
Magic Jack - Who has used it ??
FSB/DRAM/NB MHz values constantly shifting
Asus Computer+Monitor IN Keyboard (CES)
WD TV question before I buy
My transfer 2010 build.. Modest
Bring the text together??
Media Mouse and Keyboard recommendation
Need to know what is the best 2-3 cpu coolers.
Record 360 Footage though my PC HDMI?
Drew's i7 Build
Intel i5-750 memory and Mobo recomendation needed.
Last Moment Review Before Purchase
$700 to spend, what to get?
New MSI products!.. from the MSI suite at CES
Review i5 build, please (buying soon!)
Did I break the Atom 330 Overclock World Record?
My new build, need input
Advice for a £650 Gaming Rig - My first ever build
Build check
Looking for some build advice
Are my temps ok?
Can someone Check/Approve This Build
Best VideoCard for under 200$ ?
Consumer rights relating to software & driver support
Anyone following the CES 2010?
My first build. Advice is welcome.
new stuff...
Slow Copy speeds
Feedback about Dellís support website
Flat Bed Scanners?
Looking For Recomendations On Offshore Server Companies
A Tale of Two Mice
Place to get 1 single stick of specific ram?
Nigh-unsolvable 5.1 headset issues- looking for leads!
Which keyboard?
ReadyBoost worth it with my setup?
Google is expanding street view to include the inside of businesses
VIA Mobile-ITX
Any Dell employees?
Well, no new build for me... care to commiserate?
Performance-vista vs 7
You know the wires on a PC power button? Can you get extensions of those?
Time Server Incorrect
Upgrading. need feedback
Build for AU$350??
How many hours straight have you spent on your PC?
parents pc prob
need advice for new build
Dream Rig Suggestions
pc reboots
1st build questions
what the h-e double hockeysticks!
No post :( need some help
haha life sux
Broken lines pcb-VGA card
Upgrade Advice Needed
processor comparison guide
Good enough PC?
New To Overclocking
motherboard failing?
File Server Project
New blue screen??
Big project, $3200 cnd budget
TUrning a 20" into a touch screen.?
My first propper mouse mod, will be updating.
monitor does not display...
Program help
Screen Keeps Locking Up in Different Ways
newbie builder
Newbie alert :)
OLD N NEW build
I Built My First Computer - I Need Help
Microsoft Reclusa unable to access BIOS
My OC'd Q6600 2.4GHz to 3.0GHz. 3.0+ possible?
PC fails to boot
Performance variation
Where can I get cheap brackets to fit floppies/readers in standard drive bays?
Creating a 3.5 Female to 2.5 Male audio jack for pc mic with xbox controller
Thinking of overclocking
thermal paste and its uses
Is this system any good? whats it overclocking outlook like?
basic optical drive question....
Can it be overclocked?
Big media sharing network
Adobe Flash HD-Video GPU Acceleration Guide
USB 3.0: What You Need To Know
Gaming Mouse?
Microcenter! In St. Louis?
need suggestion for internal card reader
Silence with Antec 900
Upgrading my system for rendering work?
What motherboard should i get?
My attempt at a SFF $1k i7 build
Cable Modem Needs Daily Reboot or More
Boot Problems...
This is kinda funny
Craigslist Computer Sellers
Anyway to only view videos on a website?
the next.. i failed to oc help me thread!
The ULTIMATE $600 build!!!
i5 on a budget
Reboot Error
<$1500 PC Build
<$1500 PC Build
The Desktop will NEVER Die!
Random Reboots w/ No Error
Heat your home with science!
Old schooler needs some technical questions answered
budget i5 build advice
OCF help an out of touch old schooler
How does this build look?
Noise when higher CPU usage?
Potential GPU bottleneck?
Help overclocking
Coolermaster or Scythe (FAN)
Help with I7 build.
Mobo, CPU, RAM Options (New Build)
my computer doesnt restart
first build
Need help... bad
Newe member, New Build
review budget build for family :)
Required Specs for Encrypted File Server
Thoughts on a new build
... And So It Begins
CCNA and MSCE certifications
OC'd i7 920 w/ x58 Pro-E locking up at startup
Planning computer build business; input on builds
Need idearrrs
PC won't boot
It's begun.. psionic98s 1st build!
PC won't boot anymore
Building a PC for a buddy's work Help needed??
POST readers
Help with Prime
Upgrading on a budget- would like some advice
Need Opinions for New Rig
New to Overclocking, a little lost.
New I5 build
Computah Desk.
Don't get this motherboard usb cord.
Intel & AMD architecture names
High(ish) end Gaming Build
Phenom Build for a Friend
Logitech Mice and windows 7
CCFL Inverter Dim
New Build
Best Thermal Paste (TIM)
Need Help! - Computer won't boot
Opinions on Budget Build
How to OC this CPU, is it possible?..
How about my pc?,question about: Video Card,Memory Speed.
Combining servers
Mouse For a home PC ?
How to find the speed of a non-video card?
Old server PC issues (Dell Optiplex GX110)
Need a plan, and advice
Looking to build a gaming computer
I finally got it!!
Recently got a old P4 to start my self off
Building Computer
Cold Cathodes?
Flip MinioHD
Static electricity - HELP!
i5-750 @ 4.0ghz - Newbie results and seeking advice
Bought 2 Video Cards for SLI Setup, Need Help w/System Build
Remote control for PC?
First i7 build
WoW lag .. lol
iToy as webcam?
Micro controllers / bread boards
Windows 7 doesnt recognize second hitachi 1 tb drive
my bro's xmas present...new build with bad wiring.
My first bad experience w/ newegg.
how much interest for...
Yeah, another rate my i7 920 build thread.
my build- please review, opinions needed
$600 budget
Final upgrade: aging x2 4400
anybody with youtube account? - please help me out? =]
Planning a rig, probably will change in q1
New i7 870 build questions
Upgrade advice
Cant remove solder..
GPU/CPU upgrade (yay! / oh-no!)
any other options -other than kinko's
AMD build almost built, ram and gpu?
Thinking about purchasing an Alienware
Windows 7 x64 .vs HP laserjet 1012...grrrr!
possibly ordering today
Please help me with my build
Build Opinions
help w/ 1200 budget
Last Resort, stop this lag
Recommended music headphones...
is it possible a socket could be bad in a xeon mb?
revitalize print heads
Thoughts on Budget Build?
Powering Problems.
Floppy drive or flash drive?
how should I do this(if its even possible)
Random BSOD
LED/resistor wiring etc
New system build
Cheap set of peripherals? [Keyboard, mouse, headset & speakers]
Are these compatible?
Help with soldering
Whats the most comfortable keyboard w/o keys hard to reach for gaming?
Proposed Build
Lightweight but fast PC build for gaming/rendering?
Looking for a IC Database
Troubleshooting build stability
I want to make two different computers run as one to play games on
Novint mouse?
New System is on the Way
Need a desktop that can handle 1080P video editing.
System stops before OS boot??
Computer Price
Fastest single core 775?
Weird Flash Drive Problem - Please Help!
General i7 core disccusion
RAM slots on motherboards
Should I get another GPU or another Hardrive?
I need help with troubleshooting my pc booting problem!
New PC After a few Years, what's all this new crap?
How do I replace the LEDs on my G15 rev 2?
Second Build (Last one 1.5 years ago) Looking for opinions
Whats yer fav mouse and why? Whats your fav keyboard and why?
Help with picking a really cheap bluetooth keyboard and mouse combo.
pc wont power on
computer is not responding!
Please help me ID this annoying noise!!
New Rig Build - Need Help
Computer won't turn ON
Hardware upgrade
HELP! Computer boots intoo black screen... raid0 issue?
How do I make my computer look sexi awesumz?
A simple fix?
[O/C]December 2009 Overclockers Buyers Guide
formatting a drive in Win 7
Intel Larrabee Discontinued
What to upgrade with $400
New Build- I need help bad!
Woot off? Does anyone on here really buy this crap?
Another "Help me build a pc" thread! Want to build a computer :)
Plugging in a mic=no more sound
Cell Phone Jammers Legal in US?
Xtrust wireless keyboard malfunctions
Time To Upgrade - What's Your Suggestion?
Need $1k gamer w/links to sell the wife!